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Can we have another "I have if you want" swap thread?

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Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 20:36:53

I have a few things that need a new home, but I'm also gratuitously looking for something grin I don't think we've had a trade thread for a while?

I have...

A pair of blue toddler wellies, size 5, with a tractor on the side which desperately need rehoming so DD will stop trying to cram her too large feet into them

A pair of black Clarks girls trainers, 5F, with some bright pink and blue neon flashes on them - I can't find a picture of them but they're fantastic, especially if you don't like overly 'girly' shoes

A burgundy lace effect skater dress from Oliver Bonas (I think it's a Poem dress), it's sleeveless and relatively long for a skater dress. Again I can't find a picture but I could probably take one if someone is interested. It's a thick lace pattern, I used to wear it to a smart office. Size 8-10, sleeveless, came just above my knee but I'm only 5'1. It's too nice a dress and too smart and too little worn to go to a charity shop really.

And I'm gratuitously after...

A really good big showy necklace, costume jewellery really, that would add some colour or sparkle to a black v-neck dress for an 'evening dress' wedding.

Anyone else got anything tucked away?

MrsLeonard Fri 16-May-14 20:38:50

oooooh yes. i am moving house soon so have tons to get rid of. will need to sort through it though, and most of it will probably need collecting

Annunziata Fri 16-May-14 20:41:35

I have a small green Jack Wills hoody if anyone wants it?

MrsLeonard Fri 16-May-14 20:44:17

how small please? and what are you looking for in return?

Fcukfifa Fri 16-May-14 20:44:25

Oh man I've just thrown away a topshop yellow statement necklace, some of the jewels fell out sad( was not impressed for £40 smackers!

Annunziata Fri 16-May-14 20:46:25

Size 8. The hood is not drawstring through so it really is small.

I don't think I'm looking for anything just now smile

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 20:46:45

Damn it, fcukfifa, what happened to your psychic abilities?! wink

It's actually one of the main reasons I'm asking - things like that you pay money for and then only wear the once. Thought it might be better and nicer all round to do it in a swapsy. This way the collective good of everyone sharing with everyone else means the karma is all good!

RedPony Fri 16-May-14 20:51:09

I have a single Divan bed to give away and am looking for any odd house bits and bobs that are essentials you don't think of smile

voodoochimp Fri 16-May-14 21:05:56

I (well DD) has quite a few Lego Simpsons Minifigure duplicates if anyone wants to swop?

MrsLeonard Fri 16-May-14 21:06:45

ah, wont fit me am a 14. shame i love green. i will have various bits and bobs coming up. to the op- what colour of necklace are you after?

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 21:09:34

Anything! Dress is plain black, haven't bought any shoes yet so just looking for something, you know like the colourful Accessorize costume necklaces?

MrsLeonard Fri 16-May-14 21:12:04

hmmmmm something sparkly? i have a necklace in various shades of blue with gold chain running through?

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 21:12:56

Ooh, blue would always be my go-to colour. Would it work with a deep v-neck, do you think?

MrsLeonard Fri 16-May-14 21:27:23

i should think so. cant send until tuesday but if you pm your address i will get it ready smile

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 21:46:52

Star grin

TheCunkOfPhilomena Fri 16-May-14 21:47:57

I have this necklace if you'd like it. It's sort of bronze with clear glass gems. I am rubbish with jewellery so sorry I can't describe it any better confused

TheCunkOfPhilomena Fri 16-May-14 21:48:31

I am also rubbish at taking non-blurry photos, sorry... blush

EvilHerbivore Fri 16-May-14 21:55:45

I have some kids toys, give me a bit and I'll have a proper look...

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 21:58:37

Philomena that's really pretty but have PM'd MrsLeonard, I think the colour will be good. Hopefully someone else will like it though.

Just like last time I started a thread like this, no one ever needs my shoes!

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 21:59:07

PS - great name, btw!

TheCunkOfPhilomena Fri 16-May-14 22:04:44

Ha! you never know! Thank you, she is brilliant and I can't wait for the next series of weekly wipe.

BigRoundCheese Fri 16-May-14 22:10:23

I'd love the dress in your op, but it sounds too good to go for free. I don't have any statement jewellery but is there anything else you need?

Hmm. To go, I have a fish tank, bowl with gravel and ornament, but impossible to post! A blue h&m dress, around a size 10, wrap around style with a tie around the waist and a new look peach dress, size 8 or 10 maybe.

lucysmam Fri 16-May-14 22:11:44

I have a couple of little girls swimsuits I was going to start a thread offering, will check sizes and post properly in the morning smile

A wooden changing table/3 drawer chest!

Thurlow Fri 16-May-14 22:11:59

What's the peach dress like? We.could.swap? I just want that dress to be used!

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