I'm going to put my trees up today!

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curiousgeorgie Sun 17-Nov-13 11:45:21

My DD (3) has had a terrible bug, a horrible time having to leave nursery, and now has been struck down with a miserable cold!

Asking her what she wants and the answer is 'Christmas'.

Is this madness? wink

Pancakeflipper Sun 17-Nov-13 11:48:47

Yes. Bah humbug.

Personally I love Christmas but its my idea of hell to decorate in November.

Chopchopbusybusy Sun 17-Nov-13 11:50:23

It's mid November!

BearsBeetsBattlestarGalactica Sun 17-Nov-13 11:51:31

Totally cray cray

cazza2878 Sun 17-Nov-13 11:52:35

I'm sorry but I think mid November is total madness, at least wait till 1sr December.

Pancakeflipper Sun 17-Nov-13 11:54:48

Make some decorations or Christmas cards?

ThreeMyselfAndI Sun 17-Nov-13 11:55:38

I've seen a few crazy people with their decorations up. Go for it she's had a crap time lately if it will cheer her up why not.

starsandunicorns Sun 17-Nov-13 11:56:18

Aww enjoy hope little gets week soon

Aquariusgirl86 Sun 17-Nov-13 11:58:22

Far too early for my liking but if you can make her happy why not grin

Mintyy Sun 17-Nov-13 11:59:19

Yes it is madness. You can call me an old grump, but why not try and keep Christmas really exciting and special by restricting it to a couple of weeks of the year?

However, if you have already told her that you are going to put the decorations up then you can't disappoint her by changing your mind.

Oh dear.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 17-Nov-13 12:00:01

I adore Christmas but I draw the line at tree/decorations in December!

I'd second making decorations or cards. Or Christmas DVD and hot chocolate with marshmallows grin

Funkybutnot Sun 17-Nov-13 12:01:41

Awe go for it! She deserves it.

fuzzpig Sun 17-Nov-13 12:13:08

Ah bless her. I wouldn't put the tree up this early - it will be very hard for her to understand why it will still be more than a month (eternity to a young child!) til the big day, and may lead to more upset.

Love the idea of making cards or decorations, then when done you can put them away and it'll be exciting all over again when you get them back out to decorate!

NannyPlumForPM Sun 17-Nov-13 13:29:29

Iv already started decorations grin but it takes me a month to put them up!

LumpySpacePrincessOhMyGlob Sun 17-Nov-13 13:33:54

God no way. I love chrismas and my tree goes up on the 1 st of December but they have no place in November.

decorate her bedroom maybe? then you don't have to look at it for the rest of november

Pollywallywinkles Sun 17-Nov-13 13:42:19

Absolute madness. You will be fed up of it all before Christmas. 1 December is early enough (far to early for me though).

YoureBeingASillyBilly Sun 17-Nov-13 13:46:14

Why do people do this? Surely they sicken themselves of everything christmassy by the time xmas comes?

No, it's silly, Christmas is for Christmas surely? Poor thing will be totally wound up for nothing apart from a long wait.

caketinrosie Sun 17-Nov-13 14:01:18

Do it! I love christmas! I would put my decs up in July if I wasn't concerned about being sectioned! grin But a good compromise is just decorating DDs room. That's a thought....I wonder if DH would mind if I....

usualsuspect Sun 17-Nov-13 14:02:21

Go for it.

Anything that cheers your DD up is a good thing.

sooperdooper Sun 17-Nov-13 14:05:30

Far too early, make some decorations or cards instead

Of course it's madness - it's insane and I would Judge You Horribly tbh. Make some Christmas cards instead, or make her some warm Ribena and tell her it's what Santa drinks.

I hope she feels better soon but please don't put the tree up, you loon!

usualsuspect Sun 17-Nov-13 14:22:45

Would you care if people judged you for putting Xmas decorations up in your own house?

Especially internet random.

OP, it's your house to do as you please with.

Do it if it makes her happy.

NannyPlum how on earth does it take a month to put up your decorations. I can redecorate my house in that time. shock

PearlArgyle Sun 17-Nov-13 15:06:47

It's mid November!

PearlArgyle Sun 17-Nov-13 15:07:25

But ignore me. I think the beginning of Dec is too early also.

SoupDragon Sun 17-Nov-13 15:10:27

Yes, it's madness.
It is still November.
If she said she wanted a pony would you get one?

usualsuspect Sun 17-Nov-13 15:23:53

You don't tend to have a pony in your loft.

FourFlapjacksPlease Sun 17-Nov-13 15:27:06

grin usualsuspect - that is a truly excellent point.

I'd put it up if I was you OP, but I am half woman/half elf I think.

SoupDragon Sun 17-Nov-13 15:29:49

I don't have Christmas in my loft either so I'm not sure what your point is.

usualsuspect Sun 17-Nov-13 15:30:54

My Christmas decorations live in my loft.

That's my point.

NoComet Sun 17-Nov-13 15:38:50

They will get horribly dusty.

A chain of fairy lights in her room and some card making perhaps, but too early for decorations.

raisah Sun 17-Nov-13 16:48:04

Neighbours down the road have put up their decorations!

NannyPlumForPM Sun 17-Nov-13 17:00:27

Ah theonewiththehair basically I get big bits of card (huge) and draw my decorations! I am midway through a Christmas scene (think father Christmas, sleighful of presents, snowy house, xmas tree, snowman, reindeer, stars, snow, holly etc etc) for the entire living room wall on one side so I needed to put them up as I go. Dd likes to help, and then iv got the normal decorations for my grotto house to put up (tree/tinsel/window decs/honeycomb decs/ lights wherever I can fit them, inside and outside) and THEN it's the snowman display grin and I have a full time job and am pregnant with 2nd dc so I can't go as fast as usual!

I am more than 50% elf wink

RobinSparkles Sun 17-Nov-13 17:06:21


You are bonkers!

I love Christmas more than anybody. I start to get excited in September, I love Christmas shopping, on Christmas morning I'm up earlier than the DC etc.

If I put the decorations up now I'd be wanting them down on the 1st December!

Tigresswoods Sun 17-Nov-13 17:09:44

Decs were up at soft play today. Seriously.

RobinSparkles Sun 17-Nov-13 17:10:08

Besides, when she said that she wants "Christmas", does she not mean that she wants actual Christmas Day when she gets all the presents?

She might be disappointed when you only put the decs up! smile

LulaPalooza Sun 17-Nov-13 17:30:13

NannyPlum that sounds fab! I would love to be creative enough to do that.

I also think it's a bit early for Xmas decorations (apart from hand crafted murals). I saw people buying real trees in B&Q today. Without roots. Won't they be dead before 1 December?

curiousgeorgie Sun 17-Nov-13 17:37:49

Well, I compromised and decorated her playroom and put her tree up in there...

She's very happy and I can easily shut the door wink

Usual suspect you are a woman after my own heart grin

NannyPlum I am in awe!! grin

NannyPlumForPM Sun 17-Nov-13 19:48:01

Haha DH isn't impressed wink I have enough christmas spirit for us both!

Rosencrantz Sun 17-Nov-13 19:53:32

This is ridiculous. If I were your neighbour I'd be laughing at you.

Snog Sun 17-Nov-13 19:57:14

I was considering this - so shoot me!

Mynewmoniker Sun 17-Nov-13 20:09:56

Rosen.. Why should OP care about the neighbour, pray?

curiousgeorgie Sun 17-Nov-13 21:13:14

Rosencrantz - first of all, I couldn't care less what my neighbour thinks. My 3 year old was happy and smiley for the first time in over a week, and that's enough for me.

And second of all, the playroom faces the back and there's a high fence in my garden, so I don't imagine they'd have any idea that there was anything to laugh at!

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