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Oh how embarrassing! What's the most pathetic thing you've cried at?

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LittleMisslikestobebythesea Sat 24-May-14 12:53:02

Today I cried at <whispers> the Lego movie blush

Oh the shame!

I have also cried at the end of despicable me 2, and cried rivers watching toy story 3!

I think I have faulty tear ducts, or maybe my hayfever gets a lot worse in the cinema wink

WyrdByrd Sat 24-May-14 13:02:35

I cry at the drop of a hat.

Off the top of my head Wizards of Waverly Place - the relationship between the older brother & his younger sister - they drive each other mad, he's very straight laced & she's rebellious & constantly winding him up but he is always there for her.

I am an only child & always wanted an older bro so that regularly sets me off.

I am dreadful though, books, songs, adverts you name it, I'll cry at it.

AlpacaPicnic Sat 24-May-14 13:12:10

The Brave Little Toaster.

I was 17 at the time...

HeyBungalowBill Sat 24-May-14 13:14:09

I cried my eyes out because my boyfriends (now ex) family had bought him very similar gifts to what I'd bought him and made mine less special grin

I was 9 months pregnant though, I cried and cried shock

Bellezeboobian Sat 24-May-14 13:14:32

I cry at everything lately. UP, Kickass, Britains Got Talent...

JJXM Sat 24-May-14 13:45:27

When Chris Klein and Mira Sorvino decide not to have sex in American Pie blush every time I watch it.

When Jenny Agutter says 'My daddy, my daddy' in The Railway
Children - every time.

SourSweets Sat 24-May-14 13:48:45

I cried inconsolably because a man in a film had an affair.

I was heavily pregnant at the time. Earlier that same day I had cried because I couldn't put the clothes horse up.

redexpat Sat 24-May-14 13:58:04

Finding nemo.

Most recently the songs of praise scool choir of the year contest. Especially the juniors.

RollerCola Sat 24-May-14 14:19:23

Some very unexpected flowers arrived for me at work the other day. I was so shocked that I burst into tears in front of everyone and they all stood around going 'aaaah, isn't that lovely' blush

vrtra Sat 24-May-14 14:23:14

I cried because my parents didn't give me a birthday present.

I'm 26 and over it now. confused

Salazar Sat 24-May-14 14:26:36

This makes me SOB!

The Olympics (something about the ceremony and atmosphere and kind of being proud made me well up).

Catnuzzle Sat 24-May-14 14:34:09

The film trailer to 'When a Man Loves A Woman'.

Yes, really. The trailer.

The shame.

Whiskwarrior Sat 24-May-14 14:39:37

'Stand By Me', when Chris dies - every single time.

'The Color Purple' - when she finds all the letters and when they meet up again - blub like a baby.

The other day at work I got quite emotional when a boy read out his extremely beautiful literacy work. We all went 'wow' and I had tears in my eyes because he was so delighted with himself and how happy everyone was with him.

Ledkr Sat 24-May-14 14:41:44

I hand fed elephants at Colchester zoo and cried completely involuntarily. Weird.

JoandMax Sat 24-May-14 14:46:58

I cried in the Lego movie too, DCs looked at me like I was a real weirdo!!

I properly sob at Black Beauty, even just thinking about it makes me misty eyed.... My old boss used to sing the theme tune to make me get weepy for a laugh!!

KitbitAgain Sat 24-May-14 14:50:03

When ds was a day old and I was in hospital after a c section, I cried when they brought lunch and the dessert spoon with it was too big to fit in the yogurt. blush
I was still wailing when dh arrived 2 hours later blush blush

neverputasockinatoaster Sat 24-May-14 15:10:00

I cried at the Lego Movie.
I cry at the drop of a hat.

Mrsjayy Sat 24-May-14 15:23:34

I cried at despicable me 2 toy story 2 and 3 up I cried at an animal programme once when a mummy gorilla was stroking her babies feet I filled up once at an old man petting his dog who also .looked elderly he said who is my best girl and her tail wagged (filling up again thinking about it ) I cry a lot blush

BankWadger Sat 24-May-14 15:24:38

OP, have you popped up on my fb feed today? A friend AND friend of friend, both admitted to crying at the Lego Movie this morning.

Me personally, I can cope with the lego movie, but not Up. Every bloody time I see it (and thanks to small children and DVDs I've seen it lots!)

claraschu Sat 24-May-14 15:26:28

My husband was weeping copiously when Harry got on to platform 9 3/4 (in the first film).

Lindalehughes Sat 24-May-14 15:27:19

I also cried at the Olympics; for me it was when Ellie Simmonds won her gold medals. She was just amazing and such a force of nature in the water that watching her made me well up! I also cried when watching Supervet last Wednesday and Derek.

Mrsjayy Sat 24-May-14 15:28:35

I cried when the students died in les mis I cried when dh forgof my chicken mcsandwich tbf I was pregnant in hospital and the food was rank but I properly sobbed

Mrsjayy Sat 24-May-14 15:30:20

There was a lad at the paralympics who won his table tennis match he was so excited I burst into tears

moodyblues Sat 24-May-14 15:30:52

I cry when I'm at cross country meets with ds. I'm don't cry about him running, but when the different age groups start and finish I'm a big mess. God knows what it is, I'm the same watching processions. It's very embarrassing.

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