What not to waste your money on for the DC this Christmas-

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I will start, get the DCs wish lists ready to cross them off-

Elefun. Should be renamed Ele IMO.

Golden Coin Maker. Just don't.

Any more suggestions?

Ooh forgot Monopoly City.

givemeaclue Thu 08-Nov-12 14:29:28

Buckaroo, a game that lasts 30 seconds

What's Kerplunk like these days I wonder? I remember Buckaroo being fab as was Operation give. Having had both of them 20 years later with the DC they are crap. Ditto Mousetrap and Rumble in the Jungle.

trice Thu 08-Nov-12 14:31:43

Couldn't agree more about the Ele.

Can I put Hexbugs in? Pointless plastic tat.

gloomywinters2 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:32:27

moon sand worst thing i ever bought so messy and made our skin itch.

NoobytheWaspSlayer Thu 08-Nov-12 14:33:41

Second the Ele-not-fun and Buckaroo. Would also like to add Hungry Hippos, (shit), moonsand (messy shit), and anything made by Vtech (noisy shit).

I have a personal loathing of any HotWheels massive hunks of plastic that warp and don't work after a week.

What are Hexbugs trice? We seem to have bypassed them with both DSs.

TheSmallPrint Thu 08-Nov-12 14:34:14

Moon sand <shudder>

Redknickerswillstoptrains Thu 08-Nov-12 14:36:25

Stupid,rubbish,swear making,rubbish,rubbish,rubbish Doggy Do game.
Did I say it was rubbish.

That monkey thing with Velcro arms that says stuff. Twenty five quid I paid for it two years ago and the kids were scared shitless (at 9, 11 and 16 <rolls eyes>)

Any Richard Hammond sciency sets - ditto bath bomb or crystal making kits - massively disappointing when one is expecting big fuck off explosions.

Any Wii or DS game that's been reduced to a fiver. There's a reason.

OMG Nooby you have reminded me of this pile of junk that took up the whole living room one Christmas. angry

MikeLitoris Thu 08-Nov-12 14:47:22


Just dont bother.

And i should imagine furbys are also a shower o shite

gloomywinters2 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:50:22

oh i forgot this baby doll that crawled by her self freaky shit that was got rid of it and this plastic hammer what my sister bought for dd she whacked me in the eye with it.

LadyBeagle Thu 08-Nov-12 14:51:19

Years since I bought for small children but in my experience all the fancy hotwheels tracks and whirly bits were absolutely crap.

I have two furbys wrapped and ready on top of my wardrobe blush

I know nothing about Furbys not they may be great? <hopeful>

Bunnygotwhacked Thu 08-Nov-12 14:57:50

yy gold coin maker plastic shit

One coin Bunny. One coin. angry

gloomywinters2 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:59:42

are the fubys thoose owl things what do they do

R2PeePoo Thu 08-Nov-12 15:00:20

Hotwheels definitely. We had the one that sticks to the wall. Hour of faff to get it up and the kids only played with it for ten minutes at a time. The car goes down very fast when it does actually go down. The other 9 minutes and 55 seconds were spent lining everything up and replacing the bits that had fallen off and needed reattaching.

LadyBeagle Thu 08-Nov-12 15:00:35

When ds goes to university next year I'm getting a furby to keep me company.

Annunziata Thu 08-Nov-12 15:00:37

I am still fecking haunted by Furbies the first time round. NO WAY IN HELL.

RunOrRioja Thu 08-Nov-12 15:01:44

Pig goes Pop is shit.
Pumpaloons are shit.
Buckaroo is shit.

Best game I ever bought dd (6) is What a performance. It's ace.

steppemum Thu 08-Nov-12 15:05:45

sorry, but love hotwheels, have great memories of ds and 2 friends building atrack that snaked down the stairs, and fired cars out fo the front door, was brilliant real kid stuff

so I add to the list nintendo, wii, playstation and x-box

I can't afford them , and if I could then I couldn't afford the games, and it they make my ds bad tempered and I hate them all grin

LittleFriendSusan Thu 08-Nov-12 15:07:29

DS loves Elefun grin. YY to Mousetrap, Hotwheels crap and Golden Coin Maker. Would also add Zubber, that paper weaving thing and Mummy Make me Better Chou Chou ("Mummy, why can't I make my dolly better?").

Glad someone else remembers Furbies the first time round, I was feeling very old with all the "what's a Furbie?" questions! It wasn't that long ago!

Mrsjay Thu 08-Nov-12 15:09:45

and novelty bubble bathy shit MY dds end up with litres of it and half of it is never used my mum is guilty of it and I was until last year just buying soap and shower gel and shit just to fill out the stocking same with any flavoured lip salve they just lick it off

I second Mousetrap, my mum bought it for a cousin last year, it look me, my brother and my sister a good hour to build (because you have to build it before playing the game as opposed to building as you go. It was rubbish before hand, but they actually made it worse! saying that my nephew had a great time putting the ball in the top!!

Annunziata Thu 08-Nov-12 15:11:26

Late 90s, weren't they?

DD1 had a nocturnal one, NYATAYDOOOOOOO all night.

<rocks back and forward in a corner>

Mrsjay Thu 08-Nov-12 15:13:44

Doctor who scenic game was outstandingly crap so disappointed the DDs played it in half an hr

Mrsjay Thu 08-Nov-12 15:13:56


MooseLooseaBOOtThisSpookyHouse Thu 08-Nov-12 15:20:56

My DD adores elefun! I got it in a charity shop for £1 grin I think the key is having really good batteries.

CrazyRandomHappenstance Thu 08-Nov-12 15:22:07

Ben and Hollys Castle/Elf tree, nice to look at but falls apart if you breath to heavily around it let alone play with it

Gator Golf, what is the point of it?

CarolynKnappShappey Thu 08-Nov-12 15:24:33

New style Mousetrap is awful, but DCs enjoy old fashioned one from charity shop.

TeaTeaLotsOfTea Thu 08-Nov-12 15:24:34

The Vtech rough and tumble camera thing. What a pile of pap!!!

TeaTeaLotsOfTea Thu 08-Nov-12 15:25:26

oh and we own original mouse trap and the newer version and original is as good as it was when you waas kid.

Badvoc Thu 08-Nov-12 15:25:46

Just don't.

yellowvan Thu 08-Nov-12 15:26:46

cheap imitation 'lego' . It might look to the untrained (grandparental) eye like fabulous value and loads for your money compared to real (expensive) lego but is invariabley a frustrating pile of utter crap.

aufaniae Thu 08-Nov-12 15:34:46

Ooh, I was so jealous of my friend having mousetrap when I was little. Is it rubbish really?

peeriebear Thu 08-Nov-12 15:34:47

The DDs enjoyed Elefun for the twenty minutes or so that the batteries were strong enough to power the fan. After that it blew like an old lady cooling her soup.
Ant farm with funky blue gel medium for the ants to tunnel in- I was really hoping this would work but IMO it was designed for bigger foreign ants... The wee British ants escaped through the air holes and the ones that didn't couldn't dig in the blue gel (too solid?) and died hmm
I would like to nominate Pumpaloons for THE most ridiculous name of any product ever.

skiesmylimit Thu 08-Nov-12 15:46:37

Anyone know what the Vtech twist and zoom camera/video recorder is like? Bought that for DS today.

Also, what's wrong with coin maker? DS is asking for it.

notcitrus Thu 08-Nov-12 15:53:54

Any crafty thing requiring grownup help, or just being older than 4.
Though ds got Hungry Hippos for 3rd birthday and loves it - plays it by himself for ages making the hippos play nicely and take turns! The travel one is better though, only 2 hippos but plastic dome means can't lose balls.

Enigmosaurus Thu 08-Nov-12 15:57:43

Moondough. Utter shite and only marginally less messy than moonsand.
Another vote for Ele.

LittleFriendSusan Thu 08-Nov-12 15:58:08

Oh and the bloody hamsters... The trials we went through to get hold of them a couple of years back, only for them to be played with twice and languish forever on a box underneath DD's bed....

ManifestingMingeHooHoosAgain Thu 08-Nov-12 15:59:48

Oh shit I got the Hotwheels track that fixes to the wall this year for DH DS

TeaTeaLotsOfTea Thu 08-Nov-12 16:01:57


I'm guessing any vtech camera will be pap.

DS's had a very dark screen which you could hardly see the pictures on and batteries don't last a minute even lithium batteries.

Poor poor poor

MirandaWest Thu 08-Nov-12 16:02:34

DD got new mousetrap for Christmas last year. Was a bit of a pain to play. Then when we went on holiday the cottage had old mousetrap and that was much better smile

MrsChristmasVamos Thu 08-Nov-12 16:02:53

Any Scene It or DVD version of a game.

I loved the Furby's, I had a Gizmo one from 1999 and lost it...the last time they were all the rage (about 5 years ago ?) I got my DS one from America, they were hard to come by !

Don't get lots of little 'stocking bits' or 'last minute presents'. Just give them a tenner or £20 and let them choose !

DON'T buy any sequin art, mostaix or other such creativity. Unless you are prepared to muck in.

Elefun is not good.

DD got a Fijit thing last year. I still have no idea what it's supposed to do/be...we taught it to dance and talk etc but my word you have to shout at the dratted thing. Interest lasts the usual Christmas gift tat of half an hour. Have already instructed the GPs with what to buy. grin

hels71 Thu 08-Nov-12 16:04:25

Another vote here for Elecrap...got it last year and have yet to find some batteries that actually work..

nellyjelly Thu 08-Nov-12 16:07:56

My DS loves Elefun! only Duracell super strength get it going though! He now wants Pumpaloons. Not liking the look of it myself tbh.

IIRC the Golden Coin maker took forever to make one coin, It didn't come with enough chocolate and it was all a bit shit. It went off to my DMs and she binned it.

We have Simpsons Scene It and we did have Pokemon Guess Who. Totally crapola.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 08-Nov-12 17:00:43

Agree on Elefun.

Monkey Dunk too.

Jigsaw puzzle books. Such a PITA to store.

Cheap imitation Lego.

Arty/crafty stuff (have boys who hate that almost as much as me)


T-shirts with hilarious slogans

InNeedOfBrandy Thu 08-Nov-12 17:02:22

YY to any crafty shit that needs adult help, doesn't get done in this house pfftt

ds main present is a remote controlled tarantular, I'm hoping it's a pile of crap (£20 argos) and will die a quick death!

MrsJohnDeere Thu 08-Nov-12 17:14:54

Remote control cars - eat batteries
Remote control airoplanes - never work properly
Cheap and nasty chocolate - straight into the bin

Peppa pig deluxe house, get the basic one!! so you don't get a stressed toddler sobbing every five seconds because the fecking stairs have fell off.

Thomas trackmaster, they just watch the trains move, pointless. --im selling the fecking lot--

Moon sand, grit fecking everywhere!

Fireman sams station, cheap plastic fell apart every two seconds and the fire engines not included despite it costing fecking £30!!!

Octopod, ds took the noisy and dangly bits off and prefered the individual gup he had with them, the actual pod does FA.

Buckaroo, ours has NEVER worked.

Smart trike, fecking IMPOSSIBLE to steer.

Furbies, I had one the first time round, creepy demanding little bastard.

I hated all remote control anythings until ds was brought the 'my first RC' from toystory £15 one button to change direction, its great bombs about batteries last ages and he and dd love it!

Olympicrock Thu 08-Nov-12 17:32:36

We love the octopod but hate all through poorly made fireman Sam tat!

Narked Thu 08-Nov-12 17:34:47

Elefun amuses babies. But then they try to eat the butterflies.

blush [bad mother]

olympic ds plays with all the accessories but not the 'building' bit iyswim. So basically I paid £40 for 4 dangly things, a noisy button and some figures.

Remote controlled little buzzy insect things. They scrape all your walls mess up your ceiling lights then divebomb down the back of the TV never to be seen again.

I think to successfully own a RC car you have to have a huge house with wooden floors throughout.

Scalextric. Looks fun. Is v tedious.

Nixea Thu 08-Nov-12 17:47:34

Furby <shudder>

I swear they're not new toys at all. It's just that they were left with warehouses of "old" furbies when people stopped buying them, they then turned feral, mated and voila..."new" Furby!

FrightRunScream Thu 08-Nov-12 17:48:29

We love Elefun, but have lost all the blue butterflies.

ENormaSnob Thu 08-Nov-12 18:16:41

Fireman Sam stuff is overpriced plastic shite.

twooter Thu 08-Nov-12 18:25:48

Another vote for doggy doo. More like doggy-pumpandpumpandpump-handle-then-get-skewer-and-force-poo-out.

fuzzpig Thu 08-Nov-12 18:33:37

I will probably be cursing the day I bought the Barbie ultimate closet, DD hasn't asked for it specifically but I know she will love it. Thankfully I got it for £15 as there's no way it's worth £30, but then nothing seems to be worth its retail price these days <wanders off grumbling>

From DD's 4th birthday I will add Ben and Holly playsets, the Gaston's Cave one broke within a day! And yet for some reason on impulse I got a little Polly Pocket style set for her stocking hmm

fuzzpig Thu 08-Nov-12 18:34:52

Yes I'll agree to the smart trike, what a waste. School runs were really not fun.

lisa1968 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:00:50

any hot wheels set-takes tooooo long to put together and theyre too big so you have to take them apart when theyve finished playing with them
Sally sunflower game-utter shite
any character toys-overpriced,crap plastic

Pocketsocks Thu 08-Nov-12 19:07:52

Ben 10 create an alien thingy. The idea is you put the individual limbs, head, body and whatever else into the opposite ends of the machine, snap it together and out comes a fully formed alien, with the option to mix and match pieces for added fun. What you actually get is thousands of teeny tiny bits all over the house and aliens that fall apart at will, especially if you mix and match.

colditz Thu 08-Nov-12 19:10:19

Hotwheels. Nightmare. Ds2 begs for them but I learned my lesson with ds1

colditz Thu 08-Nov-12 19:12:49

Pokemon guess who was a complete fucking nightmare that resulted in ds1 crying his little obsessed eyes out last year because it just will not stay put together!

lisa1968 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:19:43

oh and the Ice Cream maker.......uses loads of ice and salt,needs lots of turning by hand to get a teaspoon of runny cream.Complete shite!
...and the popcorn maker-use a saucepan!!!

RobinSparkles Thu 08-Nov-12 19:29:22

Baby Chou Chou Magic Pacifier.

The dummy is really hard to put into the doll's mouth and when we finally got it in it broke angry. Apparently it's a common problem with the toy.

DD has to play with it without the dummy now, which means that she has to guess what the doll wants rather than the dummy telling her. I guess it makes it more realistic though!

colditz it really is crap isn't it? I am still traumatised from trying to construct it. sad Saw it in TK Maxx and was so excited too.

Startail Thu 08-Nov-12 19:59:45

Geo mag, the silver balls roll everywhere and anything you try and build is floppy and collapses.

Barbies and Polly Pockets. Yuck.

Hot wheels cars are great, the very simple track of my childhood was great.
Best car track we did was with lengths of plastic guttering from the climbing frame and down the garden.

Tiggles Thu 08-Nov-12 20:13:26

Cheap Mecanno - DS got given several sets when he was 4, the apparent age for it. He couldn't even get the screwdriver into the end of the screws. It took DH and I, 8 beeping hours to put the crane together, and the next day it fell to bits when DS tried to play with it.

SissySparkles Thu 08-Nov-12 20:15:10

ANY character playset - Peppa Pig, Octonauts, Fireman Sam, Ben and Holly etc. The figures are fine on their own but the buildings and vehicles are plasticy shite that doesn't work and falls apart.

Monkey Dunk

Polly pocket sets. The dolls are ok the rest is plastic tat that works nothing like the adverts show.

Play doh sets. The basic dough and cutters are great but the ice cream maker and other sets are impossible for small kids to work by themselves. And they need regular cleaning to get all the dried out bits of play doh out of all the little tiny nooks and crannies angry

Aquadoodle. What's the point? Water gets everywhere. Needs constantly refilling with water. DD wanted to just LICK THE MAT and laugh hmm What's wrong with crayons and paper?

Jigsaws where you get 2 or more 40 piece jigsaws in one box. So you have to spend 30 mins separating the pieces into individual jigsaws before DC can even start. Also jigsaw books, pieces constantly all over the floor because they fall out and you have to spend ages putting them back angry

Innotab. Great idea. Battery life is shit. You spend £££ on batteries or spend your life rechanging the bastards. Why not make it with an inbuilt battery that can be recharged with a plug LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE??????????????

Crap character furniture <looking at YOU PIL> At the end of the day you have to have it in your house. And look at it. Ditto huge hulking plastic monstrosities like play kitchens / shops.

Fijit friend. Just so annoying.

SissySparkles Thu 08-Nov-12 20:19:24

OH I have another.

Those huge gigantic teddies. The ones that are bigger than your child. <looking at YOU SIL> It sits in the corner being ignored and collecting dust for 4 years until you burn the bastard in the back garden on bonfire night.

When Ds2 was v little I started a cute thing of Santa bringing him a small soft toy every year. He's 10. I am still buying soft toys. hmm

armani Thu 08-Nov-12 20:23:18

I second the baby Chou Chou magic pacifier. Dd begged for it last year, I paid £40 for the bloody thing and the dummy was impossible to put in its mouth! Load of shite!

ContinentalKat Thu 08-Nov-12 20:40:17

Lalaloopsy. Can't even sit because the head is so big and heavy. Dd played with hers for exactly 2 minutes since she got it.

Hot wheels, moon sand and remote control everything also utterly crap.

Mousetrap should be illegal!

I also hate cheap tat, aka stocking fillers. Sure marketing people just rename birthday part bag fillers for Christmas. We don't do stockings, not sure if dcs actually know what they are!

Growlithe Thu 08-Nov-12 21:01:13

Twister Dance. Four rubber spots and a crappy music speaker with a few coloured lights. Plays Britney Spears too.

Taken back to shop. Reason given? It's rubbish. Manager used his discretion and gave us a refund because he agreed with us.

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 08-Nov-12 21:09:57

We have boxes of crappy hotwheels track that doesn't stay together.

I tried to get rid of our Moonsand on Freecycle, nobody wanted it. I was rather honest in my post though.

We got Elefun from the charity shop, so don't feel too hard done by, but it mostly just causes fights.

We also had the rubbish Ben 10 tiny alien maker thing. Oh and Transformers these days don't. I'm sure I remember the old ones actually used to transform, not just break.

nellyjelly Thu 08-Nov-12 22:27:26

Moonsand is awful.

baskingseals Thu 08-Nov-12 22:50:43

both the new and old ben 10 watch. they are both as crap as each other.

not had a lot of joy from the perfume laboratory sets. very fiddly and took too long.

fisherprice camera - utter shite.

aqua beads. nasty little fuckers they are.

micro light helicopters. didn't even last one session.

god there's loads more.

We found the Dr Who lego sets a load of rubbish. It took ages for me to put together, and then fell apart if anyone so much as looked at it.

BeauNeidel Thu 08-Nov-12 22:57:27

We love Elefun in this house! Have just had a sort out of most of the toys in this house today - I am amazed (and embarrassed!) how many Happy Meal toys we had blush

bedmonster Thu 08-Nov-12 23:07:54

hmm We have had most of the fucking pieces of shit toys mentioned.

I will just generally add that ALL JOHN ADAMS toys are to be avoided at all costs. Magic coin maker, super graffix, magic gift non wrapper, egg maker.

Read the reviews on amazon. And believe them.

SissySparkles Thu 08-Nov-12 23:20:25

bedmonster - does that include Gross Science? That's what DD has asked for for Xmas. I have my doubts....

Hippee Thu 08-Nov-12 23:23:30

EndoplasmicReticulum - you don't live in Harrogate do you? I saw Moonsand advertised on Freecycle and thought "ooh, what a good idea, I can advertise ours too", then I read the description and thought "too true - no-one will want it now". It truly should come with a health warning. Ditto Moondough.

Really hate anything that needs batteries.

bedmonster Thu 08-Nov-12 23:31:11

Ah, now Sissy we haven't had that one, but I am going out on a limb here and saying that one will be shit too. But check the amazon reviews really, the ones we have had all had shit reviews so can hardly be surprised.
Am now ingnoring the fact that DD wants Waggletagz for impending birthday...

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Thu 08-Nov-12 23:37:08

Yep, we've wasted time and money on: elefun, bendaroos, buckaroo, innotab, vtech camera, moonsand, ridiculously heavy balance bike, hex bugs - AND the rubbish track. Oh and the cheap imitation crap Lego.

Like the aqua doodle though!

InNeedOfBrandy Thu 08-Nov-12 23:42:13

We have gone through elefun, kerplunk, hungry hippos, buckeroo, fustration and I'm sure there has been more. I am still convinced if I was a better mum and had a "games" cupboard and played with them all those games would still have their pieces and not be chucked away now.

Preferthedogtothekids Thu 08-Nov-12 23:58:21

I can't believe all the Furby haters! Our 10plus year old Furby sits on the kitchen shelf and chats to us sometimes. He's part of the family!

winnybella Fri 09-Nov-12 00:04:07

So what's wrong with Elefun, then? DD really wants it for Christmas. Is it just that it needs extra strong batteries?

2MumsAreBetterThan1 Fri 09-Nov-12 00:10:39

Golden coin maker, surprise egg maker and ice cream maker are all awful!

All played with once and are so hard to use that you end up doing it while the kids watch (and mine are not little) and 3 hours later (yes really stupid bloody chocolate egg) you still end up with something that looks nothing like it should and is inedible!

CleansLate Fri 09-Nov-12 00:15:26

hotwheels tracks are always rubbish BUT this is brill - http://www.amazon.co.uk/BluTrack-18sklarge-Starter-Set/dp/B000YC3PE2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352420046&sr=8-1 - can do loops and put it down the stairs and do allsorts. doesn't have a 'trigger' start obviously but it's durable and fits most cars not just hotwheels.

CleansLate Fri 09-Nov-12 00:16:39

sigh - this

GrownupGoth Fri 09-Nov-12 00:32:03

God, DS LOVES Hexbugs! He has for over a year now, carts them about in the case and enjoys joining up the sets/making them different. Deffo worth the extortionate amount of money in this house.

Elefun and the bee game where you put on the headband and collect little halls with a magnet are both hated though.

skyebluesapphire Fri 09-Nov-12 00:33:43

DD loves her Kiddizoom camera. And Ive got her an Innotab for Christmas......

I agree that Elefun is crap. Ben and Holly play sets are rubbish too.

Do not buy Barbies Dog garden thing, it's pink plastic crap! And falls apart and doesn't work like it does on the advert!

InNeedOfBrandy Fri 09-Nov-12 00:44:38

To be fair I got dd the vetch camera when they first came out and it lasted great ds had it after to.

Golden coin maker -shit
Big trak- big pile of beepy shit
Fur real- scary mechanical furry shit
Moon sand- shit sand
That foot spa with the beads- not relaxing but annoying shit
Any hot wheels- should be banned shit
Elefun- should have been done by trading standards by now for lying in their adverts SHIT
Doggy pee pee- ruins the carpet shit

Pennybubbly Fri 09-Nov-12 02:42:42

Zhu fecking zhu pet fecking hamster.
Someone bought it for my DD a few xmas's ago and it's fecking awful. You turn the fecking thing off (how??) and it carries on making a noise anyway. Then when you finally think it's gone off by itself, you put it down and it starts with the fecking squawk again. I once spent half the night listening to the fecking thing before I shut it on the toilet (only place I couldn't hear the feck).
And don't get me started on the "accessories" .... fecking sunglasses and hat? On a hamster?

justbogoffnow Fri 09-Nov-12 03:14:00

Have bought much of the crap mentioned.

In the 11 years we've had children, the best buys have been Brio trains, track etc etc. Youngest dc (9) will still get it out occasionally because it gives him happy memories smile.

The collection could fetch a tidy sum on eBay but at the moment we're holding on to it for any future grandchildren. Just beautifully crafted, sturdy toys that are a joy for children to play with. It's not cheap by any means but we mixed and matched new and second-hand purchases, plus relatives added to the collection.

Violet77 Fri 09-Nov-12 07:11:25

Justbogoff, don't sell it, ever. You'll be heartbroken to buy it again.
I bought a massive bundle of ebay ( huge) and its loved everyday.
Quality lasts, duplo, lego, brio, sylvanians, they all keep a good resale value and lots of play value.

Mine are only small so the only crap we have have been gifts.anything with batteries, noisy cars etc. basically plastic rubbish.

Startail Fri 09-Nov-12 23:27:45

DD's too old for £30+ track for toy cars, but the blu track looks amazing. nice and simple like my childhood matchbox track that worked.

I wish toy makers would learn you can't make complicated large floppy plastic things stay together.

DD2 is a huge playmobil fan and that's brilliant stuff except for the stupid aeroplane which flexes and falls to bits.

Goofus Fri 09-Nov-12 23:36:56

MouseCrap (see what I did there...)

Those big doll heads where you can play with their hair. One big matted mess after my DDs had it 5 minutes.

Small Hello Kitty houses/buildings with all the little furniture. Plastic crap.

Lastyearsmodel Fri 09-Nov-12 23:47:03

RobinSparkles , Armani and anyone else with the Chou Chou Magic Pacifier Doll - contact Zapf and they will send you a new dummy out.

I know this because I complained to them about missing instructions for DD2's Baby Born doll and Zapf sent me one of the dummies by mistake. Took me AGES to work out what it was. I was asking everyone who came round if they recognised it. Still have it somewhere I think - if you PM me your address I'll post it to you.

MrsGrieves Sat 10-Nov-12 01:06:55

Does anyone have anything to say about scooby doo plastic tat? My ds2 really wants the van after falling in love with an earlier version at my sisters, they have an offer on at toys r us, so I could get him the van and lighthouse and get a free playset.

I have bought and regretted a lot of the things on this thread.

Can I add those crappy remote controlled helicopters, in fact most remote controlled things last about 5 seconds in this house.

Cynner Sat 10-Nov-12 01:16:38

Easy bake oven. Fiddly little mixes, toy hot enough to sear skin off. What fun!

Dr Who "inside the Tardis" thing. I think it got assembled once and spent the rest of its life in bits.

Some car thing that was meant to drive up a wall. It didn't.

We love Buckaroo shock blush

5madthings Sat 10-Nov-12 01:49:41

We have a scooby doo van we have had for a number of years and its not broken yet and still gets played with.

I like the look of that blu track, may grt that and then i can get rid of the piles of hot wheels stuff.

Ds3 wants hama beads, the ones you iron? I dont do ironing and they look shite.

I have got dd some ben and holly stuff as she loves the show so i hope its not too crap. We have peppa pig toys i bought for ds3 and they are still fine, the only one that has broken a bit is the rocket but the car, house, campervan and helicopter are all fine.

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sat 10-Nov-12 12:34:20

May stand corrected on the innotab. After sitting sullen and unappreciated for the better part of a year my eldest dc (7) has spent most of the morning playing with it!

Those Hama bead things look very scary 5. sad No experience here though.

Declutterbug Sat 10-Nov-12 12:47:27

Wheelybug things. In our house in 6 years no-one has ever ridden one more than once. They just use them as steps and then fall off, bump and wail. Pointless.

CarolynKnappShappey Sat 10-Nov-12 12:52:10

Hama beads are great for playdates for girly girls (but boys can also enjoy them when in the mood) - they can sit at the kitchen table quietly for hours making intricate creations together with virtually no adult supervision required apart from a 30 second whizz with the iron at the end. Good for fine motor skills and the eventual creations are small and attractive. Buy huge cheap pots from IKEA or wherever and just accept the fact that some will get spilled and hoovered up each time you play with them.

5madthings Sat 10-Nov-12 12:56:23

See we have two wheely bugs and mine love them! My elder boys would still ride them if they could!

Re hama beads i am sure ds3 who is 7 would love them, but ds4 is 4 and dd is 23 mths and i wont be able to.stop them trying to play with them and in dd's case eating them.

slinkyboo Sat 10-Nov-12 13:28:19

Hama beads are great - I actually like the finished products and, as another poster said, they are subtle! smile

Hate hate moonsand although DCs love it...I've been 'losing' piles of it regularly and I don't intend to replace it wink

Has anyone got the playmobil pyramid? Is it kind of...pointless, or good play value?

slinkyboo Sat 10-Nov-12 13:29:21

5madthings you can get larger sized Hama beads for smaller children...still potentially edible, though!

spiderlight Sat 10-Nov-12 13:30:00

justbogoffnow - our Brio has been played and played and played with. DS is 5 1/2 and is stil ading brio bits to my Amazon wishlist at every opportunity. He has a Tomica train set as wel but plays with the Brio ten times more.

New Buckaroo is crap. Doesn't buck. Hugely disappointing.

Our wheelybug is very well loved.

I had hamma beads as a kid and I loved them, mum still has some of my creations, but I was a --sad lonely-- only child so no one to eat them.

R2PeePoo Sat 10-Nov-12 14:41:04

Nothing makes the heart sink more than the sound of 1000 Hama beads hitting a hardwood floor.
DD and DS weren't bothered, Hama beads are quite fiddly and time consuming and they just didn't have the patience to put them all in even I don't . The ironing bit takes seconds though, you just press them down under greaseproof paper until they melt together a bit.

AnnaFender Sat 10-Nov-12 14:53:59

I'm coming to this thread a bit late so don't know if anyone has already suggested it, but a tip for Elefun; we adapted ours so it plugs in to the wall, works much better now (still not great though, just might help if you already have one!).

AnnaFender Sat 10-Nov-12 14:59:45

Also, a tip for the Vtech Ziddizoom camera; use rechargeable batteries, any normal batteries will run out really quickly.

<Attempts to save people from rubbish toys>

jes73 Sat 10-Nov-12 15:08:11

Doggy Do....why would someone want to play a game picking up dog poo...seriously!!
Quackshots - its quite silly really.

bizzey Sat 10-Nov-12 15:25:55

I am a bit late to this thread as well !!
RE remote controlled cars ...check the serial number underneath .... I bought 3 different colurs last year...2 had same number os ds2 and ds3 cars worked with either controller.....ie if ds2 car needed to go back but ds3 pressed forward ....it went !!confused

LEGO !!!! of any sort ...had enough now ...

Vtech camera's ...I thought good fun ...till ds3 tried doing a Katy Perry (I think) of me ...First thing in morning ...1/2 awake !!!(asleep) in bed !!!!!grin

ANYTHING that needs adult help/supervision to set up (1 hour to read instuctions/put bits together/re-read instructions/find bits we haven't added/re-read instructions)..and by then kids are interested in something else and don't to play the game !!!!!

YEEEEH roll on the new year when I can chuck it all out !!!!!

I think the BEST buy is/are DVD'S !!!!!! Peace and quiet /popcorn/crisps cinema night !!!!

Roseformeplease Sat 10-Nov-12 15:31:16

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game - total shit. Also, any cheap kites (never actually seem to fly) and a remote control Dalek - much desired, never played with.

Arachnophobe Sat 10-Nov-12 15:39:12

This thread is a good idea but I must remember to log out before nosy starting to question Father Christmas 9 year old gets on the laptop wink. I agree that the coin maker and various expensive cruddy plastic games are a waste of space/£ - the best things my DS have had are Lego, Playmobil and figures that they play with all the time and still sneak into bed. They love their DS's and Wii but these also make them evil as per a previous poster's DC...

fuzzpig Sat 10-Nov-12 15:50:30

I've got some Hama for my DCs this Xmas - normal for DD and 'maxi' for 3yo DS. One of the many things I never had but really wanted as a child and am therefore forcing on my unsuspecting children grin <mwahahaha>

I've heard aqua beads, that were seemingly invented to avoid the hardship of a ten second ironing session, are the devil incarnate, and go hideously sloppy when you squirt the water at them.

Thankfully my DCs are not taking enough notice of adverts to really beg for anything like that yet!

2teens2tots Sat 10-Nov-12 16:00:11

"don't wake dad" game and pig goes pop, both crap

imogengladhart Sat 10-Nov-12 16:03:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kateSedge Sat 10-Nov-12 16:08:59

Vsmile motion.... Rubbish! Uninteresting stupid graffics and rediculus price.
Ino tab and its rival equivalent- I just baught two cheap tablet computers and downloaded a bunch of free kiddie stuff from the android market insted and it cost me A LOT less.
This penguin game... Bunch of tiny penguins, round turny thing...? It was stupid and after taking all penguins out of the box the kids had left to play with other things.
Teddys.... especially the dress up ones.

Lego, any kind, any amount. It's stupid, I hate it, my Hoover hates it, the arches of my feet hate it! It's irritating unless you have a child who is obsessive about keeping it all together, otherwise, its crap crap crap.... !

Galaxymum Sat 10-Nov-12 16:26:59

Elefun....wait five minutes for a butterfly to appear!

That chocolate lollymaker is such a pile of tat.

Kidiminiz. Aaaargh they are complete rubbish - got two last year. Lasted Christmas Day and been in toybox since.

Best presents for 6 year old in last year have been Littlest Pet Shop. The treehouse is really sturdy and has loads of little places to put the animals. I get the old versions from home Bargains!

She is desperate for a blue Furby but there are none anywhere so hoping she will change her mind by Christmas!

So the companies that make these toys that just don't work (like Hot Wheels, we tried and tried and the cars just won't loop the loop, or the garage DD had that collapsed into its component parts every time she tried to play with it) - do they actually test them out? Do they just not care?

And what's with the craft kits where it's impossible to make the item so that it looks as good as the picture on the front, because the paints are like glue and the brush is made of total tat?

Brio train track (and other compatible brands) - fantastic. Lasts for years, and does what it says on the tin.

Plastic fruit and veg in a plastic basket - must have cost a fiver or so and came out every day for years.

Hama beads - obviously some aren't fans but my kids loved them.

Any of the Fireman Sam toys. They are flimsy, crap and extremely poor quality.

Transformers....who designed them?

yes they fold out into a robot WOW...but they never bloody fold into the car again

I even laminated the instructions to keep them readable as I needed them for the 12 hour marathon that follows the first unfolding

I twisted and turned and clicked and pushed so much, my mind works like a half folded transformer....ARGGHHHHHHHHHH

Tuftysquirrel Sat 10-Nov-12 16:46:12

Anything that claims to produce 'real' food. I've never known any of them produce anything vaguely edible. Worst was the Ready, Steady Cook ice cream maker - I bought not one but two of their rubbish ice cream makers (one inflicted on friend's child sad). It didn't produce ice cream as was only a container to prefreeze which made the milk slightly chilled.

melliebobs Sat 10-Nov-12 16:47:48

I don't get the Furbie thing. They were shit 15years ago when I was at school. What's so good about them now?! N they were never £50-60 back then

Lego kits - we bought Lego Harry Potter kits for the dses for Christmas some years ago, and it was only the timely intervention of dmum bearing alcohol that stopped me from losing my mind altogether.

And once you have finally managed to put the kit together, you don't want the children to play with it, for fear that it will get dismantled and you will have to go through the hell of building it again.

Startail Sat 10-Nov-12 17:06:48

Hama beads are indeed great for girls play dates, even if you end up finishing the creations after they have gone.

Gluing them to card or ironing on *laminating pouch strengthens them to survive going into school and being handed out.

* iron beads, open out laminating pouch, place glue side down and iron with paper like the beads at the same temp.
If you do both sides it makes really robust coasters.

Startail Sat 10-Nov-12 17:14:18

Meant to add aqua beads are useless.
If you are very very very careful they stick together very well, but two drops too much water and the colours run.

They roll everywhere, way more irritating than Hama beads.

But the main draw back is cost, you can get huge buckets of Hama beads, bags of the colour you've run out of and multiple packs of boards. DCs can happily let friends take their creations home and I don't stress if a few meet the hoover.

Aqua beads come only in twee packs at great expense.

confuugled Sat 10-Nov-12 17:14:42

Dc got given the playmobil pyramid last year and have had lots of fun with it - although very little authentic egyptian only adventures! Dh has a collection of asterix characters he has lovingly built up over the years from trips to France and they have been hijacked for adventures in it (both dc love the asterix films which includes asterix and cleopatra) as well as all their other playmobil etc characters.

Not sure I'd pay the full price for it (£80 last year) but I managed to get it for about £34 which was reasonable - and a great price for it last year, seem it at that price already this year so you might get it cheaper with discounts etc)

There's also a great scooby doo film involving pyramids which you should be able to get for about £3-5 which might be worth getting if you do get it, if your dc don't particularly know about Egyptians - gives them a bit of context and see how they can have all sits of adventures with it.

And another vote to say all the hot wheels track things are pretty crap and to be avoided. Especially any that involve having water in (eg to change car colour) - because it will just go everywhere and cause extra mess.

preety18 Sat 10-Nov-12 17:15:19

Flitter Fairies and elefun

PostmanPatsBlackandWhiteCat Sat 10-Nov-12 17:25:48

We brought Alphabet Pal for DD about 7 years ago. The thing was so annoying it's crappy voice and *ooh that tickles*every time dd accidentally put sounds together that could be a swear word. Unfortunately DD loved it. It did eventually make it's way to the charity shop

breathedeeply Sat 10-Nov-12 17:32:52

Moshi Monsters treehouse - £19 for a plastic tree that does absolutely nothing, is unbelievably fiddly to assemble, and breaks easily.

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Sat 10-Nov-12 17:33:10

MoonDough. Never had the sand stuff but the dough was nothing like dough at ALL. More like dust. Coloured dust that permanantly marked my already heavily marked imaculate sofa when DD took the bag out the box and the fucking bag split!

Barbie puppy water park. DD played with it once and it made an almighty mess. water everywhere! It is now languishing in the garden as a paddling pool toy for when it's sunny. We dont have many sunny days here in the North West. Ahh well.

Bounce and Go zebra thingy. I'm sure other little ones like it but DD didnt think much of it. And once it's assembled I found it wasn't that easy to just take apart and put away easily so if you dont have much room for it and your child does like it, storing it is a bugger.

Furbies. Or at least the ones around the first time. My younger sister got one and it used to start being a noisy bastard at awkward times. like 3am. and it continued being noisy for ages and ages. The only thing that shut it up was my dad hammering it to death. By the time he did that sis was so pissed off with it she didn't even mourn it. Mind you, it was quite robust, because before battering it with the hammer dad dropped it from a first floor window and still carried on jabbering. The don't make toys like that anymore....

Slinkies. My sister and I had one each. They did NOT walk down stairs. they teetered, collapsed and fell to the bottom in a tangled heap.

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Sat 10-Nov-12 17:35:25

Oh and almost any TV character toy is total shite and very overpriced. DD's Peppa Pig bath toy hasbare patches where the paint has rubbed off. And my niece's Mickey Mouse rocket is just total shite. Had an Iggle Piggle toy for age 18 months and up and my very robust DD was struggling to carry it around still at aged 4. It was that heavy.

Badvoc Sat 10-Nov-12 17:37:07

Awful, useless toys...
V tech smile, leap pad, most games I have ever bought (including things like cadoo) transformers, nerf guns, that big lorry thing from cars...never went together properly and fell apart if you even looked at it.
Great toys...ikea wooden kitchen, kitchen accessories, wooden food, wooden building blocks (the John Lewis ones are fab and ds2 has played with his every day since last Xmas), playmobil- farm and pirates are firm favourites here, wii and ps3, bikes, playdoh (again, gets played with everyday) and take and play Thomas railway sets. Ds2 has lots of the sets and engines and track. The wooden ones are great too. I have got him 2 rare engines from e bay this year for 99p each! smile
And ds1 is very fond of his iPad!

EndoplasmicReticulum Sat 10-Nov-12 17:40:24

I have mixed feelings about Hama beads. Yes, they do keep children quiet, even my boys who don't usually do quiet. However, they do get everywhere. And boys tend to half-make something which we then have to tiptoe around for weeks in case anyone jogs the board and all the beads jump off.

kidshealth Sat 10-Nov-12 18:01:48

Barrie dolls are total crap. The only people able to dress them, change shoes, bend them to put them on their pony is anyone over 17 years old. WTF!

kidshealth Sat 10-Nov-12 18:02:21

BARBIE even!

babyfirefly1980 Sat 10-Nov-12 18:17:48

Still have nightmares about Moonsand.

Ben and Holly playsets are the worst tat around, you can't fart near one without it breaking let alone letting your kids play with it.

My mum bought DS a Transformer in july for his birthday, very expensive and a pile of shite. You need an enginering degree to work out how to convert it to a car.....to this day it has only ever been in robot form. How they think a 6 year old could do it alone is anyones guess

Parrish Sat 10-Nov-12 18:32:35

The hot wheels that sticks to the wall. Utter crap.
The cheap Lego substitutes -false economy.
Jigsaw books. Impossible to close book with jigsaw intact inside.
tHose remote controlled helicopters. Cost £££. First time out they hit the ceiling and rotors fly off.

To the poster looking for blue furby, Amazon still have some left.

fuzzpig Sat 10-Nov-12 18:48:52

I'm glad a few people have said about the stuck to wall hot wheels playsets. I was wondering about them as I'm sure DS would like it, DD also liked the look of the Polly pocket ones. I will definitely give them a miss! You'd have to spend loads to get all the sets to put together anyway!

SarahC1985 Sat 10-Nov-12 18:50:12

Marble run from ELC, the pieces didn't even fit together so I binned it! Also, the spyrograph from ELC, it didn't work, I had to bring it back, so basically anything plastic from ELC doesn't fit together! I'd love to find a real spyrograph though, I loved that when I was younger!

LeonieDeSainteVire Sat 10-Nov-12 18:51:49

Can I go against the tide and say we liked the Golden Coin Maker smile but you do need an old enough child to do it on their own - 10+ is best, and buy some decent chocolate to use and melt it in the microwave!

Also love Hama beads, hours of peace for boys and girls from about 4-10 years.

But best of all Duplo, Lego, Brio, Playmobil - they last and last!

Worst - all arts and crafts or science kits - they look fun but really just clutter up the cupboards until I throw them out. Give them a book token instead.

MrsGeologist Sat 10-Nov-12 19:26:31

I've avoided the fireman Sam sets, because DNephew got one for Christmas a few years ago and it was so crap.

bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 19:32:00

YY to the stupid fecking flutter fairies - we accumulated 6 of the things one xmas. Opened 1, great disappointment from all concerned that they didn't actually 'fly' at all, and used the other 5 as party presents for DDs friends.

Also, has anyone started a good present thread?

And while i'm here, we hated the aqua beads too, but reading this has made me think I might get some hama beads for stockings if they aren't complicated.

Onlyhappywhenitrains Sat 10-Nov-12 19:35:16

See we have fireman Sam toys and whilst they are utter crap in my eyes my ds loves them. Admittedly we got them half price and in my opinion they were still overpriced for what they are. However in terms of hours of play they have paid for themselves so I guess I was wrong.
They are very lighterweight and no doubt the imaginext fire station we have is a million times better made but ds adores fireman Sam.

Mega bloks have been rubbish for us, they fall apart too easily, they don't really click together. Also didn't like the elc flexi track much and most of the car sets we've had (matchbox and hotwheels) have been abysmal. I don't understand how hotwheels are still in business, all the reviews for them on amazon are awful too. The cars themselves are quite nice but the sets that have to fit together are hopeless.

Molepom Sat 10-Nov-12 19:36:38

Jellybaff - do yourselves a fucking favour and dont unless you are happy to take your plumbing apart because there isn't enough crappy disolver and it's hell for long hair.

MegBusset Sat 10-Nov-12 19:41:39

Trash Pack Scum Drum and Garbage Truck, massively overpriced and really shit quality.

Playmobil castle. I always go on about this but it falls apart if you so much as look at it.

Jellibaff - it's like putting a packet of cheap wallpaper paste and some food colouring in the bathwater.


PiedWagtail Sat 10-Nov-12 19:43:04

We like Elefun!!!!!
Agree with Moon sand.
Bendaroos are crap - they olost their stickiness v quickly.
Those water beads - Aqua Beads? - crap.
We like Hotwheels too....

bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 19:44:57

Pig goes pop, doggy do, perfume maker, bath bomb maker, any variant on monopoly other than actual monopoly, dino bite (which never seemed to bite for the duration of the game?), ker-plunk, moshi monster guess who, volcanic science explosion, zhu zhu pets.

All of these and many many more have made a swift exit from the shelves of babybedmoster. Waste. Of. Time.

mamasmissionimpossible Sat 10-Nov-12 19:52:12

helpful thread on what to avoid, thanks. Are there any threads on what's good to buy? I'm still looking for a 7 year old ds, nearly 5 dd and 10 month old ds.

I'll add guess who to list of doom for the bin toys. What a piece of crap, it didn't even fit together properly.

qo Sat 10-Nov-12 20:02:55

I ordered this for dd.

Only after it arrived did I decide to look it up on youtube to find out that it sounds like a cat dying of a very painful disease.

unsureofthefuture Sat 10-Nov-12 20:26:44

OMG I forgot about that hidieous stuff- jellibaff- my kids were actually scared of it!! its disgusting stuff and makes a right mess!

menopausemum Sat 10-Nov-12 20:36:36

Years ago I had (unknown to me) a furby in the back of the car with all the other rubbish. I hit a pot hole and the furby 'woke up'. Nearly wet myself, I thought I'd run over a cat!

MegBusset Sat 10-Nov-12 20:36:36

Plastic Meccano. Pile of shite.

ditherers Sat 10-Nov-12 20:38:19

My First Operation - total crap - no fun at all and impossible to boot - do not be tempted if you see it on offer.

I have a love/have relationship with Playmobil - love the concept, but the reality is the bits fall off too easily and get lost so at the moment we have a bit of the police station, the police car... to name a few. Bought the pyramid for DS2 so will be hunting down the bits for that soon too - am tempted to arildite it!

bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 20:39:20

mamas i'm going to start one right now. Think it might be a short thread sad

bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 20:40:35

Er, actually, it's been started already!

MiauMau Sat 10-Nov-12 20:48:49

anything that plays music and has a microphone, will be giving my niece one in a couple of years time to remind my sister how much the whole family suffered during long car journeys with her singing "a whole new world" with a Brazilian accent. That freaking song still sends shivers down my spine!

Silibilimili Sat 10-Nov-12 20:50:35

Agee about buckaroo.

But not about elefun. We love our elefun when friends come to play.

Marne Sat 10-Nov-12 21:18:30

crap toys (over the past couple of years) have been:

moon sand/ moon dough
Dave the monkey (was fun for a few minutes)
elle fun
that bubble popping game (not sure what its called but its crap)
moshi monster tree house and the moshling zoo (very thin plastic, was broken within a week).
Ben and hollys castle (good toy but took 2 hours to put together, even had to put all the stickers on).
Lego games (not as good as proper lego, very small and hard to play).
Zubber (horrid greasy stuff, takes ages to set).

brownsaz Sat 10-Nov-12 21:21:52

Any form of character lego - except the cheap figure boxes

Too expensive
Take ages to make
Fall apart constantly unless superglued - yes as if I'm going to have time!!!!$L£
Never get played with because they fall apart
Cause constant ructions because they fall apart
Defeats the object of darling children using their brains making stuff
The bits are almost all useless 'special' bits
They only want the figures anyway

longsigh Sat 10-Nov-12 21:26:36

Sea monkeys...are they living...does anyone care?!!!

Whatiswitnit Sat 10-Nov-12 21:31:55

Peppa Pig house - flimsy.
New version of Guess Who - again flimsy and cheapo, not sturdy like the old one.
Moonsand - ridiculously messy.
Paint a pot type craft things - always ends up looking crap as the paints and brushes are cheap shite, the plaster of paris always clumps and doesn't fill the mould properly or just doesn't set.
Hot Wheels - takes an age to set the track up and after a few laps it starts collapsing and the kids get bored of putting it back together and drift away.
Cheap fuzzy felts - they tear.
Build a bear - overpriced. Novelty wears off very quickly.
Any electric v-tech type thing...although two of mine have the Kiddizoom cameras and have played with them a lot.

Those Airswimmers. FUCKING HUGE shark shaped remote control balloons.

Can't take them outside, can't use them in the house because they stupidly big. Pointless waste of 35 quid plus 25 for the gas. One lies deflated in the spare room on the wardrobe, and the other one has never made it out of the box.

mamasmissionimpossible Sat 10-Nov-12 21:35:56

bedmonster - please can you link to the good toy thread. I'm feeling sad that I'm not going to find decent toys amongst the rubbish toys for sale.

Meglet Sat 10-Nov-12 21:49:39

Hot Wheels - it took far longer for me to set up and get all the stickers on than DS has ever spent playing with it.

Plastic meccano is a bit shit too. We only have one set and as DS is older I think we can now move to the big stuff which I remember as being pretty good.

We don't have a kids camera as my DC's (now 6 & 4) inherited ancient second hand digital cameras from relatives a couple of years ago. Much more robust than you'd expect (the DC's can be a bit destructive) and they take proper photos and don't eat batteries. Ok, they don't have games and one of the battery covers is now held on with gaffer tape but it still works. Whenever I've played with a kids digital camera at a friends house I've been suprised how rubbish they are for what you pay for them.

bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 21:50:03

Well, I have never done this before, so if I dont manage it, please will someone more experienced do the honours?


bedmonster Sat 10-Nov-12 21:51:48

Okay it sort of worked!! Mainly seems to be lego/sylvanian/wooden train stuff over on there, initially pricey but decades worth of use.

joolsandfrances Sat 10-Nov-12 21:52:38

The modern Guess Who is really flimsy and rubbish. Went to mum and dads and got mine out of the loft circa 1985 and its soooo much more robust. (Playing Guess Who with a 3 year by the way is HILARIOUS!)

Dd1 got Moshi Monster Guess Who for her 4th bday and it is rubbish. Badly thought through.

Her most played with bday pressie so far is the Polly Pocket skate park.

mamasmissionimpossible Sat 10-Nov-12 22:04:27

bedmonster thanks

Our wheelybug is £40's worth of clutter, frankly. Bought for DS1 after hearing of children who loved them so much they'd take them to bed with them ... he only ever has used it as an extremely precarious step to reach stuff. hmm DS2 is totally oblivious, but I'm hoping he'll get it sooner or later, so wheely is safe from the NNS for now. grin

I bought DS1 Ikea hama beads and bases the other day, for stocking. Am bracing myself to find them everywhere, but especially in the lego.

DS2 loves a friend's Elefun, and he's really hard to buy for (he has an older brother's toys to nick, and isn't old enough to be 'into' anything much yet) so if I see a good deal, I could be tempted...

I remember a Thing called something like Frosty Ice Cone Maker (it was a plastic penguin that shaved ice, and you flavoured it) that was clearly, transparently, utter shite and I'd ask for it every Christmas, and every Christmas be told NO. grin It sounds like the 70's equivalent of the coin maker.

girliefriend Sat 10-Nov-12 22:28:30

My dd 6yo bedded for this octopus game last year and has played with it once, very boring and waste of money imo!!

Cathycat Sat 10-Nov-12 22:29:20

The most important thing is buying what they will play with, not what you would like them to play with. I think the best things are one piece (eg., a guitar). If they have to be multi-piece, lego is good or very solid good quality stuff (eg., Happy land ELC stuff). And if you do get multi piece stuff always by a decent sized lidded plastic box for it - before hand. Also I've found that I regret it if I buy 'fillers' to make presents look more. One main present, well thought out. Two small extras, then a book, some body stuff and chocs fo the stocking. We all know what rubbish looks like! Try not to be tempted!

lorisparkle Sat 10-Nov-12 23:13:07

Anything cheap and plastic - last year my DS got a garage from a relative but on Christmas morning he fell on it and that was the end of that. No amount of glue will fix it - luckily he has a very sturdy plastic garage and a wooden garage but just a waste of money.

MiauMau Sat 10-Nov-12 23:57:15

brownsaz agree with you on the character lego, the pieces are too specific and can't be reused.

MiauMau Sat 10-Nov-12 23:59:25

P.S: I especially hate the girly lego, takes all the fun out of it and kill off it's main purpose of genderless.

jaynebxl Sun 11-Nov-12 06:46:40

One man's meat is another man's poison huh? My kids have had loads of fun with elefun and hex bugs are really popular too although you definitely need a habitat with them.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Sun 11-Nov-12 08:28:48

My girls love both Hama and aqua beads. May make me a bad mummy but no I'm not whipping the iron and board out on demand and they know that a Hama make will have to wait to be finished at my convenience!

I'm just waiting for the opportunity to chuck Hungry Hippos and the very fragile Connect 4 and Guess Who that snap at first opportunity. My 80s versions must have been made of girders.

Mine love Squinkies - pointless tiny creatures in a ball but they play for hours with them.

Silibilimili Sun 11-Nov-12 08:49:12

Mouse trap is another which is utter shit.

Can't even be bothered to fix all te plastic kits to play with.

Octanaught stuff is great. Good wailing plastic and fun.

Silibilimili Sun 11-Nov-12 08:50:25

Wailing?! That would be interesting. I meant quality.

I must get myself a better word predictor for Xmas. gringringrin

maxybrown Sun 11-Nov-12 09:02:36

Yup the octonauts stuff in our house has been fab, plus most of it can go in the bath too.

Hotwheels is popular here too - DS has a set we got from the charity shop, it works, stays together and he plays with it for ages - in fact we all do blush got him a wall tracks one for Christmas so hope that's ok now too hmm

Hungry hippos - hideous noisy game

moonsand, yup, shite

RosemaryandThyme Sun 11-Nov-12 10:13:30

Robosaipian remote control robot toy, large size, - any views?
Ds thinks he'd like one but would a lad of seven get much play out of it?

harrietspy Sun 11-Nov-12 10:43:23

An electric train set. Bought in the days of affluence, takes up masses of room, takes ages to set up, doesn't always work, used 4 times. That's £30 a play. Oh my.

Same for Scalextric.

Growlithe Sun 11-Nov-12 11:01:43

Orbeez foot spa. DD got it for her birthday. We unpacked it today. Load of rubbish.

sommewhereelse Sun 11-Nov-12 11:59:02

Lots of products are not as solid as they should be (not just toys, washing machines etc) so that we keep on spending money.

How many people have said that the 70s versions of Mousetrap and Guess Who are so much more robust.

Re Hama beads, you don't need to get your ironing board out. It's not like there are tricky bits. Just iron on a towel on a hard surface. DS loves them and he makes lovely things with them: Christmas decorations, coasters etc. He's 9.

Rosemary I got my cousin a robosapien the original one about 5yrs ago it was very popular for several years and is still often dug out and played it.

Moon Sand, Play-Doh and Paint/craft sets- evil. The craft sets also have the triple threat of being not just mess making, but showing up how piss poor my crafting skills (knitting, sewing, cross stitch) are, thus making me feel inadequate to my dcs.

There is also a V-Tech bear someone bought my son when he was little. Here is the rotten, nervous breakdown inducing thing. Frankly, its that annoying we should send it to Afghanistan and play it on repeat until they surrender. It'd take about 2 minutes tops. I finally managed to purposely mistakenly leave it behind when he went to visit an Aunt. wink

Anything where I have to join in after cooking the Christmas dinner instead of gulping vast quantities of Gin is also a no no.

Lovecat Sun 11-Nov-12 13:48:27

Lego Creationary. We already had the Shave a Sheep and Minotaurus lego games which we loved, so when we were given this last Christmas we were really thrilled.

OMG it's shite. No rules to speak of, despite having several degrees and accountancy qualifications between us we couldn't work out how the scoring system didn't end up just giving everyone the same amount of points, and the objects are all but impossible to make...

DD loves her Kiddizoom camera - she makes weird films involving her soft toys in peril...

I'd also like to vote for Bendaroos - expensive shite that if it gets into your carpet will NEVER come out.

mamasmissionimpossible Sun 11-Nov-12 13:55:02

lovecat - thanks for saving us from creationery I nearly bought that other day <phew>

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Sun 11-Nov-12 14:16:58

The absolutely worst things we --got conned into-- bought last year were a set of spongebob walkie talkies, which were complete dross. They didn't work at all unless you were outdoors and less than about 5 metres apart (i.e. having a normal conversation).

Ditto the spongebob digital camera which was really fiddly, the 'waterproof' case fell apart immeditaely and there was no LED screen so ds couldn't see what he'd taken a picture of anyway. When we finally got the pictures onto the computer the quality was so bad it looked like he'd taken every photo through a sandstorm. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

Karoleann Sun 11-Nov-12 14:24:50

My ds's love most of the mentioned toys, ewe're on our second elefun as the first one broke through overuse....like hot wheels and pumpaloons too and hexbugs are great.
Do agree on the chocolate coin maker that got chucked as did.
Not a massive moon sand fan, okay outside though.

trixymalixy Sun 11-Nov-12 14:28:15

Moon dough, horrendous stuff, it got everywhere. The moon sand was fine in comparison!

grumpyoldbookworm Sun 11-Nov-12 14:53:52

Scratch and sniff books, yuk yuk yuk they all smell vile and it amalgamates into a sort of synthetic vomit aroma that lurks in the house until the book finds itself in the wheelie bin! Especially not ideal if you have a festive hangover!

PitOfFique Sun 11-Nov-12 15:05:45

We have the new Guess Who? and I really like the new design. It has pointers to choose your character which are built into the board rather than all those little cards. I like how the boards can be clipped together or used apart (eg sitting on sofa, in car).

kitkat1 Sun 11-Nov-12 15:19:34

This thread has really cheered me up! I'm a miserable cow - I hate toys!!!! Just say no to the magic 8 ball or the DCs will drive you crazy saying "But the magic ball said..."

DonnaRoll Sun 11-Nov-12 15:48:53

Crystal Growing Kit - I had this as a teenager and I never had any success growing any crystals. Time consuming with no actual crystals at the end of it.
I had some sort of Jewel kit, where you have stones and add them to water and they turn into jewels, I remember that being quite good in the 90s.

Scooby Doo Spooky Mansion - Took ages to put together and fell apart when DS played with it. Ended up gathering dust and then binned.

Ineedalife Sun 11-Nov-12 16:04:54

Glow dome, utter crap.

Bought for my Dd3 used once, sent to a charity shop.

Bendaroos, get stuck in the carpetsad

Have golden coin maker, she loves it but gets frustrated because they dont look like the ones from the shops.

We have many versions of Guess Who, its well loved in my house and Hama beads. Dd3 can be a little obssessive and has made about 50 coastersgrin

LineRunner Sun 11-Nov-12 16:08:25

Guitar Hero with the drums kit and shit. Your available living room space dimishes by half and no-one ever uses it. You find small tumbleweed on the foot pedal months later.

Mrsjay Sun 11-Nov-12 16:11:31

Your available living room space dimishes by half and no-one ever uses it. You find small tumbleweed on the foot pedal months later.

I have a guitar hero no drums or shit grin but the guitar gathering dust at the corner of the telly bloody thing she wont get rid of it

BreakfastwithMrsBarderbedian Sun 11-Nov-12 16:18:25

I'll read through in a minute to see if anyone agrees but


Not all fucking that.
Not much of anything in fact.

ledkr Sun 11-Nov-12 16:31:43

Any bloody girly crap. We have the nail art set- nail polish stickers in a massive cumbersome case. Tag thing maker to make pointless things to attach to bags etc. numerous jewellery maker sets. An ice cream maker for which you use your own milk and ice so is basically some plastic containers for thirty quid.
The candy floss maker is good though

Mrsjay Sun 11-Nov-12 16:34:17

My mum used to buys them all that ledkr dd has asked for a sequin art thing this year i said ask you gran sigh

Alphabet pal!!! I swear mine was possessed. Would go off at all times of the day and night. Had it four years with dd1 and only err found out the "ooh that tickles" thing when dd2 got hold of it. Not sure what's worse. The fact it scared the shit out of me thinking it's like something from child's play or the fact that my dd was swearing.

ThatBintAgain Sun 11-Nov-12 16:41:35

Anyone mentioned Mouse Trap yet? Wars have been started...

LineRunner Sun 11-Nov-12 16:47:04

yy Ice Cream Maker

It would be cheaper and less hassle to have ice creams flown in from Italy

DonnaRoll Sun 11-Nov-12 16:47:24

I was watching a demo of Innotab on Argos TV last night <exciting life> It looked like utter rubbish. Made me not want to buy it. Thanks Argos smile

mindyourhead Sun 11-Nov-12 16:53:43

I loved my furby!!

ledkr Sun 11-Nov-12 16:57:24

It's not even ice cream it's a kind of angel delight yuck.
All baby dolls that eat and pooh. I did major abdominal surgery on baby alive to unblock her hmm

ledkr Sun 11-Nov-12 17:00:34

All those paint your own piggy bank\ mug\tea sets which all look crap and can't be used as the paint comes off

Disney Snowglobe maker is utter tat, all the glitter sticks together and the water leaks! DD was so excited to get it and was bored after 5 minutes.

ledkr Sun 11-Nov-12 17:01:12

Fabric pens. Kids prefer designer to self designed

Mimca Sun 11-Nov-12 18:00:17

The children in this house love Elefun. We must have one of the few that actually works as it should.

I wouldn't bother with Mega Bloks - skip and go straight to Duplo (suitable from 18 mths). Duplo is brilliant!

Kelly281 Sun 11-Nov-12 20:03:24

Playskool Poppin Elephant.

The balls don't pop as it lets out a very small amount of air, no where near enough to 'pop' balls into the air. Makes an almighty noise while on, which thankfully is only for 60 seconds then you have to start the process all over again.

Such a disappointing toy!

Floggingmolly Sun 11-Nov-12 20:09:24

Sparkling. What's that dinosaur thing you linked to called?

VioletStar Sun 11-Nov-12 20:16:09

Soz, if repeating: haven't read whole thread. Do not buy one of those voice controlled diaries - DD had one for all of an hour. It then didn't recognise her voice and password and the parental override thingy wouldn't work so couldn't get damn thing open. Poor baby saved her own money to get it and everything. (I read the reviews on Amazon and told her not to get it - I even resisted saying told you so - she was 6 or 7 at the time).

It was quite a few years ago Flogging but it was T-Wrecks or something like that.

babyfirefly1980 Sun 11-Nov-12 21:04:33

Can I add paper Jams to the list....got DS a guitar last xmas, we got the Nickelback version and it plays the same song over and over...couldn't work out how to do his own tunes and rarely ever got a different pre programmed song. Volume control was hard to work, the sticker peeled off after a few months.
piece of shite.

Ineedalife Sun 11-Nov-12 21:13:21

Oh Yes violet, Dd3 was unlucky enough to receive one of those. It worked a could of times and that was that.

It has gone to the charity shopblush

Ineedalife Sun 11-Nov-12 21:14:05

Worked a couple of timesblush

Marne Sun 11-Nov-12 21:24:51

oh no, i have bought the dd's a paper jamz guitar each sad, luckily they didn't cost me much, dd2 loves music and has a real guitar so thought it would be fun.

Last year i bought them sylvanian famillies and they hardly got played with, little bits everywhere, i know a lot of people rate it but it wasn't for us, i e-bayed it (appart from the house which dd2 uses for her moshi monsters).

Moshi monster bobble bots were crap, the little bots/figures were ok but the play sets were crap, parts made of carboard and very flimsy plastic.

Kethryveris Sun 11-Nov-12 21:39:09

i still have the original mousetrap.. its only missing the elastic band.. ds loves it.. i hid it at moms.

Crap toys..

Zhu Zhu pets.. annoying and i spent most of my time picking hair out of the damn wheels

Transformers ... i refuse to transform them now, ds is 6 and still cant work the bastard things out.

Vsmile Motion - the games for it are SHIT.

My original mousetrap is ace, sets up well and works!

Styling heads

pinknanny Sun 11-Nov-12 22:34:29

Where do I start!
Hungry hippo
Gator golf
Moshi monsters
Moon sand/dough
All plastic tv character crap like peppa pig
All other small plastic crap like fairies, trolls
My little pony
Board games that have been changed into princess/character ones annoy me!
Zhu zhu pets
Animals or babies etc that r meant to move speak etc
I can't think what else just now but there plenty more!

Stick with good old proper toys.

I was in Smyths toy shop today. I was very sad at some of the stuff going in the trollies due to this thread. grin

supermodel Sun 11-Nov-12 22:47:22

Totally agree about moonsand, mousetrap and flitter fairies. This thread is making me laugh out loud! I will kill anyone who buys any of my children yet another cuddly toy. Also agree re bendaroos and zubber.

supermodel Sun 11-Nov-12 22:51:36

Oh and just remembered think they are called space monkeys. Horrible little creature things which hatch out in water then get boiled alive when dc leave them on windowsill in sunlight!

Mousefunk Sun 11-Nov-12 23:12:12

Sitting here feeling smug in the knowledge I haven't bought any of these. I stick to wooden toys and they always go down well and are very robust plus they don't make irritating noises that drive you loopy

I will add that I had a furbie when they did the rounds the first time and couldn't get it to stfu.. all night bloody long. Eventually mum just removed the batteries and I think after a while it was binned. Now they're like £30 more with digital eyes and do they link up to ipods or something now too? hmm

Mousefunk Sun 11-Nov-12 23:14:09

Oh yeah and Polly pocket is no longer Polly pocket. On the adverts she seems to have grown by about twelve inches and doubtful she fits in any childs pocket.. ahh how toys change.

Blue81 Sun 11-Nov-12 23:18:19

Don't know if these have been mentioned,

Bakugan Overpriced cheap tat that will break straight away
Hot Wheels As above

trixymalixy Sun 11-Nov-12 23:26:38

How old are you kids Mousefunk?

I quite like bakugan blue, we haven't had any break yet.

AlienRefluxovermypoppy Sun 11-Nov-12 23:38:45

So far..... skalextrix is shit

gator golf shit

Remote helicopter shit shit shit

Any nerf gun that loses bullets all over, shit

V-tech camera has been well loved and well used, 1 year on still uses it.

Loved hungry hippos til lost all balls

loves remote control monster truck but takes loads of batteries, they are bane of my life.

could go on all day...

snail1973 Sun 11-Nov-12 23:40:47

aquabeads - i can't even get the ruddy gun thing to put the beads in the holes, let alone my DD (6yrs)

Blue81 Mon 12-Nov-12 00:12:03

How old are your children trixymalixy? My DS age 7 is so clumsy I fear he would break Bakugan very very easily

applecrumbleandcream Mon 12-Nov-12 01:12:11

Toy Story horse on a stand nearly £50 and does absolutely zilch....complete waste of money!!

Pig goes Pop....'pop' never happened and load of rubbish!

Moon sand sweet bakery.....sand gets everywhere

Perfume factory.....doesn't smell nice and is boring!!

Aqua Beads.....too small and fiddly to use and don't stick together!

ELC till....drawer kept sticking

Barbie Puppy Pool

Play doh ice cream factory

Daughter loves squinkies, however, advert on TV was very misleading and made Squinkies set look massive, so much so that when I ordered it from Argos I thought it was going to be struggle getting it into the car. Turned out it was the size of a shoebox.

iseenodust Mon 12-Nov-12 11:31:22

Got to argue for Hot Wheels - still played with here 3 years on. You need enough of the track to build really long weird tracks down the stairs and into another room (also chuck marbles down it & save buying marble track).

Not so good gifts
Hide & seek Scooby
Nintendo puppy (moved its head following a magnetic bone)

hoodoo12345 Mon 12-Nov-12 13:39:52

I Second: Gater Golf,pig goes pop and the devils dumpling that is Mousetrap.
Total waste of money.

mintymellons Mon 12-Nov-12 13:46:19

Girltech Password Journal - bought for DD1 last year, it's rubbish.

DoubleMum Mon 12-Nov-12 13:47:15

DS has loads of bakugan, none of them have ever broken.

Kethryveris Mon 12-Nov-12 13:50:07

i like bakugan.. the big ones are dubious, but the small ones are reasonable priced and quite durable.. we have about 10 of them knocking around and they've got some abuse and not a single breakage!

We like hotwheels here. grin

I've never managed to get Aquabeads to work. Piddling little balls everywhere.

Wheelybug, got it for DS1's first birthday, I don't think it has ever been played with, not by DS1 or DS2 or any visiting children.

Marble runs make me clench my fists a little. The ones that don't click together (e.g. wooden blocks resting against each other) are not allowed past the door as they just topple at the slightest nudge.

Yes to everyone who said Lego kits, unless your child likes putting them together themselves. Takes an hour to build the bloody thing, it gets trodden underfoot or loses one critical wheel and is discarded into the lego box which ends up being one third actual blocks that can be assembled easily and two thirds random spiky bits that came off the kits.

I'm going to buy the plain boxes of blocks next time, I think it's better for their imagination anyway.

We bought the Cars the movie remote controlled cars last year and they broke in different ways within a week. And they weren't cheap.

Fireman Sam Play Station was such a rip off in so many ways.

Jigsaw books - as someone else said, pieces fall out.

I bought a wooden kitchen from GLTC and it fell apart within a year. It was 120 quid. The 30 quid plastic one at my parents is still going strong grin

Megablocks. Far less entertaining than they lead you to believe. Just go straight to Duplo.

WomanlyWoman Mon 12-Nov-12 16:57:25

well I have considered moonsand- so thanks for that. Agree re Elefun.

trixymalixy Mon 12-Nov-12 17:44:12

DS will be 6 in Jan blue.

Leonas Mon 12-Nov-12 19:22:18

This thread has made me laugh so much - I have never seen so much hatred expressed towards toys before!
I do agree that Hexbugs are shit - my friends mum is terrified of them and her son thinks they are ace smile

ChicMama25 Mon 12-Nov-12 19:23:15


ChicMama25 Mon 12-Nov-12 19:44:09

Omg gross!!! DD wants a 'family' of them... I think they are a waste of money and weird

ChicMama25 Mon 12-Nov-12 19:44:32

I am not a very indulgent mother... She does have some toys honest!

Merinda Mon 12-Nov-12 19:54:29

Oh no, I have just ordered a whole load of Megabloks. Are they really that bad? My LO is just turning 1...

Put it this way merinda we used to refer to them as Mega-Bollocks.

They hurt so bad when you tread on them as well.

OhTheConfusion Mon 12-Nov-12 20:20:29

Just found this thread... loving it!

Gold coin maker was beyond shit! Glitterbabes make your own lipgloss (30 seconds of fun!).

I can't agree with Redknickers more, I sodding hated doggy-do! The kids were so excited, they spoke of it for months... the first 'do' got stuck and that was that!

Barbie caravan and paddeling pool :-( both break so easily!

Magnadoodle (shame on you toy story for trying to bring them back!).

We do love sylvanian families here though!

merrinda my dcs LOVE there megablocks, we have two 120 piece sacks and a huge box with the princess sets in and they and dp spend hours building with them still, got them when they were 1 and they're now 4 and 5.

linspins Mon 12-Nov-12 21:51:11

moonsand. DON'T do it.

dollybird Mon 12-Nov-12 22:19:08

Megabloks was the best £10 we spent when our two were little altho they did always fight over who got 'the big fat green one' (the two by four block).

Cupcake maker was just crap and made the worst cupcakes you've ever seen. Agree on golden coin maker. We made one coin.

We have a set of wooden dominoes plus jenga which are still used now to make tracks, steps, houses, garages for cars etc. DC are 9 and 10

Chuggington die-cast loop the loop. I'd bought the roundhouse, it was crap, specifically told DM not to buy anymore as they were rubbish, plastic rails very hard to connect together, once constructed kept coming apart etc.

Naturally she ignored me and we spent most of Christmas watching Wilson and pals plummeting to their death when they reached the top of the loop. It has been gathering dust under DS bed ever since.

fridgepants Mon 12-Nov-12 22:51:20

There is a Sylvanian John Lewis shop. I wish I had a DD so I could justify buying it....

What's the issue with 'imitation' Lego?

Oblomov Tue 13-Nov-12 08:04:19

I have bought a few of these things. Like coin maker and fireman sam stuff. The kids love them. BUT, I did buy them 2nd hand off e-bay and so knew what I was getting.

Badvoc Tue 13-Nov-12 08:06:58

A lot of crafty stuff seems to be getting the thumbs down doesn't it?
I have bought ds2 a hot wheels set. Oh dear smile

fuzzpig Tue 13-Nov-12 09:31:55

WRT megabloks it depends if you're talking about the baby stuff (age 1+, really big pieces) or the stuff that is the same size as duplo. The former is great, the latter is shit. IMO.

I would agree with that fuzzpig. We had a big clear zip up bag of Megablocks when the DC were very little. They were great, but as the bricks get smaller it gets worse IMO.

fuzzpig Tue 13-Nov-12 09:40:35

Yes the little megabloks don't stay together like duplo does. That's the issue with other imitation Lego as well.

We bought some little Dr Who Character Building sets ridiculously cheap for DD's stocking, as she likes Daleks, but I think we might just get rid of the few building pieces because they'll only get lost anyway. Could probably sell them on eBay grin I think we'll just keep the actual Dalek/cyber men figures and the tardis. I also got DH a set of all eleven doctors grin

Another toy that was shit was Roary stuff. DH got some for the DCs on eBay and the garage is crap! It kept falling apart. The cars themselves are good though, we've still got them. Generally I just steer clear of character stuff because the buildings tend to be tat.

Agree on Polly Pocket - I had the proper tiny sets, they were much nicer.

New puppy in my pockets are an abomination too. I liked the old ones.

I agree with fuzzpig too, the huge ones are ace the small set of duplo style/size were awful.

I think anything plastic that you have to build yourself and add stickers to is not going to be great. Lego being the exception.

Lego is great but too expensive , mind.

I will contribute:

Chocolate lolly maker, the 'melting' pot is utter shite, and takes forever and a day to actually melt any chocolate.

Rosebud village stable, continually falls to pieces if you so much as nudge it.

Novi stars doll (Ari Roma) the arms just keeps popping out.

Monster high dolls - although great to look at, if you actually awant to move the limbs, be prepared to continuously be popping arms and hips back into place.

MrsGrieves Wed 14-Nov-12 02:29:06

I will blame this thread and the good thread if my ds2 hates his presents. He now has lego duplo and Thomas take and play, along with play food/cash register etc.

It's all your fault grin.

fuzzpig Thu 19-Sep-13 21:34:37

OK I know this is an old thread (thanks to the red warning grin) BUT I am bumping this as I know a lot of people are starting their Xmas shopping now and this thread might save some wasted money!

Plus I don't doubt there will be some new additions from the last year...

buildingmycorestrength Sat 21-Sep-13 15:15:43

fuzz this is a great idea. Well done! I regret many many toy purchases booth for poor quality and the fact they don't get played with. Too many to list, in fact.

me too. .. paper jamz were a waste, despite being on sale when I bought them. kiddo has played with them maybe twice since Christmas for about 2 mins each. dh and i have a hard time switching between songs. dsd much more interested in the actual keyboard in the house.

NoComet Sat 21-Sep-13 23:33:15

poly pocket

muddymarvellousdarling Sun 22-Sep-13 10:05:23

I agree with polly pocket. rubbish and the clothes/outfits just fall apart.

If I had my buying toys time again, DD now 11DSs 22/16, I would not buy anything in the must have, best thing since sliced bread .

Last year she collected loads of Moshi Monster stuff and now it's all forgotten in a large box in the cupboard. Also goes for littlest pet shop and micro pets. ( which went to the charity shop after six months!)

My DD still loves her huge collection of build a bear and has been collecting them for a good 4+ years.

Does anyone know what the Hamuka (sp) stuff is like? Where you design you own outfits. OR is there a good alternative.

muddymarvellousdarling Sun 22-Sep-13 10:10:33

Oh, also DDs monster high dolls legs keep falling off! ( DD thinks it adds to the look! shock ) grin

JerseySpud Sun 22-Sep-13 15:30:27

Ooooh hungry hippos - not as robust as when i was a kid

furby - eats batteries

toffee the pony - not worth the money at all

2anddone Sun 22-Sep-13 15:40:02

Can I add UFT trashies relatively new ds just got for his birthday. A red plastic arena and 2 trash spinners with about 6 trashies to fight with for £19.99..........just don't!!!!

NoComet Sun 22-Sep-13 18:04:00

Build a bear stuff a huge hit here too. Yes I have had to sew up seams on the bears, but the clothes are great. The girls can dress them easily themselves and they are huggy and nice to take to bed.

Unlike Barbies, Barbies ended up in the bin with DD2s blessing.

They are not cuddly, the neither sit or stand, their hair frizzed and they are totally impossible for DDs to dress because they don't bend.

I'm pretty good at sewing, but there is just no material in Barbie clothes to mend them.

They are shite!

buildingmycorestrength Sun 22-Sep-13 18:24:31

We do Build a Bear vouchers as the kids love the 'shopping' experience. Always good. Also do it with overseas rellies.

Cluelessat30 Sun 22-Sep-13 22:00:28

Don't be swayed by Sainsbury's cheapo games for under 5's, even if they are on offer. I've had a shit penguin game where you're supposed to flick penguins into a rotating 'icecap' which is just plain loud and annoying, and a monkey one where you hang monkeys off a tree. You construct the tree by fitting together the base, trunk and branches. The branches fit to the trunk by a really weak magnet. It's unusable. Pah.

5madthings Sat 12-Oct-13 22:41:53

Ooh I posted on this last year, we got the Ben a ndholly stuff and its been fine smile

I also go the blu track recomended and it has been the best buy ever, all five kids love it. Its been taken to school and several friends have bought it, def well worth the £30

Ds3 got hama beads...basytard things get everywhere.

wonderingsoul Sun 13-Oct-13 08:22:35

ANY non offfically lego.. they just dont stick together. ..which is a shame as lego is so expensive... but kids love it.

talking toms.... my kids loved the app and it was one of the presents i thought they would love last year.... not so much.

another build a bear lovers here! i wonder what the argos ones are like?

does any one have a sticker maker to stear clear off?

QueFonda Sun 13-Oct-13 08:52:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Svrider Sun 13-Oct-13 09:06:13

My Dc are desparate for the £60 teksta dog
Every review says its shite shock

5madthings Sun 13-Oct-13 09:45:27

we just got the starter kit no need for other bits. it comes with a suction cup thingy so you can stick it to a door/window and it has a bit so you van attach it to a hook. quite often the boys just start it at the top of the stairs. you can make loops etc and the mad things just use books or anything thats handy to create ramp bits etc. tho.i may buy some of those ramp bits you can get for £13.

honestly its fab, the joy is its simplicity, mine all play with it from my two yr old to my 14 yr old and dp loves it as well. and the box it comes in is nice ans sturdy, you just roll it up and put it away!

thursdaysgirls Sun 13-Oct-13 15:45:04


Play Doh.

Plastic character "sets".

fuzzpig Sun 13-Oct-13 18:26:10

I really love the look of that blu track. A couple of years ago I got a similar thing from ELC (big city range I think) because DH was reminiscing about a track which my DSS (now 21) had which they loved. The one I bought was made of separate parts though which were fun but a bit painful to slot together and some bits have broken.

QueFonda Sun 13-Oct-13 21:20:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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