Christmas Appeal Thank You thread - 2013

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SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Oct-13 15:24:56

Another year of spreadsheets and carols. <swirls ice in brandy>
You wonderful lot you, gorn and done it again.<sniff>

It's always lovely for the donator to know their parcel has arrived, so if you've had a Christmas Appeal gift this year and you'd like to use your unique MNcode to pop on this thread to say thank you, now's your chance.

We'd like to start you all off by being the first to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who's taken part. You're all brilliant!

If anyone has any questions about anything to do with the Mumsnet Christmas Appeal then do please email

Merry Christmas!

AndHarry Tue 15-Oct-13 20:04:26

Already?! Eek!

xmas2013mn1884 Wed 16-Oct-13 19:20:37


Xmas2013MN5660 Thu 17-Oct-13 09:29:12

I've sobbed already over this. [wimp]

Xmas2013MN1803 Wed 30-Oct-13 20:19:04

Thank you whoever nominated me, very very touched

FruOla Thu 28-Nov-13 15:39:17

May I just ask a question here, Sandy? Looking at some of the above posts, does this mean that you've already given the recipients their 'codes' this year? If so, that's really good!

My recipient's code is Xmas2013MNXXXX

And my donors code is Xmas2013SantaAXXXX

And obviously the last four digits match.

What I'm trying to say is, do the recipients already know their code number so they can keep an eye out for the donor posting on the thread about when it was sent?

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Nov-13 16:16:45


May I just ask a question here, Sandy? Looking at some of the above posts, does this mean that you've already given the recipients their 'codes' this year? If so, that's really good!

My recipient's code is Xmas2013MNXXXX

And my donors code is Xmas2013SantaAXXXX

And obviously the last four digits match.

What I'm trying to say is, do the recipients already know their code number so they can keep an eye out for the donor posting on the thread about when it was sent?

Hi FruOla,
Bang on! Sorry, we should have said. <makes note for next year>

FruOla Thu 28-Nov-13 16:24:53

"Bang on!" - This means, yes, you did give the recipients their codes this year?!

"<makes note for next year>" - this means you didn't - or you mean you haven't told us? confused

cozietoesie Thu 28-Nov-13 16:32:40


She's on the brandy - keep the questions easy!


FruOla Thu 28-Nov-13 16:34:18

I'm kind of on the wine too, cozie (not really) grin

Xmas2013MN5889 Thu 28-Nov-13 16:42:55

Sorted it at last, sorry I've fumbled attempts on another thread!

Thank you so much to whoever posted me my parcel, it was such a generous gift and very gratefully received. Also included was a lovely note and card.

MN rocks!!

I was so pleased to be nominated too, thank you, whoever you are.

Xmas2013SantaB3864 Thu 28-Nov-13 16:58:29

FAO Xmas2013MN3864

Your gift should have reached you today, note says to treat yourself. Please do, some little extras are on their way to your DDs.

Xmas2013MN6218 Thu 28-Nov-13 17:38:55

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to whoever nominated me and to the lovely MNer who sent me a much appreciated Costa gift card. It's been a mad few weeks as I have been caring for a friend and this couldn't have been more well chosen. So looking forward to a few lovely luxury coffees and I will think of whoever was kind enough to do this for me smile

Xmas2013SantaA4142 Thu 28-Nov-13 21:27:52

I posted mine so it should be arriving today or tomorrow x

Xmas2013MN4906 Fri 29-Nov-13 01:12:49

Just checking if the name works
Nothing to see
Have some wine forget you saw me.

Xmas2013MN5951 Fri 29-Nov-13 01:59:42

A huge heartfelt thank you to whoever nominated me. I've had a tough year - some real high points, and some really tough low points and am truly touched that someone here nominated me to receive a gift. Thank you so much whoever you are.

I received the gift yesterday but as I was out, Royal Mail left a calling card and it's being redelivered on Saturday. I can't wait to see it.

I've donated some money to save the children and GOS, and also donated a couple extra bags of shopping to my local food bank by ways of passing the generosity on to someone else.

Thank you again for the gift, so kind of you smile

Xmas2013SantaA5024 Fri 29-Nov-13 07:44:37

A note for Xmas2013MN5024A . Your gift was posted this morning do it should be with you in the next day or two!

Xmas2013SantaB5953 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:26:51

Just checking in and trying out my Santa name grin

Your gift should reach you today Xmas2013MN5953 smile

Xmas2013SantaA2868 Fri 29-Nov-13 12:59:59

Posted mine yesterday, hope you get it soon.

Merry Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaA5696 Fri 29-Nov-13 17:14:17

Sorted mine today, will arrive next Saturday.

Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013SantaA6300 Fri 29-Nov-13 17:36:12

Have posted my parcel today Xmas2013MN6300. Enjoy. And it comes with my very best wishes.

Xmas2013SantaC6344 Fri 29-Nov-13 20:34:54

Just checking it all works! <O! ye of little faith>

Parcel sent today.

The woman in front of me in the queue at the PO looked at my parcel & smiled - I think she was another MNetter!

Xmas2013SantaC7244 Fri 29-Nov-13 21:05:14


Just wanted to say that yours is on its way!


Xmas2013MN2868 Fri 29-Nov-13 21:10:48

My lovely gift arrived today, thank you so much to my lovely Santa and to whoever nominated me. I am so grateful and touched by both of you. thanks

Xmas2013SantaA5889 Fri 29-Nov-13 23:25:29

Glad it arrived safely Xmas2013MN5889.

Have a great Xmas! smile

Xmas2013MN5024 Sat 30-Nov-13 10:46:07

My gift has just arrived. It made me smile and feel incredibly warm and grateful.

Thank you to whoever nominated me, and of course to the person who sent the gift. So, so touched.

<fumbles for hankie>

Happy Christmas to you all flowers

Xmas2013MN3864 Sat 30-Nov-13 11:48:12


My gift arrived yesterday & the DD's today grin

A little something for me will be such a treat , I wasn't expecting anything for myself just hoping for a little something for the girls, and the prezzies were spot on for their tastes so thank you, thank you....the warm fuzzy feeling has started early.

<I may have something in my eye!>

Merry Christmas to you & yours xxxxx

Xmas2013SantaA5024 Sat 30-Nov-13 13:19:51

So glad it arrived Mn5024!! Hopefully you will be able to treat yourself and/or your family.

Xmas2013MN5024 Sat 30-Nov-13 18:29:11

Thank you, Xmas2013SantaA5024 flowers

Xmas2013SantaA9136 Sat 30-Nov-13 19:09:08

Just doing a quick nickname check xxx

LostMySantaNumber Sat 30-Nov-13 19:50:30

Just posting to say I am an idiot my username is self-explanatory! I took an enforced break (de-regged) and forgot to note my number. HQ are trying to sort it out but if not, I will keep an eye on the thread and pop back with details / a PM if anyone is worried that their parcel didn't arrive.

Hope this plan will work. Fingers crossed smile

Xmas2013MN7244 Sat 30-Nov-13 20:02:28

Hello! I received my gift today and I absolutely love it. Am I allowed to say what it is?

Im going to.

It was a gift voucher for Marks and Spencers. This is a GOOD gift voucher, this is a shop I only shop in if Im told (i.e my mums coming down, she wants X Y Z and heres her card) I flipping love M&S stuff but cant even afford to entertain shopping there myself. I will be getting something for myself, again something I never do!

Im not sure how much information we are expected to, or allowed to put on here but I really, really want to say how grateful I am for being nominated and for the person who sent me the gift.

Its been a really, really tough couple of years, its still tough and despite a 3 day respite recently which always lulls me into a false sense of security, its all got difficult again. Health wise for my family, and generally just really long run of bad luck.

Ive been on my knees more than once, and turned to mumsnet when Id reached breaking point and was no longer coping with it all. I cannot put into words how much mumsnet have helped me. The support the guidance, the empathy and whats more the total and utter lack of judgement.

When I got told I was nominated, I burst into tears. It was the first time something nice had happened 'just because' for years. It was a gesture that meant something really, really huge. I actually cant express what an uplift it gave me.

I cannot wait to use my gift.

Thank you to the person who nominated me and thank you to the person who sent the gift.

And lo betide the next person who slates mumsnet and its posters.

I know kisses arent the done thing, but I dont care grin


Xmas2013SantaB3864 Sat 30-Nov-13 20:23:45


I'm so glad they all arrived, may you all (and everybody else involved in this fantastic appeal) have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful 2014 x

Xmas2013SantaA4142 Sat 30-Nov-13 21:28:50


Xmas2013SantaA7244 Sat 30-Nov-13 21:49:26

So pleased it arrived and it is usable. I had a bit of a confused moment and pleased to hear that it can be used and it will, most importantly, be spent on a spoil for you.

Hope that 2014 turns out to be a good year for all!

Xmas2013MNA4142 Sat 30-Nov-13 22:19:57

My gift arrived yesterday so many thanks to both the sender and the person who nominated me. I had never heard of this wonderfully kind thing that MN and its members organised until I received a private message letting me know I had been nominated!!

Apologies for taking a day to find this thank you thread Xmas2013A4142. Thanks so much for you kindness, thoughtfulness in choice of gift and kind note in the card. The timing was so kind of you - you would not know that 12 months ago I was struggling to find any festive spirit due to some very sad events, and am not quite sure how Xmas 2012 was got through - but 2013 is a new year, I have a precious child and husband and the kindness of strangers is a blessing. thanks

Thank you to the kind person who nominated me and for the lovely reason they did. There are some truly kind people in this world and This kind act means so much.thanks

Sorry - not sure if am allowed to say all the above!! Was not even sure if could open it until found this thread and realised how it worked.

Xmas2013MNA4142 Sat 30-Nov-13 22:22:51

Ps - Happy Christmas to you and your family x

Xmas2013MN9702 Sun 01-Dec-13 12:37:49

My gift arrived on Thursday, I've just found this thread and I just wanted to say the biggest thank you in the world to the person who sent it. I am completely and totally bowled over by your kindness and generosity - your gift arrived on a day which had been quite frankly dreadful and it made me cry. My dc will really, really love choosing some books and I can't wait to open mine on Christmas Day.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Huge thank you to whoever nominated me as well x

SunshineMMum Sun 01-Dec-13 12:58:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xmas2013SantaB9702 Sun 01-Dec-13 13:04:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xmas2013SantaB9702 Sun 01-Dec-13 15:57:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xmas2013SantaA4142 Sun 01-Dec-13 20:46:40

You are very welcome xx. Just glad you got it ok - didn't send it recorded due to issues others have had with signing for it but then I worried that it wouldn't arrive and you would be disappointed.

Really hope 2014 is a better year for us both. (2013 has REALLY lived up to it's name for us x)

Xmas2013SantaC3454 Sun 01-Dec-13 22:11:30

Xmas2013MN3454 just sent your things via amazon, I wanted to spend the money on the gifts rather than postage as we didn't have a fortune to spend. There should be 4 separate parcels. Something for you, something for you as a family to do together, and two little something's for each of the kids. We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaB1705 Sun 01-Dec-13 22:54:06

Checking namechange tchgrin

Xmas2013SantaA5222 Sun 01-Dec-13 22:58:13

Xmas2013A5222 we also sent things by amazon....and then got distracted whilst doing so and forgot to write you a message. There are two parcels on their way. Something pink for your ds, and another something and something you can help him enjoy! smile

Happy Christmas. With love from our family. grin

Xmas2013MN2739 Sun 01-Dec-13 23:08:46

Thank you to whoever nominated me/my family for a gift this year - it really was a blessing after quite a tricky year in the house!

Thank you also to the giver - I'm sure your gift will be very much enjoyed by all my girls and I'm going to save it for a special moment.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

AttackOfTheKillerMonsterSnowGo Sun 01-Dec-13 23:24:47

MN, can we sticky this so it stays at the top of the page, pretty please? Keep losing it!

Xmas2013MN2213 Mon 02-Dec-13 10:27:23

You could "watch" this thread to avoid losing it.

Xmas2013SantaB4142 Mon 02-Dec-13 10:57:58

Hi Xmas2013MN4142,

Your gifts are out for delivery with Yodel, I hope your son enjoys them and that you have a lovely Christmas fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA4142 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:43:29

ummm . . . . Xmas2013SantaB4142

As we have the same name except one letter, does that mean we were alloacted the same person?

Xmas2013SantaB4142 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:47:14

Yes I had the same thought confused - is that possible?

Xmas2013SantaA3482 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:48:30


Just to let you know that your parcel is on it's way to you today so you should receive it in a day or two.
Really sorry about the messy packaging though!

Xmas2013SantaA4142 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:48:57

I really don't know as this is the first time I have done this.

Xmas2013SantaB4142 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:52:05

Me too, oh well, if it is, the mnetter in question sounds lovely and we will be contributing to her having a better christmas than last year fsmile

Xmas2013SantaB1705 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:53:08

Yes last year there were more donators than recipients and santas and some were doubled up. Likely to be the same this year.

Xmas2013MN2213 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:53:14

Yes, it is possible - I had two santas last year.

Xmas2013SantaB1705 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:54:17

And some santas were doubled up - stupid phone

Xmas2013SantaA4204 Mon 02-Dec-13 13:58:46

fsmile Xmas2013MN4204 fsmile

Parcel on its way for the DC, something for you posted separately

Also apologies for rubbish packaging but hope you enjoy fgrin

Xmas2013MN7057 Mon 02-Dec-13 14:20:41

Hi - My gift arrived on Friday - thanks very much to my donor and also to whoever it was who nominated me. I was very touched.

Xmas2013MN8706 Mon 02-Dec-13 14:51:39

Just marking my place. But would like to say a huge thank you to whoever nominated me, I feel so very humbled. This year has been one of the most horrendous I have ever thought possible. And finally, all is coming together.

2013 can't come soon enough. This time last year we were living in council bed and breakfast accommodation after being made homeless. Then in temporary accommodation for 8 months - a one bedroom place for me and four children. Illness for me and one of my children (both very serious), and those are the best bits.

Now, we are in our own home, I am better, DC has a dx which means we can now medicate her appropriately and then some lovely bastard nominates me for this.

Whoever says Mumsnet is full of witches has no idea of just how amazing both Mumsnet and those who sail on her are.

Xmas2013SantaA1679 Mon 02-Dec-13 15:20:11

This is to recipient Xmas2013MN1679

I posted to you today, so - hopefully - you should receive it tomorrow.

Happy Christmas to you all fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA2559 Mon 02-Dec-13 16:52:22

smileThis is to Xmas2013MN2559smile

You should be getting a little white envelope in the post this week with special delivery on it.

Enjoy, and I hope that you and your family have a very happy Christmas. smile

Xmas2013MN6300 Mon 02-Dec-13 19:07:48


Hello - my donor has posted (29 November). And today my neighbour knocked with a parcel (five minutes ago!)
I am so touched by how thoughtful the parcel was- I am painting my nails 'gold and gorgeous' tonight! The dcs were soooo excited about the extras - and between the four of them split them really nicely. Second Littlest is very excited about the stampers. Biggest has swept off to her room clutching chocolate...
And my voucher is beyond brilliant.
Thank you so much.

Xmas2013MN6300 Mon 02-Dec-13 19:09:57

Ps 'my voucher' - I mean the one I will be buying excellent cake/biscuits/other xmas treat with from a posh shop for the family! Will definitely be used wisely and funly (if that's a word)

Xmas2013SantaA2148 Mon 02-Dec-13 19:54:48

Hello to MN2148. I just wanted to let you know I posted your pressie first class today ( 2 nd Dec) so it should arrive by Wednesday .
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Good New Year when it comes . X

Xmas2013SantaA6300 Mon 02-Dec-13 19:56:56

Gosh that name change took a while !

So pleased that your parcel arrived safely . I was in London for a week visiting family so posted while I was there.

Glad that the dcs sorted out who got what ! ( you nearly got Jelly Babies not chocolate but I realised before I got to the till. )

Happy Christmas and thank you for letting me know so promptly.

myBOYSareBONKERS Mon 02-Dec-13 20:08:11

I have named changed back again so no-one knows who I am or who I am giving too. I am also a first timer at this and I was wondering what is an acceptable amount to give in vouchers? I am in the very fortunate position of being able to afford to give but I don't want to get it "wrong". How much do others spend?

I thought I would do vouchers as they will be easy to post.

Xmas2013SantaA2310 Mon 02-Dec-13 21:32:14

Hello recipient MN2310 I hope to be posting on Wednesday.
Will confirm when done.

Xmas2013SantaA9011 Mon 02-Dec-13 21:33:45

myboysarebonkers - I wondered that. Also thought vouchers were easy to spend.

Xmas2013MN9011 - Happy Xmas.

Trumpton Mon 02-Dec-13 21:58:38

Please don't worry about how much to send. Trust me, as a recipient last year, the very fact that I was being thought about

It's a lovely thing to be part of.

Xmas2013SantaC4811 Mon 02-Dec-13 22:02:42

I just wanted to let Xmas2013MN4811 know your gift will arrive in a couple of packages, as I'm including something for you and the children, from different stockists. Will start posting things over the next couple of days fgrin

Xmas2013MN6249 Mon 02-Dec-13 22:14:43

To my lovely lovely donor, thank you so much for the box of goodies which my neighbour just brought round. I've got a crazy busy week, so am looking forward to a soak in the bath with a face mask on Sunday when the craziness ends (this week I need to buy and wrap all my family's gifts, ice and decorate 3 xmas cakes, and make 2 dozen mince pies, while completing an online assessment in preparation for a job interview, hosting 2 children for tea and doing a 300 mile round trip to visit my family). My DCs will love the games you sent, I'm going to wrap them and save them for Christmas, explaining they come from a lovely lady on the website I'm always on fgrin
Thank you so much for such lovely, well considered gifts, I'm a donor too and hope I choose as well for my recipient as you did for me fgrin

LostMySantaNumber Mon 02-Dec-13 22:39:13

Like HQ I am watching this thread.

So many lovely posts fsmile

YoniMatopoeia Tue 03-Dec-13 00:20:47

I love this

<<wipes eyes>>

fluffaduck Tue 03-Dec-13 00:38:26

I have no idea what's going on but I am absolutely weeping with the kindness of you all. this thread has restored my faith in humanity and Christmas spirit fgrin

Best stop being all soppy as the cat is looking at me like I've lost my xmas baubles!

Xmas2013SantaA3637 Tue 03-Dec-13 08:34:20

Xmas2013MN3637 your gift is being sent out today, sorry for the delay, have been out of the country!

Merry Christmas to you and your dd's and have a wonderful 2014


Xmas2013SantaA9001 Tue 03-Dec-13 09:43:54

Just to let you know that I posted your gift yesterday so hopefully it will be with you today or tomorrow.

Xmas2013MN4811 Tue 03-Dec-13 10:04:16


Thank you so, so much for the lovely gift (for my favourite shop!).

Everyone is so kind <gulp>

Xmas2013SantaB1075 Tue 03-Dec-13 11:11:40

I posted your parcel this morning. Hope you get it soon and have a very Merry Christmas! fsmile

Xmas2013MN9001 Tue 03-Dec-13 14:03:43


I received my gift today, thank you so so much fsmile Am I ok to open it on Christmas Day, or is it better opened beforehand?

Xmas2013SantaA9001 Tue 03-Dec-13 14:38:42

Its not going to expire, go off, climb out on its own or go bang if you don't open it straightaway. fwink

Xmas2013MN9001 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:25:08


Excellent fgrin Thank you again. It is been a pretty crap year and I have been overwhelmed with the kindness shown by MNers. I am truly humbled.

I am now off to get a grip before I cry fblush fgrin

Xmas2013SantaB6760 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:42:34

Posted my parcel today, should be with you soon. Enjoy!

Xmas2013SantaB6760 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:48:28

Oh yes should have said who the recipient is, sorry Xmas2013MN6760

XMAS2013MN9090 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:51:14

Thank you XMAS2013MNA9090

Xmas2013SantaA4811 Tue 03-Dec-13 16:21:40


Xmas2013SantaA4811 Tue 03-Dec-13 16:23:06

Xmas2013MN4811 So glad it arrived, I got distracted and didn't even write a note blush - hope you find a little trinket to enjoy xx

Xmas2013MN3277 Tue 03-Dec-13 17:08:49

Thank you so much to my Santa, I wasn't expecting anything for me so it was a wonderful surprise to receive my gift (which had the description on the box and as the postie had chucked it in the bramble bush I opened to check it was still intact!). I love it!
I will use the voucher to get gifts for the children who will be delighted too smile
I'm sure it was complete coincidence but you couldn't have picked a better day for it to arrive, we lost my gran a year ago today and our world fell apart at the seams. Having spent all day trying to keep in the tears there was nothing better than coming home to the parcels to remind me I'm not alone thanks

Xmas2013SantaB6344 Tue 03-Dec-13 17:17:41

Dear Xmas2013MN6344.

I hope the card got to you safely and you and yours have a wonderful Christmas x

Xmas2013MN4763 Tue 03-Dec-13 18:01:08

Dear Santa C4763,

Parcel arrived about half an hour ago. I wasn't expecting it so early so it was a very welcome surprising treat. I genuinely haven't been so excited about opening a parcel since I was a child at christmas blush . I wasn't sure whether to save it for Christmas day or open now, so I had a little peak so that I could thank you and have stuck it back up again. It is utterly fabulous and DD will absolutely love it for Christmas. Thank you so much for your kindness to send it to me (that sounds a bit Disneyish but I really do appreciate it so much). thanks

Xmas2013SantaA3277 Tue 03-Dec-13 18:26:17

Xmas2013MN2377, I'm so glad that it arrived intact, I was a bit worried about that, and that it brightened your day a bit.

I hope that you and the children have a blessed and joyous Christmas and that next year is kinder to you.

Xmas2013MN7325 Tue 03-Dec-13 19:06:37

To a lovely lovely lady xmas2013SantaA7325 I received your package today! how kind!!!!!!!! grin I know who nominated me and why but am blown away by the generous gift from someone I don't know! And the letter too!!

And to Xmas2013MN9175 I have three things for you DS's ready to post tomorrow.

Thanks MNetter 7325 if you are allowed to make yourself known I would be delighted. (If not that's totally fine too!!)

Xmas2013SantaA8196 Tue 03-Dec-13 19:25:20

Hello Xmas2013MN8196. Your parcel is on the way!

Xmas2013SantaB7819 Tue 03-Dec-13 21:13:35

Hi just a quick message for Xmas2013MN7819, I've popped a parcel in the post today for you. It is coming by parcel force and I think it needs signing for. It should take about 48 hours I think. I hope flowers

Xmas2013MN9397 Tue 03-Dec-13 21:25:12

Dear Xmas2013Santa9397 I am dumbfounded by your generosity, I am using some of the gift card to buy this
It is a memento in honour of my beautiful Zoe. I will have to think what to spend the remainder on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a wonderful lady.
I also want to thank my nominator, I don't what I have done to be nominated but I am very grateful and you have put a smile on my face at Christmas, which I'm sure you know is a pretty rough time of year for me. Thank you thanks

Xmas2013MN7256 Tue 03-Dec-13 21:25:44

Marking place smile was very surprised to be nominated this year. thanks

Xmas2013MN7256 Tue 03-Dec-13 21:27:26

That's a beautiful angel for Zoe smile

Xmas2013SantaA7325 Tue 03-Dec-13 21:30:11

Hi Xmas7325

I am so glad you received the parcel. Merry Christmas! It's not much but the fact you are blown away blows me away too. Aaawwww some lovely Christmas cheer!

Love Santa 7325

Ahhh was just showing my DH! He is confused as usual impressed!

Oh bugger forgot I had changed back...... blush oops.

Xmas2013SantaD1949 Wed 04-Dec-13 07:42:55

Xmas2013MN1949 just to let you know you should be receiving a gift through the post any day soon, if it's not arrived already. Just wanted to wish you and your dc a lovely Christmas. xxx

Xmas2013SantaD9709 Wed 04-Dec-13 07:58:50

Hi Xmas2013MN9709, I posted your parcel on Friday, hopefully it has made it to you safely. fsmile

Xmas2013MN7244 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:31:18

Ive just received a second gift! Was this supposed to happen? Has there been a mistake?

My stomach flipped when I opened it! I was shock, wow! Amazon voucher, bloody amazing!!!! Thank you, so, so, so much to who sent it.

The generosity of the people who sent the gifts are just lovely, I appreciate it so much I dont even think I can get across how much.

It has brightened up a particularly rough few days among the general grey.

Thank you, big massive huge fat THANK YOU. Xxxxxxxx

Xmas2013MN7244 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:34:37

Oh bloody hell Im proper bawling now. In a happy way, for once.

Thank you again. Xx

cozietoesie Wed 04-Dec-13 11:29:14

No mistake - some people will have got more than one. It all depends on the number of donators, what they're donating, and the number of recipients. Sandy and her errant computer will have matched everything.

Merry Xmas.


Xmas2013SantaB3460 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:07:39

Dear Xmas2013MN3460 I sent you a parcel last week. I hope it has arrived safely! Much love and Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN6344 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:27:06

I was also bowled over to receive not one but two gifts last week and checked the rules to see if this was allowed!

The first was a very generous Amazon voucher in a lovely box. I cried.

The second was a very generous John Lewis voucher, a lovely scarf just for me, and a card. This person worked out who I was from the info with my address - your lovely message really touched me. I cried.

The last few months have been truly truly awful and it is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel a lot of the time. However, we are being bourne along by a massive wave of love and support, both online and in RL. The kindness we have been shown takes my breath away.

Thank you so much, lovely people for your kind kind gifts. Thanks to whoever nominated me. And thanks to the many of you who post daily on here with love and wisdom, making such a difference to so many of us.


Happy Christmas you lot xxx

Xmas2013MN6154 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:36:24

Hello fsmile

'Tis Xmas2013MN6154 here!

I would like to thank, hug and ruffle the gorgeous hair of the bluddy lovely MNer who has sent me two packages from John Lewis. My DCs are so happy for me, to have someone from MN (where I spend too much a lot of time!) do something so fantastically kind for me.

DD is going to wrap up the boxes and put them under our tree (when I get around to putting it up...) so that I have something that is genuinely a wonderful surprise to open on Christmas Day. The only other presents I will get will be from the DC, so this is really fab.

I've been so ill lately. Thank you to whoever nominated me, and to whoever sent the gifts, for making me smile and feel a bit choked up at the same time.

Thank you. thanks fsmile

Xmas2013SantaB6154 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:52:15

Oh I am so pleased you got them, I do hope you like them on Christmas Day and have a lovely Christmas with your son and daughter.


Xmas2013SantaA9242 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:01:08

Hello lovely Xmas2013MN9242 - you will be getting a parcel and in fact it may have already arrived but I just got an email to say there has been a delay on part of the order hmm so don't think your DD got missed off!

Pancakeflipper Wed 04-Dec-13 13:08:18

Thank you to whoever nominated me!

I don't have a number because my gift arrived in November.
It was great big advent Snowman which made the children and I squeal with delight when we opened the big box. We always get something new to put for Christmas and this year - this is our new thing.

And a gorgeous decoration for the tree! ( which is not yet up but will be soon).

And thanks to M&S Marketing gang who picked this gift and sent it to us with a jolly lovely card.

We love our snowman - he's hanging around looking pretty fantastic. A lovely surprise and a lovely treat for us all.
Thank you xxxxxx

Xmas2013SantaC6344 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:21:32


I am so glad it arrived. I was quite astounded when I realised that I 'knew' you & havered for some time over putting in & writing that message.

I have something in my eye right now.................

Xmas2013SantaA3968 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:34:05

Xmas2013MN3968 I am just off out to post your parcel. Hope it arrives safely grin

xmas2013mn3719 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:49:37

thankyou to xmas2013santa3719, it will buy lots of christmas treats for my first christmas with my son.

i love mumsnet

Xmas2013MN8353 Wed 04-Dec-13 14:27:11

THANK YOU, thank you to SantaA8353 for your kind and thoughtful gift that arrived today - and yes, I'm sure DS will love it!

Thank you also to whoever nominated me (although I don't suppose they'll ever know who I am!) - I think I got nominated because I did something for another MNer, and it's so lovely to have this aspect of MN recognised.

You vipers <weeps>

Xmas2013SantaB1705 Wed 04-Dec-13 14:56:46

Xmas2013MN1705 Posted an envelope and two parcels today. Hope they arrive safely. Sent with lots of christmas cheer wine fgrin

Gah! How do I change my NN? I used to do it no problem.

cozietoesie Wed 04-Dec-13 16:14:16

My Mumsnet>My Account>Username - change the username and 'Save Changes'. (You can check whether it's worked by heading to a thread and seeing the name that comes up under the 'Add your message here' above the posting box.)


Cheers cozie I'll give it a try...

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Wed 04-Dec-13 16:22:56

Hah. Did it! Cheers love.

cozietoesie Wed 04-Dec-13 16:23:32


Xmas2013SantaA2175 Wed 04-Dec-13 16:28:25

Xmas2013MN2175 your parcel is on the way. I did a voucher and a present for your DD. It isn't wrapped (I blame Amazon) but I did agonise over what to get for your DD. I hope she likes it.

Xmas2013SantaA1679 Wed 04-Dec-13 16:38:22

Hi Xmas2013MN1679

I've been watching the Royal Mail 'Track & Trace' for what I've sent to you. I see that you weren't in to take delivery yesterday. Hopefully, you got a 'red card' from RM. But, if not, I've got the 'Track & Trace' number for you - if that's any help? PM me if you need the number.

Oh, and BTW, I addressed it to 'The Occupier'. Apparently last year there was a bit of a hoohaa with some MNers trying to retrieve their stuff from RM sorting offices because the gift was addressed to 'The Mumsnetter Of The House' and the RM folk were refusing to hand stuff over because the MNer didn't have ID in the name of 'The MNer of the House' - hence me using The Occupier, which should be fine.

But I've double wrapped it, so inside it has the MN label!!

Xmas2013SantaB7877 Wed 04-Dec-13 16:47:25

Hi Xmas2013MN7877 your gift is in the post, I'm really sorry, I've just found the Christmas card that I forgot to put in.

I really hope that you can manage to treat yourself x

Xmas2013SantaB7877 Wed 04-Dec-13 16:48:58

Oh and there's a little something for your DD as well fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA5053 Wed 04-Dec-13 17:40:10

Hello Xmas2013MN5053

Your parcel was sent today. I hope you like it. This is my first time doing Secret Santa fsmile

Xmas2013MN3844 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:38:39

To my donor *Xmas2013Santa3844

My parcels arrived, I haven't opened them as I am saving them for Christmas day, I really hope you don't mind. Many massive thankyou's in advance, and thankyou to whoever nominated me, it's really made me smile, both of you smile

I am so excited for Christmas day now, I never get surprises!

Xmas2013MN3482 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:43:33

Aha! Found the right thread, just checking nn change

Xmas2013SantaA6531 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:46:58

Xmas2013MN6531 your gift will be posted in the next couple of days smile

Xmas2013SantaA6760 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:48:59


Xmas2013MN3482 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:54:16

Ok, it worked!

Xmas2013SantaA3482 I arrived home from tonights school run to your parcel very cleverly hidden on our bed by my dp fhmm.

Both girls had a whale of a time with their squinkies....they set up the dolls house for them fgrin. I've put the two sunflower kits (I peeked) under the tree (have sticky taped) with the other gift for Christmas day. (dd2 had a ball with the packing stuff you used was all over by the time she went to bed!!)

I'll use the voucher to get them each a something else, not sure what yet though, for under the tree.

Wishing you and your ds a very merry Christmas, thank-you both thanks

Xmas2013SantaA6760 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:57:16

I posted the gift on Sunday first class so it should be with my recipient shortly fgrin

Xmas2013MN3796 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:14:34

Marking place so I don't lose this thread. Thank you to whoever nominated me, and thanks in advance to whoever is sending me a little gift. thanks

Xmas2013MN2361 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:22:11

A HUGE thank you to my lovely secret santa. The voucher was much appreciated and it was lovely to come home to today. I am very touched by your kindness.

We've had a crappy year, with me being quite ill... I am determined to use the voucher to buy something nice for me & DS. Not sure what yet but maybe a board game?

Thank you so much x

Xmas2013SantaC7244 Wed 04-Dec-13 22:53:41


I'm glad that your voucher has arrived safely and has brightened your day a little. Hopefully there's enough time for you to order some treats for all of you in time for Christmas.


Xmas2013SantaA3482 Wed 04-Dec-13 22:59:07


Thank you so much for letting me know that your parcel arrived safely and that your dd redecorated with the packaging, sorryfgrin
It was a pleasure, glad they liked the squinkies ds was all fhmm about girl stuff! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaA7460 Thu 05-Dec-13 07:28:39

parcel posted yesterday. must apologise in advance for shoddy wrapping (it's not my forte) and slight randomness of gift selection - i recently moved house and things are a little chaotic

Xmas2013SantaA5000 Thu 05-Dec-13 09:02:25

To Xmas2013MN5000

A little something should be on its way to you now, posted yesterday morning. Happy Christmas!

Xmas2013MN7819 Thu 05-Dec-13 09:03:10

Hello Xmas2013SantaB7819, your parcel arrived yesterday and my boys and I are thrilled! Thankyou so so much, I'm afraid we couldn't wait until Christmas so the parcels have been opened and we love it!

My 3yohas not put his truck & cars down since he got them - some of the cars may have been taken to bed with him last night grin The 6yo is bursting to get started with his construction set but I am being mean and making him wait until the weekend.

The handmade card is gorgeous too. You are a star and have made our little family very happy smile THANKYOU!

Xmas2013SantaB1738 Thu 05-Dec-13 09:59:59

fsmile Xmas2013Santa1738 A parcel's on its way to you

2013MN8158 Thu 05-Dec-13 10:09:24

I'm here to confirm safe arrival and many weeps foe your kindness, you hideously kind and generous person.

I can honestly say that Tuesday was the hardest day of my life - sadly I was at the funeral of a boy taken by that Bastard cancer. And to come home to that envelope really just broke me. Absolutely.

Thank you kind stranger, thank you.

I will be raising a glass to you on Christmas day.

Just massive thanks to you and my nominator.

Xmas2013SantaA7270 Thu 05-Dec-13 10:24:39

Posted on the sticky thread but just to say to

Xmas2013MN7270 A parcel is on its way to you but there is also an envelope coming next week.


Xmas2013MN6510 Thu 05-Dec-13 10:42:28

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to who ever nominated me, we had an awful year last year and this really lifted us. DD is gobsmacked that strangers who she does not even know care enough to nominate us.

So a massive thank you flowers

Xmas2013MN8353 Thu 05-Dec-13 12:12:33

Oh my word. Another parcel arrived today from Xmas2013SantaB8353 - I absolutely wasn't expecting anything else, and I find two beautifully wrapped parcels - one for me and one for the DCs. Thank you. I am now feeling rather guilty. And there's something in my eye…

thanks thanks

MikeTheShite Thu 05-Dec-13 12:36:25

Hello, i am Xmas2013MN0064, and id just like to thank the lovely mnetter who nominated and sent a gift. It is much appreciated and i am so gratefulsmile

Xmas2013SantaA1308 Thu 05-Dec-13 12:37:26

Xmas2013MN1308 your gift is on it's way, you should receive it tomorrow. fsmile

Xmas2013MN8353 Thu 05-Dec-13 12:51:38

Not to bang on, but I'm still feeling really overwhelmed by the generosity and general loveliness shown on this thread and by the whole concept of the Xmas appeal.

I'm not religious at all, and for me this all completely symbolises the meaning of Christmas.

You are all stars thanks

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Dec-13 13:21:20

We'd like to thank cloud b who very kindly donated a gorgeous Nighty Night Owl Smart Sensor and a Twilight Turtle to the MN Christmas Appeal.

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 05-Dec-13 13:39:38

Thank you very much to Xmas2013MN1705 for her very generous gift and lovely letter.
I am not sure I can express how it made me feel with words so here it is grin
thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful time and be kind to yourself too.

Xmas2013Santa9397 Thu 05-Dec-13 14:20:04

Xmas2013SantaMN9397 phew! I'm so glad you received it! You're very welcome. That figurine is beautiful and I hope you enjoy looking at it. I hope you have a good Christmas. xx

Xmas2013MN8706 Thu 05-Dec-13 14:39:05


Thank you so much for the generous Mothercare/ELC card that dropped onto the doormat this morning. I've ordered some fab things from both online - stuff that DD3 both wants and needs, and she will be one very happy little girl on Christmas morning.

Last Christmas was spent in a council B&B as we had been made homeless a few weeks before Christmas, so there was little merriment had. This year we are finally in our own home and the extra prizes under the tree for her will more than make up for the frankly horrendous time we had last year.

Thank you so very much to both my Santa and whoever nominated me, words are just bloody useless in trying to express how truly grateful I am.


Xmas2013SantaB4511 Thu 05-Dec-13 14:51:35

Xmas2013MN4511 Your parcel is on it's way.

IsleOfRight Thu 05-Dec-13 15:26:34

Marking place

topsyturner Thu 05-Dec-13 15:30:30

I hope I'm forgiven for not name changing , but I'm on the app and don't think I can name change on the app .
And anyway , I'm not exactly living a low key existence grin

I would like to send a very heartfelt thank you to XMAS2013Santa6760 .
Yesterday I received a gift card from you , and I thought "oh how lovely a com

SallyBear Thu 05-Dec-13 15:33:12

Marking my place here too. smile

topsyturner Thu 05-Dec-13 15:35:38

Bollocks - hit post !!!!

- complete stranger can be"

Then today Mr Postie arrived with a big box .
In it were 5 beautifully wrapped gifts (which I am determined not to unwrap till Christmas Day) in a lovely Santa Stocking

And a Christmas Card with such a lovely message inside from my Secret Mumsnetter .

You are very much appreciated for your thoughtfulness , and I truly hope that Karma comes around and gives you a great big sloppy kiss (with) tongues , for your thoughtfulness

Nest of Vipers , my big fat arse !

mn2161 just a note to say I have not forgotten you am just waiting on one thing arriving. be with you soon as possible. grin

Xmas2013SantaB2361 Thu 05-Dec-13 17:51:17


Wow - that got to you quickly. I hope you find something really lovely for you and DS. Have a wonderful Christmas.

ValenciaOrange Thu 05-Dec-13 19:08:32

Hi Topsy,
I think you must have two secret santas! I sent the box with the stocking that came today, but the gift card yesterday isn't from me. I am XMAS2013SantaB6760 . I think as I have a B in my xmas name there must be an A too!!

Merry Christmas xxx

Xmas2013MN4511 Thu 05-Dec-13 19:53:47

* Xmas2013SantaA4511* your parcel arrived today, my eldest and I had a sneak peek and decided to put them away for Christmas, she's so excited about it and my youngest will love hers too. smile
And thank you sooooo much for the generous voucher, I'll buy something nice for me there (it's been ages since I bought myself something nice) and even promised DH he might get some new boxershorts too grin

thanks thank you so so much, and I wish you and your family a lovely joyful Christmas this year.

Xmas2013SantaB4511 oooh such a nice surprise, seems I've been super lucky and have 2 secret Santas. Looking forward to receiving your parcel. smile

Xmas2013SantaA6530 Thu 05-Dec-13 20:23:42

Xmas2013MN6530 I posted your parcel on Monday, do hope it has reached you by now, and is ok smile

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 05-Dec-13 21:17:19

Got really confused!
Name change didn't work sorry but my previous post should have been to santaB1705, everything received and very grateful, see PP at 13.39...


Xmas2013MN9011 Thu 05-Dec-13 21:46:05

Thank you so much whoever sent me a gift card for Amazon. Will be putting it to very good use.
I was astounded to get the nomination, I have blown away reading this thread too.

Xmas2013SantaB8158 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:41:18

I am so sorry to hear about that terrible day Xmas2013MN8158, but I am happy to hear that the envelope got through to you, and that it gave a small bit of happiness.

I hope you and your family have a good Christmas, and that 2014 brings lots of lovely things for all of you.

HugAndRoll Thu 05-Dec-13 22:46:04

valencia I think you may be right fwink

Xmas2013SantaB1705 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:42:52

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thank you for letting me know of the safe arrival of your goodies (packages too? Blimey, that was quick - well done Royal Mail). I recognised your comments in your kind note at 13:39 that it was for me fsmile, but I couldn't respond (was at work). I was really pleased to be another secret santa again this year - it's such a lovely feeling to send a little surprise to a stranger. I think the Santa's get more fun out of this than the recipients!! Merry Christmas every one wine

topsyturner Fri 06-Dec-13 09:03:46

Hug and Roll

(Massive fail on the anonymous front on my behalf , but I'm not bothered at all !!!)

Are you my other Santa ?
(Feel like this should be made into a book "Topsy Has 2 Santas" grin )

But seriously , if you are , you have made a big difference in someone's life by joining in this Christmas .
It's not the gift (although that is very very much appreciated !) , it's the thought that a total stranger would go out of their way for you .

So many thanks to you xxx

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Fri 06-Dec-13 11:47:16

I don't mind not being anonymous for this one smile I received a lovely and very generous parcel of books from Random House Books. I was so excited to open them and I'm going to have many hours of pleasure sunk in a bath now. Thank you so much Random House!

Xmas2013SantaA4511 Fri 06-Dec-13 12:13:07

Hello MN4511!
I am so pleased you and your DDs like the prezzies. If only I remembered to put your Christmas card in there too rather than having it sit here on my desk next to me.....

I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!

POTC Fri 06-Dec-13 12:50:25

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Random House for the unexpected parcel the postie brought me today. The boys will absolutely love them, they are both complete bookworms and that many brand new books will have them in awe smile
Thank you x

Xmas2013SantaA5293 Fri 06-Dec-13 12:57:52

* Xmas2013MN5293*

Your gift is on it's way to you.

Happy Christmas. fgrin

Xmas2013MN8275 Fri 06-Dec-13 13:23:15

To Xmas2013SantaA8275Xmas2013SantaA8275

I am overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness. Thank you so much for your gift.

We are a family of bookworms and I always have a huge wishlist of books I would like to buy, but usually end up buying books for my dcs instead. With your gift I will be able to treat us all to something new to read without feeling guilty for spending some of it on me. smile

I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year!


Xmas2013MN8275 Fri 06-Dec-13 13:23:57

Oops! Apologies for the repetition in the first line of my post. blush

ThePearShapedToad Fri 06-Dec-13 14:37:56

Xmas2013MN3637 I've just checked with the post office and I think they tried to deliver and now have it at your local office. Hope they've put a card through

I addressed it "to the Mumsnetter" though, which apparently now reading the threads I shouldn't have done fsad

I hope they let you pick it up

Xmas2013SantaA8158 Fri 06-Dec-13 15:24:00

Merry Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaA1276 Fri 06-Dec-13 15:56:02

Xmas2013MN1276 Just want you to know I haven't forgotten, I've just been deciding exactly what to buy!
I'm sending it by courier (Hermes) on Tuesday so should be with you mid-week, hope thats ok fsmile

Xmas2013MN5568 Fri 06-Dec-13 16:38:31

I'm not sure the number of my secret santa as I can't see it on anything.

I just want to say a massive thank you for being so lovely. We got a Boots voucher, a present for my DD and my DS, all with post-its stuck on that are for a family centre in Wales if you recognise yourself!

Thank you for brightening a difficult year. From our family to yours, have a lovely Christmas thanks thanks thanks.

FruOla Fri 06-Dec-13 16:49:39

Xmas2013MN5568, your Secret Santa will have the same last four digits as you - 5568.

So, hopefully, she/he will see your post here!

triplets Fri 06-Dec-13 17:46:19

Hi this is Xmas MN2247 thank you sooooooooo much for your card and voucher, you don`t know me and yet you show me kindness, thank you. Yesterday we rec`d our first Christmas gift, the oncologist told us my husbands scan was all clear, no cancer smile So now we can truly look forward to Christmas with our trio. Xmas Santa 20132247 I wish you and your family a magical time and hope 2014 will be a healthy and happy one for you all. xx

Xmas2013mn5957 Fri 06-Dec-13 18:16:45

To SantaA5957 thank you for the lovely card and gift which arrived today. I'm afraid I did open them early, and I loved them. The pens and notebook especially are fab - and they're mine, all mine - the kids are not getting their hands on them! grin (Looks at pencil case which currently contains two pencils despite the fact I bought two packets containing a dozen pencils each just last month).

Xmas2013mn5957 Fri 06-Dec-13 18:35:12

And I should have said - thanks also to whoever nominated me - I was completely overwhelmed to receive a nomination and it made me smile and feel all funny-in-a-nice-way.

Xmas2013MN9877 Fri 06-Dec-13 18:38:27

Hi, this is Xmas2013MN9877 posting under my cunning disguise <shifty eyes>

I just wanted to say thank you so much to my nominator and mark place so I can thank my donator when the time comes. Just to be thought of in this way has meant so so much and has really lifted my spirits and given me a reason to look forward to Xmas through what is a really tough time for me and my family.

Already really enjoying reading the posts on this thread and starting to feel that Christmas magic!

flowers to all smile.

Xmas2013MN1075 Fri 06-Dec-13 19:18:52

Thank you for my parcel. It arrived yesterday but as I was visiting a uni I was left a card. I have rearranged delivery for Tuesday. Even though I have no clue what is in it or who sent it, I am so deeply grateful. After a crappy year of struggling with being a single mum, facing cancer, severe breathing problems and general poo. I am seeing the light and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it brighter. 2014 will be an amazing year and this is a wonderful start. Thank you again.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 06-Dec-13 19:34:34

Hi Triplets - I was on a thread with you earlier in the year (about cruises) where you mentioned your husband's condition, so pleased to hear he got the all clear result yesterday. smile.

LostMySantaNumber Fri 06-Dec-13 20:20:31

Thank you to Organix who sent a selection box of mini oat bars and fruit bags. The DC have enjoyed an extra treat in their lunch bags fsmile

Xmas2013MN8196 Fri 06-Dec-13 20:39:44

I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to whoever nominated me, and to Xmas2013SantaA8196 for the absolutely lovely package that arrived today grin Couldn't have been better timed. The baby absolutely adores the little toy, and tomorrow the bigger DCs and I are going to make the biscuits and paper chains....such a wonderfully thoughtful set of gifts. I'm saving the other bits for the children til after we have made the biscuits and then tell them just what a wonderful place the world can be when there is such kindness in it. Thank you, and a happy Christmas to you as well

Xmas2013SantaA5953 Fri 06-Dec-13 21:05:22

Hello to Xmas2013MN5953

I've not forgotten you. I'm going shopping tomorrow for some last bits, wrapping Sunday and will pop in the post, Monday! x

Xmas2013MN7256 Fri 06-Dec-13 21:10:39

Triplets that's wonderful news smile

I notice some people are getting packages from companies rather than (or as well as?) MNers - does this mean they are acting as donors? That's amazing (in a good way) smile testament to how big a deal this MN appeal has become!

Xmas2013MN1607 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:11:29

Testing - have had the same nn for years and have never name-changed before blush

Xmas2013MN2669 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:27:03

Thank you so much to Xmas2013SantaB2669 for your very kind M & S voucher, which I received on Wednesday. Thank you also to another lovely person who has sent me a wonderful book, which I was very surprised to receive today, as until I read through this thread I had not realised it was possible to receive more than one gift. Thank you so much!

And thank you to whoever nominated me, as I was so touched that anyone on here remembered me, as it was much earlier this year that I was really struggling and posting a lot on MN. I posted here when I was really down and confused and had quite honestly no one else to talk to. I was in a very difficult situation, but I got so much support on here. I am so very grateful to MN, and the kindness of the particular posters who 'talked' to me. I really wish I had been aware of the nominations thread, as there are a couple of posters I would have nominated who were so kind to me, but I wasn't aware of this Xmas appeal until I got the message to say that I had been nominated. However, I will certainly be donating something next year x

triplets Fri 06-Dec-13 23:27:33

Thank you so much for your good wishes, long may remission last! We are seriously thinking now of at last booking a proper holiday before the next scan which is in May, get scare of feeling too confident yet need to live for the day!

Xmas2013MN9256 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:33:17

If the nickname change has worked then great, but if not then I really don't care.

At the risk of making an Oscars-type speech, I have appreciated the support of so many people on MN this year since the sudden death of my dh. To be nominated for a present made me cry and today I arrived home to find a package from Xmas2013SantaB9256.

Thank you SantaB9256 from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity. The boys loved the card and are very excited about choosing a gift from Hamleys. I'm going to treat myself to a new duvet cover with my voucher so that I can encourage myself to get to bed at a more reasonable time each night. I am overwhelmed by the fact that a stranger would want to do this for us and am sooo very grateful. Thank you (and good night..!)

Xmas2013SantaB2161 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:38:28

Xmas2013MN2161 your gift was posted today. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to put more thought into what I wrote, but I've had a tricky week here and my DS was trying to write Christmas cards at the same time (aged 3.5!) Anyway, I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope it will be a good one.x

Xmas2013MN1607 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:47:34

Xmas2013SANTAA1607: whoever you are, wherever you are, I have never been so touched.

Your outstanding generosity has completely bowled me over and I can't quite put into words how I felt when I opened your (red ink stained grin) gift. I was already so shocked and emotional at receiving a nomination in the first place, but this has totally finished me off.

You have made my year - a year that has been blighted by multiple, unexpected bereavement. To think that someone who does not even know me could be so extraordinarily generous, is just so very moving. You are clearly one of life's givers - I only hope that you are appreciated and treasured by those close to you in your life, for you must be a very special person indeed. You join the anonymous person who nominated me in a treasured part of my heart thanks

When I see the wonderful, giving and selfless posters of MN, I feel truly humbled and know I could never measure up to them. It is wonderful to be part of a community that displays the very best side of human nature.

Dearest Xmas2013SANTAA1607 - I hope you read this soon and realise how much your gift means to me. I wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases - and I send all my thanks and love to you, who ever you may be.


Xmas2013SantaA6604 Sat 07-Dec-13 06:50:13

Apologies MN6604 I've not yet been organised to sort your gift. DH had a minor RTA with an uninsured driver and it's taken all week to sort out. No one hurt so very grateful for that!

Anywho, will get organised early next week. Much love.

Xmas2013SantaB9256 Sat 07-Dec-13 08:10:33

Hoping this name change works as it is my first ever one!

MN9256 - I am so glad the package arrived safely and think the idea of a duvet cover is a lovely one. Hope the boys find something they like.

Keep posting as we are all supporting you xxx

KnottyLocks Sat 07-Dec-13 08:41:08

Thank you , RandomHouse Santa! fgrin

My lovely package of books arrived safely and is hugely appreciated. <sniffs new books>

Christmas blessings to you. x

Xmas2013MN2928 Sat 07-Dec-13 09:12:07

i keep coming on this thread and trying to think of what to put, how to put how gratfull and amazed but nothing seems to sound right, but here goes.

THANK YOU to the person who nominated me and the screact santa, the fact a complete stranger has done this is amazing and really does give me the warm fuzzy feeling. this year has had a few ups and downs, but hopfully this y ear will be a new start.

i havnt recieved my gift yet, but i know allready that i will love it and cherish it, becasue its comes with the true sprite of christmas.

this is the first yeasr iv been on the christmas board, and knew nothing about the screact santa or nominations untill i recieved a email. I'm all ready looking forward to next year when i can part take it in it and hopfully make some one else as happy as i was when i recived that email.

so Merry christmas and i hope you have a special and magical christmas and new year. flowers

DrinkFromSantasFountain Sat 07-Dec-13 09:16:24

This thread is making my eyes leak and my heart has moved time where in my throat.

You gorgeous lovely set of bastards!

DrinkFromSantasFountain Sat 07-Dec-13 09:17:10

My phone is an arsehole

Xmas2013MN2657 Sat 07-Dec-13 09:27:21

Dear Xmas2013SantaA2657,

Thank you so much for the lovely lovely gifts which arrived this morning. DP was most amused to take the parcel for 'the mumsnetter' from the postman! However his amusement turned to amazement when he saw what had been sent...

DS insisted on helping me open the parcel and we decided to let him open his gift. I can't believe how perfect it is for him! He absolutely loves the jigsaw, which are a favourite past time right now, and fire engines are the best as far as he's concerned.

I know that DD, although she's only two months today, will love her Tiger cup and book in the future. I will re wrap that one and she can have it on Christmas Day.

As for me I haven't opened my gift yet, but all I can say is that we as a family are overwhelmed to receive first a nomination, and then a parcel of such generosity from complete strangers. Thank you also for the lovely message written in the card. We wish you and your family a very very merry Christmas.

Thank you so much Xmas2013SantaA2657 and also to whoever nominated me.

Xmas2013SantaA5053 Sat 07-Dec-13 09:46:12


You parcel is out for delivery with myhermes courier today smile

Xmas2013SantaA9869 Sat 07-Dec-13 10:55:41

Dear Xmas2013SantaMN9869
Posted a little something for you yesterday so hopefully should be with you today or Monday. This is my first go at this so sorry if my message sounded rather wooden. Whoever nominated you must have known your circs and hoped for something more sparkling for a lovely MNer, anyway just to say it's in the post, take care and happy Christmas xx

Xmas2013SantaB7819 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:07:32

Xmas2013MN7819 I am so glad it arrived safely and that they were suitable for your boys, I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaA1953 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:22:11


Xmas2013SantaA1953 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:26:23

Ah it worked!!


Present posted today, really hope it's ok. Wishing you a merry Christmas smile

Xmas2013SantaA2413 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:31:22


Your parcel has been posted via Parcelforce 48 this morning, so should be with you on Wednesday.

I addressed it to 'The Occupier' and used the MN label with your Christmas Appeal name as well, so hopefully you should be able to either collect or have it redelivered if you are out when they call.

Merry Christmas! fgrin

Xmas2013MN4511 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:44:20

Xmas2013SantaB4511 your parcel arrived yesterday, thank you so much! fgrin my DH is amazed by the generosity of complete strangers! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas thanks

Xmas2013MN5053 Sat 07-Dec-13 12:36:32

Xmas2013SantaA5053 the parcel arrived just before lunch, and I cruelly made the DC wait to open it - well. I am just speechless, it is lovely!

DS has not stopped saying 'wow!' at his dino-car (he keeps going 'wow. this car is the coolest car in the world. wow. grin), and DD is THRILLED with her puzzles and books - she is very into animals and books right now, so they are the most perfect things for her! We are very used to her backing up into our laps with a book in one hand and a random toy animal in the other grin Both DC are also very excited by the biscuits and coins, of course!

DH is utterly baffled by the whole thing, but says thank you for the chocolates which I will share with him!! Not sharing the lovely bath stuff though smile

Thank you so so much for all of it - we have had such a misery of a year, with redundancy (and the concomitant money worries sad) and lots of little illnesses (just the usual colds, flu, etc etc, but utterly relentless this year in a way we have never seen before). and then this week I have been laid up with yet another bit of ill health, as have both DC - so this wonderful surprise has really cheered us all up. You are so lovely smile thanks

And thank you too to whoever nominated me - I cannot for the life of me work out who or why, and remain perplexed by it all, but am so very touched that I have in been nominated thanks

Xmas2013MN1103 Sat 07-Dec-13 12:46:53

santamn1103 I am completely and utterly speechless and amazed at your gererosity. I haven't opened my gift as your card says to open it on Christmas Day.

As soon as I have been to Boots I will let you know how your extremely generous gift card has been spent for my boys. I expect a cuddly angry birds toy will be for ds1 as he makes a nest of cuddly toys to sleep in as it helps with his sensory seeking. Ds2 I will look while I'm there and let you know. They will also love the chocolates (not at all like their mother there fgrin fwink.

I shed a tear when I opened the package and am just blown away. Thank you again my Santa 1103.

Love from Xmas2013MN1103 xx

Xmas2013MN1542 Sat 07-Dec-13 13:21:51

Dear Xmas2013SantaA1542,

The wonderful parcel you sent arrived not half an hour ago. I am so astounded at your generosity, and my cat is seriously happy too, purring away, full from snacks fsmile. You have given me a fantastic warm feeling and I don't feel so alone, knowing that there is someone out there thinking of me fsmile

Thank you so so much again, I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas, Love Xmas2013MN1542 x

Xmas2013MN4763 Sat 07-Dec-13 14:02:23

Wow, what a surprise, I got another parcel this morning. I'm assuming this was planned to get 2 parcels <nervous> ? Last one was something for DD, this one was for me smile . Opened it up to find the most gorgeous cleanser I think I have ever owned. It smells absolutely divine (I'm tempted to rub it all over me it smells so lovely but will be very restrained and only use it on my face as a cleanser). It's such a treat to have such a lovely product (something I'd likely never buy myself) so thank you so much to whoever donated it, it is really kind and thoughtful of you and something I won't forget.

Dearest Xmas2013SantaA1679

I have just received my letter and gift voucher and I almost have no words to express how very grateful I am. I'm honestly stunned by your generosity.
The voucher is just perfect, you really couldn't have got us anything better. Your kindness means that DC and I are going to be able to have a proper Christmas this year with some nice food and I'm going to get the dc new PJ's too. You have the kindest of hearts to reach out to a person you don't even know in such a way. My dc and I will never, ever forget what you have done for us xxx
I really hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Sending you lots of love and the very best of wishes for 2014.
Love from *Xmas2013SantaA1679

xmas2013santaA9653 Sat 07-Dec-13 14:30:36

xmas2013MN9653 I'm wrapping your gifts right now smile

Xmas2013MN4192 Sat 07-Dec-13 14:32:15

Thank you very much for the cleanser- it will be really nice to have something to open on Xmas morning. I hope you have a lovely Christmas yourself fsmile.

Xmas2013MN5442 Sat 07-Dec-13 15:21:55

A belated THANK YOU to SantaA5442 - your very generous voucher arrived last week but got put in a pile of post and I've only now opened it!! I am over the moon to have been nominated, and so grateful for the chance to get a little something for DD and me...

You're very welcome!smile

A x

Xmas2013SantaA1679 Sat 07-Dec-13 16:34:03

Hi Clementine/MN1679,

I'm so glad that you received the voucher in time so that you can do some Christmas shopping with it.

Your 'thank you' to me (upthread) made me have a massive 'blub' - in the best way possible!

I hope you all have a really, really good Christmas and a great 2014.

With love, XXXX fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA4906 Sat 07-Dec-13 17:31:45

Dear MN4906,

Your parcel went out with myhermes today so should be with you in no more than three days. I have included a little something for you too (wrapped up so you can save it for Christmas Day if you want to). Sorry about the packaging but I thought safe was more important than pretty. Happy Christmas and God bless. fsmile


Xmas2013SantaA5165 Sat 07-Dec-13 17:37:39

To Xmas2013MN5165, parcel posted. Should be with you in about 3-5 days. I hope it's ok xx

From Xmas2013SantaA5165

Xmas2013SantaA6344 Sat 07-Dec-13 17:47:34

Xmas2013MN6344 just wanted to let you know that your gift is in the post and you should receive it on Monday. I hope you have a magical Christmas x

Xmas2013MN7270 Sat 07-Dec-13 18:41:45

A MASSIVE Thank you to the very generous MNetter who sent my Christmas appeal gift. The danger island pop up game has been pronounced "amazing" by 7 year old DS and my 3 year old is a huge Gruffalo fan.

We are overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness and generosity, and also the kindness of whoever nominated me.

I cannot think of what I can possibly have done to be deserving of this kindness, but it really makes the Christmas season.

With thanks and gratitude.

Xmas2013SantaB6218 Sat 07-Dec-13 19:04:03

Hi Xmas2013MN6218 I am so pleased that your gift arrived. I do hope you enjoy it with your DD. It has made my day knowing that it arrived safely.
May I wish you a very happy Christmas and hope that next year will be a lot easier for you. Take care fsmile

MOSagain Sat 07-Dec-13 20:03:53

After what has seemed the longest day ever it has made my day coming on here and seeing my gift has been received. Can't figure out how to name change on phone but will try to do so tomorrow on laptop.

This is the very best of mumsnet, well this and woolly hugs. X

Valpollicella Sat 07-Dec-13 20:47:34

This thread should have a warning in the title <weepy>

To everyone involved wine . I can't imagine another place on tge tinternet where complete strangers would do this for others. Be proud of what you as MNers have created here. very VERY special

octopusinasantasack Sat 07-Dec-13 20:52:43

Is there a way that nominators can find out if the person they nominated has received a gift?

everydayaschoolday Sat 07-Dec-13 22:04:09

Octopusinasantasack It'll be on Sandy's spreadsheet, but I doubt she'd have enough gin be able to cope if we all PM'ed her to ask about our nominee fgrin fwink. However, as some Santa's have been doubled up this year, I'm guessing that all nominees will be paired with a gift donor.

octopusinasantasack Sun 08-Dec-13 08:01:24

Thanks...I hope that they have. I've PM'd Sandy but if she doesn't have enough gin is too busy to reply then so be it.

Xmas2013SantaA1135 Sun 08-Dec-13 10:20:30

Xmas2013MN1135 your parcel was posted first class yesterday, so it should arrive early this coming week. Hope it's okay!

Xmas2013MN5258 Sun 08-Dec-13 11:36:57

Thank you so so so very much to my secret santa fsmile dh presented me with my parcel today. You are one very kind and very lovely person.

I was really naughty and let dd open her present today. It's clear that you know this age group very well! She was really excited by the smellies. Who knew that they came in those scents and they match her chocolates fgrin

Thank you so much for the very generous voucher. I'm going to buy myself some posh food which will be a huge treat and I shall enjoy the chocolates very much.

Thank you so much too to the person who nominated me and also to mn for organising this mammoth task.

Aureliareciever Sun 08-Dec-13 11:43:20

Wow! I am speechless. Thank you Aurelia for sending me a pot of miracle cleanser. I opened it yesterday and it was so unexpected and very generous! I have never before had a proper grown up expensive skincare product as I've never been able to justify it. Now I can try one for myself.

HepsiBaubleMistletoes Sun 08-Dec-13 12:33:34

Me too! Thank you Aurelia for the Miracle Cleanser. I'm looking forward to trying it later. Lovely surprise and a real treat. Thank you so much.

Xmas2013SantaA6249 Sun 08-Dec-13 12:43:01

Xmas2013SantaA6249 So glad your gifts arrived and you like them! You are naughty opening before christmas though fwink although sounds like you need the bath soak now fgrin

Have a merry Christmas fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA6249 Sun 08-Dec-13 12:43:30

xmas2013MN6249 that should have been to.

Xmas2013MN7256 Sun 08-Dec-13 12:46:32

I was wondering who the MNer called Aurelia was and how the recipients knew who'd sent them the gifts grin now I guess it's a company blush

moldingsunbeams Sun 08-Dec-13 13:03:21

Octopus as far as I know everyone who was nominated was matched, some people were doubled up.

Xmas2013MN8616 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:18:49

I went and posted on the wrong thread. Sigh.

Anyway, to the lovely MNer who sent me the chocs and the voucher, thank you very, very much you lovely lady whoever you are. I know I was naughty and opened the present before the big day, but I felt like someone seasonal cheer, so went ahead and tore it open. I did make me giggle when I found it in the garden saying "To The Mumsnetter of the House". I wonder what the postie thought! It was a lovely card as well. Thank you very much, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxxxx

Xmas2013MN8616 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:24:31

And thank you also to the person who nominated me, and to the lovely folk at Mumsnet Towers who organise this logistical feat every year.

Xmas2013SantaB5951 Sun 08-Dec-13 18:33:56

Xmas2013MN5951 you parcel is on its way! Geographically its coming from the opposite end of the UK so give it some time.

it has been sent with much love xxx

Xmas2013SantaB5951 Sun 08-Dec-13 18:38:10

oh I have just seen up thread Xmas2013MN5951 already has a gift, so I will be their second present smile

Thats great news!

Oi Xmas2013MN5951 you have another present on the way!! Yay!

Xmas2013MN4142 Sun 08-Dec-13 21:58:32

Thank you so much Xmas2013SantaB4142 for you very kind parcel (teeny delay retrieving it as was not in when Yodel arrived, but all sorted now!!)

I was not sure whether to open it, but then could not thank you properly so did ( and will keep the lovely gifts for ds on the 25th!) You could not have chosen anything more appropriate, really. He loves books, animals and has begun trying to count (he can say threeee!), using his finger to point at different objects ( 4 bees for eg), but isn't there yet so the book is just perfect!! My dh is absolutely thrilled with the toy, such an amazing box of it as well, and my dh's favourite thing as a child so I am sure my ds will adore it too. Your kindness and generosity and thoughtfulness is amazing, so thank you.

We wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Oh and to be nominated was astounding ( as had never heard of it), to be chosen was another surprise but to be given 2 Santa's is a step even further. So thank you both Xmas2013SantaA4142 and Xmas2013SantaB4142 - you are both kind! And I hope you find this post as it is a few pages from my first post (combination of being in hospital and Yodel delivery not finding me!!)

octopusinasantasack Mon 09-Dec-13 05:15:14

Yes, I've heard from the wonderful Sandy that the person I nominated was matched smile Chuffed to bits.

SallyBear Mon 09-Dec-13 06:49:36

That's so lovely octopus. smile

octopusinasantasack Mon 09-Dec-13 07:01:31

Just glad because they have made a massive difference to a nasty situation for me, though they have no idea that they have!

Xmas2013MN9653 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:03:24

Hoping my name change worked.

My present arrived yesterday (only just got round to name changing) and it's all perfect. My donor must be a mind reader as the gifts for the boys were exactly what I would get them. They have already been played with a lot. DH is very excited by the chocolate & I'm planning on treating myself with the voucher too.

Thank you so much, I am honestly so touched by your thoughtfulness & generosity.

Xmas2013MN9653 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:07:07

Just a quick question, do the 'Santas' find out why their match was nominated or do they just get the basic details?

I'm still gobsmacked at being nominated & can't for the life of me think why I was (but very pleased so thank you whoever you are).

Xmas2013MN3454 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:07:07

thankyou so much for my parcels fgrin what a fab idea for kids gifts, they'll love them and I'm planning what to do with mine, you're a star fsmile thanks Hope you have a great christmas, you've brightened mine up! Sorry this message is probably a little later than you expected but one of your gifts has been at the sorting office until this morning when I could collect it fsmile

and thanks to whoever nominated me too fsmile

ThePearShapedToad Mon 09-Dec-13 10:32:15

I just got told a brief line about the ages of my recipient's dc and any allergies etc. Getting v worried they're on holiday or something now though, as the Royal Mail status says it's been at their holding office now for 4 days, and I didn't put a return address on, isn't the time limit for holding onto signed for parcels only 7 days? sad

wonderingsoul Mon 09-Dec-13 10:33:42

thepear maybe email mn? see if they can message the reciever?

ThePearShapedToad Mon 09-Dec-13 10:35:26

Oooh good idea wondering Forgot they actually knew the real people behind the Santa names!

xmas2013santaA9653 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:49:00

xmas2013MN9653 I'm glad you like everything. I hope you didn't mind me delivering it myself; I live in a completely different area of the country but we have a relative in your city who we were visiting yesterday and as we were passing 2 minutes from your house it seemed silly to post it. I did feel like I was playing knock-up Ginger though grin

I only got told the basic details you had given to MN: your address and that you had two DS's and their ages. I didn't know if you had a DP so I'm pleased I put in the chocs! Our DC are exactly the same age so I just bought what I thought they would like, no mystic powers here.

Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN4811 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:50:28

A second envelope arrived this morning so I must have a second secret santa grin.

Thank you so, so much. With two DSC and two FC, I need that caffeine badly!!

Xmas2013MN4811 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:52:39

I've just realised that there are 'As', 'Bs' etc on the Santa user names. It's starting to make sense blush. I'm so very grateful. The last two months have been really hard.

moldingsunbeams Mon 09-Dec-13 11:48:46

thats probably best thing to do thepear as our sorting office is terrible for not telling you they have a package for you.

Xmas2013MN4811 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:04:45

Oops, just realised that the Coffee vouchers are for DSS and DSD! They'll be very pleased indeed any excuse to go and 'hang out' away from us

Xmas2013SantaC4639 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:16:07

Hello Xmas2013MN4639

Hope you received your gift and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN5222 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:23:56

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for the gifts that arrived for myself and DS on Friday and Saturday. We've had a tough week so we opened them early. DS is in love with the pink cat, and is taking him everywhere; to bed, to playschool, to the shops... He also absolutely loves the board game, and we have had a lot of fun playing it together. Thank you also for the chocolates; I'm being good and saving them for Christmas fwink

We've had a right shitty old year, and your kindness has really touched me, and DS, to whom I've explained things in a four year old way to, and who thinks it's a lovely idea that you can have kind friends who care about you without having met. Thank you so much. A very merry Christmas to you. x

moosemama Mon 09-Dec-13 12:36:16

ThePearShapedToad, our sorting office holds parcels without telling you as well. Year before last I made a formal complaint about over ten missing parcels, only to find they were all at my local sorting office, but I hadn't had a single card through my door. hmm angry

Xmas2013MN9653 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:42:03

It was fine you delivering it yourself, although DH was a bit bewildered! I still don't think he quite gets what it's all about but who cares!!

Xmas2013SantaA4639 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:46:59

MNA4639 your gift was posted yesterday.

Xmas2013MN5542 Mon 09-Dec-13 16:05:09

Thankyou to the wonderfully kind Xmas2013santa5542 for sending my ds and I a voucher for amazon, I have ordered some lovely little gifts for him (scrabble, a night light and a watch) he will be so pleased

The kindness of strangers never fails to amaze me I hope you have a wonderful Xmas fsmile

And thankyou to the kind person who nominated me, sending good karma vibes your way thanks

Xmas2013MN6218 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:07:39

I just want to say a massive thank you to the person who nominated me as it came at the end of a stressful time and gave me a much needed boost.

And a big thank you to Xmas2013SantaB6218 and Xmas2013SantaC218 who have both sent me beautiful gifts which were for me and my son. I don't know how much information you had but my son is autistic so the gifts you chose were just perfect for him and fantastic for helping his hand and finger strength.

Am looking forward to some nice coffee too so a massive thank you to you. xxx

Xmas2013MN6218 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:13:45

Wasn't sure if I was allowed to share the gifts received but see others have done so....fgrin

So DS received a book, a ightlight for reading (he is very happy about this), a tangle toy, science putty and squeezy fabric ball (perfect for his coordination and fidget issues. There was also some chocolates (which he making short work of) and an origami set. There was some lovely Green and Blacks chocolate for me and a card from SantaC6218

I also received a lovely card last week with a Costa coffee card from SantaB6218

I have no idea if you are one and the same person or if MN allocated me to two Santas but I thank you so so much. flowers

Xmas2013SantaB1075 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:24:23

Hello Xmas2013MN1075,
Thanks for posting a thank you even though you don't know what you've got smile
I think you've been allocated two santa's as my number is B1075 so there must be an A too. Just wanted to check that it's my parcel that you receive tomorrow. It's an Amazon box, sent from me though not straight from Amazon and just had your address on the front, no name or anything. Also I popped my house number and postcode on the back in case it went astray. Hope it is my one as I posted it a while ago.
Have a very Merry Christmas! x

Xmas2013SantaB1953 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:49:41

Xmas2013MN1953 I posted your parcel to you today. I apologise in advance for the sheer quantity of sellotape that I used to hold your box together. I hope you have a good strong pair of scissors to help you get into it!

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 09-Dec-13 20:20:39

I can’t really explain how truly touched I was to be thought of and nominated. Am all teary. It can only have been for Woolly Hugs. You know, it is an honour doing what we do, and I have met the most remarkable folk, they are quite literally awesome and Woolly Hugs is a rather extraordinary thing to be part of. As Knots says, ordinary folk doing extraordinary things. How true.

I'm sorry if I haven't changed my name, the one I was given is XMAS2013MN5696 well, this is who I am.

I really appreciate this, and I shall remember your kindness..

From my family to your yours, to my nominee too, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and send you my love. Thank you. X

Xmas2013SantaA5696 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:58:18

I'm glad you received it piste, I can't think of anyone more deserving! Merry Christmas x

SallyBear Mon 09-Dec-13 21:03:56

Pistey, both you and Knotty do an amazing thing by helping MN families in need and crisis, and working hard to provide comfort for people in poverty stricken countries. You and Knotty deserved your nominations and that you are both highly regarded and thought of. My family had the great privilege to receive a beautiful Woolly Hug this summer. There are not enough words to describe how I felt when not arrived for DD. You have a wonderful Christmas too. smile

SallyBear Mon 09-Dec-13 21:06:42

Bloody iPhone typos! You got my drift I hope! confused

Galena Mon 09-Dec-13 22:00:27

^^ Wot Sally said! (well, without the typos grin )

Opheliabumps Mon 09-Dec-13 22:33:52

Pistey I suspect you and Knotty had a lot of nominations, from recipients as well as crafters who realise just how much effort it takes to co-ordinate and construct all of the blankets, it must be pretty much a full time job grin

2013MN8158 Tue 10-Dec-13 00:02:23

Thank you Kind stranger for the lovely lovely parcel collected from the Post Office today. I shall gloss over the 57 minute wait in the queue wink. What kind of noggin nips to the Post Office at lunchtime, hey?
The chocolates look so very posh, and the voucher was a super surprise, I shall look forward to treating the DC with that when I pop into the city on Thursday. You really are so generous and thoughtful.
The MN Christmas whaddeva always amazes me with its just incredibleness of what people will do for others.
Thank you so very much, I will certainly be thinking in your direction on Christmas day, you must have a special soul. And a thank you, too, to the good eggs at HQ.

Xmas2013MN8353 Tue 10-Dec-13 07:28:13

I am definitely going to be a donor next year!

DD1 is asking every day if they can open their one (to be fair, it is under the tree so looking v tempting). Am I being a mean mum for making them wait?!!

Xmas2013SantaC6218 Tue 10-Dec-13 09:58:04

Hello Xmas2013MN6218

Glad it arrived safely, I had offered to donate some fidget toys for a child with SNs and then had a panic when the details just said a ds aged 11, with no mention of SNs, I have no idea what NT boys like confused My ds has an ASD too and the book is his favourite, glad it was all ok fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA8616 Tue 10-Dec-13 11:00:37

That's great that the parcel arrived safely - even if it was in the garden!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Xmas2013SantaB9709 Tue 10-Dec-13 11:03:45

Thank you very much for the card, I am really happy that the box got to you safely.

Merry Christmas to you and your little one.

Xmas2013MN1075 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:15:55

Santab1075. I am amazed by your generousity and could never thank you enough. My monsters will love the choccie (I'll save it for xmas day) and the voucher and little bits are lovely. Have an amazing Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaB1075 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:32:57

Xmas2013MN1075 so glad it arrived ok and so happy that you like it all smile Have a wonderful Christmas x

Xmas2013MN1884 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:33:32


Your lovely voucher with bubbles on the front arrived today! thank you ever so much - that's so generous!
You've put in your note that I can spend it on me or DD, and you've put you recommend champagne fwink and chocolates.
You know what, I think we might just do that! I was thinking that I desperately need XYZ, but I will do as you say and buy something treaty with it.

Thank you, I might have cried a little tiny bit when I read your note, but that was definitely something in my eye. definitely.


Xmas2013SantaC4811 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:43:26


Your final items are on the way, yours should arrive today, and I've just posted something for your littlest ones, first class so I hope it won't take long to reach you.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Xmas2013SantaA5558 Tue 10-Dec-13 13:04:16

Xmas2013MN5558 Envelope in the post to you today!


Your parcel was posted today for your dc, sorry it has taken me so long i was waiting for something to come through the post and then got struck down with a cold , back on form now and i hope everything is received :D I will also pop something in the post for yourself soon but wanted to make sure the childrens arrived in good time. Merry christmas! :D

Xmas2013SantaB4192 Tue 10-Dec-13 14:37:46

Hi Xmas2013MN4192 I posted your parcel yesterday so hopefully it should be with you sometime in the next few days, I hope you like it thanks

Xmas2013MN2868 Tue 10-Dec-13 15:33:15

I have already posted on this thread as I received a generous voucher last week, but I was overwhelmed to receive an Amazon voucher yesterday and five lovely wrapped gifts arrived today for me and my four boys, which I am going to save for Christmas.

I cannot tell you how touched I am by all of my lovely secret santas, Xmas2013SantaA2868, Xmas2013SantaB2868 and Xmas2013SantaC2868. Thank you, thank you, thank you all, you wonderful, generous people. You have truly made my Christmas thanks thanks thanks

Xmas2013SantaA9136 Tue 10-Dec-13 16:12:21

Xmas2013MN9136 I posted your parcel this morning on special delivery so it should be with you by 1pm tomorrow! Have addressed it simply to the occupier so if you're out you shouldn't have any problems collecting it. I hope you like it smile xxx

Xmas2013MN3921 Tue 10-Dec-13 17:04:33

Dear Xmas2013SantaA3921

Many thanks for your very generous voucher - it is very much appreciated. I was very excited to be addressed as "The Mumsnetter of the House" too!

It feels a real treat to browse through Amazon to buy something for me! Have an eye on a purse.

I think I was nominated for the advice I have given on a particular board. I have spent a lot of time on there hmm, so it is wonderful to be recognised (if it was indeed that).

Thanks again and wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.


Xmas2013SantaC6233 Tue 10-Dec-13 17:20:10

Xmas2013MN6233 i have posted your gifts today and they should be with you by Friday but i am not sure if she said this Friday or next blush

Xmas2013SantaA5165 Tue 10-Dec-13 17:24:07

Xmas2013MN5165 on the tracking website it says 'Delivered to Customer' this morning. I hope that means you've received it? If not, check the back garden, etc, just in case!

I hope it's ok. smile

The message from my secret Santa recipient has made me cry.
I'm so glad to have been involved in this, reading their response and the other posts on here has made my Christmas.
I've got far more out of this than the cost of a gift. Thank you all x

Xmas2013SantaA2310 Tue 10-Dec-13 19:03:01

hello recipient A2310. Apologies, Dh had an operation last Monday and there have been a few complications. However, everything is wrapped now and I'll be at the post office bright and early tomorrow.
Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013SantaA8770 Tue 10-Dec-13 20:16:30

Xmas2013MN8770 Just want to apologise big time for being so crap. Whole house had a bug last week and I didn't manage to get your gifts, which I wanted to choose personally. I now have them all and want to post out to you tomorrow. Hope you like them grin. I will confirm when I have sent ! Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Xmas2013SantaA3286 Tue 10-Dec-13 20:23:15

Hello Xmas2013MN3286 grin

I am going to take your parcel tomorrow to the post office, so hopefully you should have it by the end if the week. I sincerely hope you didn't think I had forgotten about you. I must apologise in advance for my rubbish wrapping skills.

Much love from my house to yours x

Xmas2013SantaA1884 Tue 10-Dec-13 21:12:54


I am so relieved. I was worried you'd be disappointed. I didn't want to risk a gift and it not be suitable. Please get whatever you want/need. It's made my day to know you're happy.


Lots and lots of flowers

Have a wonderful Christmas xxxx

Xmas2013SantaA5953 Tue 10-Dec-13 22:08:27


Your parcel is on it's way to you! Hopefully be with you tomorrow. Merry Christmas fsmile

Xmas3454and5222 Tue 10-Dec-13 22:12:53

Dear Xmas3454 and Xmas5222 so glad that your gifts came through. The dc's had great fun choosing them and it really made us all happy to be able to send you something. Being allowed to reach out to strangers is a gift in itself and MN has been so valuable to me in my years here. It felt right to give something back this year. We're sending you all unMN'y hugs and wish you a special, safe and happy festive season.

Xmas2013MN4811 Wed 11-Dec-13 11:01:56

Xmas2013SantaC4811 After the morning and school run from hell I am now sitting here with 'happy' tears. I think I've received all your wonderful gifts now and I'm quite overwhelmed by your kindness and thoughtfulness. The card has tipped me over the edge blush.

Thank you so much. Sod it, very unmumsnetty hugs and kisses to you and yours!

Xmas2013SantaB4220 Wed 11-Dec-13 11:56:40

Xmas2013MN4220 I've posted an envelope for you today. fgrin fgrin fgrin

Xmas2013SantaC4220 Wed 11-Dec-13 13:15:58

Xmas2013MN4220 Sorry for the delay, going to the post office today to pop yours in the post - spookily posted under your other secret santa fgrin

Xmas2013MN6233 Wed 11-Dec-13 13:17:36

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to post, I am up to my eyes in small and not so small children, moving and Christmas.

I have received a lovely wrapped package with lots of things in it, but I haven't opened them as I don't get Christmas presents for adults so they are the only surprises there will be in this house.

Id like to thank whoever nominated me and who sent me gifts.

2012 was the year from hell, literally - ending on a high with the birth of my youngest, 2013 started off as a year from hell, better than the year before but still a nightmare most people don't want to visit.

I was really touched to be nominated last year, it really lifted a dark, dark place, I was touched to be nominated again - I name change so often I was surprised anyone remembered me - next year I will contribute as well - I simply have't had a chance this year.

I am happy to say 2013 is ending on a huge high, I have made some difficult decisions, cut some people from our lives and moved to the house of my dreams.

The kindness of strangers and the people here, got me through the darkest place I have ever been, without it - and you - I am not sure I would be here posting this.

The MN secret santa is the epitomy of this and I am really thankful to have been thought of again.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and unmumsnetty (hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug)

Xmas2013MN6043 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:25:14

To the lovely Xmas2013SantaA6043 thank you so much flowers.

I am having a bit of a low day today so it has cheered me up no end to walk in and see the postman had been. I'm afraid I'm no good at waiting so have opened it - my gift is gorgeous and my girls will love spending the vouchers smile.

Xmas2013SantaA3921 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:25:38

Dear Xmas2013MN3921

Really pleased the voucher arrived safely. I am glad you are planning to spend it on a treat for yourself; I am sure with 2 young DC’s that is something you rarely do.

It made me really happy to send the gift, it is nice to give something ‘back’ as a thank you to MN for all the support and advice I have had during the year.

I hope you and your family have a FABULOUS Christmas,


Xmas2013SantaC2739 Wed 11-Dec-13 15:17:16


Xmas2013SantaC2739 Wed 11-Dec-13 15:18:07

Hi Xmas2013MN2739, I posted your gift yesterday so should be with you soon. Merry christmas! smile

Xmas2013MN6900 Wed 11-Dec-13 16:02:13

It's not often I'm rendered speechless but this whole Christmas Appeal thing has done just that. Firstly when I was nominated and again today when I received the most incredible gift.

Xmas2013Santa6900 (I hope that's your correct name, not sure you put it on the gift) I can't tell you how stunned I am at your generosity. DD and I happen to have had one of the toughest months we've experienced and I've cried most days (can you hear those violins?!) The tears I shed today came when I read your card and realised quite what I was looking at. DD, being 3, was desperate to open everything NOW so it was great to have the shiny red one to get started on and such a great gift! I've promised her she can open one of her silver presents each day for the next 10 days.

The voucher in the first envelope will be so so handy, thank you. I could gush so much more but feel it's probably best to stop now before I well up even more!

Thank you my wonderful Santa from the bottom of my heart. I wish you and your DS a very very Happy Christmas thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Xmas2013SantaC1764 Wed 11-Dec-13 16:03:55

Xmas2013MN1764- your parcel will be posted tomorrow, hope you like it and everything is ok as was given very little details about your family xxx

Xmas2013SantaA2310 Wed 11-Dec-13 16:36:52

Hello MN2310
I have posted your parcel, it is large, ignore the card where it says there should be two, we posted them together! The post office say it should be with you by Monday.
Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN1135 Wed 11-Dec-13 16:46:26

<waves> to Xmas2013SantaA1135 I am just waving to say I have seen your post earlier, and am keeping an eye out, I promise I will let you know when it arrives <excited>

thank you so much in advance. i feel very lucky!

DrinkFromSantasFountain Wed 11-Dec-13 18:16:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xmas2013mn4906 Wed 11-Dec-13 18:18:50

Thank you so much Xmas2013santaA4906 I just got your parcel, me and ds are fighting over who gets the bath first!
We're going to use the gift card to make Christmas dinner extra special so thank you again and I wish you could have seen te utter joy you gave to ds as they were the perfect presents for him.
Merry Christmas and god bless to you and your family.

Xmas2013MN1539 Wed 11-Dec-13 19:08:28

Dear SantaA1539

Your gift arrived today and I wanted you to know how touched I am at your kindness and generosity. What a lovely person you are to do this for a stranger (especially when you must be so busy yourself with the new arrival!) I've come over all misty-eyed and Christmassy.

This year has been a challenge in many ways but things are getting better. Frivolity has been somewhat lacking recently but I'm going to treat all of us at Casa 1539 to something lovely and frivolous with your fabulous voucher.

Happy Christmas to you and your family, have a wonderful 2014 and thank you (plus my nominator and the MN elves) again. I'm looking forward to next year when I can be in a position to do this for someone else.

<wells up again>


Xmas2013MN7819 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:10:43

Hello SantaC7819 smile We collected your parcelfromthe sorting office today - thankyou so, so much! DS1 absolutely loves his books, as does DS2 - we've read Stick Man at least three times already grin

the chocs went down a treat too (theirs and mine). DS1 (6) is fascinated by the idea that a stranger whom we've never met would be so kind and generous as to send us Christmas presents through the post. Thankyou, you are wonderful x

Xmas2013mn4906 Wed 11-Dec-13 21:04:08

I just wanted to say to Xmas2013santaA4906, ds had a brilliant time in the bath tonight, although I did get squirted rather a lot.
Now it's my turn in the bath. fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA5660 Wed 11-Dec-13 21:27:21

Just to say I posted this week so hopefully with you shortly. Sorry if you have a big trek to the post office to pick it up!

Xmas2013SantaA6474 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:09:34

Xmas2013MN6474 I finally posted your gift today so should arrive at your c/o address tomorrow smile

LostMySantaNumber Wed 11-Dec-13 22:26:31

I posted earlier about the lovely selection box from Organix I received but had to come back to thank my lovely nominator. It was the best thing that has happened to me during this Annus Horriblis.

This time last year I was watching the thread hoping to see that the two MNers I had bought for had received their parcels and when the first message came in I can honestly say that it was the best feeling in the world! I even punched the air blush Then the second came in and I cried, I was so happy.

It made my Christmas, it really did. I'm on the other side this year, but it is just as magical.

Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * Π____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a happy new year:’)

Xmas2013MN7256 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:44:21

Awesome picture fgrin

OodKingWenceslas Thu 12-Dec-13 06:55:05

Ooh clever picture
I love this thread smile

Xmas2013MN5660 Thu 12-Dec-13 10:45:35

To santa5660 your parcel has arrived! Thank you so much! I have been very very good and not opened anything yet- hope that's ok? (May have had a cheeky squidge tho blush )

I can't explain properly what this whole experience has meant to me. To my nominater and secret Santa, thank you.

twogiraffes Thu 12-Dec-13 11:08:57

So amazing to have a massive parcel arrive this morning with two wonderful presents for my new DS, due in April: a play gym and baby bjorn. Thank you, thank you, thank you for nominating and to sponsor from the bottom of my heart!

Xmas2013MN2739 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:14:47

Xmas2013SantaC2739 thank you so much for your gift, it arrived this morning. My girls will be very excited and I'm very grateful for your thoughtfulness. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

DelightedatXmas Thu 12-Dec-13 11:59:44

NC'd as I've lost my Santa number too fblush

Anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU to the lovely people at Rakuten - received a huge parcel packed full of fab bath goodies -towels and sponges and the cutest little duck flannel and a v cool dummy steriliser from them today with a lovely note wishing me a very happy Christmas.

This will really come in handy when I give birth in the next few weeks
Massively appreciated.
Was overwhelmed to be nominated and so thank you to whoever nominated me.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Xmas2013MN3743 Thu 12-Dec-13 12:18:13

I am Xmas2013MN3743 and would like to thank my gifter from the bottom of my heart, your gift arrived this morning.

I was so touched to receive my very very generous gift of JL vouchers, I cried when I got them! Money wasnt going to stretch to a gift for me this year, and this is beyond my wildest dreams! We will have a fabulous day now with lots of extras we otherwise wouldnt have had! Crying again now grin

I cant thank you, or the person who nominated me, enough.


Xmas2013SantaA4975 Thu 12-Dec-13 13:18:39

Hello MN4975

Two packages are on their way to you.

One (primarily for you) was despatched yesterday; it's small and will drop through your letterbox soon.

The second should be with you by next Tue/Wed and will need signing for (despite smallness...) I somehow missed the opportunity to add a message to say which tiny, tiny (unwrapped, stocking -y) thing is for whom - the one with "many" is for DS and the one with "few" for DD.

I hope everything arrives - and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Xmas2013MN1308 Thu 12-Dec-13 15:57:48

Hello to the sender of MN1308

I received the vouchers today, and was so delighted. I am not sure what I will use them for, perhaps a fun game for the whole family. Thank you so much for sending them, it is really so much appreciated.


Galena Thu 12-Dec-13 16:16:30

Hoping my gift has arrived. It should have been delivered earlier this week, and the website says it has been delivered, but no response on here...

Fingers crossed!

Xmas2013SantaA4936 Thu 12-Dec-13 17:28:15

Hi. Xmas2013MN4936, I have sent a package to you today Recorded Delivery, so should be with you soon xx

Xmas2013MN5016 Thu 12-Dec-13 19:16:15


Thank you so, so much for the High street vouchers.

They arrived yesterday but I was out and so went and got them from the post office today. They didn't want to give them to me to begin with and demanded that I provide them with some ID that had the name 'The MNer of the house Xmas2013MN5016' on it! After a short discussion they realised that they were being stupid, I think showing them this thread on my phone is what swung it! grin

I really am incredibly grateful for the gift, it's been a pretty tough year with some incredible highs (ds2 being born) and some heart breaking lows that I won't go in to as it may identify me.

I think I will buy a good board game that we can all enjoy together, a Christmas DVD and a tin of chocolates. I'm going to wrap them up and address them to the whole family with Santa's instructions to have a family night together.

I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas. you have made this MNer very happy in deed.

thanks thanks thanks

Xmas2013SantaB5951 Thu 12-Dec-13 19:49:12

My parcel has arrived! I hope it brings you much happiness and much love for the coming year 5951 x

Xmas2013SantaA8770 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:15:01

Xmas2013MN8770 you parcel was posted today by Hermes. Merry Christmas to you and yours fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA3743 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:27:46

Xmas2013MN3743 - so pleased that I've been able to add some sparkle to your family's Christmas. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


Xmas2013SantaE9709 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:50:19

To Xmas20139709

I hope my parcel arrived safely. I posted it on Saturday. If you haven't received it I can chase it.

Xmas2013SantaE9709 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:52:08

Sorry, to Xmas2013MN9709

Xmas2013SantaA6539 Thu 12-Dec-13 20:56:45

To Xmas2013MNA6539

Just to let you know the parcel is on its way. I had a bit of a knowing hmm and smile look from the usually miserable old bat in my local post office. Maybe she's a MNer.

Sorry the wrapping isn't that great. Was done in the dark, in the car to catch the post.

Have a lovely Christmas.

SantaA2161 your parcel may have arrived today if not it should be tomorrow thanks thanks

KnottyLocks Thu 12-Dec-13 21:27:27

Hello fsmile

I haven't name changed so my nominator knows how truly touched I am that you thought of me. thanks thanks

As Pistey said up there ^^, it is a real privilege to be a part of Woolly Hugs (I'm assuming that's why I'm here): to work with the most amazing folks to help bring a little comfort to those who are going through dark and devastating times.
I think Pistey would agree that we personally have gained so much and learnt a great deal about ourselves since we got involved, as well as having been blessed with meeting the most lovely people.

Apparently I am MN2413. I was at work when your gift arrived, Santa smile but luckily my wonderful neighbour grabbed it before the delivery man could take it away again!

I have been stroking and shaking the presents gently fgrin. It's just so lovely. Such beautiful wrapping and the thought gone into it <sniffs>

Behind all the wool, we've had a challenging year and to be nominated and thought of is such a heartwarming thing.

Christmas blessings to you and yours, Santa; to my nominator; and to you all xxxx

thanks thanks thanks

ExitPursuedByAChristmasGrinch Thu 12-Dec-13 21:31:58

I do love you knotty

Xmas2013MN9926 Thu 12-Dec-13 21:40:57

To Xmas2013SantaB9926

I received your box of goodies yesterday thank you!

I've not looked at it properly as I've been in hospital with ds since Monday and I popped home quickly to grab a power nap in peace!

I am looking forward to seeing what the kids have received on Christmas day as they will be safely tucked under the tree til then (once we finally manage to escape from hospital long enough to get the decs up)

I hope you and your Family have a great Christmas xx

LineRunner Thu 12-Dec-13 21:46:05

I have said my coded thank you to the lovely, fab present giver, but I also wanted to come on as me to say a massive thank you to whoever nominated me.

It's been a difficult year. I nearly passed on to the great nest of vipers in the sky in August. Receiving a MN gift has been bloody wonderful and heart-warming. Thank you so, so much. fsmile

BellaVita Thu 12-Dec-13 22:09:48

Knotty, that is a lovely post. Both you and Pistey are just bloody marvelous x

xmas2013mn5632 Thu 12-Dec-13 22:21:22

Santa2014mnb5632 I have been away for the last week, thsnk you so much for your gift voucher , I cannot wait to spend it on some Christmas treats. Thank you so so much it is so nice that a stranger has thought of us at Christmas .I cannot express how much this means to me. Thank you again (smile)

Xmas2013SantaA5016 Thu 12-Dec-13 22:24:47

Xmas2013MN5016! Hurrah! <squish>

The post office scenario has made me fgrin (although it must have been a pain in the arse for you). We should all get Mumsnet member badges for situations like that, like Blue Peter.

That sounds like a wonderful bundle of stuff you'll be getting and I hope you all enjoy them.

Congratulations on DS2, merry Christmas and may the new year bring you nothing but highs.


TalkinPeace Thu 12-Dec-13 22:31:10

marking space so that I remember to namechange and say a proper thankyou shortly ....

Xmas2013MN1372 Thu 12-Dec-13 23:13:32

A huge, huge thank you to Xmas Santa 2013 MN1372. I was so touched to be nominated and absolutely thrilled to receive such a lovely, indulgent and generous present.

I shall be thinking of you this Christmas and hope that you and your family have a thoroughly fabulous time together. Your thoughtfulness has made such a difference to me. Thank you.

Xmas2013MN3743 Fri 13-Dec-13 00:10:05

Xmas2013SantaA3743 I wish you could see what a difference your gift will make to this house. I have been telling everyone about it! I just wish I knew what I had done to get a nomination.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. smile xxxxx

As an aside

They arrived yesterday but I was out and so went and got them from the post office today. They didn't want to give them to me to begin with and demanded that I provide them with some ID that had the name 'The MNer of the house Xmas2013MN5016' on it! After a short discussion they realised that they were being stupid, I think showing them this thread on my phone is what swung it!

This is bloody hilarious! grin

SallyBear Fri 13-Dec-13 00:12:19

Marking my place (again!).

Xmas2013MN3743 Fri 13-Dec-13 00:14:08

Can I ask a newbie Q?

Been on MN for several years but I am newbie to the secret Santa thing.

I dont know the username of the person who sent me a gift, do they know my username? ARe we allowed to out ourselves? Are we allowed to remain anon if one wants to out and the other doesnt? (sounds like a swingers party doesnt it?)

And what happens if both parties out themselves and it turns out that they hate each other?! grin

MerryChristmasMollyHooper Fri 13-Dec-13 00:27:39

No they don't know your username they are given a Xmas2013Santa name to change to for this thread, you have an Xmas2013MN username.

You can use your normal name to thank them if you like and visa versa.

If you hate each other then MN shuts down for 30 minutes until you make friends again, hence the site going offline so much recently. (Only joking!) fgrin

cozietoesie Fri 13-Dec-13 00:28:26

MNHQ know your usual name but your Santa won't - unless you out yourself in some way.


cozietoesie Fri 13-Dec-13 00:30:04

.......then MN shuts down for 30 minutes until you make friends again......

Now that made me laugh.


Xmas2013MN3743 Fri 13-Dec-13 00:34:39

Made me laugh too! grin

The thing is, I have quite......strong views on some things. I am a regular of the relationships board for example. In the main, things have been fine, but I have been known to have "stand up" rows with people! Now I see these as part and parcel of forum life and if I see the same person on another thread and I agree with them, then I will say so. But a recent experience has left me a bit shaken, and I am worried about outing myself, even though I would like to in case the person that fell out with me is my gifter! Does that make sense?

Never been banned btw, not been that bad!

MerryChristmasMollyHooper Fri 13-Dec-13 00:35:11

<whispers to cozie>

It may be true. fwink

Xmas2013MN3743 Fri 13-Dec-13 00:35:28

I would like to out myself mainly so the person who nominated me (who isnt my gifter, is that right?) knows what a difference their nomination made.

Xmas2013MN3743 Fri 13-Dec-13 00:36:55

<whispers to cozie>

It may be true.

I bet it is you know. I bet MNHQ say "RIGHT! No one gets MN until you both say sorry!"

MerryChristmasMollyHooper Fri 13-Dec-13 00:40:43

X post.

It does make sense absolutely, however IMO it is really the season of goodwill and kindness here on this thread and hopefully people would put those things behind them in the spirit of it.

cozietoesie Fri 13-Dec-13 00:41:07

I wouldn't worry about it. One of the good things about this Christmas Appeal is that it makes you conscious that there are so many people who have helped others or may merit some help themselves - which helps you to stand back and reassess things you may have thought and the people you've maybe thought them about.

Just have a great Christmas.


MerryChristmasMollyHooper Fri 13-Dec-13 00:42:00

fgrin Xmas2013MN3743

The should you know! They really should.

MerryChristmasMollyHooper Fri 13-Dec-13 00:44:31


I have crumbs in my keyboard fblush

This is just SUCH a beautiful threadfsmile

And a positively DELIGHTFUL lone finger up to those who call us 'vipers' too eh?fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA5053 Fri 13-Dec-13 09:18:06


I'm so glad you received your gift safely and your DC are enjoying the presents. It's a bit daunting buying for people you don't know smile

This time last year I was fairly new to the site, but read the secret Santa thread, often with tears in my eyes. I vowed to be a part of it this year, and its been so much fun.

I didn't tell DH at first as I thought he would think I was bonkers (more so than usual) but when I read your message, I showed it to him, and actually he thinks this is brilliant smile

I hope you and your family have a fabulous Christmas and a great 2014 fsmile

LargeTeaPlease Fri 13-Dec-13 10:37:16

hello mumsnetter MN8723
I posted your parcel on Monday 9th Dec. I hope the Post Office deliver it this week to you. This is the first year I have been a mumsnetter and I was very pleased to be able to send you a gift xx

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Fri 13-Dec-13 10:40:10

Xmas2013MN6055 here

Postie has just been! With a parcel labelled ''TO THE MUMSNETTER OF THE HOUSE'' fgrin fgrin

I was thrilled to be nominated - a bit embarrassed really as I don't think I've done anything particular of note blush

I haven't opened the pressie as it sounds like it's for DS - made by a hugely popular Danish company perhaps? Either that or it's an incredibly delicate glass item that has not fared well in the Royal Mail's hands shock

Thank you so so much, not just to whoever nominated me and donated, but to everyone on here thanks

MN is amazing fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA2413 Fri 13-Dec-13 11:14:29

Knotty, you are so very welcome.

I am so pleased your presents have arrived safely and that they're going to someone so truly deserving of their nomination.

I hope you all like your gifts. Choosing, buying and wrapping them has been a really lovely family experience for us. My boys helped me pick out the gifts for your dses, as they really wanted to be involved in the giving side of MN Secret Santa this year, having been on the receiving end of the most amazing generosity ourselves last year.

Wishing you and your family a truly wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


Xmas2013SantaB5020 Fri 13-Dec-13 11:45:45

Shouting out for Xmas2013MN5020

Just want to check your parcel arrived, it was posted last Friday to be signed for. Another unrelated parcel I sent the same day arrived earlier this week, so yours should have arrived fconfused

Xmas2013MN8146 Fri 13-Dec-13 11:50:27

Thank you Random House for the parcel of books fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA4070 Fri 13-Dec-13 11:53:49

Dear Xmas2013MN4070, just to let you know that your parcel was posted first class this morning, so should be with you soon. Merry Christmas! fgrin

Xmas2013MN1602 Fri 13-Dec-13 12:09:22

I would just like to say a massive thankyou to the wonderful lady who sent me my gift. It couldn't have arrived on a better day!

I gave birth to my daughter on 9th Dec after being induced on the 6th. I had three days of pain and exhaustion which ended in an emcs. DD was fine and a rather respectable 6lbs 13.5oz at 38 +4 weeks.

We came home from the hospital on the 11th and are currently starting to get to know each other.

Your gift came this morning after a long night of no sleep and a very unsettled baby. It has made me feel much better and ready to take on the day.

I hope you and your little one have a wonderful Christmas. flowers cake wine to you for being such a lovely human being.

Xmas2013MN1953 Fri 13-Dec-13 12:30:01

I want to say a big thank you to two people.

Xmas2013SantaA1953 your gift arrived early this week. Thank you very much it will be really nice to choose something a bit luxurious without feeling guilty about it.

Xmas2013SantaB1953 Your parcel arrived on Wednesday. Thank you for your thoughtful gifts. It was a really good idea to let me see what you had sent for the Dcs and I must say they were perfect for sleepyhead dd and geeky Asperger's ds. I haven't opened mine yet. It will be nice to have a surprise on Christmas day. In this house I have to buy my own presents and pass them to DH and DCs to be wrapped!

Sorry for the delay in thanking but this week has been tough with appointments for the dcs and struggling a bit with my own health. You have both really brightened it up.

Many thanks too to whoever nominated me. It was very touching to be thought of in this way.

Xmas2013SantaB1610 Fri 13-Dec-13 12:35:40


Message for Xmas2013MN1610

This will be the weekend I get organised and although I can sort out what I'm sending at home I can't post until Monday/Tuesday because of a little something extra I 'm waiting on. Apologies for the delay but I knew I'd have to postpone organising it into a package until after a particularly busy period at work requiring all my focus+++ (have been burning the midnight oil so much lately). It will be too big for letter box so I'm afraid you may have to trek out to fetch it. I'm so sorry that it's cutting it fine, had planned to get it done before big work project commenced but the MN secret santa spreadsheet gremlins problem delayed me knowing what I would be sending.

Xmas2013MN2213 Fri 13-Dec-13 13:11:40

It was a complete surprise today to receive a big, heavy parcel in the post. I saw "The Mumsnetter of the House" and was so excited!

DD3 (who is 3yo) has just helped me to open it. We both caught our breath when we opened it shock - me by the gorgeous case inside (it's beautiful!) and her by the bubble wrap!! grin

She has helped me unwrap all the contents and is carrying them one by one up to my room in great excitement, not in the least bothered that they're not for her! Thank you so much, SantaA2213 - I don't think I've ever had such luxurious-looking creams and lotions and it will be nice to be able to pamper myself a bit.

The gift voucher has totally blown me away. You are so so kind! I am going to have to save that and have a good think about what to buy with it. I will wait till after Christmas and see what the DCs get and then spend it. They really don't have much (DS likes to stay in school to play at the end of the day because the toys are better there!), and it's going to be lovely to be able to buy them some things and tell them that it's all thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

Thank you so much once again.

Xmas2013MN6945 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:04:52

A huge thank you to Secret Santa MN6945 for your lovely gift to me.

I was going to open it at Christmas but got overexcited and could not wait. You have no idea what a lift it gave me - I've let things slip a bit and you sent me a luxury face spa cream which I would never have bought for myself.
It is just gorgeous and so thoughtful of you to have done this.
Thank you very much. xx thanks

GoldenGytha Fri 13-Dec-13 14:14:51

Thank you so much to Secret Santa B4220,

Your lovely gift arrived this morning, and is so greatly appreciated, I couldn't wait til Christmas to open it, I got too excited!

I will have a great time in choosing something with the Gift Card,

Such a lovely thing to do, so thankyou so much again

thanks thanks thanks

cfc Fri 13-Dec-13 14:18:50


I am so pleased to read that the parcel arrived, it really was bloody heavy wasn't it?!

I genuinely had great plans for the gift this year but an ectopic pregnancy has laid me low so my lovely plans were thwarted. I couldn't trust husband to sort it out!!

I was lucky enough to be a recipient last year for some crazy reason and I was keen to make avery thoughtful donation this year - but I'm afraid I fell short.

I hope the vouchers come in handy. Enjoy some downtime with your case of goodies from Mr Baker!

With much, much love and best wishes for 2014.


cfc Fri 13-Dec-13 14:19:52

ps - feck you namechange... sigh.

MrsKoala Fri 13-Dec-13 14:23:32

A PARCEL HAS ARRIVED FOR ME! I am already crying just looking at it. I have had a difficult few weeks - moved house, had no heating or hot water for nearly 3 weeks (and worse no internet!) then they turned the cold water off yesterday as it was too dangerous to leave it on. We have had to decamp back to my mums. I also had a very painful and invasive dental surgery this morning (I am a little high - so apologies for gushing and mistakes) and returned to my mums house to her asking if I'd ordered anything...I'd completely forgotten all about it and instantly burst into happy tears.

I wanted to out myself and say a massive thank you to the person who nominated me. It means so much when you have little RL support to know there are people who may know you and care about you out there on planet Mumsnet. To my eternal shame I had no idea this gift giving even existed till I got an email. So next year I will need to keep my eyes open and get involved.

Also a big thank you to the person who sent it. I am Xmas2013MN3286 .

So Santa3286 - Am I supposed to open it now? or would you like me to keep it till xmas day? I warn you there will be more tears!

Xmas2013SantaA6900 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:23:42


I am glad you liked the parcel so much, I was hoping it would leave a smile on your faces. I also had a horrendous time between nomination and receiving last year, and I know just what the presents did to me.

I hope your dd enjoys the presents, and that the clothing fits her. I guessed at the size but felt bigger was a better idea than smaller. Have fun with the red present smile and if it will help in the run up to Christmas, open the other envelope as well. If not, keep it as your present for on the day.

I hope you have a good Christmas and the best 2015 you can.

Xmas2013MN5558 Fri 13-Dec-13 14:46:13


Thank you so much. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because of your generosity. You have put a smile on my face and shown my kids the kindness of strangers.

i will use the gift card for lovely things that I wouldn't normally buy to give us all a treat this Christmas. May all the blessings of Christmas be yours this year and may you and your lovely family have the best possible Christmas and New year.

BellaVita Fri 13-Dec-13 15:15:09

My darling *MrsKoala"

Am so pleased your parcel has arrived grin, I had to disclose the contents to the lady at the post office - they ask you now in case there are any dangerous substances enclosed! And she was like all hmm at me grin.

I am sorry you have had a difficult few weeks and I hope my gifts go a little way to brighten up the end of 2013 for you.

Do whatever you want to do re opening the box and gifts. I am happy if you are happy. Yours are wrapped. The one for your DS isn't as you will see. I wanted to make sure it was ok. If it isn't, just pm me and I will arrange for something else to be sent. It is a long time since I have had little ones, mine are now 16 and 14 so was unsure as to what to buy.

Lots of love from my house to yours, Bella (Santa3286) xxxx

BellaVita Fri 13-Dec-13 15:15:50

MrsKoala <proof read it too!!>

Xmas2013SantaA3796 Fri 13-Dec-13 16:00:42

Dear Xmas2013MN3796
I've ordered your present today and it should be with you by next Wednesday. Please use it to treat yourself (I googled the store so know you have one in your town smile)
I'm sorry it's not much but I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas

Xmas2013SantaA8066 Fri 13-Dec-13 17:44:47


I'm putting a parcel in the post for you tomorrow so look out for the postie. It's a bit big and very badly wrapped but I hope you like it.

Happy Christmas smile

Xmas2013MN4639 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:11:11


Thank you so much for the gifts you sent �� I am right in saying there was more than one? ��

Sorry it has taken me a while to post a thank you, it's has been an extremely tough time just now for my dd's and me (my mum passed away four weeks ago) but your kindness has help put a wee smile on our faces especially dd1 who is struggling a bit.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and mine thanks

Xmas2013SantaA1135 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:11:28

Xmas2013MN1135 - saw your post up thread. Has the parcel still not arrived? I'm a bit worried now as I posted another parcel, which was travelling a similar distance, at the same time, and it arrived on Monday. And the grumpy, mouthy assistant at the PO counter didn't give me a proof of postage.

Xmas2013MN2976 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:19:26

To the wonderful person who sent gifts for my children - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

My boys have been ill all week and we have been battling our local authority to get our eldest's statement of SEN amended for seven months.

Today, the local authority did just that and then your presents arrived!

The boys want to keep them until Christmas to open.....

Thank you so much for your loveliness and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

XXXX fgrin

Xmas2013MN4192 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:27:22

I'd like to say a big thank you for the two different parcels which arrived this morning, one for the children and one for me. I've hidden the posh chocolates, don't you worry fgrin. The sweets and the lovely make-up and body lotions are perfect for my two girls, absolutely spot on. I really appreciate the thought and love that has gone into them, and feel really touched.

Merry merry Christmas to my wonderful Santas! Xxx

Xmas2013MN6584 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:46:07

Xmas2013SantaA6584 The package arrived today.

Thank you so much! What a treat and I'm so grateful. I can't believe how thoughtful and generous you've been and I'm very touched.

Thank you! flowers

Xmas2013MN4975 Fri 13-Dec-13 18:46:56

The lovely book pressie to me for being nominated was lovely and I'm all fluffy about it.
The BEAUTIFUL cards and postits from Scriptum that arrived today for my kids are a REAL treat.
They will no longer steal my office ones and their snotty messages will be beautifully presented.

Xmas2013SantaA4975 Fri 13-Dec-13 19:25:14

Oh, thank goodness! Everything's ok?

When you get round to reading the book you'll find it the opposite of lovely - but it truly is one of the "reads" of my life.

I kept on filling online baskets and then abandoning them - I could weep with relief that you think the things for your Dcs are suitable. <Needy.> (I've noticed that the teens I know are obsessed with stationery - and I thought they'd probably have enough chocolate and bubble bath. )

This is my first (proper) Mumsnet Christmas - I've loved doing this. It's wonderful to be able to actually do something as a thank you to you and to the entire Mumsnet community.

Christmas hugs and wine

XMAS2013MN8723 Fri 13-Dec-13 19:37:51

Hi LargeTeaPlease bless you, thank you. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm keeping an eye out. It's extremely kind of you xxx

Xmas2013SantaB8353 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:11:39

Hi Xmas2013MN8353,

Hurrah! the parcels arrived - I just did a search on here and found your message. Phew.

Open the parcels whenever you like! Hope you like them.

Have a super super Christmas,

Love from all of us


Xmas2013MN1276 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:16:05


Thank you. I'm sat here in tears right now completely over whelmed by your thoughtfulness.

People on the outside of my life look in and think its charmed and would be very surprised to learn that the gifts you sent me will be the only ones I get and this is the first year in many many years that I've had a gift,

My extended family don't do adult gifts and since my older kids were little I've never had anybody willing or able to take them shopping so I've managed to convince them that I just don't do gifts for me because i didn't want them to be sad. obviously I've done a good job because the ones who are now adults still believe it.

It was so obvious everything you picked was considered carefully the kids will love the things you put in for them the bath bombs for ds are genius he loves lush.

Other than to once again thank you,I'm going to stop now because I'm in danger of boring everyone.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year

All my love MN1276

P.s your sons artistic talents show great promise xx

Xmas2013SantaA5957 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:20:25

Hi Xmas2013MN5957

So glad you liked the gifts.

Have a super super Christmas - you deserve to.

Much love from one household to another.


Xmas2013MN2213 Fri 13-Dec-13 20:36:00

cfc, now don't you go worrying about what you sent, because for me it was just perfect. All very, very lovely and far beyond what I would have imagined if I'd stopped to think what my expectations were! Iyswim!


TalkinPeace Fri 13-Dec-13 20:42:30

I am now a safe distance from my Xmas post.
I'm not a fluffy person.
I've no idea who nominated me.
The information I gave in my email to MNHQ was sparse

and yet the MN presents appear to be better chosen than those from my mother !
you can choose your friends, but not your family.
you lot are my imaginary friends but you are excellent.

at some stage, I'd be interested to know who nominated me
it will not affect my posting much
but may enhance my focus to help people as much as possible
(and no, I'm not a life coach, I'm a psychotic auditor - who cares)
xx TiP

SurvivalOfTheUnfittest Fri 13-Dec-13 21:03:07

Dear SantaC9256,
Thank you so much for the parcel we received this morning. Unfortunately, ds2 (aged 3.5) clearly does not take after me, as he whipped the gifts straight off to put under the tree, so I have no idea what they contain yet! Thank you for thinking of my boys and taking the time to send them gifts. Having their first Christmas without their daddy this year will be hard, but extra gifts will no doubt help me to distract them. They are really amazed to have received gifts from someone who they haven't even met!

hallowisitmeyourelookingfor Fri 13-Dec-13 21:06:25

I had no idea such a thing existed but have read through this entire thread and am filled with warm feelings about each and every one of you who have nominated, donated and received. Such amazing displays of selfless human kindness. Well done all of you, you're all very lovely smile

Xmas2013MN8196 Fri 13-Dec-13 21:12:29

Dear SantaB8196, thank you so much for the card and amazon gift card which I received today. The card made me chuckle and I am once again overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. It is the end of my second week back in the world of work, and DS2 only allowed me 3 hours sleep last night so I felt pretty awful by the end of the day. What a wonderful surprise to come home to smile Thank you very very much, I promise to try and use some of it on myself!

Xmas2013SantaA8146 Fri 13-Dec-13 21:33:32

Xmas2013MN8146 Sorry you will be receiving your envelope later than many! I sent it yesterday so you should get it soon. Have fun spending it and have a very merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN3796 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:17:18

Dear Xmas2013SantaA3796

I will keep an eye out for the post on Wednesday. Thank you so much in advance, whatever it is! fsmile

Xmas2013MN6233 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:18:47

Ok I'm in shock - I am now the overwhelmed recipient of no less than 4 boxes. I don't know what I've done to deserve this. At the moment none of them are open - as I said I don't know what I'd have done without Mumsne. It carried me through the blackest of times.

I will respond to each of my senders once our gifts are opened. I'm keeping them separate so I can try to explain to dcs how we have them.

As I have received such generosity I will be passing it on by donating some money to a charity for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

I'd like to thank all my senders from the bottom of my heart - I'm so touched to be thought of.

xmas2013MN9457 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:27:18

A big thank you for my lovely Christmas gift from xmas2013MN9457 to my Santa and to the lovely MNer who nominated me.

I shall use it to get the dcs something scrumptious.

Lord knows what I did to deserve it but it has given me a very warm Christmassy glow to receive it.

Xmas2013SantaC6233 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:27:50

Xmas2013MN6233 I am glad that they have arrived and hope that they are useable. Inside the box that isn't wrapped with brown paper there is a little treat for the DC to have now and the presents are all wrapped with a label saying who they are for.

Xmas2013SantaB6233 Sat 14-Dec-13 08:05:32

Xmas2013MN6233 I hope that mine is one that has arrived. It's a pretty battered Amazon box with duct tape. . Nothing is wrapped inside as I wasn't sure what to do. It's lots of small things for the children as my budget didn't stretch too far this year xx I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas. There was a card attached too but the lady in the post office taped it under the address label on the box, so it's there If you want a look ( basically says the same as this )

Xmas2013MN6233 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:00:26

I have it - its not opened, thank you so much, I would have been happy with a packet of sweets, I am sure it is all wonderful.

Its amazing to be so thought of - Christmas here is all me - DH does the housework, and it is lovely to have some surprises.

Xmas2013MN6233 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:09:28

I have just reserved a place via Crisis for a homeless person - crisis as our familys way of paying it forward - I am overwhelmed by all your generosity.

Thank you again.

Xmas2013MN6531 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:31:38

Dear Xmas2013SantaA6531

Thank you so, so much for the vouchers. I feel all teary and glowy. At the end of a really painful year it's so lovely to receive this, thank you for your generosity. I will use them to buy the dc something - ds wants a magic set and dd a watch so it will be perfect. Thank you again for your gift and Merry Christmas! fsmile thanks

Xmas2013MN8146 Sat 14-Dec-13 13:37:15

Dear Xmas2013SantaA8146

Thank you so much for my voucher, that is so generous of you and I will spend it with a smile fsmile

fgrin flowers fgrin flowers fgrin flowers fgrin flowers

Xmas2013SANTAD9709 Sat 14-Dec-13 13:50:27

I'm hoping that Xmas2013MN9709 got their parcel as I posted it a couple of weeks ago. Its possible that you arent able to post for whatever reason but I hope that you have a very happy Christmas.

MN6086 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:12:50

Thank you so much for my voucher. how lovely to be able to treat myself to a wee something.
Made my day.

Xmas2013SantaA5305 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:17:18

Xmas2013MN5305 I posted a package for you today, hopefully it will arrive Wed or Thur next week.

Xmas2013SantaB8196 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:20:24

Yay Xmas2013MN8196 glad it arrived ok! And make sure you do spend some of it on yourself fsmile

Xmas2013MN9413 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:39:48

Thank you my Santa A9413.

Your parcel arrived today, I'd started to irrationally fear that I'd been forgotten, because sometimes in real life, I feel a little overlooked and taken for granted. That's clearly not the case! Lovely tokens for goodies for the teenagers and a HUGE box of posh chocolates that I will try to keep for myself and snarl at the teenagers if they dare to approach...but will end up sharing, because Christmas is about sharing.

You are very kind and I'm starting to feel a bit more xmassy! fgrin

Xmas2013SantaA6531 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:44:52


I am glad that your vouchers arrived safely and that you have something in mind for your DC to buy with them.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

I was a nominee last year and it was lovely to receive a gift from somebody after a really crap year.


Xmas2013MN6539 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:41:39

Thank you so very much Xmas2013SANTA6539 for my lovely gift that arrived this morning.

I am utterly overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.

I am humbled.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart thanks

Xmas2013SantaA8871 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:52:38

Just wanted to flag to Xmas2013MN8871 that some stuff is finally underway to you, I am afraid it will arrive in bits and pieces as some is coming from amazon and some direct so I hope the whole delivery thing won't be too painful! Really sorry it is so late, I just didn't clock that the matches had gone out.

Xmas2013SantaA8871 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:54:31

Oh and if you are reading none of the stuff for the children is wrapped as wanted you to be able to edit if you wanted to. If it's wrapped it is for you!

Dysgu Sat 14-Dec-13 19:25:36

I posted parcels today but I don't know how to name change?! Can anyone help please?

Xmas2013SantaA4015 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:30:55

Just wanted to say to Xmas2013MNA4015 that I sent you something this morning - but I have forgotten the A in the secret code name! I am sure it will still get to you.... It should arrive in the middle of next week, I hope. Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013SantaA2739 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:33:56

Just wanted to say to Xmas2013MNA2739 that I sent you something this morning - but I have forgotten the A in the secret code name! I am sure it will still get to you.... It should arrive in the middle of next week, I hope. Merry Christmas!

Xmas2013MN7256 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:36:00

To Xmas2013SantaA7256 (hope I got that right!)

Thank you thank you thank you for the card and voucher! It made my day when it arrived today and I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat grin

I'm not entirely sure what to do with it - it's rare to have a voucher to spend IYSWIM! Thinking maybe a game to enjoy all together?

Thanks again thanks smile xx

Xmas2013MN3686 Sat 14-Dec-13 20:06:34

Hi Xmas2013Santa3686 thank you so much for my voucher.
The post man caught me off guard with it on my way to the supermarket this lunch time.
It means I can get a few extra presents for baby DD that I'd been eyeing up but couldn't justify buying.
It really is wonderful and means so much to me that someone I don't know could be so kind.
Thank you again xxx

Xmas2013MN8871 Sat 14-Dec-13 20:47:22

Santa8871, thanks for letting me know. Don't worry about the timings as it doesn't feel late to me & amazon are pretty quick!
I'm just surprised (& very grateful) to be nominated.

Xmas2013MN9136 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:24:53

Dear Xmas2013SantaA9136,

Your parcel arrived today and I am absolutely blown away by your generosity! Thank you so much as it just made my day opening that parcel and the children will absolutely love the gifts as I do mine.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. With love from MN9136 and family smile

Xmas2013MN9136 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:31:15

Also, to the poster who has sent a present for my DD, there was no Santa number on it, so if you have sent my DD a present wrapped in red paper with gold writing, thank you so much too smile

Xmas2013SantaB3686 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:46:31


Phew - I'm so glad the voucher is okay. I really wanted to actually get a physical present for you/your DD but I'm afraid life is completely hectic at the moment and I never got the chance and then I was worried that I'd not even get that sent to you in time so I panicked! blush

(And come along to the MN meet up next month!) grin

SantaA9413 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:49:26

Glad your parcel arrived !
Sorry it was a bit tardy , all of a sudden it was mid December - don't know where the days have gone ! fblush
Have a great Christmas !

Xmas2013SantaA7270 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:06:12


So glad your DC liked their gifts - I had great fun choosing them! There is also something in the post for you alone, was posted first class on Thursday night smile

Xmas2013MN6474 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:28:29

Xmas2013Santa6474 thanks for your message I will let you know when it arrives! I myself will get it 23 December. Thank you so much! xxxx

CherryHaribo Sat 14-Dec-13 22:43:11

Xmas2013MN3637 here.

Thank you thank you thank you to our wonderful donator. The presents were just wonderful and perfect in every way.

I am utterly overwhelmed to have received them and it was just so amazing to explain to the dds that someone who we have never met has been kind enough to spoil us this Christmas.

We can't thank you enough whoever you are.

xmas2013MN2739 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:51:55

That's so kind of you, xmas2013SantaA2739. I'll be sure to let you know it arrived safely. I hope you are well and have a fabulous Christmas.

Xmas2013MN2657 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:59:15


Thank you so very much for your gift which arrived on Thursday. The two books are perfect for my DCs and it's lovely to have an Amazon voucher all to myself!

Thank you very much, and Happy Christmas to you x

Xmas2013SantaA3637 Sun 15-Dec-13 06:50:33

MN3637 oh phew, I'm so glad you got them, I had visions of the post office holding them to random!

Glad the books were appropriate, I don't know anyone with children those ages so was worrying they were completely off the mark.

Have a wonderful Christmas, an amazing new year, and here's to a fabulous 2014 thanks

Xmas2013mn2976 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:22:33

Can I ask how you know your Sanaa's nickname?

FruOla Sun 15-Dec-13 08:31:08

"Can I ask how you know your Sanaa's nickname?"

You don't, unless they choose to tell you who they are.

Some Santas might put their NN in a card with their gift, or post on here in their usual NN, but include their Santa number too - and some don't!

You could PM your Santa asking for their NN, but they may choose to remain anonymous.

Xmas2013mn2976 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:39:00

No, I don't mean their 'real' MN nickname, I mean their Santa nickname.

I can see they have the same last four digits but there are xmas2013santaA.... Or SantaB or santaC

How did people know?

MN A 2161 i hope your gift has arrived now as it was posted on Tuesday

FruOla Sun 15-Dec-13 08:48:50

Ah, OK, sorry fblush

Well, they should be Xmas2013Santa2976, in your case - as you say.

But it's possible you might have an A, B and even a C. I think in the case of MNers receiving gifts from more than one Santa it's almost impossible to tell - unless they put a note in with your gift from, say, Xmas2013SantaB2976. Or they've posted on here mentioning something they've sent you.

Xmas2013mn2976 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:53:16

Thanks so much for the explanation!!

HanneHolm Sun 15-Dec-13 09:13:49

thanks to the person who rather inexplicable nominated me under a different name - think maybe I was jaquelinehyde?

it was very kind and the gift has already been redeemed in the form of xmas snackerels and goodies.



scarlotti Sun 15-Dec-13 10:14:31

mn2796 - onthe message we were sent with our recipient's details there was a label we could print out to use. At the bottom was the full santa name including the a, b, c etc. I know sone Santa's write their own labels though so that the parcels don't get stuck at the post office smile

Xmas2013SantaA5293 Sun 15-Dec-13 10:19:20


Did you get your gift? I posted it nearly 10 days ago now.

BellaVita Sun 15-Dec-13 10:19:36

I love the word "snackerels" Jaq Hanne!

XMAS2013MN4509 Sun 15-Dec-13 10:48:53

Dear SantaA4509

Thank you so very much for my JL voucher. I will really enjoy browsing and choosing a lovely treat fgrin

Sorry for the delayed 'Thank you' - I had an electrician here last week sorting out a problem and he picked up the post off the floor and put it on a little dresser and a couple of things had fallen down the back - unfortunately not bills!! fgrin I found it this morning!

I posted a 'Thank you' re my nomination under my regular posting name, but just wanted to say again how lovely it is to receive the nomination - as well as a lovely surprise in the post!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you! (all!)

LEMisafucker Sun 15-Dec-13 11:32:46

I have appeared to have lost my santa number and haven't received anythng yet so am worried that it has got lost. How can i find out? I am not worried about recieving anything but would hate for someone to have sent me something and its got lost in the post.

OodKingWenceslas Sun 15-Dec-13 11:47:37

If you go into my mumsnet and check your nickname history your namechange is in there with your number on.

Sillybillybob Sun 15-Dec-13 12:03:17

I haven't sent my parcel out yet...

LEMisafucker Sun 15-Dec-13 12:04:51

Thanks Oodking x

Xmas2013MN8586 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:08:25

Hello MN8586 here - just to say that if you have sent me something over the last week or so, i haven't recieved anything (this is awkwardblush) and just wanted to let you know in case its lost in the post

Xmas2013MN4936 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:10:12

Hello to my Secret Santa smile

Well that was a surprise! I didn't know Royal Mail delivered on a Sunday. What a lovely way to find out.

Thank you so much, that was very generous of you. The bracelet is exactly right to match my outfit for the works Christmas party on Wednesday and I will be tellng everyone exactly how I got it smile

I'm afraid the chocolates have already been appropriated by the DC - but I will fight for them later (or buy more with the voucher!)

I really do appreciate this gift, I was astounded and overjoyed to be nominated and this has just made my day, so thank you very very much. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and even better new year thanks

MrsBramleyApple Sun 15-Dec-13 12:23:37

Hi I am another who thinks my gift may be lost??? I am Xmas2013MN6466................... sad

Coconutty Sun 15-Dec-13 12:28:47

Lovely thread xx

Xmas2013SantaA7256 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:32:16

I'm glad my gift arrived safely - enjoy using it, and have a lovely christmas!

BIWI Sun 15-Dec-13 12:36:06

Anybody who was nominated or donated will have had a PM from MNHQ with the details - so check your inbox - and you will also have a nickname reserved for you which has your Christmas name/number in it, in your dropdown list of nicknames

Xmas2013SantaA4936 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:37:25

<waves to Xmas2013MN4936 >

So glad it arrived safely-I sent it recorded just in case. Post on a Sunday-brilliant! fgrin

Happy Christmas to you and your family xxxx fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA8586 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:40:15

Hi MN8586, that's a great coincidence that I searched for messages from you a few minutes after you posted (then it has taken me 15 mins to change my username!) I didn't manage to send your parcel till the end of last week sorry, a combination of being really busy and being in denial about how close Christmas is. I have sent it using parcel force, just checked the tracking and it says that it is on the van ready for delivery, so hopefully it will be with you tomorrow. I hope that you have a great Christmas

Xmas2013MN8908 Sun 15-Dec-13 13:20:14

Hello to my lovely Santa.
I am so grateful for such a lovely package which just arrived. The hat & gloves set you sent for my girls are just exactly right. They always seem to be losing their little gloves!
It was so very generous of you to send the voucher. I will choose something lovely for us all to enjoy as a family and am thinking maybe a DVD and a game. I'll explain to my girls that a lovely person we don't know was so incredibly kind to buy it for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you and your family have a really, really happy Christmas xxx

Xmas2013MN2559 Sun 15-Dec-13 13:25:21

dear secret santa

thank you for my MOST generous gift. I dont deserve it at all, but obviously have managed to spend it all on xmas goodies for us all

Lots of love


Woolfey Sun 15-Dec-13 13:27:07

I haven't name changed for this because I wanted the person who nominated me to know who I am. I have no idea who nominated me or why but I just wanted to say to them that it means so much to me. I had no idea MN did this until I received a message from them saying I'd been nominated. It touched me so much to know that for whatever reason I have had a positive affect on someone. I received a wonderful package from a very generous Mumsnetter. Anyway whoever you are I hope you have a very, very happy Christmas! fsmile

And thank you to MN HQ for organising it all thanks

Galena Sun 15-Dec-13 13:43:21

Woolfy, if you pop your Secret Santa name in your message, your sender will be able to see it too - Donors are not told names.

Woolfey Sun 15-Dec-13 14:41:09

Sorry should have said, I've posted a thank you message to my donor separately using my secret santa name.

Galena Sun 15-Dec-13 14:42:28

Ahhhhhh, makes sense now - sorry! smile

Xmas2013SantaA4407 Sun 15-Dec-13 14:51:31

Just a quick note to Xmas2013MN4407 that your parcel is on the way-posted 1st class yesterday so I hope it arrives soon. It's later than I had intended but I hope it's ok!

Xmas2013MN9001 Sun 15-Dec-13 15:31:18


I know I said I was going to wait until Christmas Day to open my gift - but I'm too impatient for that so I opened it today! Suffice to say I am incredibly stunned and humbled by your amazing generosity towards somebody you have never met. I am going to use the voucher to treat me and DS to some lovely Christmas treats and also to stock up on essentials, which will help us out massively. I cannot thank you or my nominator enough thanks

XMAS2013MN6357 Sun 15-Dec-13 18:48:02

I too am concerned that someone will think they have not been thanked. But nothing so far has been received. I am happy just to of been nominated , for what reason I have no knowledge

Xmas2013SantaA6510 Sun 15-Dec-13 19:11:45

I forgot to say in my card, that I have sent you gifts with paper, so that you can wrap as you choose! Please don't think that you have to wait until Christmas day until you open the box!

I hope you enjoy both opening it and also wrapping the bits and pieces. The parcel was posted on Friday, so hopefully you should get it some time next week.

Happy Christmas! I loved shopping for you and your family. xxx

Xmas2013MN8066 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:02:36

Thank you to whoever nominated me - it was really kind of you and totally unexpected.
To my donator- thank you very much for your message I will keep an eye and ear open for a knock on the door and will let you know as soon as your lovely Christmas parcel arrives.

Happy Christmas to everyone x fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA9900 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:05:13


Your package is on its way or should be with you now. Completely forgot to put a message in! Sorry it isn't very exciting!

Xmas2013MN1953 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:44:49

A thank you from me to Xmas2013SantaC1953.

Your gift token arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for your kindness. I shall enjoy spending it.

Xmas2013SantaB7844 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:47:56

Message to Xmas2013MN7844. Sorry that you haven't had a parcel from me yet. I now have it sorted and it should arrive later this week.

JaquelineHyde Sun 15-Dec-13 22:50:26

Can I just point out that I have been me for about 5-6yrs now and have at no point been known as HanneHolm.

Sorry just wanted to make that clear for anyone who knows me, I don't want anyone thinking me and HanneHolm are the same person it could get quite confusing. fsmile

As you were.

Xmas2013MN7213 Sun 15-Dec-13 23:14:56

Big thank you to MNHQ for organising this and to M&S who sent the parcel. The DCs especially loved the new baubles and enjoyed decorating the tree this weekend.

Thank you to the person who nominated me. You have been a great friend through this last tough year. I only hope I have less to moan to you about next year fgrin

BellaVita Mon 16-Dec-13 06:54:09

And I thought Jaq that was you ^ up there shock. How odd that they think they had your name.

Wondering if MN9175 had received anything yet! DH posted it for me the week before last but am now worried it hasn't arrived. Fingers crossed!

Xmas2013SantaA7938 Mon 16-Dec-13 10:12:51

Posted a parcel last week for you, Xmas2013MN7938, do pop on here somewhen and let me know you received it ok?

Having read the comments about the helpful folk at some POs, I'm worrying that they might not let you have it, if it got returned to the sorting office, as I just addressed it to 'The MumsNetter of the House' and no return address. Show them this thread, if they give you any grief fsmile

Xmas2013SantaB2976 Mon 16-Dec-13 10:27:27

To Xmas2013MN2976

I hope the gifts are suitable for your boys, I have popped something (very small) in the post for you today- should have been in the parcel, but I might have accidentally eaten it fblush
Don't get too excited, it's very boring.

Merry Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaB8275 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:09:07

Hello Xmas2013MN8275! Your little Christmas bundle is now on it's way so keep an ear out for the postman as it won't fit through the letter box smile

Xmas2013SantaA7877 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:11:15

Xmas2013MN7877 Hope my package arrived safely, it was posted at the beginning of last week. fsmile

Xmas2013SantaA7983 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:12:36

Xmas2013MN7983 - I've just posted a package to you special delivery so it should be with you tomorrow.

Today was the first day I could get to the post office and I apologise in advance if you aren't in and end up having to queue at the collection office to get hold of it but didn't want to risk it going missing.

Xmas2013MN4057 Mon 16-Dec-13 12:39:56

( 0670 )? <finally wades through the very dusty room to post>

I was so dusty eyed, and then wrote to MN that there must be a mistake! They assured me there was not, I was back to wiping the dust from my eyes again.

The year being hard to recognise any positives with such negatives and struggling so much against the tide, but when something like this happens, just all woo and wow.

There are some truly amazing people in the world and I want to thank so much the amazing people that nominated/gifted me/us this Christmas.

I have so far opened a gift card not realising it was a gift card, but an xmas card, so I can say a huge thank you for making me go to M&S (at some point soon smile ) to find something for ME! fgrin

DD [and DCAT] been pulling at the corners of her parcel [fexcited]

just, thank you really! It was huge to be nominated and kind, generous, thoughtful gift. Thank you. I will be back again with post xmas day thoughts and appreciations.

<liberally showers MN and the best of humanity with Christmas sparkles all around>

<bows out dusty-eyed, apologising for overlong post!>

Xmas2013MN8586 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:07:39

Today my DD is off school with a really nasty bug, she was so poorly yesterday and feeling properly sorry for herself, thankfully much brighter today. There was a knock at the door and i had a feeling what it might be - didn't say anything to DD. There is a parcel wrapped in xmas paper so of course she is there with "who is that for mummy" Not knowing what to expect I said i wasn't sure - I wish I had a camera ready to record the surprise and happy confusion on her face - a present for her, lovingly wrapped - then she is overjoyed because apparently she has always wanted that game (i'll admit i haven't seen it before) So thank you for that - thankyou for making my DD's day. She is sat with the game set up ready to go grin waiting for mummy to get that bit of dust out of her eye and play too smile I told her i had a very important message to send first.

There was more - I don't know what to say - I am honestly speechless (well clearly not!). THANKYOU SantaA8586 I am truly overwhelmed, I hope that you don't mind that I was like a big kid and couldn't wait til xmas grin

This is an amazing thing - I will be dontating next year, today I you have made me feel so happy and I want to do the same for someone next year.

Thank you secret santa and thank you mumsnet - sorry if this is all a bit OTT and gushy but that is how i am feeling just now grin Its been a tough year, today I am feeling positive smile

Xmas2013SantaA3686 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:44:59

Just to say MNA3686 you have nit been forgotten, and I promise something will be on its way to you ASAP! fblush

Xmas2013SantaC5165 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:49:24


I've already seen a post by another donator to this recipient but haven't yet seen any replies. I posted a parcel last Saturday so it should have been received by now.

Could Xmas2013MN5165 let us know that she's received her parcels safely? Mine was just some bits and pieces I'm afraid, nothing that will make a huge difference I know, but I hope you've received it all safely.

Xmas2013MN7918 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:08:17

namechange check smile

Xmas2013SantaA6344 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:14:58

Xmas2013SantaA6344 Just checking if you received your gift from me (the A secret santa not B or C). It was scheduled to arrive on Monday 9 December?

Xmas2013MN7918 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:17:00

Yay! Ive just spent 40 minutes figuring out how to namechange after firing up the ancient laptop smile
I just want to say thank you so so much to whoever sent me such a lovely parcel, its so thoughtful. The coat is amazing an my ds loves it, and has starting wearing it already, and they both loved the magazines smile The voucher was amazingly generous, I have to confess to a little happy cry when it arrived.
THANK YOU so much smile smile know your parcel and generosity was so so appreciated. I hope you have a amazing Christmas and all your dreams come true in the new year.

Also thanks to whoever nominated me, I have received such support on this site and it makes me very happy to think I may have helped someone else in any small way.

Xmas2013SantaA6344 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:18:24

Sorry, my message was for Xmas2013MN6344

Xmas2013SantaA8908 Mon 16-Dec-13 14:23:15

Hi Xmas2013MN8908

So glad you received your parcel and were happy with the contents!
Will be thinking of you on Christmas Day fsmile

JaquelineHyde Mon 16-Dec-13 15:05:20

Bella I know it is all a bit confusing, so I thought I had better say something!

Xmas2013MN6474 Mon 16-Dec-13 16:14:06

Thank you Santa2013MN6474 my dad tells me TWO parcels have been received! We will probably open them Christmas Eve and I will then post again. Thank you so much for being such a kind and generous spirit xx

Xmas2013MN8908 Mon 16-Dec-13 16:52:42

Xmas2013SantaA8908 I will be thinking of you on Christmas Day too. I have a wonderful family that I will be spending Christmas Day with but it will always be a difficult time for me remembering those I have lost. Your kindness and lovely message has really touched me and I admit I may have shed a few tears [soppy sod].
Merry Christmas fsmile xx

XMAS2013MN7877 Mon 16-Dec-13 17:10:37

MN7877 here, - I want to say the biggest thank you to three wonderful secret Santas - I am absolutely overwhelmed by your kindness, and more touched than I can say.

I must apologise for my slowness in thanking you (I was awayfrom home when parcels arrived, as my Mother has been in hospital, so I wasn't able to post)

I am saving my presents for Christmas day, and I will thank you all properly when I have opened them -I just wanted to let you know they have arrived and are greatly appreciated.

I'm a regular poster, and have been through a very tough time this year, your gifts and your thoughtfulness mean so much to me, Mumsnetters truly are amazing people.

Much love and Merry Christmas xxxx

Xmas2013MN9175 Mon 16-Dec-13 19:05:58

Thank you thank you thank you to my Secret Santa. I have had a very tough year and it was wonderful to find out I had been nominated but even more wonderful to receive a surprise parcel. I have opened the box but not unwrapped anything iyswim but I suspect you have picked just the right things to make my family happy on Christmas Day.

Xmas2013MN6344 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:04:57

Dear lovely lovely SantaA6344, I'm so sorry it has taken me a week to post here - your massively generous Amazon voucher gift has indeed arrived. The box it is in is so nice I shall be keeping it too! I was bowled over. And your little message was lovely. Thank you SO much! I hope you have a brilliant Christmas.

I was speechless to receive another gift today - thank you SO much also to dear SantaD6344. Your Boots voucher was such a generous gift and will be well used, and the little parcel of bits and pieces is AWESOME, the DCs will absolutely love it. The space pen may even get DS to enjoy handwriting practice! I hope you also have a brilliant Christmas.

Every day hurts at the moment, and there's no end in sight to that. But there is joy in every day too. Thanks to you both for bringing joy to our house two Mondays in a row thanks thanks

Xmas2013MN6344 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:12:23

I was just thinking that I'll always remember the year that I received delightful surprise gifts from lovely Mumsnetters. How nice to have a thoroughly GOOD thing to remember about this year smile

Xmas2013SantaA6474 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:28:48

MN6474 - I think you have 2 Santas smile

I am SantaA and did only post 1 small package, you must also have a SantaB.

Happy Christmas fgrin

Xmas2013MN3408 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:45:20

Dear Xmas2013Santa3408

Your gift arrived today - had just driven home in the dark and rain having had a bit of a crappy day at work & feeling like a bad mum as I had to miss a Christmas event at school today.

I opened the post on the mat when I got in, and I honestly stood there and cried happy tears in the hallway. The family all gathered around to ask what was wrong and I explained that these were not sad tears, these were happy tears because someone had done a very kind thing for our family. DD (10) gave me a cuddle and said how lovely you were, and DS (4) ran around yelling "Happy tears! Happy tears!"

I am so very touched and grateful, not just for your gift and your thoughtfulness, but also that you allowed my kids to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. It's powerful stuff and I have a feeling they are going to remember the Christmas that their Mum had "Happy tears!"

(Your real name was on the receipt, too - I will keep it private of course, but in a strange twist of fate you happen to have the same name as a lovely girl who saved a place for me on the school bus for 2 whole years because I was a bit geeky and shy!)

From one mum to another, thank you once again "J" and a very happy Christmas to you and your family.

Much love, "E"


Xmas2013MN3408 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:54:21

(Also I loved that mine was addressed to "The Mumsnetter of the house!" fsmile )

Xmas2013santaA1430 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:08:44

Xmas2013mn1430 I posted your gift on Friday. I hope you like them and merry christmas

Xmas2013MN6474 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:13:31

Oh goodness I should RTFT! Didn't realise you could have 2 santas. That's...well...lovely! So thank you very much Santa A and Santa B and apologies for lumping you in together xx

Xmas2013SantaA7428 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:18:58

To Xmas2013MN7428

I'm not in the UK so you would have received my gift directly from the supplier - could you let me know if you've got it? Just so I know it hasn't gone astray. smile

Xmas2013SantaB4015 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:34:10

Xmas2013MN4015 I posted your parcel off this morning. It should be with you soon! grin

Xmas2013mn2976 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:52:28


Thank you so much. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Xmas2013SantaA7918 Mon 16-Dec-13 23:31:41

I am so pleased that the coat fitted Xmas2013MN7918. The coat was the thing that we had that we could donate so please apologise to your DD that I didn't have something exciting for her too. I'm glad as well that the magazines were ok, my DS always picks magazines just for the freebies on the front so that was my thinking in picking those!
Have an awesome Christmas smile

SallyBear Tue 17-Dec-13 00:19:18

Such a lovely thread. smile

Xmas2013SantaA2373 Tue 17-Dec-13 00:19:48

Xmas2013MN2373 - just to let you know your parcel was posted today so you should get it this week fsmile

Xmas2013MN4057 Tue 17-Dec-13 00:49:48

( 0670 ) the special thing, apart from the feeling of discovering i'd been nominated of course, and receiving lovely gifts , as yet unknown, apart from the generous voucher, was the envelope addressed to "a special mumsnetter". I am so touched by the lovely feelings, and the lovely thread /postings here.

scarlotti Tue 17-Dec-13 07:52:27

XmasMN4220 - just wondered if you'd got my parcel yet? I saw your post to your B4220 santa below and am a bit worried as i posted my parcel on the same day. Mine was in a jiffy bag with an mn printed label on it ... am so hoping it's not got lost in the post

scarlotti Tue 17-Dec-13 07:53:21

sorry... should have added that I'm C4220 - can't name change on my phone!

Xmas2013SantaB6539 Tue 17-Dec-13 08:02:39

Xmas2013MN6539 a box of goodies for your DC is winging it's way to you now. Please try to let me know that it arrives safe and sound. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Xmas2013MN1764 Tue 17-Dec-13 09:49:10


Your parcel arrived safely yesterday. Thank you so much for the generous voucher, I'll put it to good use! smile We're spending Christmas with my in-laws this year so the stockings and presents will travel with us and be opened on Christmas morning (I hope that's ok?). They look wonderful.

Oh and the children love the bubble wrap! grin

Xmas2013SantaA4714 Tue 17-Dec-13 10:29:02

To Xmas2013MN4714

As the world's least organised Christmas shopper, I have finally posted your parcel yesterday. It's only small and not on the scale of some of the lovely things being talked about here blush but I do hope you and your family enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas. All the best to you all!

MN8267 Tue 17-Dec-13 11:58:11

<<wipes away snotty, blobby tears>>

There are no words to express my thanks to SantaA8267 - a heavy parcel just arrived filled with lovely gifts - none of which are going to be opened before Xmas Day!!! smile

We have had an awful year - filled with money worries but, more importantly, with both my parents being very poorly. They have very litle time left with us.

Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful gesture. Your parcel has lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Much love to you and yours xxx

Xmas2013SantaA3408 Tue 17-Dec-13 12:20:51

To Xmas2013MNA3408 - I'm glad it turned up and glad (I think!) that it made you cry happy tears. Apologies that my name was in there - I had a bit of a fat fingered moment when ordering. I am intrigued though as I grew up not a million miles away from you, although I cannot believe you were as geeky and shy as me. Anyway, have a really lovely Christmas! xx

thegreylady Tue 17-Dec-13 12:52:46

I can't work out how to namechange though I have done it before and I want to apologise for forgetting to enclose the card/voucher which I have just found with some other presents.
If you have ds1 and ds2 and have received two smallish gifts and no card I am sorry smile It will come.

Xmas2013MN8871 Tue 17-Dec-13 13:45:49

Got a very heavy packet through the door this morning. Obviously an experienced Santa as they've sent the very thing you realise you've run out of at 8pm on Xmas eve. 2 packs of AA batteries! Fab!

Xmas2013SantaB4407 Tue 17-Dec-13 13:54:54

Xmas2013Santa4407 - have posted yesterday first class, a bit later than I intended sorry but hopefully you should get it in the next day or so!

Xmas2013MN5702 Tue 17-Dec-13 14:31:09

Hello. Im not sure if my parcel has been posted yet but just in case it has I didn't want you to think that I wasn't thanking you. It's just nothing has arrived as yet blush I was amazed to be nominated and that alone is a lovely feeling. I hope nothing has been lost in the post.

mn2161 I am Santa A I am getting a bit worried my parcel v
has gone missing if you get chance to pop on even if just to say it's been received I'd really appreciate it

Xmas2013SantaC1764 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:07:09


so glad you received the parcel, its nothing huge for the dc's but mine are all older so had no idea what to get. the parcel for you is edibles, as are the contents of the stockings. just to be warned, the teddies in the top of the stocking play carols, so have fun with them fgrin hope you get something nice with the voucher, am just sorry i couldnt afford to give more. merry christmas fsmile

Xmas2013MN4714 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:07:18

SantaA4714, many thanks for your kindness, I shall look out for your parcel. I didn't even know about the Christmas Appeal, so it was a lovely surprise to be nominated. It has been a hard year and I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas with DC. I am sure we will enjoy whatever you have sent, I will let you know when it has arrived. Thank you thanks

Xmas2013MN1177 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:38:28

Hi just today thanks to whoever nominated me and whoever sent the box of chocolates. I can't eat them as they are all pretty boozey and I'm a recovering alcoholic but I'll see if I can find someone to give them away to.

Xmas2013SantaB1764 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:41:52


Just a quick note to let you know that a special something is heading your way.
Hope you and the DC have a Merry Christmas. (And any other special days that happen to fall over the Xmas period...wink)

Celebmum x

Xmas2013SantaB1764 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:46:34

Oh baubles!!! I went to all the bother of bloomin name changing (cant do on phone so had to find a desk top) and then bloomin signed the post of with my username!! fblush