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notamonkeysuncle Fri 25-Apr-14 19:06:29

Ive done it.....ive started Christmas shopping!
My local Primark seem to of found a whole load of winter stock and are selling it off very cheap.
I got 2 Minnie Mouse onsies and a Micky one £6 reduced to a pound and a kids hat, glove and scarf set reduced to 50p.
I then came home and wrote a list of what for who and began the Amazon Christmas wishlist.
Ive never been this organised!

libertytrainers Fri 25-Apr-14 19:12:38

it's APRIL

You are going to be sooooo bored of Christmas by December.
Or you will have forgotten where you hid everything and what it is you've already bought.

coffeeinbed Fri 25-Apr-14 19:17:53

Go away!

That's great, I wish I could be that forward-thinking. The most I do is consciously save all of my Nectar, Boots, Clubcard, etc. points always being mindful I want to spend them around Christmas.

I love the sound of the onesies.

Don't be quiet monkeysuncle be LOUD and PROUD

"I've started shopping - Ha grin . And in December when y'all are ferreting about , tearing your hair out, I'll be wandering down to pick up the last few trinkets "

I cannot buy now, I'm not organised enough to hide them safely and my DC don;t know what they want this early.
But I'm writing lists grin

Ploppy16 Fri 25-Apr-14 23:39:53

I've just bought a big pack of wrapping paper and chocolate moulds for my Christmas Hampers. And a special Christmas organising book blush

Ploppy16 Fri 25-Apr-14 23:41:17

Ahem. I forgot about the Christmas jumper for DD2. It's a pudding one in the next size up...
Oh, and we've already figured out DS's main present.
I'll go away now..

AlpacaLypse Fri 25-Apr-14 23:41:46

OK I admit it... I bought a shed load of seriously reduced Christmas cards back in January.

But APART from that.... NOOOOOO!

I refuse to think about Christmas when there are still discounted Easter Eggs on the shelves!

SilveryMary Fri 25-Apr-14 23:44:30

Yes, go away!

ChubbyKitty Sat 26-Apr-14 00:11:10

This thread is ace. I might have to nestle in somewhere, I was thinking about Christmas yesterday.

My feet are freezing so I can pretend it's 23rd December wink

LackaDAISYcal Sat 26-Apr-14 00:12:57

I've got a load of presents that I bought in the sales...

notamonkeysuncle Sat 26-Apr-14 00:15:43

I simply dont have the money to make it happen in a month. Last year I was done by the end of October and was very glad of it when I was made redundant at the beginning of November.
I am now officially on eye out for bargins

DrewsWife Sat 26-Apr-14 00:33:54

Christmas is cancelled this year as I found out I'm due a baby 23rd of December. Sorry ladies. Christmas is back on next year though wink

TheNightIsDark Sat 26-Apr-14 00:37:02

I've got 5 presents and a list of who is getting what.

Now to plan the menu as it's my first year hosting and there will be 10 of us shock

Beepbeepnow2 Sat 26-Apr-14 22:00:12

I am starting to think ahead to crimbo. Hubby out of work and is a sahd whilst not working so money is tight. Have to start to think ahead so I can be organised and afford it all. Meal wise we should be at the In laws crimbo day so just a tea to have and Boxing Day fare, so not too bad on that front this year.
Am doing all this quietly as dh glares when I mention Christmas presents at the mo lol

Marmaladecat1 Sun 27-Apr-14 09:38:14

Hurray! Be loud and proud! Good for you!
I've just started here ��

DrewsWife congratulations on your impending arrival <<squeee>

I had DS less than three weeks before the Millenium Christmas, it was really weird watching everyone milling about for what people viewed as a Once in a Lifetime Event .
But I was on the outside looking in. I had my precious son and everything else sort of paled.
DH and I can remember the Christmas Meal because we ate in shifts. Boxing Day we took DS out in his cosy pram for a walk.

Enjoy, but be aware , he/she might not arrive on the 23rd (DS was a week late). Have you got people at your beck and call to cook for you and spoil you?

DrewsWife Sun 27-Apr-14 15:31:42

I am so excited it's unreal. But have to say... As a Sunday school leader a youth worker it's my busiest time of year... Carol services, street carolling, hospital singing, nativity plays, Christmas parties. Oh boy I'm exhausted thinking about all that we normally do!!!

This year I won't be able to do any of it!!

Hubby will do all the running about. I'm gobsmacked at the dates hahaha. My first one is 18 ;). She recently moved out and I'm doing it alllllll over again!

I assume I will need to make meals in advance and do all my Xmas shopping by November. gringrin

Cataline Sun 27-Apr-14 15:32:07

Ha ha- I love this!! It's reminded me that I have all of this years Christmas onesies, sweaters and pjs in the Christmas cupboard as I bought them all in the Next Christmas sale last year. Made me feel all prepared and happy!

MrsBrianODriscoll Sun 27-Apr-14 15:39:34

My Mother announced that she was not coming for Christmas, when we had finished doing the happy dance grin saying oh dear,never mind, we started planning the menu we want, not what she would expect.

If my Mother is reading this we are having turkey beef

notamonkeysuncle Sun 27-Apr-14 17:16:32

Congratulations smile
I have the prezzie list ready now, I also have 4 birthdays close to Christmas!
Yesterday I brought a few small bits from ebay, for DDs stocking. 12 beaded braclets and 20 hair clips all new from china with a total of 79p spent!
DP thinks ive gone nuts but he seems to forget for the last 2 years ive sorted his family as well as mine.
We don't have to worry about food as we split the time between his family and mine although this year I'd like have a small Christmas party with friends and their children.
Im too excited for April!!!!

<< It's nearly May>>

Runs away.
Just saying wink

MaryWestmacott Sun 27-Apr-14 19:07:06

Wow, you are scary! Although I have decided that this year I will save the nectar card points for Christmas, 'twas lovely last year to buy £60 of stuff for free, will make an effort to make all year round (and to make sure I buy petrol in sainsburys as well!)

Grotbagstwin Sun 27-Apr-14 19:11:13

I plan on being organised this year, I bought all of my wrapping paper in Asda in January. 10 meter rolls for 20p. I have been writing a list today with ages of all the young kids so I know who I can buy stuff for if I see stuff in the sale.

ILoveChristmas01 Mon 28-Apr-14 11:18:03

It's never too early to think about christmas.... This is the Christmas forum after all..... :D
I've already got christmas cards, christmas crackers, christmas clothes (courtesy of next sale!), wrapping paper, new christmas decs, new christmas cake tins...... I did lots of shopping in the jan sales ;) I will be back at work from mat leave in September and working full time with 2 young children so want to be as organised as possible so I can enjoy December with the kiddies x

Aww I went back to work in the Sept after DS was born .
I still get a grin when the Lakeland Limited Catalogue comes through my door in late September now (though it's all online now, not the same)

But the little gold tree on the cover...........ahhhhh (DS will be 15 this Christmas)

Marmaladecat1 Tue 29-Apr-14 07:59:02

70! There you are! When are we hardcore bargain hunting again?
I'm under a different guise at the moment but regular on the bargain thread last year.

Marmaladecat1 Tue 29-Apr-14 08:02:38

Good work i love Christmas
I have cards, need wrapping paper.
Not sure where we are spending Christmas at the moment, weirdly might be my first away from home in about 29 years...pass the brown paper bag whilst I practice deep breathing

notamonkeysuncle Tue 29-Apr-14 08:27:50

Marma do we have a bargin thread yet this year?
I'm always interested in bargin, especially as ive started out buying bits with massive savings

Marmaladecat1 Tue 29-Apr-14 08:35:07

We had a blooming amazing one last year, I think it kicked off in July maybe?
What do you reckon 70?

DownstairsMixUp Tue 29-Apr-14 08:38:21

I think this is a brilliant idea! I have another DS due in september so I'll be really short of time/not fancying shopping with a 3 month old so I might start picking up bits and bobs as I see them as well...

nickdrakeslovechild Tue 29-Apr-14 10:48:36

The bargain thread is active. Can't link as on stupid thing, but if you look on the Christmas page it's there.

notamonkeysuncle Wed 30-Apr-14 09:29:30

oooh lots of babies due in the run up to Christmas. Congratulations ladies smile
So yesterday I had a good ebay rummage and found some brilliant girls stocking fillers, they'll be imported from China but I got 7 items for £3.76 as well as a beautiful scarf for my mum.
Im a roll now and very pleased

sunshinemmum Wed 30-Apr-14 10:09:14

I am well underway. I do some shopping on line in the January sales actually I started last December.. I can't abide the crowds, cost and hassle of the seasonal crush and like Christmas to be about Christmas smile

ValiumQueen Wed 30-Apr-14 16:19:01

I have lots of things already, but need to get a list going so I don't forget it all. I have everything in a couple of big bags. I love Christmas, but need to get Birthdays out of the way first. My youngest will be 2 in October, and there will be no more babies, so I am finally feeling as if I am beginning to get ahead again.

Marmaladecat1 Wed 30-Apr-14 17:55:22

Is it? I just thought It was last years one!
Excellent, thank you, I'll see you over there smile

3 yrs ago M&S had Christmas cards reduced to 25 cents a pack in January. I bought so many that me, my mum, and my sis haven't had to buy any since... (smug)

DownstairsMixUp Wed 30-Apr-14 18:41:40

I got given some free Xmas cards at work today as we won't be selling them this year, yay, freebies!

CalamitouslyWrong Wed 30-Apr-14 18:43:51

Arf at the Christmas topic starting up already.

ValiumQueen Wed 30-Apr-14 20:16:15

The Christmas topic never shuts down gringringrin

The Christmas Topic isn't just for Christmas <<taps side of nose knowingly>>

Marmalade I start my Christmas Shopping in July when QVC do Christmas in July ( DH works out our leave so I always engineer it so that I have the day off-though QVC are extending it to 24th/25th July now- and tell the DC "The telly in the back room is mine " )

I know there were brilliant threads for bargains on here last year, I'm sure there will be again this year.

ValiumQueen Thu 01-May-14 06:29:03

70, I have heard of that but never seen it. Is it full of bargains then? I imagine it to just be a day of singing Santas and other festive bits and bobs. Is it just to get you in the mood, or proper bargain hunting territory?

DownstairsMixUp Thu 01-May-14 07:58:28

I hate it when people come on here to moan about xmas starting early. For some of us it's such an expense you really don't have a choice but to do it all year round. sad

Blondieminx Thu 01-May-14 08:20:28

<proffers plate of cinnamon cookies and large pot of coffee>

I have started too grin ...it's never too early! I bought wrapping paper and cards in the January sales, and some Christmas jumpers in the next size up. I'm also writing lists! I didn't know the bargain thread was active again, will head over! thanks

elQuintoConyo Thu 01-May-14 08:25:33

^^ Christmas all year round.


I think I've found my new home!

I have already made two sofa cushions from fleece that look like Christmas puddings smile and will be making DS a cuddly gingerbread man.

A group of us friends did Secret Santa last Christmas which was an overwhelming success, so we shall continue.

My best friend and I start rabbitting on about Christmas at the beginning of September, mostly sewing things and exchanging recipes. I scared her with my Chridtmas Folder of organisation grin

Oh, did anyone buy those 'finger lights' (I think they were called) that featured heavily on last year's bargain thread? Would you recommend them? I have 4+8 yo niece/nephew, would they be appropriate? And wtf are those plaque-showing purple 'sweeties' called and where can I get them? Thanks in.advance.

I have a box full of already-written birthday cards for every birthday this year - only took.me an hour or so with wine so I feel very organisd this year - hopefully Christmas will go without a hitch!

Dontwanttobeyourmonkeywench Thu 01-May-14 08:33:38

I bought the the finger lights last year for all of the DC and they loved them (21-4) grin and the plaque disclosure tablets from amazon.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 08:38:45

downstairs im in the same boat as you. I have spent £5.97 this week on stocking fillers and im pretty proud of myself for making a start.
Although I am known to be finished by June, which was the year before last when tax cresits decided I'd been under paid for the year so gave me a nice one off payment.
Stupidly I didnt venture to the January sales this year which I really should of.
quinto I know adults who love the finger lights so im sure they'll be a hit with children

HermioneWeasley Thu 01-May-14 08:40:56

OP and others - you have to link to th bargains you find y'know. It's the LAW

Pimpf Thu 01-May-14 08:41:44

I'm not sure whether to admire you or hate you!

Scout19075 Thu 01-May-14 08:43:14

I often start in December for the following year. I take my Christmas presents home to the States in November and when we come back to the UK in December I always find presents for family & friends in the States in the sales so get them and tuck them away. I have a presents box and everything gets recorded on a spreadsheet so I don't overbuy or lose anything.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 08:50:59

Hopefully will work, im not good at links!

ipswichwitch Thu 01-May-14 08:53:08

For anyone due a Christmas baby - DS2 was born 13th December last year, and since I couldn't face the ILs (much bickering, too crowded, trying to bf among all the chaos) we got the M&S Christmas dinner (need to order online and collect at specific time) . All prepped on trays so all you need is someone to turn oven on and pop in. Not the cheapest option but it was rather lovely, and aince it's on a foil tray minimal washing up too. Twas the best Christmas ever just us 4 smile

sunshinemmum Thu 01-May-14 09:01:31

I'm a bit late now (I didn't know the law) grin In late Dec Achica had some really nice metal, Christmas stars with the word love round and some white Noel letters, really nicely done (love em or hate em.) Red Direct have some gorgeous items from leather bags to beautiful bangles and organic smellies. I also have a trawl through Lakeland for bits and bobs.

I love W.H Smiths in January, their wrapping paper has grid lines on the back and paper back bargains make great stocking fillers.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 09:18:54

I love the pillow idea. I've agreed with DP I wouldnt buy anymore decorations as I can decorate 3 times over. Making them however was not agreed smile

elQuintoConyo Thu 01-May-14 10:43:05

I'm afraid I have made the majority of my decorations! The first Christmas DH and I had together, we could barely scrape together £12 for a fake tree, let alone lights etc.

A couple of years ago I made a Santa washing line: jacket, trousers, socks, pants, bobble hat, gloves for Santa, dress, tights, pants, hat, glovrs for Mrs Santa (no bra, she's very '60s grin ), and the same as Santa in green for Elf clothes, all trimmed with white. Took ages, made of felt, hung on a piece of string with mini clothes pegs. I have since made a couple more for friends on request. I'm sure you could find what I'm trying to describe on Pinterest.

DS is an early-December baby and in the last two month I really went to town making stuff - google 'cutlery stockings' blush to match homemade tablecloth.

I'm not very talented and can see various flaws in what I make - but the satisfaction is great. I sometimes copy what I see in shops and think "£5 for that? Held together with hot glue? I can do better for cheaper!"

Last year I made a wreath for the front door and a Santa Sack for DS.

<very unstealthy stealth boast over blush >

elQuintoConyo Thu 01-May-14 10:43:48

Oh, and thanks for the info on finger lights and plaquey tablets smile

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 11:31:42

Santa washing line looks brilliant, an idea I may have to borrow. We have a Christmas elf so could be an elf idea.
Last year I made DD a christmas duvet cover because the only ones I could find were close to the £20 mark. It cost me £7.50 and im going to add something to it each year.
Apart from that ive not made many Christmas related things. im sure ill come up with a little project this year though

sunshinemmum Thu 01-May-14 11:38:42

I so love and envy those crafty people who can make their own things!
I have to admit last year Christmas was awful all though the run up was good. I big part of my preparations are flower arranging and making sure that the house is pristine. Ds was really ill during the run up and we had shopping, mess and chaos Christmas eve and I ended up at the end of my tether.

In the end I plonked the flowers in a vase, they looked great. This year I have spoken to friends and I am not buying for the world and his wife, but putting more thought and effort into the gifts I do buy through the year. More mindful buying less debt I hope. Perhaps that will leave me some time to learn some Christmas crafts smile.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 12:41:42

sunshine places like the poundshop and b&m do some really good crafty packs. We made pompom santas and elves last year. I missed most of the packs they did though because I didnt go near town all of December with the exception of the light switch on

ILoveChristmas01 Thu 01-May-14 13:16:15

downstairs my little girl was born in September last year and I got loads of bargains throughout the year for my little boy to keep him entertained in the run up to christmas whilst I dealt with a practically new born. I got loads of Christmas crafty things from the works and loads of Christmas books from the book people that are discounted throughout the year....
I absolutely bloody love christmas smile
I have found some crimbo bargains, I'll try and find the links to add them to the thread xxx

sunshinemmum Thu 01-May-14 14:28:38

Oh wow thanks a lot will have a look. DS is a very young twelve he would still enjoy that.

notamonkeysuncle Thu 01-May-14 17:28:51

Well I've wasted most the afternoon looking at Christmas crafts on pintrest!

elQuintoConyo Thu 01-May-14 20:48:12

Easy to do notamonkeysuncle

So far Ihave made:
8 stockings: three silver (DH, DF, Fil); four gold (me, DM, my DGM, DF's partner), and one purple felt stocking with 18 milti-coloured baubles on it for DS. Every year we take a photo of him on Christmas Day, then before we pack everything away after 6Jan, I print the photo and stick on a bauble. I will give to him when he's 18 grin they're all embroidered (reeeeeaaaally simply) with their names.
Tablecloth (must make another; just 2m of fabric, hem it all round, job's done!)
6 cutlery stockings
25 mini-stockings embroidered with numbers for advent calendar. This hangs between paintings on tje wall and they're big enough for Mars bars/Twix etc, not just small choccies. Oh, and big enough for a mini Lego figure or plastic animal, if needs must!
Santa washing line.
Santa sack for DS, with gingerbreadman sewn on the front.
Christmas pudding cushions.
Various baubles and stuff for the tree.
Door wreath: lots of different-shaped white pompoms, a handful of ice-blue pompoms (made the old-fashioned way with wool), and some pearls/crystals/white and blue buttons scattered about.
Oh, and I have also made some conical-shaped felt Christmas trees: simple cone template, decorate with beads/ribbons/buttons etc, sew up the back et voila. They're about 5-6 inches tall, some white some green, they make a little forest on.my bookcase. The white ones have led tealights inside that you can see flickering when the ligts are low.

My DM made me a 'knitivity' two years ago: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, crib, three wise men, four shepherds, 8 sheep - it's huge! Each figure about ten inches high! I'm not remotely religious, but the knitivity is a sight to see and gets many compliments grin

Sorry, long boasty post blush

But there's so much more I want to make: 12inch diameter 2D baubles for DS's room with big images in the middle: cany cane, snowflake, snowman etc, to suspend from the ceiling! I love the idea of Chridtmas bedding, so will aim for that as well this year - better get started!

DownstairsMixUp Thu 01-May-14 21:38:36

Thanks Ilovechristmas smile

MumofWombat Sat 03-May-14 13:23:50

I've kept my eyes open for bits since the January sales. I went home to the UK a month ago and left Christmas gifts there for my friends kids etc. My parents are coming over to see us (in Oz) for December so I want to have done it all before they arrive do I can spend December doing fun things. Last year I went to an incredible open air nativity with animals, singers, dancers etc. I'm going every year now!
And today I finished my chair covers for the dining room table. Really pleased with them!

aylesburyduck Mon 12-May-14 17:32:59

oh! I am so loving this thread.

I have just asked DP where my Christmas jumper is... ha ha.

I am in absolute agreement with you about planning and while I haven't started yet it won't be long before I get operation jingle 2014 under way.

notamonkeysuncle Tue 13-May-14 19:30:41

Oh dear DP is about to book our summer holiday and im sat sewing this year's advent calender!
Found loads of Christmas leggings today in ebay too, all coming from China with starting bids of a penny. Yay!
All have 3 more stocking fillers brought and our nephews present

LackaDAISYcal Tue 13-May-14 20:51:44

loving all the craftiness here smile

I have just bought a sewing machine so I'm hoping to make a few hanging bits and pieces and some new stockings for the DC.

And am going to start buying things as soon as our major birthday season is over (2 of my DC have birthdays 10 days apart at the end of May/beginning June). I have loads of yarn as well, so am planning on making socks for the men and fingerless gloves for the women in my family and lots of material so am going to buy plain t-shirts and do applique on them for the DC, with little matching bags...

...I will be probably be found on Christmas Eve buying gift cards from the big stand in Sainsbos blush

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