Easy festive sweet recipes?

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ChestyNut Sat 31-Aug-13 18:14:13

Am thinking about making some festive treats to take for family when we deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

but I'm not the worlds best cook.

Does anyone have any tried and tested easy festive sweet ideas?

DSJamesHathaway Sat 31-Aug-13 19:16:39

I'm afraid I don't have any recipes to share yet but I am planning on making marshmallows and honeycomb this year for Christmas

ChestyNut Sat 31-Aug-13 19:52:50

Oooh they sound nice smile

DSJamesHathaway Sat 31-Aug-13 19:59:50

My problem is I watch GBBO and they make these kind of things look easy.

PurpleGeekyGirl Sat 31-Aug-13 20:03:04

I usually make hampers for people and always include sweets in them. Things like coconut ice and peppermint creams are ridiculously easy, and some fudges that use marshmallows as a base are a lot easier than burning attempting proper fudge. There's some easy recipes here

somewheresomehow Sat 31-Aug-13 20:03:47

hi, my dd makes shortbread (so easy to do just dont let them go brown they need to be pale or they are hard) and/chocolate truffles (made with or without alcohol)

Foxred10 Sat 31-Aug-13 20:05:21

Nigella's chocolate pistachio fudge is ridiculously easy and SO good, I make it every Christmas now, ditto Tana Ramsay's shortbread recipe, rolled out and cut into festive shapes instead of baked in a tin

Delia Smiths marzipan recipe (I use Amarretto instead of sherry or brandy) rolled into small balls, top with a walnut piece or a glace cherry and dip in plain chocolate.

iloveholidays Sat 31-Aug-13 20:43:04

Watching with interest, would love to make some hampers with really easy homemade gifts from the DDs. Thinking of cookie mix, peppermint creams and coconut ice so far.

ChestyNut Tue 03-Sep-13 14:45:26

Have seen some easy fudge recipes smile

Some lovely little festive cellophane bags on amazon I might get too.

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 14:50:53

I have a really good gingerbread recipe. if you want it let me know please - it takes a while to type it in...

CeliaFate Tue 03-Sep-13 15:01:16

Nigella's festive rocky road is totally simple.

iloveholidays Tue 03-Sep-13 15:17:20

chesty can you link to the bags please?

iloveholidays Tue 03-Sep-13 15:24:37

sorry chesty, I was being silly just found lots which look good. Can't believe how excited I'm getting this year!

DTisMYdoctor Tue 03-Sep-13 16:09:32

ZingWAntsCake - I'd really appreciate if you typed out your gingerbread recipe, I'm on the search for a good one.

ChestyNut Tue 03-Sep-13 16:45:43

Me too zing

Oooh that's fab celia I'd looked at delia but couldn't find much online.

holidays the ones I saw are clear with christmas trees and candy canes on grin

Would be ok for snowman soup too!

ZingWantsCake Tue 03-Sep-13 17:01:48

yes, will do, it's very good.

last Christmas we built a whole castle out of ginger biscuits (about 12 batches! ) plus a few Christmas trees to give away.

crap, battery's running out. will do it tonight and will link pics too.

ChestyNut Tue 03-Sep-13 17:14:50

Any photos zing?

ZingWantsCake Thu 05-Sep-13 13:42:45

sorry, sorry

I haven't forgotten, but been unwell - I'll give you the recipe tomorrow and will link photos of gingerbread castle.
needless to say, but I have to brag - DS1 won the competition! grin

ChestyNut Thu 05-Sep-13 17:37:11

chestywantsgingerbread grin

ZingWantsCake Thu 05-Sep-13 17:39:54

I like it!

go on, do it! grin

GemmaTeller Thu 05-Sep-13 17:50:07

I made these chocolate heart candy canes last christmas, they were easy and turned out exactly as the picture...


ChestyNut Thu 05-Sep-13 18:40:58

Might save it for christmas zing grin

Ill have a look gemma thanks

Katieweasel Thu 05-Sep-13 19:24:04

We make christmas bark. Melt chocolate, usually milk and white. Drizzle on tin foil lined baking tray. Use a fork to make nice swirly patterns. Then add mini marshmallows, fudge pieces, honeycomb bits extra. Let it harden in the fridge. Then break into pieces and wrap in christmas cellophane bags.

LoganMummy Thu 05-Sep-13 19:28:46

For super easy, but impressive looking sweets use chocolate transfer sheets. Melt some (good quality) chocolate and spoon onto transfer sheets, disc shapes usually work well. Allow to dry - it's that easy!
I get mine from Amazon.

We make bark too! We do milk chocolate, let it harden then whit choc on top and candy canes all broken up and sprinkled on top and a bit of edible glitter on top too. Then when it's set break it up and put it in bags. It looks very festive!

Zeeky Thu 05-Sep-13 22:00:12

I make the bark with the crushed candy canes on top too - it's delish! I get the choc from Aldi or Lidl as it's really creamy but cheap.

WholeLottaRosie Fri 06-Sep-13 10:23:38

Rolo pretzels really easy and taste nicer than they sound (American recipe so be careful with oven temp as given in F)

Oreo truffles are also very easy but they need to be kept in fridge. Crushed oreos mixed with Philadelphia and shaped into balls, then coated with melted chocolate.

ChestyNut Mon 09-Sep-13 18:58:26

Have seen a recipe for white chocolate fudge that looks easy.

Also might give white chocolate bark with cranberries and pistachios a whirl.


DoItTooJulia Mon 09-Sep-13 19:03:57

I have found a basic biscotti dough recipe. You then add whatever ingredients you like, so could add cranberries, all spice and candied peel to make Christmassy!

Do you want the recipe?

dufflefluffle Mon 09-Sep-13 19:04:05

Nigella's chocolate peanut butter cups (I think it's in her christmas book) are amazing.

Slainte Tue 10-Sep-13 07:26:24

Yes please Julia.

DoItTooJulia Tue 10-Sep-13 14:56:51

250g plain flour
Half tsp baking powder
250g caster sugar
2-3 beaten eggs.
mix the dry ingredients.
Add the beaten egg one at a time, until combined.
The dough shouldn't be sticky.

Now you can add flavourings.

For this quantity it's roughly 325g of others. So 20og skinned hazelnuts, 125g dates and the zest of a lemon.

To make chocolate ones you add 50-100g melted chocolate and and extra 30 g flour. You will prob need one egg less too.

Knead gently, roll into a log and bake on 140 for at least30 mins.
Remove from oven, let cool for 10 mins.

Slice on the diagonal, return to oven cut sides up. Cook for a further10-20 mins, turning half way through. The biscuits should be totally dry.

They store well!

AlpacaPicnic Tue 10-Sep-13 20:20:20

My easy-peasy, very naughty Baileys Fudge recipe...

Melt 4 cups (roughly 4 x 100g bars) of very dark chocolate.
Mix 3 cups of Icing sugar with 1 cup of Baileys, until very smooth. Stir in melted chocolate until completely combined. Pour into double cling film lined tin, chill in fridge until set solid. Cut into quite small pieces... it is very rich and very alcoholic! hide and eat all yourself


ZingWantsCake Tue 10-Sep-13 20:49:18


that sound yum!

Is a cup of icing sugar also 100g?
and what volume in ml is a cup of Bailey's?

ZingWantsCake Tue 10-Sep-13 20:51:24

I can't access photos as DH is in the middle of some family tree related stuff, [annoyed] but I promise I will post gingerbread recipe with the photos as soon as I can.

so sorry for delay.

AlpacaPicnic Tue 10-Sep-13 21:01:21

Zing - i use standard american measuring cups... but tbh its more about volume and quantities and percentages. If you use the same cup for each measure it should be fine... she says!

AlpacaPicnic Tue 10-Sep-13 21:03:31

Meant to say - in my standard measuring cups 1 cup of broken up chocolate = 1 x 100g bar which is how I came up with that. If you use chocolate chips you should be able to just scoop.

Slainte Wed 11-Sep-13 22:44:29

Thanks Julia thanks

ChestyNut Sun 15-Sep-13 17:33:20

Any photos yet zing?

Think the bark is a definite and maybe nigellas rocky road?

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 18:07:42


DH is sorting out flickr account.

we forgot the password and to reset the password it is asking us to fill in the last password we remember!
angry grin

just useless

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 18:20:58

Gingerbread biscuits recipe:

measure all ingredients into a large bowl

- 350 g plain flour
- 175g light brown sugar
- 100g softened butter
- 1 egg
- 4 tbsp (60 ml) golden syrup
- 3 tsp ground ginger
- 1 tsp bicarb

(can add grated rind of one lemon or orange)

combine all ingredients, it will take a minute, but the whole thing will eventually come together into a large blob of dough.

at this point you can freeze it or put it in the fridge - it will keep for 2-3 days, which means you can bake one or 2 batches at a time!

you can use it straight away, roll out to 5mm thick on greaseproof paper, stamp out your shapes and place on baking sheet.

bake I preheated oven (gas mark 4) for at least 15 mins.

if rolled a bit thicker then bake for 20 mins.

transfer to cooling rack.
decorate when cool.
they will keep for a week at least

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 18:22:49

* combining ingredients will take a few minutes! not a minute!

oh, and leave space between the shapes on the baking tray as they will grow a bit (from bicarb)

ZingWantsCake Sun 15-Sep-13 21:27:38

still no flickr. (because it's fickle!grin )

I can't do photos just yet. but will do, asap!

joymaker Fri 20-Sep-13 07:59:56


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