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Help me rent my flat!

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HotWon Mon 19-May-14 21:27:13

have spent thousands of pounds modernising my flat, especially the kitchen. I have had it on the market for two months and have had a handful of enquiries only. I am managing via online agent, have had great service from them in the past. It cannot be the price, as all estate agents valued it 40 pounds a week more than it is beibg advertised for.

please critique my ad, is there something obvious that would put off from renting it?

EasterSundaySimmons Mon 19-May-14 21:36:11

I think it is lovely.

I would happily live there if I was looking for a flat in the area.

You have done a great job.

The only thing that MAY put someone off, and it certainly wouldn't put me off is that there is no separate shower?

None of my partners have entertained a bathroom without a separate shower. Maybe it's a man thing.

It looks amazing! Sorry, that's not really helpful!

EasterSundaySimmons Mon 19-May-14 21:39:04

I'm surprised that you haven't had anyone interested.

If your agent is showing people around then tell them that you need feedback from the viewers.

If people view the flat and then rent elsewhere, then it would be helpful to find out why and the agent should be asking them.

shivermekimbers Mon 19-May-14 21:43:13

Maybe the online agent isn't right for your target market. What are their other properties like? It's expensive so people need to trust the agent.

shivermekimbers Mon 19-May-14 21:50:18

Never mind looked at their other properties, very much your price range. Only thing I would say is the kitchen has a bachelor pad vibe about it but the living areas very homely so maybe you need to go with one of those and make it consistent. Shepherd's Bush is quite upper middle class family friendly so chic homely may work.

Are you getting viewings? You should get the agent to chase for feedback after viewings

HotWon Mon 19-May-14 21:53:49

Yes it is lovely! I thought the kitchen would sell it but it hasn't.

interesting thought about people not trusting online agent. This agent has 7 pages worth of properties more expensive than mine. I come In the middle rent wise.

HotWon Mon 19-May-14 21:55:58

The few viewings have been ok. People are looking to move in august which means missing out on two more months of rent

HotWon Mon 19-May-14 21:57:25

How do I make it chic homely?

I have a mirror on the wall.... chic?

EasterSundaySimmons Mon 19-May-14 21:58:22

I'm not a bachelor and I think the kitchen is divine!

It's modern, easy clean and all of your flat looks fab.

Is there access to any garden?

Mintyy Mon 19-May-14 22:01:55

It doesn't appeal to me because there doesn't seem to be a window in the kitchen? And I think black floor tiles is a very love/hate thing.

Also, is there no window in the bathroom?

Dining table looks very small.

Bed could do with bedding on it.

Is there any outside space? balcony, garden?

shivermekimbers Mon 19-May-14 22:02:44

I'm not an interior designer, just a commenter on the internet so I'm not sure! You just need to get people imagining themselves living there so conflicting themes may affect that. Maybe soften the kitchen with flowers and fruit bowls for visits. Doesn't need to do more big decor things, just make it feel homely for visits & pictures.

Changebagsandgladrags Mon 19-May-14 22:02:45

Is it because it's furnished? I'd like to rent unfurnished tbh.

Prolly going to be two couples who rent, so don't call one room the master. Just say two double bedrooms.

Is it ground floor? Does it have outside space?

ReallyTired Mon 19-May-14 22:04:19

Do you think thta the property might be over priced? £375 a week seems incredibly high? There are quite a few flats in Shepherd's bush which are far cheaper.

Did you get valuations done by several agents. Sometimes agents lie are over optimistic about the rental they can achieve in the hope of getting you to sign up with them.

Lambstales Mon 19-May-14 22:05:44

Dress the bed. It doesn't look very comfy like that, get a lovely duvet set/blanket/cushions. They don't have to be left for the tenants.

Where is the shower curtain? Would they have to buy one?

The kitchen table and chair look a little pokey. Mix and match?

SockQueen Mon 19-May-14 22:05:53

You've used the word "sleek" three times in your description, which made me cringe a bit, but apart from that I can't see anything obviously wrong.

Do you have a floorplan you could add to it? I can't get a picture in my head of the layout of the flat or the size of the rooms from those pictures.

EasterSundaySimmons Mon 19-May-14 22:08:06

I wouldn't over dress any of the rooms. Putting in your own clutter will stop people from imagining their own stuff in there.

Rent seems a good price for the area.

Kitchen looks fab to keep clean and use. Bedrooms have storage space.

My own personal view is that it's a lack of a shower.

HotWon Mon 19-May-14 22:08:18

There is a balcony, have mentioned in ad.

Point taken about bedroom description.

It has been valued by 5 estate agents. Ranged from 375 to 450. ( not joking!!) average was 410

HenI5 Mon 19-May-14 22:08:56

My daughter rents in central London and has 2 baths for the price. The kitchen is more integral to the living and dining areas but about the same range of cupboards/equipment. There's outside space, a lift and river views.

Maybe the whole vibe of yours is more for sharers with the kitchen style, but they want their own bathrooms? did the agent give you any feedback or is it just timeframes?

Must admit haven't heard of that agent and am surprised you haven't secured a tenant by now.

Personally I'd dress the bedrooms for an ad, particularly the beds. Mattress covers just look so bleak, unloved and uninviting. It's a very small and subtle change to your advert, but important I think. I never advertise with empty home looking pics.

Ask the agent to add a floor plan. I'm house hunting at the moment and it's the first thing I look for on rightmove

HotWon Mon 19-May-14 22:11:49

Dining table and chairs have come out orangey in the pictures. Cannot afford to spend any more money on buying a new set.

So dress the bed is the consensus?

Onelittlepiglet Mon 19-May-14 22:12:02

It does look really lovely. Only things I can think about from the pictures are:

- bedrooms look a bit bare and spartan compared with the luxurious kitchen. Maybe blinds cold soften them, or taking a landscape picture and dress the beds for the photos?

- second bedroom seems small with bed in front of the window and some people don't like this (obviously in London this is common) and you can't see the rest of it so don't know what storage is like.

- first bedroom, could you turn the bed round so it's against the wall at right angles to the windows rather than in front of the windows? This would look better if it fits.

- bathroom looks like there is no shower screen? This would put me off as you can't have a shower without spilling water everywhere and that would be annoying.

- does the kitchen have a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer? Appliances aren't listed but if you are providing them it might be good to say what there is so people know. A dryer in a flat is really useful.

- can you add a floor plan? This might be useful for people to see how big the rooms are.

These are just off the top of my head so might not be what you are looking for. I also agree with what others have said about consider other agents if this one doesn't work out.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Mon 19-May-14 22:13:02

Does the shower head above the bath work as a shower? The fact that there's no shower screen/curtain would put me off. It being furnished would also put me off.

HygieneFreak Mon 19-May-14 22:14:14

I ve rented afew houses over the last 5 years and im very picky!

The only thing that would put me off is the fact its furnished.

People who can afford that sort of rent will normally already have their own furniture.

Many people like a dishwasher, and there doesnt seem to be space for one.

But other than that its really nice!

littlegreengloworm Mon 19-May-14 22:16:15

You've the wrong agent IMO

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