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Out of Context - what was the last text you sent?

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exWifebeginsat40 Tue 03-Jun-14 20:29:00

mine was 'literally crying at 8" rubber cock"....


TheSarcasticFringehead Tue 03-Jun-14 20:32:36

Mine- 'always using a u'

My (American) friends have recently told me that I should write color/flavor and so on.

splendide Tue 03-Jun-14 20:33:37

Mine says - You could chop an onion?

Thecircle Tue 03-Jun-14 20:34:54

"How's your fange?"

TheWordFactory Tue 03-Jun-14 20:35:29

The last one I sent was 'What time is your race?'

MirandaWest Tue 03-Jun-14 20:35:33

Have fun :-) love you so very much xxx

picnicbasketcase Tue 03-Jun-14 20:35:37

'Will do'

Fascinating stuff blush

SciFiFan Tue 03-Jun-14 20:36:14

'I'll give him a big sloppy kiss for you'.

I was referring to Keifer Sutherland wink

Bicciemoosh Tue 03-Jun-14 20:36:58

"Yay! XXX"

Wishyouwould Tue 03-Jun-14 20:37:00

All good here gorgeous xxxxxx

ouryve Tue 03-Jun-14 20:37:05

Are you ready for an invasion any time soon?

OurMiracle1106 Tue 03-Jun-14 20:37:09

Mine was "wish you were here too. I just got home and can't be arsed to clean. I'm shattered xxxx"

TheFantasticMrsFox Tue 03-Jun-14 20:37:15

OK. 8==D ~• ~•

To my DM grin
I had managed to convince her a while ago that it was a smiley face blowing kisses and she had been merrily texting it to all sorts of people for a while. The suspicious lack of ejaculating penises lately suggests someone has let her know the truth, particularly as she didn't reply with one earlier hmm

Doinmummy Tue 03-Jun-14 20:38:50

Did you tell a teacher you weren't sitting it ?

Itsfab Tue 03-Jun-14 20:38:57


"Had a little cry."

Anniversary of my Nana's death today. She was my only family and I miss her so much.


notamonkeysuncle Tue 03-Jun-14 20:40:34

Ill meet you on the bridge!

WhereTheWildlingsAre Tue 03-Jun-14 20:41:47

Oh, send her my love!

Vintagecakeisstillnice Tue 03-Jun-14 20:42:24

'teeny, tiny, fluffy and wriggly.'


was talking about friend new puppy who is so adorable, and teeny and snoozing on me at the time

InspirationFailed Tue 03-Jun-14 20:43:21

It's such a shame for him. Saw the doctor again today as he's still screaming and not keeping anything down, they said to just keep an eye on him. Very helpful! He's lost almost half a stone now. Bought some baby jars for him, don't know what else I can do for him x

Katekate77 Tue 03-Jun-14 20:43:36

Collection 2000, sheer loose powder- translucent. Boots or super drug xx thank you x


Newtothevillage Tue 03-Jun-14 20:44:04

Mine was this photo!

mumofboyo Tue 03-Jun-14 20:44:35

To dh:
Yea it prob will; I've just had a phone call offering work for tmz that I've had to turn down cos I'm already working x x

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Tue 03-Jun-14 20:44:38

We ought to give it a name - like Operation sanity.

MrsLettuce Tue 03-Jun-14 20:44:40

"Prima! Tot donderdag."

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