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What's been the most memorable museum you've been to?

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JewelFairies Fri 31-Jan-14 22:04:01

For me it's Ellis Island, New York. I'm not sure why but it left a big impression on me, although it also was a magical day with snow falling and stunning views towards Manhattan.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 31-Jan-14 22:06:13

The sex museum in Barcelona.

Normalisavariantofcrazy Fri 31-Jan-14 22:06:32

When I was in year 9 we went to Ypres and went to a German cemetery and trenches.

There was a museum attached with German military memorabilia and photos and it was truly haunting. Their graves, the setting, everything. It's really stuck with me.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 31-Jan-14 22:07:09


Victorian porn films and dildos.

Normalisavariantofcrazy Fri 31-Jan-14 22:07:12

Oh and a torture museum in Germany which we went to as part of our German exchange

PintameelCielo Fri 31-Jan-14 22:07:53

Auschwitz, if that counts.

I loved Musee d'Orsay in Paris too. The Louvre was a bit mad, but that was lovely.

Rather predictably, the British Museum.
And The Guggenheim in New York.

ScentedScandal Fri 31-Jan-14 22:08:44

I liked the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall.

BikeRunSki Fri 31-Jan-14 22:08:49

Does Alcatraz count?
Or The Natural History Museum and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park for nice reasons.

gonerogue Fri 31-Jan-14 22:10:14

The War museum in Seoul. They had loads of the vehicles and planes from the war between North and South and for a war buff it was fascinating, also the DMZ museum, going down into a tunnel that the north tried to get to the south it was really eye opening.

Coumarin Fri 31-Jan-14 22:11:10

In the UK Beamish is memorable. It's an entire reconstructed town, railway and village with an Ironworks, farm and old trams.

Edinburgh Castle museum. There was a soldiers uniform and the telegram sent to his wife informing her of his death, in a glass case. I had an overwhelmingly feeling of sadness as I read and had to get out of there quickly. I was fine once I was outside. Not woo but a bit strange.

gonerogue Fri 31-Jan-14 22:12:43

Oh Alcatraz was amazing too - I was only 19 and on a school trip and it was really memorable. Freaked us out on the audio tour, it was really well done.

JoinTheDots Fri 31-Jan-14 22:13:30

Zoological museum in Tring, Hertfordshire. Stuffed dead animals and skeletons, it's really cool if a little kind of odd. I have been to loads of art and historical ones in Europe too, but nothing stays with me like that one.

phoolani Fri 31-Jan-14 22:13:40

Musee d'orsay - just my favourite place.
Tuol sleng genocide museum Cambodia and buchenwald concentration camp. Both left me without words for an entirely different reason. Neither had to try too hard to be memorable.

southeastastra Fri 31-Jan-14 22:14:33

brading isle of wight wax museum , sadly gone sad

JewelFairies Fri 31-Jan-14 22:14:36

Oh, I just remembered a museum in Amsterdam blush. I think there was a reason I blocked it from my memory blush. I didn't know you could do things like that!

Making a list of the others you mentioned. Alcatraz very high on the list.

AngelsWithSilverWings Fri 31-Jan-14 22:15:12

The Hiroshima Peace museum. I'll never forget it. Would love to go back again one day , maybe when the kids are old enough to take it all in.

saffronwblue Fri 31-Jan-14 22:16:16

National Constitution Museum in Philadelphia. District 6 Museum in Capetown. Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

EnlightenedOwl Fri 31-Jan-14 22:16:32

Second Auschwitz.

squoosh Fri 31-Jan-14 22:16:45

Loved the Frick Collection in NYC, you really get a feeling of how the mega wealthy lived in NY in the early 20th century. And what a wonderful collection he amassed.

ScentedScandal Fri 31-Jan-14 22:16:50

Oh has it gone now southeastastra? What a shamesad. I remember going there years ago.

RuinedAndNotorious Fri 31-Jan-14 22:17:06

I'd love to go to Ellis Island one day. The most memorable museum I've ever been to is Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand. It was huge and everything was presented in a really interesting way.
I also liked a museum in Bristol all about the British Empire, exploring, colonial history etc. I don't remember the name of it, but I think it has closed down now

AuntieStella Fri 31-Jan-14 22:18:13

There are some fantastic museums in Ottawa - civilisation, childhood and military (and others).

FunkyBoldRibena Fri 31-Jan-14 22:18:31

Some bizarre place in Oslo where the top floor was dedicated to an artist who saved everything. Letters, postcards, hair from hairbrushes, to toenails. Awesome in so many right and wrong ways.

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