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Am I crazy to want a bunny rabbit?!

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PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:09:17

I've wanted a rabbit since I was little and never been allowed one.

There's a million reasons why I shouldn't get one (we back onto fields - foxes, my cats wouldn't be impressed, etc etc) but if my picture has worked I've seen this little ball of cuteness who is just gorgeous.

Are they really much work? DH thinks I've lost the plot!

Vagabond Tue 03-Jun-14 22:14:15

Don't do it.
I had rabbits in a gorgeous, 5 star hutch in my garden in the country. They bred and bred and either their babies were killed by badgers (despite having a secure hutch) or the mothers killed their babies by chucking them out of the nest due to distress from the badgers. We also had one baby taken literally from the air by a Kite (bird).
They give nothing back and they cause huge distress by making you face the realities of animal life! Don't do it!
Each time the mother starting biting her own fur off her chest to feather her nest, I knew she was pregnant again and that there would be more dead babies. [sad face]
Rabbits need company so no point in keeping a sole rabbit.

MrsHowardRoark Tue 03-Jun-14 22:16:40

They are horrible!

My flatmate had a house rabbit and he was so cute you could hardly look at him but he was a mini, fluffy monster. He was aggressive and grumpy and did not improve despite lots of love and attention.

PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:17:23

Oh no that's not good! I wanted cute fluffy bunny tales!

We have Kites nesting nearby...

Morethanalittlebitconfused Tue 03-Jun-14 22:18:08

That one looks like it's long haired - or at least a lion head. Stay away. They're a fucker to keep groomed.

If you must get one, get two and get short haired ones

PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:18:36

I have an aggressive, grumpy cat.

This isn't going how I'd planned <sob>

psychicpaper Tue 03-Jun-14 22:18:48

Vagabond, why on earth did you not neuter your original rabbits?

OP - bnnies are lovely, but you need to check you have space, amd decide if gthey will live inside or out. Very few hutches sold in pet shops are actually big enough for rabbits

Oh and they need to live in pairs, and be neutered

But dont let that put you off, I have 2 trying to sit on my keyboard as I type smile

hiddenhome Tue 03-Jun-14 22:20:40

Rabbits make very poor pets.

They need a lot of space to exercise and are prone to developing problems with their teeth and gut. They can be very temperamental and this can include being aggressive.

I find them neurotic and generally difficult. They look cute, but that's as far as it goes. They also chew everything in sight.

Guinea pigs and rats make far better pets in my experience.

Fine if you get a proper run like from Eglu. Mine loved living in the Eglu though I did need to put chicken wire buried round the edges as he was a right digging Houdini.

He lived nearly 13 years and was happy as can be.

House rabbits are fab.

DroothyNeebor Tue 03-Jun-14 22:21:47

They should really be kept in pairs, neutered, health checked and in a hutch big enough for them to hop about ,stand up and stretch out in as well as a run. A hutch is not enough.
Or we had house bunnies free roaming - they can use a litter tray, we used wood pellets
Read up on requirements try RWAF.

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

I'd also suggest getting pet insurance
Oh and think about the cost of buying lots of hay, vaccinations, vet check ups, neutering...

Mordirig Tue 03-Jun-14 22:23:19

They are nice to look at but in my experience they are not 'cuddwly, wuddly balls of sweetness'

they bite and it fucking hurts,, also, rabbit eyes have no soul in them.

get a pig or a hedgehog, that's what I want.

PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:23:28

Space isn't an issue. I'm a SAHM so Sootibuttkins would get plenty of attention.

Aggression is a problem, my DD with SENs wouldn't cope with that.

Oh bugger.

NoTeaForMe Tue 03-Jun-14 22:23:53

I couldn't disagree with MrsHoward more! We had a lovely house rabbit. He'd sit next to us to be stroked, jump up on to the sofA with us to watch tele and was totally litter trained. I loved him.

AElfgifu Tue 03-Jun-14 22:24:31

I love our rabbits, but they have not always been easy. we have had quite a number throughout DCs childhood. They all have their own personalities. You never know if you are getting a sociable one, a nervous one, a loner, a friendly confident one, or even an aggressive one. They are relatively easy to look after, but can live a very long time. We had several that lasted two or three years but the ones we have now are about 8 and 10, and still going strong. It was a longer commitment than I realised I was taking on when I got them.

CookieB Tue 03-Jun-14 22:25:14

They shit constantly and eat everything including wires and wallpaper that is still attached to the walls! They are super cute but they won't be the little cuddly pet you expect them to be.
Disclaimer- Owned one at age 14 and vowed to never have another after looking after the hutch and the smell, had other pets since and Im happy with a beardy smile.

DroothyNeebor Tue 03-Jun-14 22:25:45

Why didn't you get your rabbits neutered Vagabond?

If you do get house rabbits hide all wires, they love to chew electric spaghetti

BrianTheMole Tue 03-Jun-14 22:25:50

We've got two rabbits. They're great. Really friendly. I like them. Get them nuetered and theres no problem.

PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:25:52

Ooh a pig! Like an oinky pig, not guinea?!

No rats.

How about a miniature pony?! I would never need to use a lawn mower.... I've really thought this through, obviously. Ahem.

PixieofCatan Tue 03-Jun-14 22:26:16

Rats. Get rats. Look at how cute these gorgeous bundles of fun are grin

CMOTDibbler Tue 03-Jun-14 22:26:37

We have a rabbit (we had two but one died) and she has free rein of the garden in the day along with the chicken. She's not a very good pet though as she is a right grumpy bum, though ok once picked up.

I wouldn't have another given a choice.

The chickens are much friendlier!

NoTeaForMe Tue 03-Jun-14 22:26:56

Our house rabbit was never even remotely aggressive, just a little ball of fluffy loveliness!

If you get one make it a house rabbit. I had a gorgeous one with a great personality. I don't think they make good outdoor pets

WeevilKnievel Tue 03-Jun-14 22:28:37

Just out of interest what type of rabbit was that, NoTeaForMe? Was it a giant lop eared one by any chance? I hear they have good temperaments?

PixieofCatan Tue 03-Jun-14 22:28:51

X-post. Guinea pigs? Better temperament than rabbits apparently? And are big enough to get a good pet if you can get the feckers to sit still. Really squeaky though. I lived in a house with them at the end of the garden a good 15ft away and could still hear them in the dead of night!

PolkaSpottyDotty Tue 03-Jun-14 22:29:24

No rats or chickens. Or mice.

Cute bunnies? Yes!! smile

I'd have them neutered etc. My vet is great, she's looking after my old boy cat really well.

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