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Liverpool fans thread

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Changebagsandgladrags Mon 05-May-14 22:16:33


Why do they have such a shit defence?


Ledkr Mon 05-May-14 22:18:34

I'm in bed sulking, so fucking close this time but at least we are in the champions league again and they like Europe.
Look at how bad things were last year.
Where's our rhondajean ?

Horsemad Mon 05-May-14 22:20:17

Well, that's buggered things. sad Can't believe that score.

Sparklingbrook Mon 05-May-14 22:21:18

Hello. DH is in a foul mood.

I wanted him to explain, but are they definitely not able to win now? He's too stroppy to talk.

kaymondo Mon 05-May-14 22:21:48

It'll be fine - villa are going to do us a favour, I can just feel it!

RhondaJean Mon 05-May-14 22:21:52

I'm here.

I'm in bits.

Trying to console myself with wine and game of thrones but it's not working.

Did you see suarez at the end?


Tvseemstobemyhobby Mon 05-May-14 22:22:02


Sparklingbrook Mon 05-May-14 22:22:46

What do Villa need to do?

AnnField Mon 05-May-14 22:22:53

Also in bed sulking. We can still do it but I doubt it'll happen for us now

Sparklingbrook Mon 05-May-14 22:23:42


they can win if Man City get annihilated by villa or west ham

FarToGo Mon 05-May-14 22:24:22


South London la la la!!

if villa or w'ham beat city liverpool will win. Otherwise Man City win.

Sparklingbrook Mon 05-May-14 22:25:01

Oh right West, and how likely is that?

BOFster Mon 05-May-14 22:25:47


villa or w'ham beating city?

as likely as scottishmummy turning up on a thread and giving hugz

Sparklingbrook Mon 05-May-14 22:26:15

At least Chelsea aren't involved then.

well.... I suppose theres always a slim chance grin

RhondaJean Mon 05-May-14 22:26:59

<hugs BOF>

Changebagsandgladrags Mon 05-May-14 22:27:11

If you said last August we'd be fighting for the title I'd have laughed you out of the room.

funnylittlenoddy Mon 05-May-14 22:27:23

That's if Liverpool win against Newcastle, right west?

I'm in a foul mood and to top it off I have an interview tomorrow morning and need to get an early night but my head's spinning.

Poor Stevie.

RhondaJean Mon 05-May-14 22:27:58

Paul lamberts an ex Celtic captain.

Villa can do it...

herethereandeverywhere Mon 05-May-14 22:28:14


I have bl**dy indigestion, my stress levels are sky high for going back to work and all for what?!!

Catch us on the break once, fair enough. But not learning from it?!! Aagghhh.

That is all.

well yes... based on the last two liverpool matches I suppose anything is possible. I mean who would have predicted a 3 -3 draw with CP

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