Ahem. MNHQ - are we having a Xmas namechange competition?

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MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 10:53:19

I have already drunk all the gluhwein slipped into something more Christmassy.

MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 13:30:33


OhYouMerryLittleKitten Sun 02-Dec-12 13:31:02

I hope so!

GlowWine Sun 02-Dec-12 13:39:21

I'm working on it - my first choice contained an unpermitted character. why are all my ideas food-inpired?

MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 14:23:59

I like GlowWine

JaquelineHyOnChristmasSpirit Sun 02-Dec-12 14:24:41

Just changed into mine today <twirls>

TrillsCarolsOutOfTune Sun 02-Dec-12 14:25:29

I agree smile

But if I were in charge (or MaryZ) any Christmas names that were donned before 1st Dec would be ineligible for the competition.

MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 14:26:09

Ooh, I like your's Trill

SHoHoHodan Sun 02-Dec-12 14:34:44

I only changed mine yesterday, Trills.


TrillsCarolsOutOfTune Sun 02-Dec-12 14:39:31

Someone else came up with it, I can't take the credit. (also can't quite remember who)

SantasBitch Sun 02-Dec-12 18:16:00


MrsJingleBells74 Sun 02-Dec-12 18:21:59

Changed mine today...does it suit me?

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen Sun 02-Dec-12 18:24:11

No need cos I've won already

dusted off old name yesterd


aPirateInaPearTree Sun 02-Dec-12 18:36:02

simple yet threatening

mrscogon34thstreet Sun 02-Dec-12 18:47:09

Done mine smile pretty pleased with it - it was harder than I thought to think of a mrscog Christmas variant!

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Sun 02-Dec-12 18:47:14

Qods is my fave so far. Simple but effective.

mrscogon34thstreet Sun 02-Dec-12 18:52:26

Mikelitoris I'm still reeling from Halloween when you were ROBBED!

TaggieCrimboBlack Sun 02-Dec-12 18:55:08

Oh yes. I might win again

ThatDudeSanta Sun 02-Dec-12 18:57:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TaggieCrimboBlack Sun 02-Dec-12 19:07:17

Maybe i'll put last years name back on.

MsElleTow Sun 02-Dec-12 19:09:59

I've been on MN for almost 5 years and this us the first time I've name changed for Christmas!

hmmmm. cant think of any.

KvetnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sun 02-Dec-12 19:12:17

I actually thought one up this year! <proud>

I like yours Trills, very good!

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen Sun 02-Dec-12 19:13:49

Aww thanks Mikelitoris

(there's a line I never thought I'd ever type!)


HECTheHallsWithRowsAndFolly Sun 02-Dec-12 19:14:22

I'll sign up if we're having one.


AltinkumATEalltheTurkey Sun 02-Dec-12 19:25:44

Mine is unique grin


Well I was going to wait til next week when I put the decorations up, but what the heck!

PaschAteALLTheMincePies Sun 02-Dec-12 19:33:04

I haven't settled on a good one yet. This one's accurate, at least...

PaschAteALLTheMincePies Sun 02-Dec-12 19:33:41

Thought having just seen Altinkum's I think I might change.

SantasComingEarlyHisSackIsFull Sun 02-Dec-12 19:35:47

Ahh go on then.

SagelyEggnogging Sun 02-Dec-12 19:38:11

Still undecided here, but struggling to come up with better grin

Adversecalendar Sun 02-Dec-12 19:44:35

This is the best I could manage, lots of houses decorated when I drove home this evening

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Sun 02-Dec-12 19:48:49

Here is mine

AltinkumATEalltheTurkey Sun 02-Dec-12 19:53:29

Ah sorry pashe, I didn't see yours, my username is a small town in turkey hence by crimbo name.

We3bunniesOfOrientAre Sun 02-Dec-12 19:56:55

Shows off new name, at least one thing is ready for Christmas.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Dec-12 20:01:01

Disclaimer: they don't actually tell me ANYTHING so don't count your turkeys.

You are welcome to think of some witty one's for MNHQ here though
<<distracts wildly from actually know the answer>>

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Sun 02-Dec-12 20:02:47

I wish punctuation were allowed. This'll do until I think of something else.

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Sun 02-Dec-12 20:08:09

Don't forget like last year will you? wink

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Sun 02-Dec-12 20:10:22

Rod looked a bit hacked off with union j there

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Sun 02-Dec-12 20:10:49

Oops wrong thread grin

icclebabyjesusheave Sun 02-Dec-12 20:12:52

This will have to do I think.

It also has the added advantage of twinging Chaos's capitalisation antenna.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Dec-12 20:22:55


Don't forget like last year will you? wink

Crikey. I didn't know last year either.
I told you they don't tell me anything.

OOh, just thought of another, AWimbaAllTheWay, can't decide.

And yes Fanjo, Rod did look a bit hacked off.

ReinDearPrudence Sun 02-Dec-12 20:31:24

Actually managed to think of one this year.


FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Sun 02-Dec-12 20:31:57

I prefer AWimbaWayInAManger, Wimba smile

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Dec-12 20:36:53

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

<channels Paxo, holding earpiece>
We interrupt this thread to bring yoe NEWS from MN Towers
And I am just hearing that we WILL be having a Name Change competition
No snap-less crackers like last year.
Further details follow this news flash some point during the week when the 9 to 5 -ers have had a think

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Sun 02-Dec-12 20:39:27

Yay grin

Jolly good, and on fanjo's advice I shall be sticking with this name. grin

MrsMushroom Sun 02-Dec-12 20:47:57

What can I be? All I can think of is MrsFestivelyStuffedMushroom which isn't very festive or relevant at all!



Posting again so MNHQ notice me grin

SmeggingAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 02-Dec-12 20:52:04

Jolly good show, Olivia grin

I had a rilly rilly good name lined up, but I couldn't do away with Smeg for some reason confused. So here you go.

<half-hearted twirl>

SmeggingAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 02-Dec-12 20:53:53

Or do I mean confused.

Ooh, contraction! Blimey. This baby might make its own way out after all...

BlatherskitedaboutChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 20:54:02

I'm quite pleased with mine. Blatherskite is bloody hard to Christmas-ify!

I keep seeing gluhwein in Aldi. What is it?

<looks around for any of my handiwork>

SmeggingAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 02-Dec-12 20:59:54

I have mulled cider. It is ossum.

GrannyRatAteAllTheMincePies Sun 02-Dec-12 21:11:18


SuePurblyFeltYourPresents Sun 02-Dec-12 21:11:51

I've had three so far. I was RudolphUcker, but all body thought I was AnyF. Then my usual Sue Christmas name. Then this one.
Do I have to enter three times? grin

BlatherskitedaboutChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:13:27

SuePurblyWrappedPresents would be a good one if you fancied a fourth option smile

SignOfTheChristmasTimes Sun 02-Dec-12 21:13:49

MrsMushroom, what about MrsNotMushroomAtTheInn (or some variation thereof)?

Apologies if you can't bear puns...

SuePurblyFeltYourPresents Sun 02-Dec-12 21:22:54

That is good, Blathers. I shall save it for next year smile

Oooh some of these are good!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:27:04

I couldn't spell mine and had help from another MNer blush

Hopengloooooooooooooooria Sun 02-Dec-12 21:27:46

Dusted mine off

ValPolliandtheIvy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:30:23

Kato! <twirls> Thanks again grin

pELFicFloorClenchReminder Sun 02-Dec-12 21:30:39

It's my first festive name change, be gentle with me grin

Is it too subtle? Should I have put more tinsel on?

poncyettia Sun 02-Dec-12 21:33:35


We are allowed a name that bears no resemblance to our "normal" nn aren't we? <worries>

BlatherskitedaboutChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:34:52

If anyone can think of a better one for me, feel free to make suggestions.

Ahhhh... valpolli! ~sweet swee!

BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:37:33

Olivia. You made a serious apostrophe error. Don't think all your bountiful, more recent post will distract from that.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Dec-12 21:38:50


Olivia. You made a serious apostrophe error. Don't think all your bountiful, more recent post will distract from that.

Am ill Biwi
Am I excused?

BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:41:45

<caves in all too easily>

Oh alright. Go in peace.


BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:42:28

Sorry. Should have expressed sympathy.

<tilts head> How are you feeling now?

AfterEightMintyy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:42:52

Do we nominate ourselves for this?

Can you guess who I am?

<ridiculously pleased with self>

ValPolliandtheIvy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:50:25

Oooh. Really hard Mintyy Couldn't possibly say wink

I've name changed finally.

My identity is obviously unrecognizable. Inbox me if want to know who i am as I want to keep it a secret

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Dec-12 21:53:43


Sorry. Should have expressed sympathy.

<tilts head> How are you feeling now?

Fluey sad

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sun 02-Dec-12 21:54:24

LOve all the names but... Smegging! Any more contractions??!

Elfontheshelfiswatchingyou Sun 02-Dec-12 21:55:43

My Christmas name is nothing like my old name but I was due a change and have been inspired by our special visitor.

BIWIshYouAMerryChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:55:51

Oh bugger. I had a horrible cold a couple of weeks ago - lasted for ages, and I'm still coughing/blowing my nose. You have my every sympathy.

But I'm still watching out for apostrophe abuse

TrumpingTinsel Sun 02-Dec-12 22:01:35

<<twirls>> << falls over >>. I did think about TrumpingTinselOnTheFollowThrough. But went for the more consise version.

<strides into thread and pulls a cracker>

BlatherskitedaboutChristmas Sun 02-Dec-12 22:03:26


QuickQuickSleigh Sun 02-Dec-12 22:04:38

Previously known as QuickQuickSloe smile

We3NipplesOfVoldiesWeAre Sun 02-Dec-12 22:24:23

Just name changed. What do you think grin

NomNomDePlumPudding Sun 02-Dec-12 22:25:30


grin you'll do Blathers, i hear you have a tongue like an electric eel <leer>

SeasonallySnowyPeasant Sun 02-Dec-12 22:52:52

I can't spell my new name sad

oneandnomore Sun 02-Dec-12 23:10:37

I can't remember what my Christmas name was last year.

What do you all think to Santasaysonehohohoandnomore?

Too long?

i need a name guys, i can never think of anything good. it doesnt have to be related to my current name, although it would be good. i think i have used all the cherry related christmas names


SmeggingAroundTheChristmasTree Sun 02-Dec-12 23:16:41

Yep, but mild Doctrine. I've been having them on and off for about a week now, it's all getting a bit depressing.

Arse sad

i think i have it, but not sure. oh SP, i like that one now. hmmmmm not sure what to do

MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 23:31:12

oh, that is fab Olivia.

<sends Christmassy Lemsip>

Hey, there's an idea. Mulled Wine flavoured Lemsip. I am off to email Beechams.

MerryLindor Sun 02-Dec-12 23:31:54


FarelyKnuts Sun 02-Dec-12 23:35:48

Suggestions please? Am crap at this!


Knuts shock I'm shocked you didn't come to me first! wink

FarelyNutcracker ??

SeasonallySnowyPeasant Mon 03-Dec-12 09:10:23


<marks place>

TheElfOnThePanopticon Mon 03-Dec-12 09:52:18

My Christmas name bears no relation to my usual name, but I usually just lurk anyway, so I might keep the panopticon for the rest of the year.

InExitCelsisDeo Mon 03-Dec-12 11:41:53

<rushes in>

I have been offline for days as I had to WORK! Tis shit.

Anyway, I am here now.

<for a while>

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 11:42:35

SherryMonster is brilliant!

MissLToeishavingsantasbabyboo Mon 03-Dec-12 11:49:29

<Twirls in to a flurry of tinsel and fairy lights>

I'm here grin did someone say Christmas name change?? smile

ZombieBelle Mon 03-Dec-12 12:39:38

has this worked?

ZombieBelle Mon 03-Dec-12 12:39:48

nope sad

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 12:41:03

Zombie - you've got to put your password in again to save changes. See that extra little box there on the namechange page? Its a new-fangled thing.

ZombieBellesZombieAllTheWay Mon 03-Dec-12 12:41:51

yep just saw that, hows this twirls

thanks after

AfterEightMintyy Mon 03-Dec-12 12:43:22

Good name ZombieBelle.

ZombieBellesZombieAllTheWay Mon 03-Dec-12 12:43:39

thankyou smile

onemorehohoho Mon 03-Dec-12 12:47:56

Is this better?
(Was oneandnomore)

RubberNeckerNicker Mon 03-Dec-12 12:49:03

Anyone got any good suggestions for me? only idea I've come up with so far is RandomPresentNicker, which is a bit lame.


StNickHasHisXmasTeakozyOn Mon 03-Dec-12 13:24:57

<pokes nose round thread door>



FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Mon 03-Dec-12 13:28:53


IMasticateMincePie Mon 03-Dec-12 14:52:14

ExasperatedSigh here grin

RubberNeckerNicker Mon 03-Dec-12 20:57:48

Hmmm, that's a bit more like it Fanjo <ponders>

DeckTheHallsWithBoughsOfBolly Mon 03-Dec-12 21:55:42

I am rather smugly chuffed with mine.....!

NaiceDude Mon 03-Dec-12 22:03:59


Whataboutme? I was thinking Naicicles, but is that just wintry, not Christmasy?

NaiceDude Mon 03-Dec-12 22:04:54

Something like NaiceCubeInTheBaileys?

NaiceDude Mon 03-Dec-12 22:05:06


SquirtedFrankinScentsInStable Mon 03-Dec-12 22:05:22

I did like mine before.
<twirls uncertainly>
But it's not as sequinnnny as some of yours.

and I didn't even think of this one by myself

Am hopeless at change. Need wine is there [fwine] ?

DeckthehallswithbowelsofMIL Mon 03-Dec-12 23:12:22

Who does the judging and is there a prize?! gringringringringrin

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