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Do you save money regularly and what for?

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littlegreengloworm Sat 03-May-14 20:37:06

I have been really good at saving recently (social life is non existent) and its a comfort to know there is money out aside incase of illness etc,

This is not a stealth boast as overall circumstances aren't great and i have been in poverty so that fear is there. I direct debit out a certain amount weekly and once it's not available I don't spend it. However, if I had a few quid in my purse, It goes ' Poooof '

Do you save for a particular thing eg car, holiday or do you save for later life? Do you direct debit it into a savings account of just do is as and when you can ? ( nosey )

Philoslothy Sun 04-May-14 00:21:22

Save for various things.

The children - uni fees etc. Although they don't know.
Garden/ house/ car etc bills
Old age
Wider family. We have paid for weddings, medical bills, house deposits etc and have a pot to do so from, which at the moment is quite depleted.

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