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If you claim to be beautiful, explain to me how you know this :)

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TumbleweedOnspeed Thu 05-Jun-14 00:45:09

Prompted by another thread about losing your looks, a few posters humbly declared they thought themselves quite beautiful once, and it made me wonder - if you can matter of factly state that you are beautiful, how do you know that exactly?

For example, my whole life I have had an ugly complex, when in reality I suppose I'm really just very plain, not actually ugly. I've never been called pretty in my life, but I've been called ugly a few times in childhood and obviously throughout a past DV relationship. My current boyfriend has called me beautiful, but I know I'm not.

When I add up the wonky nose, freckles, small mouth, wonky teeth, lifeless mousy hair, long face and dirty dishwater grey eyes, it all makes me believe I'm ugly.

Yet I have had a couple of exceptionally lovely, and drop dead gorgeous, boyfriends in my time, amd never really been short of dates I suppose.

But do you think you're beautiful because you feel beautiful, or because you have pretty coloured and sparkly eyes, or plump lips, or glossy hair, and so on?

squizita Thu 05-Jun-14 22:30:59

Best1 I once got told by DH that I was "lucky to have a snaggly tooth" or I'd be "too manufactured-pretty" (i.e. plastic pop pretty). Not bad for a snaggly ginger but still a bit hmm .

Openup41 Thu 05-Jun-14 22:57:51

I was cute as a baby until about aged six. I went through the 'bugs bunny' tooth stage.

I was cute as a pre teen but was a slow developer. By 14/15, Most girls in my year had boyfriends, developed curves and wore make up. I was lanky and awkward looking - not pretty and with zero confidence. We were poor so I did not look well groomed or fashionable. I was told by boys at school that I was ugly and other awful things that I try to block out. sad

Fast forward a few years and I received a lot of attention. I actually realised I was not ugly. I was just a late bloomer!

I am finally satisfied with how I look. I accept my good and bad points. It has taken over 20 years for me to acknowledge that nobody is 'better' than me even if prettier, well groomed, more academic.

I still struggle to accept compliments.

immortalwife Fri 06-Jun-14 08:09:11

My husband to be and daughter look at me in such a way that I think how could I possibly not be beautiful?

And people tell me I am. But I don't truly believe it, most of the time I see myself as plain.

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