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Smells that remind you of childhood :)

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hickorychicken Mon 20-Jan-14 19:03:48

Rainbow sherbert
Johnsons baby shampoo
Imperial leather soap ( i buy for the smell despite feeling rank on my skin) grin

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 20-Jan-14 21:31:10

The smell of M & S's Christmas candle, Frankincense and Myrrh smells exactly like the cardboard box our Christmas decorations were kept in.

Gas and boiled cabbage - the smell of the poor.

Scarletohello Mon 20-Jan-14 21:32:49

Loved spearmint pacers!

Can you still get them?

< drools >

Gluezilla Mon 20-Jan-14 21:33:13

Horses / horse shit -mmmmm
The smell of the sea hitting shingle on a hot summers day- hot and seaweedy.
Warm egg and cress rolls.
Warm salty spaniel Sob
That stuff you inhaled when you had a cold.

Longdistance Mon 20-Jan-14 21:33:34

Palmer Violets

storytopper Mon 20-Jan-14 21:36:02

The old smell of Germoline ointment - when it came in a tub.

The smell of woodsmoke. We seemed to have lots of bonfires in the garden and we would go on holiday to our hut and DF would have a fire going outside all the time.

The smell of Estée Lauder Youth Dew perfume (yeuch) - my aunt wore it - and Coty Paris which my DM wore.

Onlyjoking Mon 20-Jan-14 21:40:15

Carbolic soap <old gimmer>
White musk and fuzzy peach.

Irn Bru (we got it as a treat in our lunch bags at the village gala)
Petrol (reminds me of the car deck of ferries)
Barbour wax
Amoxicillyn, the powder sachets you made up that looked like snot but tasted of heaven
Furniture showrooms (we seemed ALWAYS to be dragged round them!)

But then there's just some unpindownable smell too, of my Grandparents, and all that was good and kind and warm...They were Scottish and died almost two decades ago. Recently I visited an Aunt in Australia, and I opened her linen cupboard and BANG...I was the other side of the world, half my life later, and transported straight back. She'd taken some of Granny's bits and pieces back with her after the funeral and the scent lingered on. Just lovely. Wish I could bottle it!

hickorychicken Mon 20-Jan-14 23:34:18

I wear white musk now blush
bil bought me some for my birthday and i love it grin

ProfondoRosso Tue 21-Jan-14 09:01:36

Lovely thread!

Coal fire (at my granny's house)
Pipe tobacco
Jasmine oil in a burner
Lancome Poeme perfume
Steak pie cooking at my granny's
Vosene shampoo

Coffee....the air always smelt of it, I loved near the nestle factory as a child.

I still love the smell ��

ChablisChic Tue 21-Jan-14 09:17:15

monkey I'd forgotten that 'top of the bus' smell, but your post had me right back there!

Other things that do it for me:

Wet leaves in Autumn, when we used to go blackberrying. Mum would make a blackberry and apple suet pudding, and the smell when she cut into it, and the blackberry juice flowed out ..... magic!

mrsjay Tue 21-Jan-14 09:20:23

Over Christmas the bus company put on ANCIENT double deckers I was on one god it was rank and reminded me of when i was a teenager and on the top deck drinking cider when i was going to my friends , it still had that smell

Elliptic5 Tue 21-Jan-14 09:25:14

My mums tweed perfume mingled with leather car seats always makes me feel ill as I was so car sick when I was small.

Cigarette smoke, vosene shampoo, TCP (was my mums answer to everything!), potatoes in the pressure cooker.

Dollydishus Tue 21-Jan-14 09:44:15

Dettol. Alŵays half a capful in the bath when we were small.

Later Wright's coal tar soap. And Vosene shampoo.

Dad's Aramis aftershave.
Mum's L'Aimant by Coty perfume.

Persil and the blue Comfort fabric softener...I still use these just for the smell!

Best smell...wood shavings...hours and hours with my lovely grandad in the shed whilst he did proper woodwork and I was allowed my own little hammer and nails for bashing into scrap wood.

mrsjay Tue 21-Jan-14 09:45:38

oh I was bathed in dettol sometimes I wonder why maybe my mum thought i was just too germ ridden for normal soap grin

mistlethrush Tue 21-Jan-14 09:47:06

Creosote - used it on the hen house
Horses - went horse riding in any spare time.

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 21-Jan-14 09:48:28

Wrights coal tar soap - reminds me of my grandmother's house.

Morrigu Tue 21-Jan-14 09:51:42

Smell of earth - my df sold fruit and veg and we helped him.
Cool Water brings me back to about 15/16 as I think the fellas used to bath in the stuff.
White Musk again. Many hours spent with friends in The Body Shop.

Dollydishus Tue 21-Jan-14 09:53:54

And as a teenager ....patchouli oil.

We were dripping in the stuff as was our local town.

<outs self as ageing hippy from West Country >

Schools! they've smelled the same since I was little

Dollydishus Tue 21-Jan-14 09:58:36

What with the dettol, Vosene, patchouli, I wonder if I'm all smelled out? I certainly go for unperfumed everything these days. For my own children I just like them to smell faintly of soap ideally a Johnson's baby type one, and slightly of talcum powder, again a baby one.

Sadly DD is now of an age to buy Superdrug own brand value body spray at 89p a pop. Uses a bottle a day, I swear, and smells like a car air freshener. Giving her a her friends a lift home I have to keep the scar windows open.

lookout Tue 21-Jan-14 10:00:21

The smell of towels that have been dried on the line. Reminds me of going to the lido.

LadyMacbethWasMisunderstood Tue 21-Jan-14 10:22:12

Galor gas stoves

Pears soap



ChildrensStoriesNet Tue 21-Jan-14 10:27:15

Nappies and them boiling on the stove, very distinctive

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