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Why is there a bike emoticon ?

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EduardoBarcelona Mon 26-May-14 13:53:35


EduardoBarcelona Mon 26-May-14 13:57:07


Tour de France I assume

EduardoBarcelona Mon 26-May-14 13:59:45

Like that's a big thing on here?

Well it must be to some. Plenty of people enjoy cycling and will follow the tour. Parts of it are in England

EduardoBarcelona Mon 26-May-14 14:03:36

Is there a formula one icon?

No I don't think so. You can ask for icons.

cuddybridge Mon 26-May-14 14:32:30

Can anyone tell me how to use them please, the last two times, I have ended up with a string of text instead of a smiley face. I daren't ask my teenager for fear of the rolly eyes

SuburbanRhonda Mon 26-May-14 15:01:51

Not sure why you got a string of text cuddy, but make sure you type it exactly as it is in the list - no spaces after or before the square brackets. If in doubt, click "preview message" before you post.

I'm always embarrassed when I post what I think is a pithy comment that ends in [wonk] because I didn't check it first!

Or a [girn]

ShutUpShouty Mon 26-May-14 15:04:26

I've never even noticed that blush

SlatternNeedsToCalmDown Mon 26-May-14 15:44:51

We just had the Giro in NI, it was great fun. Everybody got really behind it and showed support. Even non cyclists like me. I thought the icon was for that.

kim147 Mon 26-May-14 15:59:53

C'est Le Grand Depart dans Yorkshire.

bike [Ilkley Moor]

EffectiveCommunication Mon 26-May-14 16:02:55

I guess the same reason there is a tennis emotion, sports events. I guess we will have a football and rugby ball for the world cups as well?

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