Do you tell the dc they are not allowed up before a certain time Xmas morning?

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Bluemonkeyspots Sat 07-Dec-13 19:24:07

I hate the idea of doing this


we have two older dc (12&10) and two younger (toddler and baby) if the older two wake the younger two up in the middle of the night we will all be up and it will be a long miserable crabbit Christmas Day.

Dd1's birthday was 2 months ago and we were wakened up about 10 times between 2am and 5.50 when we finally gave in.

Feels wrong saying "don't dare come through till at least 6.30" but I'm tempted. Was not so bad in previous years but not now we have four of them to deal with all day with excitement tiredness and sugar rushes!

wonderingsoul Sat 07-Dec-13 19:25:50

if they wake let them into your room to watch a movie in your bed?

Lettucesnow Sat 07-Dec-13 19:34:56

We used to put things of interest in the stocking so they could have another hours play before we went down stairs.

We didn't want to catch Santa in the act did we?

I'd say at 12 and 10 they are old enough to stay in their own rooms quietly until a time you say. My dd is ten and has never been up early we are always the last up on the street but I would give her a time if I thought she would think about getting up before 7.30am tbh.

Mine know better than to try and wake me before 7.30 fwink

That's the beauty of stockings. We leave them when we go to bed (I used to have bags with battery operated lights in the pictures) which I could see reflecting in my mirror.

Then I can hear them , carefully trying to open the presents (wrapped of course) and whispering without making noise.

We put a fibre optic tree in the hall on a timer and they're not allowed to go downstairs until it switches on.
And the wrapping paper across the doorway to the lounge means they can't sneak in.

Though in the past I've heard DS sneak downstairs and run back up to tell DD "He's been ".

We make DS sleep in DD room on Christmas Eve night (he grumbles like mad, but it's nice to have them wake up and chat together. )

DS is 14 DD 11.6 so I'm sure our Traditions will change.
Last year he asked "What do you call a respectable time to get up, Muvver ?"

He's thinking 5am. I'm thinking 8am grin

ThisIsMeNow Sat 07-Dec-13 19:37:42

My mum and dad had to do this with me and I'm still terrible now! Can't sleep a wink and waking DP at well before crack of dawn! grin
Mum used to set me a little alarm clock and I could open my stocking presents when I woke up but had to stay quietly in my room until the alarm went off think they resorted to this after I woke them up at 2am to see what Santa had left me

Marne Sat 07-Dec-13 19:39:26

This is the reason why they have stockings in their room, they can open them in their rooms when they wake up, keeps them busy for a while whilst dh and I wake up. No one is allowed downstairs if its still dark outside.

not a set time as no clock in their room to tell but not before 7 or it would be all over by 9am. i make sure there is fun interesting things to do in their bed presents so if i say its a little too early they are happy to play/munch on stuff or put a dvd on.

Bluemonkeyspots Sat 07-Dec-13 19:41:51

Usually we all pile into my bed to do stockings but I think this might have to change this year. That might buy us a bit more time.

Catsmamma Sat 07-Dec-13 19:43:17

i'd definitely say your older two are old enough to wait for a respectable hour

we've only had one mega early christmas ...ds2 woke up early about fourish and he was sent right back to bed cos Santa had not been. About an hour or so later I heard him sneaking into DS1's room to look out the window and they chatted for a bit and we gave up about half six i think!

He'd only have been about 5 or 6 though.

Nowadays it's me waking them up!!

IamInvisible Sat 07-Dec-13 19:46:27

We used to tell ours that Father Christmas didn't finish his rounds until 7:30, so even when they were little they never got up mega early.

Our DC have always liked their sleep so didn't wake too early, the last few years (now they are teens) it's been DH who wakes first. He's not here this year, so heaven knows what time we will all wake up.

At your DC's age I'd give them a time that they can't come in until.

heymammy Sat 07-Dec-13 19:47:00

Tbh my DDs have always just slept until a reasonable time anyway, so we've never had crazy 4am wakings! This year, however, dd1 is 10 and we've just had a conversation that went something like:

Dd1, "I'm going to be so excited on Xmas morning, can we get up as soon as we wake up?"

Me, "of course you can dd1, just as long as its after 7 o'clock."

Dd1, "aw, but I think I might wake up and 5 or 6 or something, 'cos I'm soooo excited."

Me, "if you get up then and wake up toddler ds then we will all have a miserable Xmas day. He will be tired and whiny all day and that's just not happening!"

End. Of.


lade Sat 07-Dec-13 19:50:18

Yes, I do because DD1 wakes stupidly early. On a normal day, she's up by 6am ready to go, so Christmas is even worse. Last year, I got up at 6:30 to find DD had been awake for well over an hour, just sat there with the sack next to her as we have a rule that they bring their sacks into us to open, so this year, I've put less into their sacks and am going to wrap a few presents up into a small stocking, with a note to say she can open them alone. I thought I'd put little things in like a magazine, a small (99p) selection box that she can gorge on, some glittery pens and the like. Just 99p stuff.

snuffykins Sat 07-Dec-13 20:05:24

Yes 8am. It's always been the rule in our house. Some years we've even had to go and wake him at 8am too.

Milliways Sat 07-Dec-13 20:05:43

Ours were supposed to wait until 6:30 or 7 am depending on their age.

Last year was the first year DD did not open her stocking on our bed- she had just got married! DS joined us though - he was 17 then and intends to repeat the tradition this year. grin

Coveredinweetabix Sat 07-Dec-13 20:11:47

My parents did this after the year me and DBro had emptied our stockings by 3.20am and wanted to go down! We were probably about 6 & 4 at the time. After that, we weren't allowed to open our stockings before 6am and weren't allowed into our parents room before 7.30 although I'm sure they'd heard us before then. It was around that time that cartons of ribena with "drink me" and cereal bars with "eat me" stickers appeared in our stocking whereas the selection box or similar had "for after lunch" stickers. Our stockings always had comics or little toys in which also kept us occupied for the time until the parents woke up.

HoHoHoMerryMonster Sat 07-Dec-13 20:12:48

we used to be terrible for waking up at 2am on christmas morning. cant say my lot are too bad, i am still usually the first one up around 6am, then i have a coffee and wait until around 7am to get the kids up. last year the girls were at their dads and the boys didnt wake us up until 9am.

NearTheWindmill Sat 07-Dec-13 20:19:35

We used to let ours stay up until 11ish on Xmas Eve and that kept them asleep until at least 6ish grin. If they woke they were allowed to get in our bed and do their stockings but only on condition they had to then be quiet until 7.30 and let us carry on dozing cuddling them

SatinSandals Sat 07-Dec-13 20:20:47

Absolutely- not before 7am. Having said that they were never awake before then anyway!

LeonieDeSainteVire Sat 07-Dec-13 20:21:59

No one up before 7am is a rigid rule in our house Christmas or not. I don't think it's ever been an issue but if necessary I would send them back to bed very firmly. Stockings have to be opened in our bed with everyone so no touching stockings before then either. We have little family members visiting this year - could cause a few issues potentially . . .

Katieweasel Sat 07-Dec-13 20:29:14

We had a very early start last year! This year Santa is leaving a DVD and a book with a snack and a note to say not to wake mummy and daddy until 7am.

I used to say not before 05:00 but it's 06:00 now they're older. Remembers the 04:00 wake ups with horror

ChoudeBruxelles Sat 07-Dec-13 20:32:02

Yes. If you get up before 6.30 here Father Christmas might not have finished doing the presents downstairs and you run the risk of not getting anything. I'm mean, but also very grumpy when tired

Shall I go for 07:00 this year, now that they're teenagers? fhmm

hugoagogo Sat 07-Dec-13 20:46:44

Not before 7.30 here, but they open their stockings by themselves earlier.

Growing up we had to wait for Grandad to light the fire and Ps and GPs to drink tea before we could go down. hmm

We are going for 12 midday this year!!!! Kids are 18, 16 and 12. The eldest has a part time job in a nightclub, I will be picking him up at 5am on Christmas morning then going back to bed!! The younger two can open stockings but I would like us all to open presents together and a late start seems the only feasible option sad

mysteryfairy Sat 07-Dec-13 20:54:21

7am has always been the rule here but now they are 18,17 and 11 not sure if they will even want to get up that early.

Not been an issue so far as my two (5 and 1) sleep till a decent time in the morning anyway, and they're in my bed, but if it was different then it would definitely be a post 7am event. No way would I start it earlier. They could watch the iPad for a bit if they did wake up earlier.

CoffeeQueen187 Sat 07-Dec-13 21:00:38

I'm normally the one waking the kids up on Christmas Day grin

I end up running in their rooms and diving on their beds shouting "it's Christmas, Father Christmas has been!!!"

I get well too excited about it for a 26 year old grin

NearTheWindmill Sat 07-Dec-13 21:04:07

I will be struggling to get them out of their beds for 9.30 mass on Christmas morning. Wasn't a problem when they were little - is now and they only have to come twice a year. DS tries to insist he's entitled to lie in on his birthday and that Mary wouldn't have woken Jesus up from a nice sleep.

MsJupiterJones Sat 07-Dec-13 21:25:06

We were allowed to open one stocking present alone and were not to wake Mum before 7 (might have been 6.30). I used to go into my sister's room and we'd find presents that looked the same and open them at the same time, so that would keep us occupied for a while. I like the idea of a few 99p presents that they are allowed to open & play with.

DH used to open his presents as soon as he woke up, not even with his brother or sister, which I thought sounded sad although I think he enjoyed it - just what you're used to I guess. But we loved all climbing into bed with Mum and opening them together (and I think she liked being able to see our faces when we did smile)

lade Sat 07-Dec-13 22:12:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lade Sat 07-Dec-13 22:15:25

Stupidly put this on the wrong thread - asked for it to be removed!!

NCISaddict Sat 07-Dec-13 22:15:43

Wrong thread lade?

lade Sat 07-Dec-13 22:17:21

Yep, I've reported it, and asked for it to be removed!

2kidsintow Sat 07-Dec-13 22:29:09

They are old enough to know that you don't want to be up too early. And definitely old enough to be told that it's unkind to wake the younger ones, leaving them too tired to enjoy the day later.

Last year, DD2 was 8 and she announced that she'd woken up at 6, seen that Father Christmas had been, but had gone back to sleep as she'd known it was too early.

Good girl.

TheDayOfMyDoctor Sat 07-Dec-13 22:35:18

DS (5) was sank what time he could get up (though last year I ended up having to wake him up! We've agreed on 6am. However, I always wake up ridiculously early on Christmas morning, so any time from 5 is fine with me but not with DH

MummyPig24 Sun 08-Dec-13 09:17:16

We have had a gro clock for the last 3 years so we just set it for the normal time (6.45) and when they get up we get up as normal. It stops any crazy waking times.

Methe Sun 08-Dec-13 09:21:20

It's normally me that wakes up first and anything after half 6 is fair game in this house.

JeanSeberg Sun 08-Dec-13 09:27:50

No way would I put up with that from a 10 and 12 year old, don't care if it's birthday or Christmas.

qazxc Sun 08-Dec-13 09:28:31

Another vote for Stockings with things to occupy, wrap them using LOADS of scellotape so that it takes quite a while for DC's to get them open. At 10 and 12 they can read time and be told, you can open your stockings but don't wake up anyone/make any noise til X time.

CalamitouslyWrong Sun 08-Dec-13 09:28:51

We have a 7am rule in this house too.

Last year I was awake first and had to wait ages for everyone else. We had to wake DS2 (then 3) up. He might be more keen to get up this year, but he still won't be allowed up before the sun comes out in his gro clock.

IThoughtThat Sun 08-Dec-13 09:47:11

Mine never woke earlier than normal. We didn't instantly open the pressies so maybe that encouraged them to stay in bed. They were ridiculously excited though.
I would not let a 12 and 10 year old get up before the toddler and baby. I imagine it's quite early anyway.

NCISaddict Sun 08-Dec-13 09:51:22

Mine always got up at normal time (6.30am) but we did keep Christmas eve peaceful with stories and bath time by candlelight. Also only stockings were opened before breakfast then big presents before lunch.
Now they're older I have to wake them if we're to fit in present opening before lunch which has to be at one for FIL.

Ours dont get up any earlier grin

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