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You know when you have words with your teenager and out comes the phone...

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toadflax Thu 05-Jun-14 22:25:19

...and you just know the incident is being posted on twitter/tumbler/fml?

mawbroon Thu 05-Jun-14 22:36:13

and mumsnet wink

HildaOgden Thu 05-Jun-14 22:38:59

grin@ mawbroon

SirChenjin Thu 05-Jun-14 22:40:45

Then you say "put the phone away until I have finished talking to you"

Poetnojo Thu 05-Jun-14 22:43:23


RhondaJean Thu 05-Jun-14 22:46:22

Wow no I don't, how totally disrespectful, why would you put up with that?

toadflax Thu 05-Jun-14 23:14:32

:-) Mawbroon
I don't know, it just happens. Well, I assume it happens. Maybe I am paranoid...

RhondaJean Fri 06-Jun-14 00:07:10

Who pays for this phone? And the Internet connection that goes with it?

Sorry, I know I'm being a bit shock and you were trying to be lighthearted, but I do have a 14 yo and if she EVER posted me online without permission or in a mocking way, it would be the last time she used any Internet connection I was paying for.

Shockingly bad manners.

toadflax Fri 06-Jun-14 09:31:25

RhondaJean, I admire your style :-)
I think I lack confidence in myself hmm

dawndonnaagain Fri 06-Jun-14 09:38:06

Sorry toad, I'd be inclined to agree with Rhonda. Mine youngest are 17 now and if anything concerning family is going on facebook, they always ask first.

Mrsjayy Fri 06-Jun-14 09:42:56

I use an email address that dd used to register for twitter im only on it once in a while to read a thing ANyway I was on and had a nosey I know I know bur dd had a tweet favoured god my dad is such an arse he never shuts up grin so thats what they are saying

SirChenjin Fri 06-Jun-14 14:27:20

Time to take back control OP. Set some ground rules and consequences, and stick to them. Come on - you're not their mate, you're their parent!

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