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FairyTrain Sun 28-Oct-12 15:28:33

Can anyone give me a link to a decent Elf on the Shelf arrival letter (the ones i found on google were not great! I will be posting Elves to each of my nieces and need an introductory letter, but dont want to use the book as the Elves I have are hand made and look nothing like the one in the book....Hope someone can help!?

loubielou31 Sun 28-Oct-12 21:04:28

Write your own?
I'm sure between us we could come up with something much better.

WhatWouldWitchesDo Sun 28-Oct-12 23:14:54
WhatWouldWitchesDo Sun 28-Oct-12 23:22:31
WhatWouldWitchesDo Mon 29-Oct-12 00:11:01
loubielou31 Wed 21-Nov-12 09:12:43

I'm bumping this thread because I need to get mine done too. I liked the first link best thanks WhatWouldWitchesDo. I'm going to use that as a starting point but need to tweak it I think. I will spend the day planning (I'm off to the library) and will try and do it later.

Clothilde Sat 24-Nov-12 07:43:31

I've just written (and illustrated) mine. I have no idea how to upload a photo onto here, but once I've figured it out, I'll show you.

Clothilde Sat 24-Nov-12 11:18:52

I can't figure out how to upload pictures, but this link might work:

SchrodingersHat Sat 24-Nov-12 11:56:12

That looks fantastic Clothilde. I've written a poem to introduce my elf (which is a girl elf I made) for my DD who will is 2.9. The rhyming is a bit dodgy in places.....

Dear DD

I'm one of Father Christmas' elves
I come from the North Pole
But I’ve come to stay with you for a while
As it’s getting very cold

Every night when you're fast asleep
Magic happens and I come to life
I phone Father Christmas at midnight
And let him know if you've been nice

Then after that, when you're tucked up in bed
I make mischief and have lots of fun
Look for me each morning
To discover what I've done

Here's an advent calendar just for you
It’s a countdown to Christmas Day
All the stockings contains an activity
Something to do and play

But first I need you to think of a name
I don't have one so please can you pick
Shall I be Holly, Trixie or Belle
Tinsel, Jingle or Flick?

FlyOverTheMistletoe Sat 24-Nov-12 12:07:55

Schro thats lovely.

AudrinaAdare Sat 24-Nov-12 21:59:12

A few good ideas here but will need to be C&Pd into Word and decorated etc

loubielou31 Sat 24-Nov-12 23:33:25

Here's my letter if it's of use to anyone. We have two elves at our house, a girl and a boy. It's quite long though.

Dear DDs

I hope you’re both doing your very best to be good girls and I’m sure you’re getting very excited about Christmas which will be here very soon. I wonder what Christmas in Bristol will be like for you and if you will get any snow instead of all that rain. Do you think the animals in Bristol Zoo get excited about Christmas? I know you both love visiting there.
Here in the North Pole it is always snowy, there are lots of jobs to be done all year round and at this time of year there is even more to do. Mrs Claus and I are very busy getting everything ready in time for the big day. I keep a close eye on the naughty and nice lists because they are being updated all the time, Mrs Claus is checking my special red suit to make sure it still fits and doesn't have any holes in it and the elves are busy doing all sorts of jobs. Some look after the reindeer and keep the sleigh clean and sparkling, some have to clear the snow from our paths so we can get about, one or two might even be getting your presents ready.
Did you ever wonder how I know which children should go on the nice list and which children on the naughty list? Well I shall let you in on a very important secret. I have special elves called Scout elves. Their job is to visit children everywhere and observe all the things they do.
Scout elves work very hard and notice everything that happens around them. They see all the good things and all the not so good things. Each night whilst everyone is sleeping, Scout elves use their special North Pole magic to bring me their report. They never forget anything they need to tell me, and I really enjoy hearing about all the exciting times the elves have been having with their families.
Scout elves like to have fun too. They love helping with the Christmas preparations in lots of different ways but I’m afraid they do sometimes get up to mischief.
I know that you’re very special little girls so I’ve sent my elves to spend the holiday season with you.
These elves are best friends and always travel together. They are so excited to be coming to stay with you for a while. You will need name them, they do already have names but they are elvish ones and are very difficult to pronounce so you will need to think of nice English ones. Once you have given the elves their names I will be able to send the North Pole magic that makes them come to life at night.
Since the elves will be keeping an eye on things, they’ll be exploring your house from top to bottom, so you never know where you might find them. I hope you will enjoy having the elves to stay at your house for the holidays. I’m sure you will have lots of fun with them. If they are very mischievous you can send me a letter to tell me all about it.
On Christmas Eve, when I deliver your toys, I will bring your little elves back to the North Pole with me. If you have done a good job taking care of my precious elves, I might send them to visit you again next year!

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 11:01:38

If anyone wants to PM me their email address, I have one on a lovely Christmassy template that I did myself, print it our on heavyweight cream paper (got 10 sheets from hobbycraft for £1) that I can email you.

mummy1986 Sun 25-Nov-12 19:47:15

can i be so very cheeky and ask you if i can pm you about the elf letter? smile

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 20:33:47

PM email addresses away I am more than happy to share the letters I use, they are fairly basic, but they look lovely printed on thick cream paper.

Also I then used the Elf on the Shelf adoption cert from their website.

I am online this evening for a while so get the email addresses flying in, i have sent the templates to those who have already sent me their email addresses.

iloveholidays Sun 25-Nov-12 20:39:28

Thanks Time. Suddenly panicking how much I need to sort.. 2 week old DD3 so I've got a good excuse for lack of organisation smile. Luckily bought everything but other than that need to get sorted!!

Big big big thanks

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 20:45:48

I am due Christmas - but the baby is lying transversely and I will be having c sec at 38 weeks if it doesnt turn due to concerns re exceedingly fast labours, so I am now in panic mode myself

mummy1986 Sun 25-Nov-12 20:56:17

Have pm'd you, thank you x

iloveholidays Sun 25-Nov-12 20:57:46

Awww, hope it all goes well. Have you had a section before? I had one with Dd2 as she was breech, a lot calmer than DD3s recent arrival!! smile. Hope you've got lots of help over Christmas !!

I've purposely bought things earlier than usual due to DD3s arrival but haven't worked out the details of elf or started wrapping yet so very appreciative of the letters, they look lovely!!

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 21:22:51

no to sec before, easy births me, was planning a home birth.

Re planning elf on shelf, there is a thread with a whole list of easy ideas, I will find it now - 2 secs.

Mine are allowed to play with their elves, but not take them to bed, they come on day trips with us and we take a photo a day of the "naughtiness", I am hoping to set up a blog, last year I just threw them all into a facebook folder so at least we can go and look at them in one place and its easy from the phone.

Sadly i have dropped my phone in a bucket of water and the camera no longer works so I dont have that easy option!

hurricanewyn Sun 25-Nov-12 21:24:16

Timeforachange - I've PM'd you.
Thanks smile

Guitargirl Sun 25-Nov-12 21:25:27

time - thanks very much for the templates - they look fab!

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 21:27:24
iloveholidays Sun 25-Nov-12 21:33:24

Thanks time. Hope everything goes well with your new arrival.

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 21:39:59

you are all welcome, I have deleted your inbox messages to me and also the ones I have sent you - to preserve everyones privacy, me that is my special junk mail account not linked to me.

GlitKnit Sun 25-Nov-12 22:52:11

why do you need to bribe and blackmail your kids?
I think its a shit ( and slightly naff) idea

dont ramp up xmas - play it down!

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 22:56:22

Is that for real?? The DCs love them - they extend Christmas and make it magical. The mischief the elves get up to makes them laugh their heads off.

We have 25 days of Christmas - we do a christmassy thing every day in December - they are young and believe in magic for such a short space of time - why not make the most of it?

GlitKnit Sun 25-Nov-12 23:07:08

Because by Xmas day they are whining brats

timeforachangebaby Sun 25-Nov-12 23:11:58

Your children maybe - certainly not mine - they love Christmas Day and the whole run up to it.

AudrinaAdare Sun 25-Nov-12 23:18:53

People do it for the same reason that people do anything I suppose. Whether that's name-changing or spending time on Style and Beauty buying unnecessary stuff for yourself all year round.

Or was that a genuine question? I could explain why I do it but you would get bored because it's to do with my DS' S.N. I'd probably get bored typing it to be honest grin

For other children having the EotS watching is a great idea because Christmas starts too fecking early. There was no need for it when we were children.

nametakenagain Sun 25-Nov-12 23:51:10

I think this watching is a bit creepy. <expects flaming, hopes to have misunderstanding gently cleared>

AudrinaAdare Mon 26-Nov-12 00:07:18

It seems to be the idea behind every major religion; keeping people's base impulses in check for some higher reward at the end from the big man who has a naughty or nice list. This is the lite version.

<Sticks apple in mouth in preparation for roasting>

Nothing creepy about the Elf on the Shelf song, oh no!

MrsDimples Mon 26-Nov-12 00:12:29

I just did our letter, it was pretty simple, DD is 3 & will probably not give a shit I.e. listen at all. It's wrapped up on top of the DvD, on top of the box.

It will be arriving on the doorstep, at some point tomorrow.

timeforachangebaby Mon 26-Nov-12 00:18:13

Ours don't watch - they come on trips etc - the DCs love them.

birthdaypanic Mon 26-Nov-12 00:38:50

This is the first year in our house and all the adults can't wait, it will be a suprise for dgs. Our elf will not be arriving until after dgs birthday on 10th Dec as DD doesn't like anything christmassy until after his birthday so it isn't overshadowed.
We are considering copying an idea we read about, the elf comes on all trips, holidays etc and sends photos to dgs to show that they are watching all year not just in lead up to Christmas, dgs will not see elf on trips.
I agree that children believe in magic for such a short time I think it's a lovely idea wish it had been around for my children.

Pictureperfect Mon 26-Nov-12 02:38:25

Troll in a hole for kids who are too naughty for elves!

Clothilde Mon 26-Nov-12 06:51:32

I don't like the spying for Santa/discipline side of it, so we don't do that. Our elf just comes from the North Pole to spread the Yuletide spirit.

OptimisticPessimist Mon 26-Nov-12 09:27:05

I don't link the Elf (or Santa for that matter) to behaviour at all - I don't really like it anyway but DS1 has ASD, some issues with behaviour and a pretty negative self-image, so there have been times where he's been convinced he won't get presents and I avoid adding to that as best as I can.

AudrinaAdare Mon 26-Nov-12 09:46:25

I think I remember your DS from the thread in chat about autistic meltdowns. As I said before - to each, his own. They're only ideas and you adapt as you see fit. I'm not having a naughty elf because it would confuse the hell of out my rigid-thinker!

Santa is really working with DS' sleep issues and we are hoping that the EotS and his special blanket (gingerbread one from Dunelm Mill grin) will convince him to try sleeping in his own bed. That's his special job this year after last year's success using that free Santa video you can make. Santa asked him to try some new foods and he got into a habit which has continued all year.

Just hoping to avoid problems when the elf goes back into the loft to the North Pole. I saw a Youtube thing last year where the DC were in absolute hysterics shock

Happylander Mon 26-Nov-12 10:27:15

Thanks for this. I have never heard of this but it is a fab idea.

Bunnygotwhacked Mon 26-Nov-12 10:39:34

Do you think I could get away with doing this would be lovely for the youngest who is 5 but the eldest, 10 might be a bit hmm but she is a very young 10 but I do want to give it a go

timeforachangebaby Mon 26-Nov-12 11:06:16

I think everyone who has asked for them now has templates, except the people I am waiting email addresses for?

You know, I find the Elf on the Shelf idea a bit creepy too. If I had one I think it would give me nightmares <easily spooked>.

That and the fact that this is a new thing we've never had in my house before would make my DC a bit hmm about the whole thing...

ToffeeCaramel Mon 26-Nov-12 13:27:04

I'm not keen on the idea. Home is supposed to be haven and I wouldn't like to think someone was continuously watching my behaviour at home to decide if i was a good or bad person and that I'd get no presents if i didn't make the grade.

timeforachangebaby Mon 26-Nov-12 13:42:49

we dont really do the monitoring stuff, the joy of EoTS is that you can adapt it to whatever suits your family,

Guitargirl Mon 26-Nov-12 14:04:16

We did this last year when the DCs were aged 4 and 2 and will be doing it again this year. They absolutely loved it especially the youngest. He would come running out of his room every morning to see where the Elf had moved to. The fact that Elf returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve after the DCs are asleep to be replaced by Father Christmas presents on Christmas Day takes the sting out of his departure! Although DS was still asking about him in February!

kikid Mon 26-Nov-12 15:42:01

Not heard of this before but sounds quite nice for the younger children, i guess you know your children well enough to judge the merits of these things.

OstrichSized Mon 26-Nov-12 15:46:11

This isn't quite the Elf on a Shelf, but just to let you know that if you write to Santa in Lapland, he always replies.
I tested it out once, I was a tad late in posting the letter but I did get a reply in April telling me what Santa, the elves and the reindeer were getting up to in the quiet period.

I think I just took a stab at the address, Lapland, Finland. That kind of thing. Probably another reason it took 4 months to receive a response.

So, not having kids, I didn't know what this 'elf on the shelf' thing was all about. Then I found this.


I laughed quite a lot.

VikingVagine Mon 26-Nov-12 17:42:19

Despite snorting out loud at that link, I think we're maybe being a little unfair on the OP here spwho only came on to ask for a hand!

Guitargirl Mon 26-Nov-12 18:05:21

Ah, the Elf backlash <nods wisely>...I was expecting this.

There were a few mornings last year when I was dragging myself out of bed at 6am, cursing, to move him after forgetting the night before.

timeforachangebaby Mon 26-Nov-12 18:22:45

Oh dear I am an over achieving elf mum - although I had a fb folder not a blog - highlight - when they crashed the car Into the hedge toy story style - low point - when I they had a midnight feast and ate sweeties leaving wrappers everywhere - queue DC bursting into loud noisy tears.

missorinoco Mon 26-Nov-12 20:34:48

That link made me laugh.

I am a elf mum in waiting; last year I saw them here and thought that looked like a great idea, I'm waiting for it to arrive.

I really don't get the idea of making the thing misbehave though, what kind of fresh hell is that to sort out in the morning amidst the breakfast chaos? confused
If I were to examine my conscience I am sure no small part of the purchase would be for the threat of the elf watching bad behaviour. I take all the help I can get. I can live with it.

tearypanic Mon 26-Nov-12 20:59:13

I've never heard of this before!

We do it (since last year, when I made an Elf) and I don't really play up the whole Santa Is Watching thing, but yes, I do occasionally mention to DS1 that Father Christmas won't be very happy if he does that again. I figure it's like god, only seasonal. grin

Our Elf does NOT get up to mischief! shock How much time do some people have, if the Elf has been making christmas cookies all night and has set it up accordingly? What he does do, is hide in a different place each night, which is something I try to do in the 15 seconds between remembering that I forgot to do it the night before, and DS1 coming into the living room. Sometimes I forget - 'Oh, he must really like it there on the lamp bracket darling, he's been there three nights now.' blush

AudrinaAdare Mon 26-Nov-12 21:10:28

I have an emergency stash of new Christmas books for nights when I can not be arsed. I suspect this will be most nights hmm although DD (12) is on board and has collected some ideas in a notepad file.

There will be no cookies baked after the DC go to bed, not on my watch. I may let myself the Elf paint Rudolph noses on everyone as they are sleeping though.

AudrinaAdare Mon 26-Nov-12 21:11:07

grin at, "he must like it up there" - that happened a lot last year.

CheshireDing Mon 26-Nov-12 22:28:01

I love this idea, I just think it's a bit of magical fun and will be trying it next year when pfb will be just over 2 (so probably won't care that much anyway!). Although DH still needs convincing, he thinks it's creepy and a bit Childs' Play-ish.

Is the Elf supposed to do something naughty every night until Christmas Eve, or is it acceptable he bogs off back to Father Christmas to help with the wrapping for a few days here and there? grin

AudrinaAdare Mon 26-Nov-12 22:53:29

Good points raised about the spying and the confusion caused by the naughtiness. Nothing is written in stone and my DS is completely unpredictable anyway - perhaps the Elf is supposed to be naughty for him IYKWIM? We'll see.

Here are the things DD has found:

Bring new story-book (my favourite hence at least fifteen new books put away)
Green wee in loo (food colouring)
Toy Train ride
Eating sweets
Stuck in letter-box (Possibly not. They'd steal anything not nailed down or hanging out of letterboxes where I live)
In toy house
Using computer to make "Elf Yourself" video
In pushchair
Hanging from light
Tea party
Going puddle-jumping in wellie and hat
Painting rudolph noses on everyone
Hiding in stockings
Snow-spray graffiti - writes name
Putting santa hats on photographs (MAKING them not bloody drawing them on)
Playing cards with toys
Eating cereal
Fishing in loo with candy cane and string
Writing Merry Chrstmas on the eggs
Wrapping TV in loo-roll or Christmas paper
wrapped up in Christmas paper, hanging on tree
Fly paper airplanes through the living room
Fill room with balloons
Read story to other toys
Stick stickers over self, toys and furniture
Cinema night watching DVD with other toys and popcorn
Colour in a Christmas picture with a message
On X-Box

I've found the video of the weeping children saying goodbye to the elf so just something to consider!

Tw1nkle Tue 27-Nov-12 09:47:37

I'm loving all the ideas on here!!!

I only heard about 'Elf on the Shelf' last night, reading Mumsnet!
I'm definately going out today to see if i can get an elf from somewhere!

My DD would freak if she thought it had been sent to 'watch' her - so we're going to say that he's come to visit us for Christmas, and join in with our festivities - until he returns home with Santa on Christmas Eve.

So looking forward to starting our family tradition!

Bunnygotwhacked Tue 27-Nov-12 12:03:27

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,
thats his official address which will get a letter back

notso Tue 27-Nov-12 12:31:44

Can anyone find a non-creepy looking Elf for me?
I keep getting hopeful when a thread pops up but then I end up shuddering at scary clownish elves.
I am thinking of doing Elf next year, have rather missed the boat with DD and DS1 13 and 8 but DS2 and DS3 will be 20 mo and 3 next year.
Also only starting proper stockings this year and DS1 might be a bit hmm about two new traditions in one year.

SpanishFly Tue 27-Nov-12 13:26:36

Ours is a cuddly snowman thing from B&Ms - couldnt find an elf anywhere. So Jack Frost came from the north pole to spend December with us.
And he doesnt get up to stuff while theyre asleep - it's a lot more fun doing it under DS's nose without getting caught smile

asuwere Tue 27-Nov-12 13:37:59

We're starting the elf this year but I have to ask, if the elf has been watching tv and is found in morning on sofa with remote, does he have to stay there all day? how does he get moved to a safer place without anyone being able to touch him? (in case his magic disappears)

SpanishFly Tue 27-Nov-12 13:50:13

anyone is allowed to touch/cuddle/play with ours.
Ours does mischief all the time- even when the kids arent asleep - you just have to do it without being caught.
Ours only moves when no-one is looking at him smile

asuwere Tue 27-Nov-12 14:05:47

that's a good rule - only move when no-one is looking... I can convince kids to look away to allow him to move smile

I would let kids touch him but suspect there would be fights and would hate to have to find an elf hospital to fix any injuries ;)

Smudging Tue 27-Nov-12 20:31:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tobermory Tue 27-Nov-12 22:03:16

We're doing Elf on the shelf this year.
He's not appeared yet but I am very excited!
....am sure my children will be too!

MarinaIvy Tue 27-Nov-12 22:09:10

I haven't read the whole thread, but I can't be the only one who's seeing a disparity between an elf who is here to check on whether my kid's behaviour is good enough for Santa, and instances of Elf Naughtiness. I'm not thrilled with the concept that the elf is only behaving badly because he's away from Santa, but mainly, errm, Hypocrite Alert!.

namechangecity Tue 27-Nov-12 22:25:21

ok I simply do not understand what this is all about. Please can someone explain for the dense but interested among us? Thanks very much.

Clothilde Tue 27-Nov-12 22:46:29

The idea is that a toy elf shows up at the start of advent on a visit from Father Christmas. There is an official "Elf on the Shelf" toy and book set which kicked off the craze. In the official version, the cildren are told that the elf is sent to spy on the children for Santa, and the elf goes back to the North Pole every night to report whether the child has been naughty or nice. The children are also told that if they touch the elf, his magic will go (so really, all you need to do after naughtiness is to touch the elf, and word won't get back) and that the magic arrived once the elf is given a name.

Every night, once the children are in bed, the parents move the elf to a new hiding spot for their children to find in the morning. Lots of people do this in a fairly dramatic way, staging elaborate scenes and making it look ad though the elf has played night-time pranks.

On Christmas Eve, the elf rejoins Santa.

That's the official version, but most people I know who do it ignore the spying and discipline bits, and just have a sort of hide-and-seek playing advent doll.

namechangecity Tue 27-Nov-12 22:54:48

Thanks for this. So is the idea that it means the children are not naughty for December? My children who are small will just say mummy it is toy it is not real.

MildredIsMyAlterEgo Wed 28-Nov-12 08:41:53

What is all this elf business about? confused

MildredIsMyAlterEgo Wed 28-Nov-12 08:42:33

Ah, missed the last couple of posts... blush

Taffeta Wed 28-Nov-12 10:11:07

A lovely MNer made me an elf last year and I was exactly the same, started off well with him ravaging the cereal, in DH's underpants on the tree etc but then got a dose of the CBAs/forgot and elf settled himself in certain spots.

He will return this year, no doubt in a similar vein. Saturday he'll have his letter and the advent calendars and the Jolly Christmas postman book. In between, we'll do the underpants again, stealing some money from my purse, shaving with DS's razor and foam, green wee in the loo, and green milk in the fridge.

On Christmas eve, he'll leave some Lindt chocolate santas and a Lush bath bomb.

In between I expect I will forget to shift him more than once. Heyho. Lazy elf.

feetheart Wed 28-Nov-12 11:13:39

If you have a Tiger shop near you they have cracking elves with knitted woolly jumpers for £2.

My two are 9 and 7 but we are starting this year. Not sure there will be much spying but a little mischief is going to be fun smile

loosinas Wed 28-Nov-12 11:28:09

can someone give me a quick fill-in on this elf on the shelf business ! i want to do it for my wee man ! where did yous get a nice elf from?

PickledGerkin Wed 28-Nov-12 12:04:54

To all the people saying "my child would freak out if someone was sent to watch them" you have never been raised Catholic when God is watching all the time

And every couple of weeks you have to go to confession and tell a Priest straight to his face (as he always drew back the curtain) the sins you had committed grin <not scarred at all>

I am doing EoS for the first time this year and yes I am aiming to over-achieve.

My parents made Christmas incredibly special for me and my sisters and I want to add to the crazy that is December in the Gerkin house. It is a mere 25 days out of 365.

So to my fellow Elf on a Shelfers, good luck for Saturday, mine is making his entrance through the letter box, I have a list of things he will be doing including toilet paper wrapping of the Christmas tree. I cannot bloody wait <over excited>

Mine came from here because you could choose the skin colour etc and I already have him and have played with him to see where he will sit happily etc.

p.s. my Dad is 71 and his Christmas tree went up last weekend, my craziness for Christmas is in the genes grin

mycarscallednev Wed 28-Nov-12 13:15:15

.... just keep thinking of Dobby!

ToffeeCaramel Wed 28-Nov-12 14:50:08

If the elves are doing naughty things, does it encourage the kids to do naughty things too? Rather than improving behaviour because the elf is keeping an eye for santa? Sorry if this has been covered. Not read the whole thread.

TheElfOnThePanopticon Wed 28-Nov-12 15:24:43

I wondered about that, too. I tthink that any mischief my elf gets up too will be for adult eyes only.

blibblibs Wed 28-Nov-12 15:57:25

I was so looking forward to doing EoS this year but can't for the life of me find an elf sad

VikingVagine Wed 28-Nov-12 17:05:31

I'm thinking about making one from some old tights, but it'll probably end up looking too scary.

daimbardiva Wed 28-Nov-12 22:17:33

Ebay! I just bought one for £3.99 and it's been despatched same day. Prob not the best quality but will do the job!

SpanishFly Fri 30-Nov-12 14:03:10

IT DOESNT NEED TO BE AN ELF!! Ours is a snowman who's come to visit till Xmas eve. He rings the doorbell every year while we're putting up the Xmas tree on December 1st.

The mischief does NOT encourage ds (age 7) to be mischievous too - in fact he gets cross at him and last year out him on the naughty step.

Ours gets up to things - good and bad - when no-own is looking, not just during the night.

This year he'll eat some chocolate decorations from the tree, he'll phone a takeaway for us one night, and he'll order Arthur Christmas from Sky Box Office, among other things. Weirdly, he's never ever said "it's only a toy" - he seems to believe every word of it all!

VikingVagine Fri 30-Nov-12 20:00:39

Well, I ended up buying a barbiere like doll (Disney tinkerbell something or other) because it's the only sodding thing I could find with pointy ears!

VikingVagine Fri 30-Nov-12 20:15:16

I am armed with red felt and am going to try and make it look like one of Santa's elves.

feetheart Fri 30-Nov-12 22:43:27

SchrodingersHat - just to say thank you for sharing your lovely poem. We have adapted it for our two slightly older children (7 and 9) and it is SO much nicer than some of the icky American stuff I kept finding (and easier than starting from scratch ourselves smile)

Advent calendars out, elf out, letter done and out. I think we might be ready <<need a Christmas smile>>

InNeedOfBrandy Fri 30-Nov-12 22:55:09

spanishfly (love the name do you put it in your dh's drink) We have a christmas fairy here I agree IT does not half to be a creepy elf!

Tw1nkle Sat 01-Dec-12 00:00:32

Cutting it a bit fine.....but I've finished crocheting our Elf!!!!!


janji Sat 01-Dec-12 00:11:25


Tw1nkle, that is fabulous. Very well done.

feetheart Sat 01-Dec-12 07:07:07

Tw1nkle - he's gorgeous smile

schilke Sat 01-Dec-12 08:33:22

I've had to delay the arrival of our elf until tomorrow. Dd2 was asked to go on a last minute sleepover. I nearly said no, thinking of elf, but then realised the start date wasn't set in stone!

I can't wait!

TheElfOnThePanopticon Sat 01-Dec-12 08:43:00

Tw1nkle, that elf is lovely!

Our elf arrived last night, and I am still astonished by how much the children love her. They read her a story, dang her some songs from the Nativity play and showed her colouring in. she sat in a mug tithe table while we ate dinner and was put to bed in a cosy hat. When DD went downstairs this morning she came up to tell us that Lumi really did go to the North Pole overnight, and she read a book when she came back instead of going back to bed. I am so glad I did this.

whimsy Sat 01-Dec-12 09:05:27

Eric the elf arrived last night and was abseiling through the letterbox when the boys found him. We read the story, then we watched the dvd. He bought the Story of Christmas advent calender with him, which is lovely. They love him even the nearly 10yr old. Wish I'd done it years ago smile

loubielou31 Sat 01-Dec-12 09:40:39

"Pippa" and "Tom" were found this morning climbing through the letter box. They brought a letter from Santa and the advent calenders.
I don't think I'm aiming too high this evening although the children are expecting all kinds of high jinks based on the escapades of last years elf who visited Grandma's.

SpanishFly Sat 01-Dec-12 10:47:48

InNeedOfBrandy it's a complete misnomer, I promise you! You know what they say - the more you talk about it, the less you're doing it... blush

Christmas4u Tue 29-Oct-13 23:03:42

Can you send the letter with the template to me? Please

tara4 Sun 01-Dec-13 07:23:34

Please can someone help im a newbie and ive searched everywhere for a elf..but no luck..I like the idea of snowman can someone please help with letters and ideas ect many thanks

tara4 Sun 01-Dec-13 07:41:45

spanishfly i like ur idea cud u help me out with the letter that you used for ur snow man im nipping in to town today to see if i could find a snowman or something similar as i couldnt find an elf ...thanks

yelofharas1 Sat 07-Dec-13 14:03:28

My elf came with a lovely introduction letter from santa printed on nice cream coloured card with my kids names on. It wasn't too formal or scary 'big brother is watching you' type. I bought it on Ebay for £16 under 'Elf on the Shelf Kit' with a lovely knitted elf, magic seeds, jingly bell, reindeer food and chocolate coin for each of my kids. Love it! It even arrived the next day! We are all really getting into the Christmas spirit with our little elf! This morning he trailed toilet paper all over the house! LOL!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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