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Teenage boys and clown shoes

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What's with all the young chaps and the pointy shoes?

I have been alarmed to observe that the toe-free extension section of the average teenage shoe now averages around 2 - 3ft - peaking at around age 15, with footwear like those pictured not uncommon.

Most Year 7 boys start quite innocently with sensible shoes resembling Cornish pasties or velcro slippers - by Year 11 they could wedge a fire door open with their superfluous length.


Do they not trip on kerbs and pavements?

Do they not fear lift doors, tube trains and escalators?

Is it to accommodate a lack of attention to their pedicure?


I require answers to my questions, for I am old and bewildered.

iheartdusty - very interesting observation. grin

I would like to know, please, within +/- 3% the proportion of young men who aspire to be:

a) legs of sparrow and hollow of cheek


b) oaken of thigh, with abdominals like a corrugated iron roof and veins like whipcords.

and what influences their choice?

You may show your working.

TobyLerone Wed 29-Jan-14 21:34:04

DS (14) insists on wearing what are known in our house as Pimp Shoes. He seems immune to our pisstaking.

Toby - well what do we know? We're just parents.

We were never young like them.

TobyLerone Wed 29-Jan-14 21:38:22

He also likes to think he's 'hench'. I asked him about the sparrow legs vs oaken thighs thing and he whipped up his shirt to show me his one-pack, honed through hours of hard Pokémon playing.

Oh big fat hairy bollocks - I have just looked at the advert bar at the top of this page and I am now being stalked by three pairs of dropped crotch meggings


500internalerror Wed 29-Jan-14 21:41:55

So I'm the only person on here that likes pointy shoes? On either sex. I think they're fab!

PrivateBenjamin Wed 29-Jan-14 21:44:16

How do they walk upstairs wearing those clown shoes? Only the tip of their toes would be on the step. It must be like some kind of Hipster Ultimate Wipeout.

TobyLerone Wed 29-Jan-14 21:47:44

DS has just tested that out for you, PrivateBenjamin. There was some banging and he shouted "I'm ok!" and he came back in limping.

Apparently the school has open stairs. You know...with no risers?

Or backwards, perhaps, PrivateBenjamin

Stairs are just so bourgeois, don't you know.

PrivateBenjamin Wed 29-Jan-14 21:59:24

Toby I think sideways walking is the only safe way to tackle closed stairs for the clown shod. Please point and laugh when this happens. smile

TobyLerone Wed 29-Jan-14 22:43:50

Maybe there's a special way they go up the stairs but you wouldn't have heard of it.

MargotLovedTom Wed 29-Jan-14 22:59:02

Wrt the choice between skinny and fey, and ripped and bulging - well, I couldn't tell you the percentages of each, but I do believe it's a class issue.

M/c young men: cheekbones, acoustic guitars, skinny, overgrown hair, probably with a bum fluff beard.
W/c lads: pumped, some or all of their head shaved, rap and garage. Probably not wearing pointy toe shoes.

The above may be tongue in cheek.

LemonMousse Wed 29-Jan-14 23:02:21

I must offer my apologies to everyone who clicked on the 'dropped crotch meggings' link!

The buggers are everywhere - apart from up there^ on here I've just been on my Facebook page and the advert is there too shock

Sorry blush

LemonMousse Wed 29-Jan-14 23:03:35

Although the leopard print ones for £4.50 are a bit of a steal...

Trousers are now a bit narrower and shoes are now longer - but this is the general idea. My 12 year old.

LemonMousse Wed 29-Jan-14 23:12:10

Aw - he's lovely smile

Like the colour of the blazer!

lemon, he is currently a pain in the arse grin

He is now 4 inches taller, legs up to his armpits and 2 shoe sizes bigger than he was 6 months ago when that was taken. Turning into a teenager 6 months too early!!

SarahAndFuckTheResolutions Thu 30-Jan-14 00:07:47

It's my nephew's birthday next month. He will be 16.

My mother asked me today if I thought he might like a pair of winkle-pickers like the rest of teenage boys seem to be wearing.

What the hell are winkle-pickers? Are they these clown shoes you are talking about OP.

I have no doubt my nephew might like a pair if all his friends are wearing them, but probably not if she calls them winkle-pickers when she asks him.

SavoyCabbage Thu 30-Jan-14 00:15:28

Winklepickers are pointy shoes. Something to do with the pointy end of a stick to release a crustacean.

I don't know what the yoof are calling their big old clown shoes though.

ppeatfruit Thu 30-Jan-14 05:36:39

In the medieval times the young men (it would've been the young men 'cos of course the upper crust women wore them but couldn't have done this with them), apologies for no links or pix btw, used to attach strings to their knees and tie the points of their shoes to them so they could walk outside !!

Winkle pickers wear worn by almost everyone in the late 50s but mostly by 'teddy boys' OMG I just realised they also wore 'drainpipe trousers' big droopy long jackets and greased up hair in Elvis Presley style shock THERE IS NOTHING NEW!!!!

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