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What Netflix Series Should I Watch Next?

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TrueToYou Tue 28-Jan-14 22:25:49

I LOVED Breaking Bad, enjoyed Dexter, liked one season of 24 (they all ended up having exactly the same formula) and I have just finished Orange Is The New Black, which I thought was excellent.
So, quickly, before RL creeps in on my viewing schedule! smile

jetsetlil Tue 28-Jan-14 22:46:05

I've just started watching sons of anarchy, bit of a slow burner but I've really got into it

DevlinMaccabee Tue 28-Jan-14 23:03:15

Prison Break!

madamginger Tue 28-Jan-14 23:04:09

House of cards was excellent

NirvannahCrane Tue 28-Jan-14 23:09:09

Lie To Me. Tis very good.

MoutardeDeDijon Tue 28-Jan-14 23:11:09

Breakout Kings

MoutardeDeDijon Tue 28-Jan-14 23:11:45

House of Cards

MoutardeDeDijon Tue 28-Jan-14 23:12:01



brighthouse Tue 28-Jan-14 23:13:03

The killing

SourSweets Tue 28-Jan-14 23:15:51

Nurse Jackie is excellent.

upyourninja Tue 28-Jan-14 23:18:27


Justified [drool]

BOFtastic Tue 28-Jan-14 23:20:40

Lilyhammer is great fun. But for utter awesomeness, it must be The Bridge. If you binge watch, you might be in time to catch season two on bbc iplayer.

MamaPain Tue 28-Jan-14 23:24:56

Lillehammer for comedy
House of Cards for drama

DrNick Tue 28-Jan-14 23:26:10


the good wife

Shall I just say justified again

KnitActually Tue 28-Jan-14 23:29:32

Jericho and survivors, not based on your previously wtched list OP, just because I loved them.


Wibblypiglikesbananas Tue 28-Jan-14 23:45:51


awaywego1 Wed 29-Jan-14 00:41:42

nurse Jackie
life unexpected
house of cards

all excellent grin

PrincessPeashooter Wed 29-Jan-14 01:20:36

BUFFY! Even if you have seen it a gazillion times before and have the box set, it's a classic grin.

DrNick Wed 29-Jan-14 06:17:13

I can't find scandal on the UK Netflix

HelloDoris Wed 29-Jan-14 07:14:10

Fringe is excellent. I loved Dead Like Me, shame they only made 2 seasons. I am currently watching Numbers which is a bit formulaic but it's entertaining enough. I second Scandal, fantastic political thriller, cannot wait for season 3!

Frozennortherner Wed 29-Jan-14 07:22:12

Nurse Jacky and The Killing

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 29-Jan-14 07:25:43

Re visit your youth with buffy and roswell grin

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