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Did you move your children from state to private education and regret it?

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barbarnarna Wed 04-Jun-14 09:27:29

I moved two of my children from state primary to private prep and then on to the private senior school attached. One is still at state primary (year 3). Dh is keen for her to move to the private school in the next year or so.

I don't want her to.

I have to say that although both children that have gone through the private prep are confident and very happy, I don't see a huge increase in their educational achievement. Sports and drama, yes, but I don't think its worth the extra cost. Dc3 is very happy at state primary and seems to be achieving academically and enjoys the busy mixed classes.

The only immediate difference is a snobbish one really - she just doesn't have the same RP accent that my two other children seem to have developed going to private school!!

Anyone else not really feeling the private school benefit at primary?

culturemulcher Wed 04-Jun-14 11:25:56

Sounds as though you know what you think the best school for her is, OP. You think she's getting a better education, a better social interaction, can walk to school and is happy.

It sounds as though the only reason you have to move her is a vaguely snobbish one. If you feel that she's somehow disadvantaged by staying in state education, move her. If not, let her stay where she's happy and settled, and enjoy having the extra money for a few more years.

maddy68 Wed 04-Jun-14 12:33:09

I did and I regret it. I think the standard of teaching was generally lower than in a state school ( I'm a teacher in a state school)
I think the fact that they were all academically selected actually demotivated my son in particular as he was on the gifted and talented register at the state school then in the bottom set at the private. School.

Really wouldn't do it again. Both my children went ( 2 different schools)

Sneezecakesmum Wed 04-Jun-14 12:48:44

Maybe keep DC3 in the state system until yr 7 unless you see problems before that and pay for some extra tuition to keep her up to the level of private ed.

The social side would be my main concern because of all the friendships she would establish.

Also would she be the new girl in a strange environment so she would need to be outgoing and confident to cope there.

Maybe yr 1 would be a compromise?

You just need to monitor carefully but bear in mind a 3 yr old will go where you put her and adapt easily, an 11 year old will have developed a mind of her own and may reject your choice.

If the state system she is in is good there's probably not a problem leaving her there.

Swannery Wed 04-Jun-14 12:59:15

From what you say she's at her local primary. Much more important for her to make local friends she can hopefully keep up when she's older, than to make friends at the private school, who will probably live all over the place.

EyeoftheStorm Wed 04-Jun-14 13:02:48

I moved 3 DCs to a private school at beginning of year. My youngest has mild SN and his needs would be better met at the private school.

My older two went to a good state primary, were doing well and had lots of friends.

The private school is not selective and they are in about the same place academically that they were in the state school. My oldest is pushed to try a bit harder and the middle child isn't as comfortable in her friendships but that will pass.

I can see no discernible difference to a good state school. I am paying a lot of money so that my youngest has the same smooth start to education that his siblings did. And I don't have to do two school runs.

barbarnarna Wed 04-Jun-14 13:15:00

eyeofthestorm that is so interesting and actually your experience sounds similar to mine. Moved dc1 first as she had some learning difficulties and to be fair she is doing very well now and I don't think she would have done in the local comprehensive which is very good but HUGE. Then moved dc2 as we thought she would do equally as well - actually she took a year to settle and in fact only now after 2 years we can see that her confidence and determination is fantastic and she is very good at maths which is taught very well. Unfortunately her literacy isn't great and I can't help thinking the state primary would have concentrated more on the buidling blocks of spelling and grammar...Also dc2 is now very sporty having never been before which has been good to see. But not sure if worth it academically.

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