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Party bag ideas

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Sunshineloveslamp Wed 14-May-14 10:38:43

20 children, budget quite low, if I order fr the internet they need to be here within a few days
Any ideas?
I know I know bad mum, forgot all about the bags and now I'm in a panic as to what to put in there!

zipzap Wed 14-May-14 13:12:14

ebay can be your friend - just stick in a search for party bag and you'll have loads of things to choose from. Just make sure you look at postage times so that you get things from this country which will take a day or three rather than the China/etc stuff that all takes weeks! Then do the same search on Amazon - lots of people have similar stuff for similar prices - and choose the best for you.

There are all sorts of things on there that you can get cheaply - pencils, rubbers, stickers, finger lights, bracelets, mini glider planes, bouncy balls etc.

If you're thinking of books look at - which is the book people's clearance shop and things are even cheaper (although it's fast moving so if you see something you want, get it there and then). It used to have its own site but now seems to be incorporated into the main book people site.

Sports Direct can sometimes have good things in for party bags - they used to have tennis balls for 30p which went down well as something that would get used to play with and gave a good weighty feel to the bag! They also did those little jelly watches that worked out about 50p each (plus a split of the postage) which seems barmy that you can put in a working watch that's cheaper than the wooden play watches on ebay! Have a look in their sale section and sort by price - but do look higher up than you want to pay per bag as there are often things in sets of 3 or 5 that work out cheaper.

I've also given out the big bouncy footballs from Asda (99p) or the poundshop (£1!) - brought them in to the party in a big binbag sack and let the dc pick one out each (random selection of colours and designs inside). I've also taken a sharpie with me so I can label them up at the time with the child's name as I hand them out so that there aren't any arguments as to which ball belongs to each child (my dc and friends were allowed to take them into school for playtime; lots went in so it saved lots of aggro as to which ball belonged to which child). Made life very easy beforehand too - I just used party bags to put a slice of cake in and they had the ball - no faffing around assembling party bags at silly o'clock the night before the party!

If you have a home Bargains shop near you they can be great - I've had lots of success there. One year I got things like Disney branded popping candy, bouncy balls, light up things and more, all for about 10-20p each instead of 50p-£2 each. Was able to do a great party bag that cost about two thirds of what it should have cost to do!

Oh and for 4-5 year olds - I wouldn't put a balloon in the bag for them to blow up. One thing to take a ready blown up one home, but the unblown up ones can be dangerous, I think they recommend you don't let kids blow them up until they're about 8-10!

SquirrelledAway Wed 14-May-14 13:19:41

We got a pair of colourful socks in a party bag one time - unusual but DS loved them and much better than plastic tat.

3bunnies Wed 14-May-14 13:22:37

Requires a bit of running around but - Daily Mail have a free lego toy with every daily mail. Buy the daily mail for 60p and get a free polybag, today it's a police car with mini figure, tomorrow it's star wars, batman fri & sat, I am doing an assortment. We have 2 WHSmiths in town plus a toys r us. I managed to get 4 this morning as one shop let me buy two daily mails. You could probably go round twice a day or get your oh/friend roped in too.

Offer finishes on Saturday when you can also collect from Morrisons. The girls will all get 'boys' lego too, none of this friends lego malarkey.

MerryMarigold Wed 14-May-14 13:27:48

Ds2 had a football party and I gave each kid a football water bottle and some of those round chocolates with a football wrapper.

Otherwise, pound shop is your friend. Loads of stuff there. Pens, felt tips, notepads, colouring books, stickers, balloons, mini chupa chups etc. I think you could do 20 bags for about £8. Hate those pinata toys. DC have had them and they break or don't work. Plastic tat at its worst.

TitusFlavius Wed 14-May-14 13:30:02

I used to love doing party bags. (My DS is 12, so too old, alas!) I usually bought craft supplies in a multipack then split them, eg a big pack of glitter glue sticks/pens, then every little bag got one or two glitter glue sticks. Stickers are good, as are temporary tattoos. A minipack of haribo and you're set!

Lucylouby Wed 14-May-14 13:38:24

A helium balloon that has been preiviously used to decorate party venue attached to a small chocolate bar, accompanied by a piece of cake. If the cake must go in a bag and you feel the need, add a small bag of haribo. I despair of plastic tat in party bags and rejoice when we leave a party without it.

Rockdoctor Wed 14-May-14 13:49:34

I was coming on here to say exactly what Lucylouby said. A helium balloon attached to a wrapped piece of cake. Or, taking inspiration from upthread, attached to a packet of seeds.

TitusFlavius Wed 14-May-14 13:56:25

On the helium balloon thing, at the risk of being a party-pooper, I've stopped using them (even though I LUFF them), since I read a bunch of articles like this: and this:

tl;dr there's about ~30 years of helium left on earth at the rate of current usage, and it isn't something that can be replaced or created. Since it is used in vital medical applications (MRI machines, etc) as well as party balloons, it might be worth not wasting any more than we absolutely have to.

zipzap Wed 14-May-14 14:21:33

There are some UK suppliers that have finger lights, both have free delivery, if you want them for this saturday might be worth ringing up/emailing to see if you can pay for faster delivery ...

20 lights for £6, -delivery between weds and thurs next week

or 12 for £2.95 (so buy two packs if you want one light for each dc plus a few left over) delivery between Sat 17th & Monday 19th

I haven't searched extensively but those and several more came up, don't just search on finger lights, try finger beams, finger LEDs etc and use the option in the ebay left hand navigation for UK Only so you don't have to wade through the thousands from abroad!

IdkickJilliansAss Wed 14-May-14 14:32:41

eBay does job lots of themed rubber ducks ie ninjaducks, superheroes and princesses etc. They are reasonable and go down really well

Sunshineloveslamp Wed 14-May-14 15:37:47

Thank you everyone these are great ideas
Will have a read through and decide what I shall do

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