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Mammograms. They sting a bit, don't they ?

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AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:05:51

Ouchy. Very pleased to be offered my first one though.

SixImpossible Tue 03-Jun-14 23:09:22

Had it, or asking?

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:12:08

Had it. Found it stingy, but slightly comforting to have my boobs handled quite so impersonally and efficiently into a machine that squashes them to the approximate height of a two pence piece smile

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:13:06

I think I might need to revisit my bra intervention smile

Oh, something to look forward to for me… hmm

You are really not selling it, AF

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:15:18

Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those scaremongerererers.

It was a bit ouchy. But comforting.

SixImpossible Tue 03-Jun-14 23:15:44

I had my first earlier this year. Definitely weird to have your breast womanhandled in such an impersonal yet friendly way.

Didn't hurt nearly as much as I feared (note to self: remember that DM is a drama queen!). More, weird-feeling.

gamerchick Tue 03-Jun-14 23:17:19

Yeah they squash quite flat don't they? I got a graphic detail from the mothership. Surely there has to be a better way than that?!

In your experience, ladies, is it likely to be more of less uncomfortable for those of us more <ahem> generously endowed?? <wibble>

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Tue 03-Jun-14 23:17:43

Don't remember any stinging????

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:18:47

They have extended the age they offer them in my area to 47. I think this is a good thing. If there are any tiny nasties lurking, the sooner they are zapped the better.

Weeeell, AF, there is quite a lot of controversy around that.

Mind you, I am 48 and looking forward to my first mammogram kind of

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jun-14 23:21:23

I had one when i had a benign lump in it FULL of fluid

the clamy bit was agony, I had silent tears streaming down my face.

THe other side was fine though

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jun-14 23:21:42


AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:22:18

I dunno, PD. I am not generously endowed and I get the feeling mine had to be pummelled a bit more to get enough organised for the plate. The naice young lady had to sort of knead them into a sufficient amount of dough

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:22:47

Slightly disconcerting as she was young enough to be my daughter smile

PicandMinx Tue 03-Jun-14 23:22:57

They very idea of standing half naked in a truck, in the car park of Tesco, having my boobs squished flat by a clamp, puts me right off.

Ziggyzoom Tue 03-Jun-14 23:23:05

I heard Germaine Greer describing the experience as having her breast squashed to the size of a ham sandwich. She explained that the only thing that stopped her from passing out was the thought that she would be laying on the floor while her breast was still 'sandwiched' in the machinery above!

<not helping>

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:24:15

Is there, PD ? I haven't read anything about that. I tend to be a very happy, trusting and grateful recipient of anythign the NHS can offer me though. I am all for testing and being on the other side for once

BlueJean Tue 03-Jun-14 23:25:11

I am generously endowed but ...erm.. less dense of tissue these days. Never had stinging but theres a bit of a squeeze in both directions.

I dont mind the pushing and shoving needed -its important that correct placement is maintained.

I find it more interesting really and, as a breast cancer survivor, a real necessity.

SummerSazz Tue 03-Jun-14 23:25:36

Mine were very ouchy but I put it down to being worse as I was due on in a day or two and they are always more sensitive

As I am only 41 and now due to have them annually I am cling on to that explanation grin

Agree with the efficiency though!

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:26:01

Pic...I went to a lovely proper clinic. I could choose from several venues and I chose the more established place that also a GP surgery, chirpody, physiotherapy, child health and assorted minor medical procedures etc

No Tesco and no prefab/truck in sight

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Tue 03-Jun-14 23:27:00

I find the idea of a mammogram less scary than a smear test to be honest.

AnyFucker Tue 03-Jun-14 23:27:45

Summer, I am due on any day now so yes, maybe that made it a bit uncomfortable (but not unbearably so)

if I had any common sense, i would have changed my appt to mid cycle

Nope, you are NOT, Ziggy grin

I'll still go, I know I will, but <sigh>...

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