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If you are married but kept your maiden name ...

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Contraryish Tue 13-May-14 12:42:20

... do you refer to yourself as Mrs MaidenName or Ms MaidenName?

Or something else entirely!


TereseaGreen Tue 13-May-14 12:45:48

I'm a Ms Teresea Green. I don't like Mrs so I don't use it. smile

ArtFine Tue 13-May-14 12:46:56

Mrs MaidenName

stripeyblacksocks Tue 13-May-14 12:47:04

Mrs maidenname

PostHocErgoPropterHoc Tue 13-May-14 12:49:25

Ms MyName. I'm not keen on Mrs either.

rootypig Tue 13-May-14 12:49:40

Ms MaidenName, because Mrs sounds as odd and wrong to me as Ms MarriedName

Unless I am serving someone's ass to them or wish to seem proper grin

HellonHeels Tue 13-May-14 12:53:19

Ms MyName

Mrs Myname is my mother!

bananasonsunday Tue 13-May-14 12:53:31

Ms MaidenName. I was always a Ms before I got married as well, so it was the laziest option wink

TreeMugger Tue 13-May-14 12:56:14

Ms. Although I drop the title and just use FirstName SecondName as much as possible.

Velve Tue 13-May-14 12:57:30

Ms Myname. I grew up in a country that doesn't use titles so I've never liked them. Ms is the most neutral and acceptable to me.

BuzzardBird Tue 13-May-14 12:58:03

Mrs maidname

rootypig Tue 13-May-14 12:58:14

Yy TreeMugger, I insist on Initial. MyName on my bank cards and whatnot. It makes them all confused. They cannot understand. "You mean, you don't want your gender to be identified at all?" shock.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 13-May-14 12:58:38

Ms maiden name.

I don't very het up of people get out wrong though and refer to me as Mrs Dh's name.

Contraryish Tue 13-May-14 12:58:57

OK, thanks. It would appear to be a majority in favour of Ms ...

ajandjjmum Tue 13-May-14 12:59:01

I don't like either, and tend to mumble Miss when anyone particularly asks. Or say 'just (forename) (maiden-name)'. You'd have thought that after 30 years of this, I'd have it sorted!

Mrs. maiden-name is my Mum.
Ms. sounds like a bee going backwards. grin

itiswhatitiswhatitis Tue 13-May-14 12:59:15

I try to insist people use my first name! I hate being called Miss itis and I don't like calling other people mrs x or mr y. I think the whole world should be on first name terms!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 13-May-14 12:59:22

Too many typoshmm

Burren Tue 13-May-14 13:00:01

I don't think of it as a 'maiden' name - I think that's pretty sexist in itself, as if your own name is a kind of young girl's starter name until you marry.

I'm DrMyname, or Ms Myname. Or MyFirstName MySecond Name, obviously.

FunnyBird Tue 13-May-14 13:00:22

I'm Miss Myname. I'm prepared to be addressed as Mrs Marriedname if people haven't been introduced to me and know me only because of my husband or children.

Spacefrog35 Tue 13-May-14 13:00:47

I use both I'm Miss Myname at work but Mrs Husbandsname at home. It gets a bit confusing sometimes but it generally works well for me, best of both worlds. Having said that I never use Miss/Mrs unless I have to on a form. I hate Ms - always have done.

mayihaveaboxofchoculaits Tue 13-May-14 13:02:55

ms mayi, but people still default to mrs hisname. if it doesnt matter i will answer to both, but if it does i am very clear.

PoundingTheStreets Tue 13-May-14 13:03:18

Not married any more but never changed my name when I was. I have never been anything other than Ms Pounding The Streets. It's just a title ultimately and each to their own about it, but just as I don't want to be defined by my professional ones either (I think they make me sound like a pretentious twat because they have no relevance to my current role), I don't want to be defined by my marital status either.

PlumBear Tue 13-May-14 13:03:37

Ms MaidenName

HPparent Tue 13-May-14 13:03:42

Yes Ms own name. Accept Mrs DD/DH surname if someone doesn't know me.

Btw DD's have DH's surname coz mine is long and no one can spell it (Scottish).

StampyIsMyBoyfriend Tue 13-May-14 13:03:45

Assume your maiden name is the name your mother took when she married?

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