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Where can I find a model for my products?

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Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:04:49

I run a shop on Etsy selling handmade wedding accessories; hair combs, floral crowns, veils etc etc.

I've been getting by well with just pictures of the products but really think that model shots will make all the difference.

I've just tried to put an ad up on gumtree and they tried to charge me £20.00

I don't have a huge budget and was targeting models just starting out, students etc. (not dodgy, I promise!) and have previously advertised on gumtree for free (admitedly for a flatmate, not a model)

Does anyone know where I could find a model or advertise for free/on the cheap?

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WorraLiberty Sun 25-May-14 21:09:38

Well you've done a pretty good job of advertising it for free on Mumsnet, haven't you? wink

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:11:16

Bahaha! I was trying to avoid that Worra, thats why I didn't put the location or the name of the Etsy store!

WorraLiberty Sun 25-May-14 21:14:06

You don't need to, they'll just PM you for details.

CbeebiesIsAboutToPop Sun 25-May-14 21:16:27

Don't you have a friend or relative who can help?

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:16:35

Just contacted HQ, don't want to break any rules!
Damn Gumtree...

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:17:16

Cbeebies - unfortunately no. Most friends are male and whilst they are beautiful in their own way, men in floral hair crowns are not the target market I'm aiming for grin

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:18:46

I thought about putting an ad in the local Uni/College but don't want to look like a creep!

I was already worried about what kind of replies I'd get from gumtree!

littlewhitebag Sun 25-May-14 21:19:27

I have two beautiful DD's (age 16 and 21). Long hair (one dark, one blonde). If you are in Scotland i could send them your way!?

TheFillyjonk Sun 25-May-14 21:20:52

ModelMayhem sounds like what you're looking for?

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:20:53

Sshhhh...littlewhitebag! You'll get me in trouble!

not in scotland though, dammit

I've just found a very weird model site but the only model in my area has the username "hotandbusty" which isn't really what I'm going for

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:21:16

Filly - I thought that was US?
Will check it out, thanks

emsyj Sun 25-May-14 21:21:31

You need to sign up for - you can find models, hair and makeup artists and photographers. Some will charge, some will offer time for print (i.e. work for free to build portfolio). They are largely people starting out and trying to build a portfolio. Also you need to build up contacts in the wedding world and try and get people to feature your stuff in shoots - then you can get some nice images that way too, for variety. I used to sell wedding dresses and it's quite easy to make contacts in the wedding arena - have you had any coverage on any of the well-known blogs? They are a good source of free publicity. I had quite a lot of people contact me to borrow dresses once I got my name out there. What sort of style are your products?

TheFillyjonk Sun 25-May-14 21:22:20

No, you can use it for the UK too - I have and it's always been fine. Hope you find what you need!

HillyHolbrook Sun 25-May-14 21:24:02

Find local, semi pro models using Modelmayhem or purpleport or something similar? A lot of them are just students with friends who have cameras and would be happy to earn £50 and have nice portfolio shots

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:26:55

I've just signed up to ModelMayhem, thanks!
I thought it was only in the US because clearly I'm a fool!

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:42:22

Model Mayham is great!!
Thanks for all your help

MrsWinnibago Sun 25-May-14 21:45:20

Surely you know a pretty teenager? Everyone does! Look on Facebook.

deakymom Sun 25-May-14 21:45:27

such a shame my 13 year old isnt old enough for you she has gorgeous hair its natural ringlets and chocolate brown! (very jealous mom!)

winnertakesitall Sun 25-May-14 21:49:43

Do you have a 'community' page for your local town on Facebook?

magoria Sun 25-May-14 21:52:46

Try you local college? Maybe some one studying make up who would like to do the make up for a little notice on you site?

magoria Sun 25-May-14 21:53:15

Try you local college? Maybe some one studying make up who would like to do the make up for a little notice on you site?

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:53:28

I don't know many teenagers unfortunately.
To be honest I wouldn't turn down a teen if they had the right look, because I get a lot of bridesmaids orders but I only seem to know men or very shy women!

magoria Sun 25-May-14 21:53:46

Oops sorry for 2nd post.

Objection Sun 25-May-14 21:54:04

Magoria, that's a really good idea. I might look into that.
I'm going to have a professional shoot in no time at this rate gringrin

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