Christmas present - too expensive?

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Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 10:40:27

I'm married for a second time. My first (replacement) wedding ring had a large diamond in it - I adored the ring but unfortunately, after 20 years, not the husband!

My husband now is an absolute sweetie. My wedding ring has a large sapphire in it which he joked when we bought it that he would replace with a diamond if/when he could. No chance - I adore it as it is.

He's coming into a large sum (just under 100k) in a week or so and wants to spend a little more in Christmas than normal. He's offered to spend up to 4k on a ring for me - and I've found one I like. He's going to buy the kids a couple of nicer than normal bits and himself a new desktop mac. Then save the rest/pay off some of the mortgage.

We are not short of money by any stretch of the imagination but I can't help but think 4k on a ring is a little extravagant. I have looked to find one I like for less but can't - and would feel one which was 'ok' would be a bigger waste of money.

He genuinely wants me to be happy. Can't help but think I should be happy with less. To be honest, if I didn't get a ring I genuinely wouldn't mind. But he's right, we can afford it.

Can't help but wonder what I should do. He wants to share a percentage of his good fortune which is lovely.

I know it's a nice dilemma to be in and we are very fortunate. My BF said I should find something nice that I wouldn't buy myself like a pair of jimmy choos for example, which would be equally frivolous but less expensive. Can't find any inspiration on that but still looking.

Hesterton Sun 04-Nov-12 10:45:22

I wouldn't want the ring. I'd rather have a garden pod or a holiday travelling by train across India.

Everlong Sun 04-Nov-12 10:47:04

Do it.

You can, dh is happy to buy it.

There is no problem.


MrsCampbellBlack Sun 04-Nov-12 10:47:08

I'd have the ring smile

You can afford it, he wants to buy it so why not?

PhyllisDoris Sun 04-Nov-12 10:47:39

I'd be too frightened if losing the ring to ever wear it.
There must be something else he could buy you instead, or several smaller things??

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 04-Nov-12 10:47:45

Crosspost with Everlong smile

If you want the ring buy the ring!

envy by the way

YouOldSlag Sun 04-Nov-12 10:48:52

For 4k I'd want a once in a lifetime European city break in a 5 star hotel, but that's just me!

If you feel uncomfortable, just pick something cheaper yet meaningful like keepsake diamond earrings or some such.

Katienana Sun 04-Nov-12 10:49:08

Bite his hand off! Jewellery is an investment anyway.

JaquelineHyde Sun 04-Nov-12 10:54:53

I would be a bit torn because it is a lot of money on a piece of jewellery however, it is an investment and will generally (especially with the high end pieces) retain it's value.

I would have a really good look around to see if there is anything else you would prefer that that kind of money could buy you (holiday, shopping spree etc) and if the ring comes out on top after all that then go for it and enjoy it smile

stinkinseamonkey Sun 04-Nov-12 10:54:58

I wouldn't want it, I'd hate walking around with 4k on my finger. I know someone with an expensive ring and its only insured when its inside their safe so she can only wear it on special occassions.

I'ld prefer to be bought a masters module, or like another poster, a posh train holiday, or art that I loved (ring is same for some people I guess) or a personal chef for a couple of months :-D. I'd hate the ring, I'd look at it and see all those other things and resent it LOL

seeker Sun 04-Nov-12 10:59:02

Does it have to be a ring? I would personally hate to feel responsible for something so expensive on my finger all day- what if I lost it, or damaged it or something.

4k is a lot of money- is there something else you want?

akaemmafrost Sun 04-Nov-12 11:01:04

I'd want a holiday too. Memories and experiences worth spending money on I feel.

TeaMakesItToTheTop Sun 04-Nov-12 11:01:43

Unless there is something you'd rather have, holiday of a lifetime, I'd take the ring and enjoy it as a token of your DH's love.

agedknees Sun 04-Nov-12 11:02:12

Do it. You love the ring, your dh wants to buy you it and you have the money. Happiness all around.


alphabite Sun 04-Nov-12 11:05:30

There are lots of pretty rings for a lot less money. I fail to understand how you can't find another you like for nearer the £800 mark.

Completely up to you though if you have the money.

I would want an incredible holiday. If I had £100,000 I would certainly be donating to my chosen charity rather than spend 4k on a piece of jewellry (and then I'd have the holiday).

marriedinwhite Sun 04-Nov-12 11:05:32

I think £4k is an OK amount to spend on a ring but I don't understand how you can replace a wedding ring, blessed during the ceremony and part of a life-long bond and promises. Mine cost £200, 21 years ago and I couldn't bear for it to be replaced and wouldn't want it to be. I also feel similarly but not as spiritually about my engagement ring.

Neither of those feelings stopped DH from buying me a very nice eternity ring or a very very nice diamond ring for the third finger of my right hand.

seeker Sun 04-Nov-12 11:09:59

Actually, I do think there is a lot wrong with spending 4k on a ring- but hey ho!

stinkinseamonkey Sun 04-Nov-12 11:11:32

I don't think its wrong either if you have the money and LOVE it, but the OP doesn't sound that fussed about it so there's probably something she'd enjoy more? that makes it a bit of a waste IMO

Trills Sun 04-Nov-12 11:14:08

You already have a ring, it's not as if you are ringless.

The 4k is there to be spent, but is a ring the thing that would bring you the most happiness? Or is there something else that would make you happier?

Viviennemary Sun 04-Nov-12 11:14:13

If you really want the ring and can afford it then I think you should have it. But if you are not really that bothered and think £4K is too much for a ring then don't.

Everlong Sun 04-Nov-12 11:16:50

Why is it wrong?

It's their money. It's not like it's going a credit card.

I would do it.

cocolepew Sun 04-Nov-12 11:19:36

I would love a 4k ring, lucky you smile

30ish Sun 04-Nov-12 11:20:24

Buy it and enjoy wearing it! There's no point having something so very beautiful bought for you by someone who adores you and wants to spoil you and keeping ut in a safe! But be careful not to crash the car when watching it sparkle in the sunlight!

But it and enjoy it (don't forget to insure it]

Millie1 Sun 04-Nov-12 11:26:12

If you like it, buy it! Whyever not? Your husband wants to indulge you so let him. My wedding ring was inexpensive but at the time was a fortune to us. Later, when DS1 arrived, DH bought me a beautiful diamond ring because we could afford it then. I wear it as a dress ring on my right hand and love it.

You'll never get everyone to agree on a thread like this. Only you can decide and, whatever you decide, enjoy it without guilt.

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 11:27:11

oh let him buy you a ring if that is what he wants to do the money is spare he loves you he wants to buy you something sparkly do it I am envy

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 11:30:05

It's not to replace my wedding ring. It is for my other hand.

I have REALLY looked for a cheaper ring I love. I have a very eclectic taste in jewellery and all my stuff is big and chunky - Byzantine if you know what that means.

Travel is a really good idea and I did suggest it. However it is what we spend our disposable income on at the moment anyway. We are booked to go to Antigua next week and Grenada next spring so whilst one option was just to pay for one of these already booked holidays, DH said better to have something to keep.

I do want the ring. It's just when DH says he would like to make me happy, I feel I am already happy and shouldn't need such a large amount of money on a ring. I suppose it makes me feel shallow.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 11:31:22

millie1 you just summed it for me. I am worried I would feel guilty.

CalamityJones Sun 04-Nov-12 11:31:26

He wants to do it and you can easily afford it - I'd do it! My wedding and engagement rings are worth not quite that, but not far off. I absolutely adore them, and we could afford it, and they'll go to my daughter one day, so I see them as a kind of savings account (albeit a very pretty one)

Op you sound lovely if you want the ring have the ring! It is something you can keep forever and IMO an investment. grin

Jbck Sun 04-Nov-12 11:33:06

My eternity ring was just under that amount and I love it, wear it everyday. Its insured separately but it was designed by us and handmade so I dont feel it could be replaced, that said I dont keep it in a drawer. Call it an eternity and enjoy it. Your DH wants you to pick something just for you which is a lovely gesture.
Post some sparkly pics if you go for it.

DowntonTrout Sun 04-Nov-12 11:33:57

DH bought me replacement rings for our 10th wedding anniversary. The original ones had become uncomfortably tight.

I love my new rings (I say new, it was 10 years ago). We were very young when we married and had no money. I'm not trying to say there was no emotional attachment to the old ones, they are in a draw so I can pass them on to one of the DCs one day- if they want them. But there is just as much emotional attachment to my current ones.

Ok they weren't blessed in a wedding ceremony, but DH bought them because he wanted me to have something really lovely and they mean just as much because of that.

I have never felt that I can't wear them for fear of losing them. They are insured. It seems you are questioning the amount of money being spent on what seems like something frivolous and only you can decide about that. I won't say the value of the 3 rings I have (eternity, solitaire and diamond band) but its a significant amount of money. They are worth much more than their monetary value to me though.

I wouldn't consider £4000 a lot to spend on a ring actually, not with the money her dh is receiving. Jewellery is an investment and everyone will always have different things they prioritise, such is life.

You like the ring, you can afford the ring, get it and enjoy it. smile

Badgersnatch Sun 04-Nov-12 11:38:22

Have you got a link to the ring so we can have a nosy decide properly if it's worth it? wink

FWIW I'd take the ring and love being spoilt.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 11:52:51
OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 04-Nov-12 11:53:07

HI there
WE have moved this to our christmas topic
Merry Christmas to you op, you lucky thing grin

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 11:54:04

Oh no not the christmas topic i stay clear of it till at least december <humph> grin

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 11:55:06

OMG it is beautiful and OP you live in my town wink

SirBoobAlot Sun 04-Nov-12 11:56:03

I'd think it was an absurd waste of money, if I'm honest. You can get some truly beautiful items for a lot less than that. And really, would you feel comfortable walking around in ring that cost so much?

Buy a cheaper ring and do something meaningful with the rest of the money.

Trills Sun 04-Nov-12 11:57:26

That link works. I don't like it very much.

stinkinseamonkey Sun 04-Nov-12 12:00:12

I dont think it looks 4k, its not really what I was expecting. But OP it is worth 4k to you if you LOVE it, do you REALLY love it or do you just think its take or leave nice? if the latter then it is not worth it

milkymocha Sun 04-Nov-12 12:01:28

I think that ring is massively overpriced tbh!
But if you like it then get it smile you only live once!

noviceoftheday Sun 04-Nov-12 12:02:25

I love jewellery so I would get the ring but I couldn't replace my wedding ring. My engagement ring cost approx £12k. I love it and it's more permanent than any holiday we have ever taken. It's insured when I am out of the house which is good because I am a ditz and have accidentally left it in a public place twice blush. You list it as a high value item on the household insurance (means more expensive premium though).

nilbyname Sun 04-Nov-12 12:05:19

Hmmm...that to me is not an "investment" piece of jewellery. It looks to trendy and modern and will date. I

would go to a bespoke place, and get something designed.....

glastocat Sun 04-Nov-12 12:05:44

4k for that?! shock

I can think of about a zillion things I would rather have, buts you can afford it and its your choice. This looks like a bit of a stealth brag to me though.

Kinora Sun 04-Nov-12 12:06:40

If you like it, and can afford it, then buy it.

I'm not too keen on the ring you've chosen but then we're all not the same with our tastes.

I hate it when posters start going on about doing something more meaningful with the money or giving it to charity. What's wrong with being frivolous with money?

Trills Sun 04-Nov-12 12:07:45

If you like it more than you would like anything else that £4k would buy you - get it.

If you like something else better, get that instead.

Tuttutitlookslikerain Sun 04-Nov-12 12:09:59

I think it is all relative, TBH. Those of us, me who think it is daft to spend 4k on a ring probably couldn't afford it anyway!

DH spent 1k on a new wedding ring for me in the Summer, because we came into a bit of money, and my old wedding ring didn't fit any more. I was looking at the £350-£500 ones, but he pointed out the one he liked! I loved it, but thought he was mad. He literally dragged me into the jewellers to try it on. Anyway now I am so glad he bought it me. It does make me happy, superficial I know, but I never thought I would have anything so beautiful.

Do it Netguru. You will love it, and that ring is beautiful.

SirBoobAlot Sun 04-Nov-12 12:11:35

"What's wrong with being frivolous with money?"

Seriously? We're not talking about a slightly too expensive bottle of wine, or a pair of fancy boots. £4k is being more than frivolous.

Badgersnatch Sun 04-Nov-12 12:12:26

If I were you I'd go for platinum rather than white gold because the gold will go yellow with wear and you will have to have it re-plated.

stinkinseamonkey Sun 04-Nov-12 12:13:35

FGS they're not BURNING 4K, they're considering spending it in a local buisness

and who knows what else the couple do for the community/charity?

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 12:14:59

It is their money he wants to buy his wife a ring which she likes regardless of cost and even if it isn't 'bespoke' hmm it is their money to do what they want with it,

LemonLovesLilac Sun 04-Nov-12 12:15:29

Go for it why not I wear nearly a 7k worth of ring on my finger every day.....I get enjoyment from it everyday and will for the rest of my life....I can then leave it to one of my dc and they can then get enjoyment from it! If you can afford it then why not you should not feel in anyway is short! And hey you look at you hands more than any other part of your body really so they might as well look sparkly!

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 12:17:03

and the shop has been going for years they make a lot of their own jewellery and when i walk past it I drool my own eternity ring was from there and it is well made and not tacky like some of the posters is making out the ring is,

Kinora Sun 04-Nov-12 12:18:21

To me its not a frivolous amount and £4k is a serious amount of money.

However, given op's situation as she has described it - dp coming into £100k, 2 super holidays booked - our opinions on the amount are quite different.

WholeLottaRosie Sun 04-Nov-12 12:19:47

Get the ring!
No one else has mentioned the first part of your post yet: that you did have a large diamond ring with your previous marriage, maybe your DH feels that he has to 'compete' with it? hence him wanting to buy you large diamonds? (sorry if that's not the case but wondered why you mentioned it if not).
If it makes your DH happy to buy you something nice then it would be churlish to turn it down in my opinion.

The bit about having to keep expensive jewellery in a safe or it's not insured is incorrect. I insured a ring worth more than £4k and the house insurance went up by £35 a year and no mention of a safe at all.

daisydoodoo Sun 04-Nov-12 12:21:16

That ring is lovely. I'm not a jewellery fan but if I had 4k to spend on jewellery then I'd buy it.
I'd say that it's ok to spend that much on yourself. The cost is relative to what you have if the money you were receiving was not much more I'd say there was more useful things you could spend the money on but as its a significant amount then 4k seems fine to me. I'd hope to be able to treat myself in the same way if I came into unexpected money.

noviceoftheday Sun 04-Nov-12 12:22:14

I love love love the ring! I would run out and get it right this minute grin

My engagement ring was about £100 from H Samuels,

I'd never replace it. Even if I had millions.

My wedding ring is from Argos! about £50, same with that!

That bubble ring is awful sorry, If I saw it on someones finger I'd assume it was from dorothy perkins or something blush

NovemberRain Sun 04-Nov-12 12:32:44

Sorry, but if someone just handed me 100K I would be investing it ALL. None of us are immune from the economic problems going on in the country. We too are, in my opinion, are well off compared to most but if I came into 100K I wouldn't touch it. I would split it 50/50 and buy my kids a flat each and rent it out until they were old enough to take it over. Even people with lots of money now just do not know what is in store for ourselves when we are older and retired, or our kids when they hit Uni age and want to buy a place.

Sorry to be a party pooper!! I can well afford a 4K ring, but I would never do it.

TeaMakesItToTheTop Sun 04-Nov-12 13:09:31

Buy it! You love it. Your DH can afford it. You've chosen it.

I wear a ring with a huge rock in it - DH saved for months and the shop sent two rock sizes up when he ordered it because they'd sold out of the size he wanted. I love that it was given with love. And that's what i concentrate on, even though when I saw the valuation certificate I did wonder whether paying off a good part of the mortgage would have been better.

At first I was really self-conscious now, if we had the money, I'd buy a crown to match!

<argggghhhh. I'm in the Christmas thread in November. WTF>

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 13:15:29

november this isnt about you though ( int he nicest possible way) it is about the op what if the op has bought her children flats already what if her children work and bought their own I could go on , this is about a ring not an investment for the future the OP has been married before maybe she has done all the worrying about children and wants to have a nice time with her new husband <shrug>

NovemberRain Sun 04-Nov-12 13:21:20

Yes, she should buy what she wants. She is asking on a public forum for our opinions though - yes? I did read this thread with interest. I recently read a bit of the book on What's Your Love Style. It seems that some people feel loved when they are bought presents. Are you a bit like that OP. I personally am not like that, not judging you at all. I can see that many women love jewellery. I am just not one of them.

Chopstheduck Sun 04-Nov-12 13:22:42

I'd go to Amsterdam or Hatton garden and get something bespoke made. It is cheaper, and you would get something absolutely amazing for £4k. Dh knows someone who got a ring in platinum made for a few hundred!

I'd go for it too. I'd rather have an amazing holida personally, , but he is offering, and it will be something lovely to keep and treasure forever.

Make sure it fits properly. And you can easily get it insured. I'm with m&s, the top level, and it covers loss and accidental damage, I just have to tell them about any valuables over £1500. My wedding and engagement rings are worth £4-5k combined, and I do wear them all the time.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 13:44:30

Fascinated with the responses. Thanks to all who posted.

I realise taste is a personal thing so not really off put by those who say they don't like it. thing is, I really do and can't find one which is cheaper that I like as much.

I know we are very lucky. I do like nice shiney things, my husband genuinely doesn't care for material things apart from his car and gadgets. That is key I guess to why he is offering me a nice ring and why u am hesitant at that amount of money being spent.

I mentioned former ring just because it was that which made current DH promise that one say he would get me a sparkly ring. I didn't seek the promise or intend to hold him to it - but this why I guess it was his suggestion with the money.

We've taught the children (all mine from previous relationship) an 80/20 rule. Bonus money is spend 20 max save 80 so we are well within that including all our plans.

Oh lord. I know I want the ring. I am just nervous that when I get it I will feel guilty to have spent it on frippery. I must admit I hadn't considered it as an investment in it's own right, but I guess that unlike buying a holiday at least there is residual value which can be released or passed in in future. Thanks for pointing that out.

apachepony Sun 04-Nov-12 13:48:35

I think the ring is gorgeous, you love it, your dh has the money for it - buy it! I don't think it's wildly extravagant in your circumstances. I know plenty of people with less money and more expensive rings (although I live in quite an extravagant country)

stinkinseamonkey Sun 04-Nov-12 13:50:59

I'm not convinced about the "investment" element, its not what I would consider if I was looking to invest.. but OP from your last post it does sound like you love it, didn't really sound like that from your first post, in which case it is worth it TO YOU and sounds like your OH will enjoy giving it so go for it

comethasmybrokentelly Sun 04-Nov-12 13:52:12

Lots of different views here.
I would hate to own something that cost that much, just to decorate my hand. I WOULD seriously rather give the money away.

GrandPoohBah Sun 04-Nov-12 13:55:30

Buy it if it will make you happy every time you look at it.

In the grand scheme of things - I.e the amount your DH is getting - this is not very much money, it's 4% and I don't think that 4% of any windfall is an unreasonable amount to spend on something which makes you (and him) happy. Do try and make sure you're not paying too much mark up on it though, because that will devalue your investment.

mirry2 Sun 04-Nov-12 13:59:32

If he really wants to buy it for you, accept it with good grace.

FerryGirl Sun 04-Nov-12 14:16:34

People are hilarious! That is a lovely ring - and there is no way it looks like it is from Dorothy Perkins?! And it's your money - you and your DH can do what they like with it! I guess you have to expect the usual kind of responses on a forum but it just amazes me that people will happily all pile in to suggest that you use the money to do something more meaningful etc etc, when it is your money and you are hardly suggesting burning it!

It is a great ring, especially if you love it as much as you say you do - just go for it!

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 14:29:57

Funny thing is, I rather expected many responses saying 'Don't be ridiculous, of course you shouldn't do it'. Thought it might help stiffen my resolve to say no.

I didn't want to agonise in discussion with DH as this is just ungrateful. Instead, my discussions with bf and on here have helped me question why I would like a ring and, more importantly, whether it is ok to have one.

I like jewellery but most of my jewellery at the moment is sub 1k so this is a big step up. Even my ring from my previous relationship was only £1500 or so but gold and diamond prices have risen a lot it seems.

I think I'm going to try to ensure that the price is as low as it can be, but say thank you very much.

Mybabyseyes Sun 04-Nov-12 14:32:07

I'd rather have an amazing holiday. Your ring as it is has a lot of sentimental value.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 14:32:58

Oh and to those who suggest investing it or giving it to charity, this is my husband's money to do with what he likes. I can refuse a gift or make a request but I do not wish to try to dictate how he spends it.

brighthair Sun 04-Nov-12 14:37:10

It's beautiful envyenvy

Beamur Sun 04-Nov-12 15:15:04

You love it, he wants you to have it.
I'd rather have something to keep than an expensive holiday.
Don't feel guilty, enjoy it.

Millie1 Sun 04-Nov-12 15:19:17

It's lovely Netguru - go for it. Forget about feeling guilty - and it's going to bring your DH a great deal of pleasure to treat you! Buy it, insure it, wear it, admire it and enjoy it!! grin

legalalien Sun 04-Nov-12 16:01:23

If it looks like anything, it's a raindance ring from boodles, not something from Dorothy Perkins - and that's a classic that won't date. Only two things - I'd agree with whoever suggested platinum, and you might want to consider a mix of diamonds and another stone like some of the boodles ones - more suitable for everyday wear. Will see if I can find a link.

legalalien Sun 04-Nov-12 16:05:39


Classic enough to be in the v and a.

sparkle12mar08 Sun 04-Nov-12 16:17:20

If you've got that amount of money to play with, then get one specially designed for you - go to Hatton Garden or the jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Both the Boodles and the Gallacher rings are massively overpriced for the carat weight and quality of the diamonds included - massively. You can get two or three times the stones if you buy direct and get a jeweller to design & make it for you.

Netguru Sun 04-Nov-12 16:22:22

Indeed. I first saw the boodles ring and it was that which made me search for a similar ring without the boodles price tag.

Boodles want 8.4k for the same ring. Not sure what Dorothy Perkins want ;)

alphabite Sun 04-Nov-12 16:23:29

Sorry but I have to agree that it looks like a Dorothy Perkins £6 ring.

It sounds loads to me; buy then I realised my engagement and wedding ring are worth this combined and I have no problem wearing them everyday. And I love them!

BlingBubbles Sun 04-Nov-12 16:35:56

I think the ring is gorgeous and if your husband wants to spend the money on you and you have the money well then buy it! I certainly would grin

Mrsjay Sun 04-Nov-12 17:01:12

Not sure what Dorothy Perkins want ;)

7.99 grin

Agree that platinum looks much better than white gold. 4k is not excessive for a ring, my DH has never told me how much my engagement ring cost, but I know it was a five figure sum, and I have no problems wearing it, smile.

Have you considered a vintage piece though? Much more unique IMHO. Bonhams and Christies have fairly regular auctions, and some of the smaller regional auction houses also.

If you want it buy it. My engagement ring is £4k. Made for me abroad. Just make sure it is fully insured and enjy wearing it n

Badgersnatch Sun 04-Nov-12 19:02:17

DH's wedding ring was 3k, his reasoning was that he will wear it every day until he dies. Doesn't seem much when you look at it that way.

Badvoc Sun 04-Nov-12 19:21:10

Now you see part of me is aghast that someone would spend that much money on a ring!
You can afford it.
Your husband wants to give you a meaningful gift.
It's not really anyone else's business what you do with your money.
If it will make you both happy do it.
(Looks fondly at £20 wedding band from Argos) smile

Loveweekends10 Mon 05-Nov-12 06:04:11

I just could not do that. It would never be a dilemma I would be faced with because 4k or 10k it would be back in his hand. Sorry but it's too footballers wives for me.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 05-Nov-12 06:21:11

If it makes you feel better, if you choose wisely it's just a transfer of wealth because precious metals and diamonds are a non depreciating asset. Therefore, he isnt really "spending" #4k- just transferring it from one asset class to another.

It's probably a better way to carry wealth than cash because when they print their way out of the financial crisis, cash will be inflated down, whereas the ring will hold it's value in real terms.

noviceoftheday Mon 05-Nov-12 07:22:10

I am so glad you decided to get the gorgeous ring Netguru! I don't think there is anything to feel guilty about and good you're not put off by the sanctimonious brigade hmm. Yes its a lot of money but it will give you so much pleasure to wear it and your dh pleasure to give it.

I have always loved the Boodles raindance ring and think your one is a very good version because it looks as delicate as the Boodles one. Other versions can look chunky. I have small childlike hands so this is important to me. I prefer platinum to white gold too. I loved your ring so much that I did not very subtly show it to my dh yesterday grin

whoneedstosleep Mon 05-Nov-12 09:35:56

I had my eye on a similiar one from Tiffany! It's lovely- enjoy it smile

noviceoftheday Mon 05-Nov-12 09:48:30

whoneedstosleep did you prefer the Tiffanys or Boodles one? Normally, I would go with Tiffany's but think in this case the Boodles original is nicer? i have looked at this ring a lot in the past!

Netguru Mon 05-Nov-12 09:52:22

I looked at both in bond steet last week. The Tiffany one is very pretty but has stones underneath which worried me as I thought I'd damage it.

If you are more careful than me, it is a beautiful ring.

whoneedstosleep Mon 05-Nov-12 09:55:34

The Tiffanys one is a staggering £7,600 and isn't any nicer than the boodles one.
The Tiffany one is chunkier.

noviceoftheday Mon 05-Nov-12 10:10:32

Thanks. Yes it's the chunkiness of the Tiffany's one that me off. I think both Tiffany's and Boodles are 1.5 carats and platinum but Boodles £1k more expensive so I am guessing the difference is diamond quality? Netguru's one is 1 carat and white gold but just as pretty as the Boodles one.

The other thing I thought about is setting and not choosing something too delicate. I have the Tiffany's cross and the top diamond has fallen out (and is lost) so I need to go and get it reset. It's either bad setting or design. My concern is that the same thing would happen with the Boodles one.

whoneedstosleep Mon 05-Nov-12 10:21:49

I am a platinum fan. But netguru's ring is gorgeous and wouldn't be something I would wear everyday so the white gold would be fine.

That is very dissapointing about the lost diamond. Do you think you could get the settings tightened?

noviceoftheday Mon 05-Nov-12 10:43:15

Oh can you get settings tightened? I didn't know that! I will ask when I go in. It's this one so hope they can do that. It's the diamond at the top of the cross.

whoneedstosleep Mon 05-Nov-12 10:53:49

I think you can depending on the cut of the diamond. I have been looking for the 'perfect' eternity ring for 4 years now! Haha
I always end up wanting something else...ipad/watch/holiday. I think DH thinks he's gotten away with buying one!

cerealqueen Mon 05-Nov-12 10:59:21

A lovely ring or maybe a watch which you will wear every day and get pleasure from? You can afford it, go for it.

Netguru Sat 29-Dec-12 19:59:00


As a result of this thread, and a direct suggestion on it, I started looking at watches. For some odd reason it felt less extravagant. We settled on a lovely Cartier watch and I'm very happy with it.

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