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who is awake at this ungodly hour and why??

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JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:43:18

I'm on a coach to the airport!

holstenlips Sat 01-Feb-14 03:44:59

Lucky you! Where you going?
Im listening to and watching a leak thats coming from the roof through the loft into my bedroom with all this rain.

MadIsTheNewNormal Sat 01-Feb-14 03:45:55

I'm a terrible insomniac so I'm often awake and posting at odd times of the night and very early morning, but right now I'm sitting in an airport too!

xuntitledx Sat 01-Feb-14 03:46:18

15 week old...awake every 2 hours or so recently and jsf killing me!

xuntitledx Sat 01-Feb-14 03:46:37


ElleBellyBeeblebrox Sat 01-Feb-14 03:47:19

Feeding a gluttonous baby. Have a fab holiday, I'm jealous!

JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:47:41

Ooh mad where you off? I am going to malaga.. I may have mentioned bragged in few other threads!

Ohbyethen Sat 01-Feb-14 03:47:51

Ooh where are you going?

I'm up worrying. And then calling myself stupid, telling myself to go to sleep, putting my head down and then - worrying! Also it's been a long time since I've slept alone so it still feels odd, I wake myself up when a leg or arm doesn't meet what it should and it takes waking completely to realise. I'm not a fan of stupid things my brain does without my say so!

I'd like to be going to the airport to escape this bloody rain!

Its 10:00 pm here, DH just got home from a week at sea, we are having some drinks and watching a bit of tv.

Thegingerpig Sat 01-Feb-14 03:49:03

Up with DS2 who has a high temp. Really want to get back to bed now.

JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:49:03

I wish I had known of mumsnet in the newborn times! I just watched bid up and price drop tv all night!

Ohbyethen Sat 01-Feb-14 03:49:36

Whoops, x post.

Is it going to be all Sun, sand and cocktails? Enjoy!

woollybobs Sat 01-Feb-14 03:49:54

DS2 just woke up dreaming. He is fast asleep again now but I can't get back off.

JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:50:24

Sold where is it 10pm? I hope your daughter perks up ginger sad

EeyoreIsh Sat 01-Feb-14 03:52:02

up feeding my 6 day old pfb grin

ben5 Sat 01-Feb-14 03:52:25

I's nearly mid day here in Western Australia and we have been down to the beach to protest against the shark culling they are bringing in here

JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:53:02

Ohbye is this a temporary thing or a life change sad I recognise your username from Christmas where I sat in and mn for 2 weeks whilst feeding my children scraps of lard
Disclaimer. . It was pissing down!

LittleBabyPigsus Sat 01-Feb-14 03:53:13

Sleep routine is fucked so doing an all-nighter. I may regret it! I have stuff to do today though so can be up and busy which helps.

Chottie Sat 01-Feb-14 03:55:03

I've got lots of stuff going on at the moment and have not slept well for months. I'm just accepting it now as my sleeping pattern.......

Happy hols to those at the airport smile

JupiterGentlefly Sat 01-Feb-14 03:56:18

An all nighter to me.. was.. all night partying. But to my student friends it was usually as they had something overdue to hand in the next day!

oinktopus Sat 01-Feb-14 04:07:42

Just the usual insomnia for me. The weird thing is that I knew this morning (by which I mean Friday morning) that I wasn't going to be able to sleep tonight. Sometimes you can just feel it coming. However, because I've got a head cold, it's something like 10% easier to get to sleep so I'm going to try at 6am, which is one of my times of day when insomnia dips below the horizon and I could potentially sleep an hour or two if I'm able to sleep at all.

Hope everyone who is jetting off has a lovely holiday!

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 01-Feb-14 04:15:23

40 weeks pregnant today. Terrible cold. Cracked rib. And later on I get to find out wether I have pre eclampsia or not. Yay!

glorious Sat 01-Feb-14 04:18:49

1 year old woke 10-1130 and up again since 2 sad

mumbaisapphirebluespruce Sat 01-Feb-14 04:18:52

Err it's only 11.17pm here. Bit merry after a Friday night out with the girls. Now back home and exploring the fridge for more wine.

DS2, again. It's been 22 months and he's slept through twice <weeps> I'll be lucky if I see my bed again before 6.

Shropshire! What a time you're having! Good luck for tomorrow. How did you manage to break a rib?

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