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Have you got a onesie?

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Kasterborous Mon 20-Jan-14 21:08:53

I would quite like one but, are they comfortable and if your a short arse like me how can you get one to actually fit you?

It took me a while to find one to fit me am wider than I am tall but I managed it - it is fleecy offwhite and navy blue Nordic pattern, and I also have a light and dark pink cotton jersey one too grin
(I am 5'6" five foot three and my onesies are size 32/34 - not 32 -34 inches, but size blush )and I got them from SimplyBe.
I also have some fluffy fleecy jamas with feet in, which are onesie-ish but allow me to wee with much less inconvienience, and the legs are leopard print - I look like the long lost love child of Bet Lynch and Demis Roussos in them grin

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