To tell you that it is only

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RabidEchidna Tue 21-Feb-12 07:53:55

307 days till Christmas

Do I have the record for the first Christmas thread of 2012? grin

RabidEchidna Tue 21-Feb-12 07:57:03


blackeyedsusan Tue 21-Feb-12 07:57:35

no. there were some shortly after christmas on the christmas board. you have missed it by several weeks. grin

Trills Tue 21-Feb-12 07:57:38


SecretNutellaFix Tue 21-Feb-12 08:00:37

Rabid, PISS OFF my love!

ZonkedOut Tue 21-Feb-12 08:07:00

I knew what you were going to say from the thread title. I still clicked on it, more fool me (just to see if I was right, but still).

Bloodymary Tue 21-Feb-12 08:07:27

Tell me how many days until the weather reaches 80 degrees and I might be interested smile

eosmum Tue 21-Feb-12 08:30:44

Sh&t I've nothing done. shock

GhastlyBespoke Tue 21-Feb-12 08:35:52

Is that all? shock

Better get testing my fairy bulbs then.

RabidEchidna Tue 21-Feb-12 08:40:06


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fivegomadindorset Wed 22-Feb-12 07:12:17

I have bought my first Christmas present blush

RabidEchidna Wed 22-Feb-12 18:51:20

I have all my cards and gift wrap already

SecretNutellaFix Wed 22-Feb-12 19:16:40

<starts digging a huge hole for Rabid>

you are going to die!

JaneMare Wed 22-Feb-12 19:17:38


is it too late to put the sprouts on blush

RabidEchidna Thu 23-Feb-12 08:14:23


AngryFeet Thu 23-Feb-12 08:26:28


I think the Christmas topic and all threads with the word Christmas in should be hidden until September. I do not want to see the word. I want to think about summer not next winter.


JaneMare Thu 23-Feb-12 08:59:46



RabidEchidna Fri 24-Feb-12 07:53:43


Nutty, I can keep this up for ever, well the next 304 days grin

Yes, Rabid to think that 2 months ago I was doing the last minute stuff after getting DC off to bed...
The tray for FC (which I have to eat)

The wrapping paper across the lounge door for them to burst through...

<<slaps self>>
<<gets life>>

304 eh?

RabidEchidna Sat 25-Feb-12 00:01:28

Well 303 now

SparkySparrow Sat 25-Feb-12 00:11:45

I love christmas grin

seasalt Sat 25-Feb-12 00:24:44

I was watching an old Royle Family christmas special on Gold last night and it made me wish it was Christmas smile

DD 'forced' me to watch the "GoodLuck Charlie Road Trip Movie" today (yes in Feb).
I kept saying "Why would they leave a beautiful,snowy Denver Colarado (and a beautifully decorated house) to travel to Palms Springs.Because you know it'll be a disaster.

It'sNotRealIt'sNotRealIt'sNotRealIt'sNotRealIt'sNotReal grin

RabidEchidna Sun 26-Feb-12 09:08:00


CheeryCherry Sun 26-Feb-12 09:25:17

<stamps feet> I can't wait that long....

RabidEchidna Mon 27-Feb-12 07:55:51


RabidEchidna Tue 28-Feb-12 14:39:20


Rabid I'm going to get up before you tomorrow to write two hundred and ninety nine. grin

ShowOfHands Tue 28-Feb-12 20:37:59

I love Christmas.

<sidles up to Rabid fluttering eyelashes>

Ha! I'm here before you Rabid..........................................................

but I can't quite bring myself to steal your countdown grin

Tell me Rabid how many days till Christmas then?

RabidEchidna Wed 29-Feb-12 15:46:38


RabidEchidna Thu 01-Mar-12 07:10:05


C'mon Rabid

Impatiently drums fingers on table....

FrozenChocolate Fri 02-Mar-12 10:42:56

Isn't it about 298ish? Or 300ish???

FrozenChocolate Fri 02-Mar-12 10:43:38

296ish even?!

I'm still counting the days of (chocolate free) Lent and I've discovered there's an extra 5 days or something.
Sundays off, (Feast day for good behaviour) not counted in the 40 days.But I can't go off the wagon, I'll never get back on blush

RabidEchidna Fri 02-Mar-12 15:16:40


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amistillsexy Sat 03-Mar-12 09:10:57

Right. Time to put the sprouts on then.

Oh amistillsexy they should've gone on to cook on Pancake Day -tsk tsk

Still, you might get away with it if you've got a pressure cooker?

Hobbycraft had some Christmas stuff in clearance today.
It's March I tell you .March

So either late with the sales or very organised for 2012 grin

RabidEchidna Sun 04-Mar-12 00:22:55


I am sad enough to keep this up all year hmm

D0G Sun 04-Mar-12 00:23:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

countessbabycham Sun 04-Mar-12 00:24:23

I've got a few stocking presents and managed to pick up a copy of Delia Smiths Christmas in a book sale the other day....

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, I bought the wrapping paper the other day grin

RabidEchidna Sun 04-Mar-12 00:31:02

I have cards, gift wrap and 3 gifts, please shoot me

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whoatethelastbiscuit Tue 06-Mar-12 19:52:27

Almost finished the stocking fillers, got all the wrapping paper and cards, and there is a xmas pudding maturing in the cupboard (made 2 last year), if anyone throws in an emergency xmas I am prepared <smug emoticon> How long to go?

RabidEchidna Wed 07-Mar-12 07:11:10


I've got 2 huge rolls of paper from Costco still left from 2011 (I used 2 rolls to wrap all the DC presents, including a Sylvanian Family Regency Hotel).

Christmas puddings from last year blush didn't get used.

Got the £2 jar going.

I'm so organised, I scare myself.

<<cracks knuckles>>

RabidEchidna Thu 08-Mar-12 07:04:25


ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder Thu 08-Mar-12 07:06:25

Hurray! I cannot wait for Christmas!

RabidEchidna Thu 08-Mar-12 08:10:05

Wonders off singing jingle bells

RabidEchidna Fri 09-Mar-12 07:21:34


morecoffeepleaseholdthecake Fri 09-Mar-12 07:36:44

Oooo, is that all! I love Christmas too grin keep the countdown going! I too have wrapping paper, cards and loads of a few pressies already grin

RabidEchidna Sat 10-Mar-12 09:12:07

289 come on people its just round the corner grin

As soon as Easter is out the way we'll have The Queen's Jubilee. Then my DD birthday marks the halfway point (she's June 25th)
The summer holidays, the 2012 Olympics, back to school, Hallowe'en, Guy Fawkes.

Then the mass panic in December of "Oh my God, I've got soooooo much to do"

But I won't be all smuggy smugness (having started buying on QVC Christmas in July) and October for 'shop' shopping. I'm not so cruel.

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RabidEchidna Tue 13-Mar-12 07:14:51


Thanks for the link to the Easter Plates etc.
That site is in dollars so I'm guessing USA but giiven me ideas.

blush for posting Easter on a Christmas Thread.

Not long now... <whistles>

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ProlificYoungGentlemenBreeder Thu 15-Mar-12 08:54:44

Woo hoo!

beautifulwho Thu 15-Mar-12 16:33:18


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Gigondas Wed 21-Mar-12 07:02:11


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RabidEchidna Fri 23-Mar-12 07:06:03



In 9 months time it will be Christmas Eve Eve.

sad Git Emoticon

RabidEchidna Sat 24-Mar-12 09:27:56


susiedaisy Sat 24-Mar-12 09:29:06

Just stumbled on this and have to say you lot are mad!


learningtofly Sat 24-Mar-12 09:32:51

This is excellent news. Might have to see if the butcher is taking Christmas orders yet!

Christmas is going expensive interesting in the Puddlejumper house this year
- DD will be 3.5 so very into the whole thing, and DS will be 1 on Christmas Day. I now have a lifetime of Christmas Day birthdays to organise when if he hadn't been so lazy and had come on.his due date he'd have missed it by over a week.

I'd better start saving!

Only nine months to go....................................................grin

Yes susie completely mad!

But annoyingly ,smugly organised and won't be flapping round in December.
A few years back I was ill for most of December with NoroVirus then Proper Flu one after the other.
But I was still ready for Christmas due to my scarily organised Christmas Planning.

nobutyeahbut Sun 25-Mar-12 00:25:38

I can't wait!

I have not brought much yet but i did pick up some lovely crackers half price in Waitrose in Jan and some nice decorations in House Of Fraser last month.

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McPhee Fri 30-Mar-12 07:10:09

My unborn child has christmas presents already, and I can't bloody wait for it this year.

Bring it on grin

McPhee have you bought a "Baby's First Christmas " bib?

My DS was 18 days old on his first Christmas (DH and I don't remember much of that day grin ) so when he was a year we dressed him in red fleecy PJs with a Santa hat. (But only indoors) He never forgave us.

I have photos to torment him. Mwah Ha Ha

McPhee Sat 31-Mar-12 05:45:38

Oooh no I haven't. Is that one of the rites of passage grin

Baby will be 5 months by December, and I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT!!!!!!!! grin grin

Oh, I've found my natural home in MN!
268 days... Ive got 3 presents with cards and paper...
It's a start

Ummm I have also ordered a goose, it seems so appropriate given the un-naturally high levels of humbug in dh!

CheeryCherry Sat 31-Mar-12 06:44:50

Rabid I love this thread, gets me slightly giddy when I catch it! Keep it up my dear! grin

RabidEchidna Sat 31-Mar-12 09:21:35

Welcome fellow Christmas lovers

M&S had some Christmas Kitchen Towels in the Clearance bit.
I was soooooooooooooo tempted but they were white and red (one of each) which doesn't match my kitchen.

But if they are there next time, I'll know it's a sign.

RabidEchidna Sat 31-Mar-12 19:56:53

Will be in M&S tomorrow morning grin

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BiddyPop Tue 03-Apr-12 11:55:22

Woo hoo!! 100 down!

I'm going to re-create Christmas Dinner for Easter Sunday (yeah)

Quorn Roast for DH and I, chicken for DCs.

But no Christmas Pudding. I'm not that barmy.

I'll make double the sprouts and keep them on the back burner for December wink

RabidEasterEgg Wed 04-Apr-12 07:18:51


Charleymouse Wed 04-Apr-12 07:51:34

I have new hat a scarf for dd2, all the wrapping paper and new decorations. Sorted.

Practice Run on Sunday, have crackers, Pigs in blankets, eggs and an Easter Tree. Twirls around all smug.

RabidEasterEgg Thu 05-Apr-12 08:12:16


RabidEasterEgg Fri 06-Apr-12 09:38:36


RabidEasterEgg Sat 07-Apr-12 08:30:17


RabidEasterEgg Sun 08-Apr-12 08:12:14


But today is chocolate eggs

We had turkey/Quorn, roast spuds,carrot,parsnips,brochilli,turnip puree, Yorkshire puds,gravey, Sage and Onion stuffing and.....................

Party Poppers........

but no sprouts shock

RabidEasterEgg Sun 08-Apr-12 23:04:45

We had Lamb, (and Turkey breast for non lamb eaters) roast spuds, roast parsnips, carrots, peas, cabbage, yorkshires, followed by carrot cake, raspberry roulade, or caramel chocolate salt ice cream.

Cheese and biscuits
Red wine, white wine, bubbly, port.

And Easter eggs

RabidEasterEgg Mon 09-Apr-12 08:52:19


RabidAnchovy Tue 10-Apr-12 08:42:42


startail Tue 10-Apr-12 08:56:04


startail Tue 10-Apr-12 08:56:56

Ok we've lost the Bunnies sad, but you are still too early

I thought that said bumsmile

Need to take mind from gutter. shock

RabidAnchovy Wed 11-Apr-12 09:36:22


Charleymouse Wed 11-Apr-12 11:05:54

We had a lovely Easter lunch consisting of chocolate
roast chocolate chicken
roast carrots/sweet pots & chocolate butternut squash
sweetcorn, chocolate cauliflower, broccoli,
lashings of gravy chocolate

OMG I forgot the pigs in blankets they were in the freezer ready to pop in the oven and I forgot. <<Hangs head in shame>>

We did have Easter Crackers chocolate with Easter candles chocoolate and an Easter Tree chocolate though to compensate.

RabidAnchovy Thu 12-Apr-12 09:32:55


RabidAnchovy Fri 13-Apr-12 07:56:33


McPhee Fri 13-Apr-12 07:59:34

I found an unopened bag of christmas balloons yesterday. Very exciting grin

Silver hologrammed party poppers and lovely Lakeland Limited Posh Poppers.
I bought them for NYE and DH "put them away somewhere safe" Couldn't find them (they were in the loft. Found them when we got the Easter stuff).
So that's my Christmas table colour scheme evolving...

RabidAnchovy Sat 14-Apr-12 08:49:41


RabidAnchovy Sun 15-Apr-12 08:52:33


RabidAnchovy Mon 16-Apr-12 07:00:39


BiddyPop Mon 16-Apr-12 12:48:17

My mother produced crackers for the Easter Sunday dinner. (And I thought I was the Christmas nut in the family!!!)

RabidAnchovy Tue 17-Apr-12 06:58:01


Prods cloves into onion halves.
Sprinkles on some black peppercorns and a bayleaf.
Pint of whole milk.
Sets on low heat to infuse.

Actually my kitchen smells lush because I've got a Yankee Candle 'Red Apple Wreath' burning....

^Come they told him ParumPaPumPum
A newborn King to see Parumm PaPumPum^...

Why aren't my italics working?

Pusles white breadcrumbs for bread sauce...

Oh, they are. hmm

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Tue 17-Apr-12 22:47:39

I have bought my Christmas stamps!! I don't want to pay the extra in December nowt like planning grin

But they won't be fresh if you buy them nowshock

(According to DH, I used to insist that stamps bought from the PO counter were fresher than ones from the stamp machine)
I dispute ever saying this wink

RabidAnchovy Wed 18-Apr-12 06:59:52


250 is a nice round number.

Are you going away at all RabidAnchovy?

Will you nominate someone to carry on your countdown or can you get access to MN?

RabidAnchovy Wed 18-Apr-12 12:40:51

I shall be away in July 70 so I nominate you to carry on in my absence

RabidAnchovy Thu 19-Apr-12 07:05:56


Let me know the dates and I'll step into your metaphorical shoes. (I'm away in August)
I'm sure I can take a break from my Olympic Competition to update the dates.

Stitchthis Fri 20-Apr-12 06:40:38

Marking my placegrin

RabidAnchovy Fri 20-Apr-12 08:35:30


Will do 70 grin

Scout19075 Fri 20-Apr-12 08:48:45

This thread always make me smile, no matter how glum I am. grin

RabidAnchovy Sat 21-Apr-12 08:31:46


RabidAnchovy Sun 22-Apr-12 00:42:02


RabidAnchovy Mon 23-Apr-12 07:22:23


In 8 months time it will be Christmas Eve eve.

and a few dragon dragon dragon dragon for good measure,
Because I can

RabidAnchovy Tue 24-Apr-12 07:19:11


Chuffing Tue 24-Apr-12 07:59:15

grin marking my place so I don't have to count down myself!

RabidAnchovy Tue 24-Apr-12 09:40:17
RabidAnchovy Wed 25-Apr-12 07:03:13


I brought some Christmas stocking stuff Saturday.

I'm equally smug and ashamed of myself

Way to go Pets - you know it makes sense grin

8 months to go
8 months to go
8 months to go


RabidAnchovy Thu 26-Apr-12 07:06:55


RabidAnchovy Fri 27-Apr-12 07:02:34


revolutionconfirmed Fri 27-Apr-12 07:21:06

Stop it! Numbers like that scare me. I.have the children's birthdays before Christmas plus my birthday, school uniform, starting reception etc. If it is only 241 days until Christmas it's less until those!

But this is a Public Service Announcement revoloution, so that you don't get to the 22nd December and think "Noooooo I've got everything to do" grin

My DS was born less than 3 weeks before the Millenium Christmas. Every morning Chris Tarrant would say
"Oh it's XYZ days until the Millenium" and I'd be screaming at the radio "STFU I've got to give birth before that".
He never listened <<sigh>>

I've got my mums birthday , my birthday (overlooked because shortly after it's DD birthday), holiday -need passports-, back to school, DH birthday, the guinea-pigs birthday , Hallowe'en, Guy Fawkes, DS birthday....

Then Christmas. <<phew>>

RabidAnchovy Fri 27-Apr-12 11:08:46

I have DS1 16th Birthday
Jubilee Party
DS1 prom
DS2 confirmation
My birthday
Family holiday to Tunisia (with my mother)
My sisters birthday
Family holiday sailing in Cornwall
DS2 birthday
Back to school (DS1 to 6th form)
First DH birthday
Bonfire party
Christmas open house
Visit to Cornwall

revolutionconfirmed Fri 27-Apr-12 12:35:59

Are we adding in trips? shock. My mind is boggled! Bloody Christmas. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

RabidAnchovy Sat 28-Apr-12 09:45:31


Stitchthis Sun 29-Apr-12 00:01:16


revolutionconfirmed Sun 29-Apr-12 00:01:59

I am convinced you all are the antichrist.

Smurfy1 Sun 29-Apr-12 00:10:07

I started pressie shopping in the Jan sales sad i know

I'm so glad that I only just found this, I would have gone insane if I saw it back in February, I would have gone insane.

Although I admire your dedication to posting EVERY day

revolutionconfirmed Sun 29-Apr-12 00:16:02

I was originally going to start shopping after DD1's birthday in June but now I'm thinking May may just give me that little helping hand I need. I don't have a lot of expendable income so it's impossible to save. Sales, a few little things as one big present and eBay are my friends.

Smurfy1 Sun 29-Apr-12 00:26:36

I love internet shopping is great for cheap shoes and trainers is fantastic too

RabidAnchovy Sun 29-Apr-12 00:45:22


Weird that you should say that revoloution.
In The Omen, Damien (Son on of Devil) was born on the 6th of the 6th 1966.
(June 6th 1966)

My birthday is the 5th of the 6th 1966.


Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha

RabidAnchovy Mon 30-Apr-12 07:01:31


RabidAnchovy Mon 30-Apr-12 07:02:59

DS1 was due the 16 6 96

I personally can't wait, mainly because by the big day I should have a new baby, and I farking live Christmas way more than summer. <bitter about being hot and pregnant>

McPhee Mon 30-Apr-12 07:55:25

I'll be the same TitsalinaBumSquash. I can't wait for xmas this year grin

Ooooh envy in a It's Lovely to Have a Little Snuggly Baby for Christmas sort of way.

But thinking back to DS first Christmas, he was 18 days old. DH and I didn't have the energy to chew.
We took him out in his pram all snuggled up ,to look at Christmas trees, on Boxing Day.
(He was ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz) though.

One of those Memory Bank situations.

And DD was 6 months for her first Christmas.We've got video of her rolling about in her 'Grobag' waving the Father Christmas letter about .
And completely underwhelmed grin

McPhee Mon 30-Apr-12 08:51:44

Mine will be about 5 months...and already has xmas pressies grin


RabidAnchovy Tue 01-May-12 07:03:47


BiddyPop Tue 01-May-12 11:01:13

I spent Christmas Day 2005 attending suitable service with all my extended family living locally (we are where my parents both grew up whereas DH and I both grew up 160 miles away and that's where both our families celebrate), getting walked up and down the pier, and getting shouted at in my Gran's house for insisting on standing to stir the gravy (I did NOT want to be sitting down but couldn't say why). After 2 helpings of turkey, 2 helpings of pudding (and 2 small glasses of wine despite the tutting of the reverend father uncle priest sitting next to me), I managed to sit for another 2 hours (at this stage - I KNEW why I didn't want to sit anymore grin ) while my 5 month old niece rolled around the floor - and had to eventually plead exhasution to escape at 11pm - went pretty much straight to hospital (just stopped at home to change from "good" clothes to yoga pants and rugby top) and DD arrived at 6am the next morning.

So Christmas is pretty special for us!

Oh, and the fact that I am back working full time and full-on, means I have little or no time to craft - so reminders are very important!!

Aaaaww Biddy ,a Christmas Baby grin (Boxing Day)

Good on yer for managing to keep up with everthing on that particular Christmas Day.
2 Dinners,2 puds, 2 wine

The baby wanted it didn't she grin

RabidAnchovy Wed 02-May-12 07:01:50


I am already thinking about what I want to do at Christmas! grin
Last year we stayed at my good friends house, after a nightmare year I was never going to be able to do Christmas, it was lovely but a bit tense towards the end of the 2 weeks with 17 people in one house.

Anyway, sensible me says having a couple of week old baby would make it silly to do Christmas for all the family, especially with both my sister and my MIL willing to have us.
However, I have all these plans forming already (it's what happens when you end up bed bound) I have visions of Turkeys, tress and lights, my 3 children sitting on the sofa watching The Snowman under twinkly tree lights <sigh>

I can't believe it's only May.

BiddyPop Wed 02-May-12 09:18:59

Titsalina, you could have most of the dinner already prepped and frozen (roast spuds peeled and parboiled, veg peeled and blanched, stuffing made, giblet stock made and gravy using same frozen), buy a pre-sliced smoked salmon or get a nice soup to start, use a pre-boned turkey that takes the stress out, and you can make your puddings now. How is your DH at organising things (all he'd have to do is turn things on and watch timings)? Are your other 2 big enough to help - even set the table and make up salad plates from bowls of bits?

Personally, I'd play it by ear. If I got organised enough, Christmas at home with brand new babs and just the family relaxing would be just lovely. But if I wasn't organised enough, or I was too exhausted, I'd have Sis and MIL on standby to have us for dinner or maybe for tea later.

Oh, and for the few weeks beforehand while you'll be tied up, have plenty of little "jobs" for the other kids to get on with. New baby will need decorations in their room (paper chains), you'll want paper snowflakes on the windows, if you have the energy and while babs snoozes the older 2 might make cookies for Santa (I always keep a roll of dough frozen to just slice off in case I don't feel like going from scratch too - even slicing that up and baking can be great for kids). You can read Christmas stories while you feed babs (especially if BF), and get lots of colouring in sheets from the web too.

And of course, Santa doesn't come to children whose rooms aren't tidy!! Which you can supervise while feeding/snuggling babs sitting on their beds wink

70s, yup babs definitely wanted it - left lots of room but then started kicking it back up later. But it did help me relax!! grin

Actually, I normally have started thinking about where to be for Christmas by now, and I haven't been able to start that yet this year. I think we'll probably have to travel to our families (they only live 15 miles apart, but 160 miles away from us). Ugh, I wonder if I can start looking for somewhere independent to stay this year again (couldn't past few years) - I can use the excuse of a proper party again for DD on Boxing Day.

BiddyPop Wed 02-May-12 09:21:47

Sorry Titsalina, I just realised you probably meant your whole extended family! In that case, everyone has to bring a dish (agree in advance what it is - nibbles for drinks beforehand and mince pies etc for later are also helpful, as well as turkey, ham, veg, starter, desert etc) and a couple of people are designated washer-uppers in advance, so you don't have any work to do (except have your feet up and enjoy numerous cups of tea).

And definitely pre-book your internet shopping delivery slot for 23rd Dec!!

RabidAnchovy Thu 03-May-12 07:11:35


milk Thu 03-May-12 12:04:49

I am dreaming of Christmas!!! I am 18 weeks pregnant with DC2 and it is the one thing keeping me going (I still have mourning sickness).

On Christmas, DS will be 1 year, 9 months and DC2 will be (if they arrive on time) almost 3 months old. Hopefully by then I would have recovered from the birth enough to enjoy the festivities. I can't wait for the happy atmosphere and all that delicious food.

Last Christmas was so so perfect, I just want it to be that way again!

RabidAnchovy Thu 03-May-12 15:01:27

<whispers> I have agreed to go to DPs parents for Christmas, they are lovely lovely people but not big on the celebrations...this is what happens when you have too much bucksfizz last Christmas day! hmm

Oh Rabid how brave are you, Christmas at the outlaws shock.

I've spent New Years at MIL or parents but Christmas is spent chez moi.
My parents don't do the whole Christmas thing (even when we were children) and my DC have grown up with a high expectation of my High Christmas Standards.

(My mother once said "Oh you could bring your Christmas decorations up here" - I have a loft full. I do my decorations.) They are welcome to come to me and I will travel for NYE (they live 8+ miles drive)

And I can't cook in my mums kitchen. No sharp knives or potato peeler confused

RabidAnchovy Fri 04-May-12 07:04:15


RabidAnchovy Fri 04-May-12 07:06:05

70, I have always said no because I will not take the children away from their dad at Christmas, but he has been invited to, thankfully thank God DP and his parents like my First husband grin
I shall pack my own Christmas tree grin grin

I'm very glad I have found this thread! I was singing christmas songs at with my DH on Monday - he toldme I'm the only person thinking about it! I'm actually very excited for it, this has already been the worst year in our married life and I just want it to be Christmas because everything is shiny and nice forgets last Christmas when awful uncle was a drunken dick

It's beginning to look a lot like christmaaaaaaas

Can I ask - if you travel for Christmas, do you stay the night before? Do you are all of the gifts?

RabidAnchovy Fri 04-May-12 07:57:31

if we do go to DPs parents, this will be the first time ever I have left home for Christmas, it is 300 miles 5 people and a Christmas tree in a saloon car and as many gifts as I can get in grin we would go the day before Christmas eve and come home day after boxing day (to God only knows what mess as my sister would be here house sitting with her boyfriend)

I have found myself wondering if it's really ever too early to make the Christmas pud blush
Then I realised it's only me that likes it.
I am getting really excited, really early this year, I'm not sure why...

BiddyPop Fri 04-May-12 10:07:56

We sometimes travel, sometimes stay put. After our first 2 Christmases married, when both were spent trying to digest Christmas lunch at DH's mums and Christmas dinner at my mums, we rebelled and stayed in our house (even though just the 2 of us) and didn;t see them all until a few days later. My poor waistline couldn't take it!!

If we travel, I am supposed to work on Christmas Eve morning, so we tend to travel down about lunchtime (it's 160 miles) if it's a weekday. If days fall right for the weekend, we might go on 23rd, but not usually earlier.

We tend to leave by on 27th (my parent's wedding anniversary) or 28th at latest. We have DD's birthday on 26th, so cannot leave then. If we are down earlier in the month too, I may drop off a bag of presents to hide somewhere at that stage, but we usually bring them with us. (I have 18 adults and 5 kids to sort out down there!! but it's a bit easier since my siblings and I adopted a KK a few years back, so 1 large present for the KK draw (done in Oct) and 9 stocking fillers for all the siblings and their Significant others). Oh, and DD and DH, and Santa, and DD's birthday. And my parent's anniversary.

I would LOVE to do Christmas down there for everyone sometime. Probably won't ever happen, but maybe sometime. Mum freaks about people invading her kitchen (she wants help but then sulks and takes to the bed). MIL allows some helping but not a lot.

A few times we have stayed in either a house we've rented for Christmas week or a house my parents have (almost halfway between both family homes) that was empty 1 Christmas and I find it MUCH easier having an independent "crashpad" to return to and unwind in our own space some of the time. We've usually ended up having everyone over for drinks at least at some stage, and my siblings and SO's and DH's sis have tended to relax and unwind there after parents are gone too which is nice for grown up bonding.

Actually, must go have a hunt and see if there's anything available this year as I think we are due to go down, and it really is better to be seperate.

Oh, and despite me never making it myself, it is never too early to make a pudding Titsalina. I keep intending to (my mum finally gave up making me one last year, after 11 years!! sob! and we didn't get a cake from MIL either!! I have to get domesticated in that direction now). But the best pudding we ever had was the year my mum had made too many the year before and, rather than making a huge batch, had only made fresh for herself and my gran and gave us a year old one - DIVINE!!! I got a M&S one last year (and NOT the cheapest one by a LONG shot) and that was RANK!! UGH!!! So while I can live without cake, I really want to make a pudding this year and might make it in the early summer when I have a few weeks off.

BiddyPop Fri 04-May-12 10:08:32

Sorry for the essay, I guess I wanted to escape into Christmas-ness a bit this morning from the grim reality of work grin

RabidAnchovy Sat 05-May-12 08:17:03


RabidAnchovy Sun 06-May-12 09:38:08


PoohBearsHole Sun 06-May-12 09:43:49

Stop wishing the days away grin its most unsettling and I have got started yet!

RabidAnchovy Sun 06-May-12 09:45:27

Pooh I wish the year would slow down.

WantAnOrange Sun 06-May-12 09:50:31

RabidAnchovy the image of you and your family all squashed in the car made me laugh. It sounds like a christmas special of a family sitcom.

I am very excited about this christmas as I will have a two month old newborn! DS has already planned to write the baby's letter to Santa, so that he is a Good Big Brother. I was hoping to do christmas at home, myself this year and invite PILs and maybe step-dad but that's a bit of a hairy situation and my house is the size of a shoe box. Am I mad?

RabidAnchovy Sun 06-May-12 09:55:40

WantAnOrange, it will be like national lampoos Christmas vacation grin

WantAnOrange Sun 06-May-12 10:05:33

grin sounds brilliant fun!

Limejelly Sun 06-May-12 10:07:42

I will have a 2 month old baby on Christmas this year (gave me butterflies writing that sentence!) and all I can think about is Christmas!

Just yesterday I was planning with DP how we should spend the day. He was all hmm but I knew there were others like me!

I can't wait grin

Ahhh - all those who are expecting babies this year or will have a child who is having their first Christmas.....

This will be the start of your Christmas Traditions.
(There are loads'n' loads'n' loads of threads on Christmas Traditions to give you inspiration).
We add a new one every year to carry on, but now the DC are getting older, some of their childhood ones go into hibernation (to keep for grandchildren grin )

WantAnOrange Sun 06-May-12 14:18:26

What on earth do you put in 2 month old's stocking?

I have to do one for the baby, if only for DS's benefit!

RabidAnchovy Sun 06-May-12 16:12:31

Christmas bibs????

WantAnOrange Sun 06-May-12 20:03:41

hehe would it be cruel to dress baby as christmas pudding?

My DD was 6 months old on her 1st Christmas. DS was 3 yo so very Christmas aware.
We've got video of DD rolling round waving DS Letter to Santa. But she was more interested in watching her brother open his presents that her own.
Of course we bought her a stocking. But I can't for the life of me remember what was in it. blush.
Clothes probably.

WantAnOrange - of course not!
We dressed DS (just over a year) as Father Christmas. And we have photos to blackmail him show our future Daughter in Law grin

You know, cos the weather has been so horrid I really think that we should have an extra Christmas this year to make up for it. How about next weekend?

buzzgirly Mon 07-May-12 09:51:50

I'm so glad I found this thread, I thought I was the only person planning christmas already!

Last year we started a few traditions including elf on the shelf - it was so much fun, I'm really looking forward to doing it again. Also last year I was 38 weeks pregnant on Xmas day so knackered. So this year I will have 4 year old and an almost 1 year old!

limejelly and wantanorange Xmas will be so lovely with the new baby, exciting times. My dd was 2 months on her first Xmas, it was lovely she was just happy to look at the tree! And orange a Christmas pudding wouldn't be cruel, dd was an elf!

RabidAnchovy Mon 07-May-12 09:53:57


For baby stockings (ours will be a month old this Xmas!) I have in the past done bits we need even if not right then, vests, bibs, rattles, socks and the like, my sisters kids all had dummies so they put them in stockings.

I am still v.excited for Xmas this year. grin

Would also love to hear about other people traditions btw.
Ours all got lost last year as we were at friends but I shall revive, new pjs on Christmas eve. smile

boredandrestless Mon 07-May-12 10:02:05

Oooooh I lurve xmas! grin

I have already bought for all my nieces and nephews, and DS has got quite a bit put away too on terms of little presents so I am going to wait until much nearer and just get him a main present. I got way too carried away buying for him last year, the pile of presents was shocking!! blush

boredandrestless Mon 07-May-12 10:16:06

We always DO something on xmas eve afternoon out of the house as DS has a lot of energy on a regular day so you can imagine the bounciness on xmas eve! In the past we have done theatre show, bowling, panto, or shopping and hot choc in a cafe (I am hoping to do the 'on ice' show this year, depending what it is). Then we come home and do the usual in house things that I think a lot of people do now, the PJs, the xmas movie, leave the food out for santa, etc.

In the run up to xmas we do a bit of baking and a gingerbread house.

RabidAnchovy Tue 08-May-12 00:17:15


robino Tue 08-May-12 00:23:53

Ahem! I have baked two Christmas cakes this week. Do I get some sort of award?

milk Tue 08-May-12 13:44:08

Limejelly- I will have a 3 month old baby by Christmas grin

Every Christmas we go to my Grandmas (Mums mum), with my parents, my sister and her bf, plus myself, DH, DS, and DC2 smile

We all arrive at around 11am smile It truly is the best time of year!

milk Tue 08-May-12 13:44:45

I can't wait for the Selfridges and Harrods Christmas displays to open up in August grin

I was in burger king last week and Mistletoe and wine was playing. On the 1st of May WTAF shock

Maybe they were playing the entire collection of Sir Cliff Ricahard and you just happened to catch that song.

I get stupidly excited by Christmas in July on QVC, even though the last few years have just been all the stuff from clearance renamed. I can view on the website to see what's on offer.
But it used to be fabulous, lots of products from USA.

RabidAnchovy Wed 09-May-12 07:02:14


RabidAnchovy Thu 10-May-12 06:59:46


RabidAnchovy Fri 11-May-12 07:06:33


morecoffeemorecoffee Fri 11-May-12 07:24:51

I love it when this thread pops up o. Active convos! Ds said to me last week "mummy I can't wait until Christmas!" I bought my neice another Christmas present yesterday in m&s sale. I love love love it!

milk Fri 11-May-12 11:08:45

On days like today when I feel really depressed, this thread makes me feel so much better grin Thank you smile Imagining Christmas in my head is the one thing getting me through.

As for presents: I am selling stuff on ebay at the moment (doing it now as we are moving soon and I'd rather get rid of the stuff than drag it around), and I'm saving that money to buy the children presents grin DS will be 21 months, and DC2 will be 3 months. On Thursday we find out what gender DC2 will be which will make present buying even more fun grin

ObiWan Fri 11-May-12 11:34:25

Gosh, it's only May, but I feel like I'm late to this grin

I've bought and put away : some cards, Lego Diagon Alley, and Lego 'The Burrow'. Some Children's Christmas books and DVDs.

I have lists , food lists, and gift lists and decoration lists (even though we use the same decorations every year!)

And I have a funny little 'countdown to Christmas' thing on my iPad grin

milk Fri 11-May-12 12:46:13

ObiWan- who is the lego for?

RabidAnchovy Sat 12-May-12 10:17:42


RabidAnchovy Sun 13-May-12 09:14:44


DP was saying this morning about getting a big marble run for the kids, I said "noooo order it and we can put it away for Christmas" he gave me this look > hmm

I loath spending ££££ in Dec especially with a new arrival on the way and a whole new lot of stuff to buy for him/ her.

milk Sun 13-May-12 12:15:23

TitsalinaBumSquash- I agree about spending £££ in Dec- I think its better to space it out during the year smile

How many DC do you have?

RabidAnchovy Mon 14-May-12 07:02:37


Currently 2 (5&7 yo DSs) come Dec I should have a 2-3 week old as well!

I really struggle with what to buy my 2 at the best of times, so any genius ideas get saved for Christmas and Birthdays.

ATM though, I have a horrible feeling we're going to be expected at MIL's for Xmas which I personally don't want to do!

ObiWan Mon 14-May-12 07:55:09

Milk , the Lego is for the children of course! They are aged between 4-8 ( the baby just eats the Lego) and I'm just lucky that they all share have been steered towards my love of the little bricks grin

BiddyPop Mon 14-May-12 08:29:32

Stockings for 2 month olds....I had, just in case DD arrived before Christmas Day itself, a few Christmas bibs, a rattle, a small jar of vaseline (travel bag size), and a Christmas onsie that a friend had bought in NYC. If there are older siblings, you'll HAVE to have a stocking, even if they can't enjoy it much themselves - but something nice and fun (small) and then lots of practical items that you'd be buying anyway just presented in the stocking grin

Sorry, I've been MIA for a hectic week (and this week looks as bad, hence v early post from the desk before I get lost again).

And not a lot done practically about Christmas yet. Although I mentioned to DH that I'd been looking at cottages - and he sounded interested. So I may persuade him on that yet.

As for Traditions. DD has made an ornament for the tree every year (creche, school, and the odd venture into glitter and mess at home! ), which we have kept carefully. Some of these go on the tree every year but some are just kept for her own tree. (Cos I have LOADS of decs for the tree). I tend to buy an ornament every year though, when we are somewhere interesting - various hols worldwide or business trips, or just interesting things we spot coming up to hols here to mark special years (like the year we got married I got a crystal one).

DD and I , and last year DH, all get new PJs on Christmas Eve. And then after a bath (last year, I got a Lush "SANTA" bath bomb for DD's bath - wow that went down well!!), we read "Twas the night before Christmas" for the first time of the season. I have loads of Christmas books and stories and we read one most nights in December (I have to read a french one about the mouse family preparing daily - in french and then translate - at least 6 times in the month!!), but TTNBC gets saved for Christmas Eve.

And my own personal tradition, is that at some point after the tree goes up and before Christmas, when the house is quiet (like DD asleep and DH out at a work do), I turn on tree lights, off all other lights, (maybe light candles or the fire), and lie on the floor with a G&T reviewing the year past and making my plans for the year ahead (sorta New Year resolution type thoughts). Might manage 10 minutes, or an hour. But it's been an important time out for me ever since I was 16 and first raided my parents Jack Daniels stash while the rest of my siblings watched TV in the other room and I was the babysitter (not that bold cos I only had less than 1 measure and was already a beer/wine drinker sanctioned by parents). There have been quite a few years where it has been a soft drink. But the tree lights and the quiet are the important part.

milk Mon 14-May-12 09:19:56

So far I have hidden away:

- a box of Duplo I bought for DS (he'll be 21 months)

then I hope to get some small nik-naks and DVDs- I can't wait for the Sainsburys half price toy sale grin

RabidAnchovy Tue 15-May-12 10:03:45


BiddyPop Tue 15-May-12 15:15:35

Is it really only yesterday I posted that essay? It feels like at least 3 days since then.....

It's getting scarily towards the sub-200's, and I have nothing worthwhile done.

But I was thinking last night while lying awake at stupid o'clock trying to get back to sleep that I will make a pudding this year. And I will use the time off I am taking in the summer to do it.

RabidAnchovy Tue 15-May-12 17:55:15

I think we should put a Christmas tree up on this thread when we get to 200 grin

I brought three colouring books and some chunky crayons for ds2 today. I'm thinking of doing him one of those storage boxes crammed full of crafty bits as his big present. He will be 2 so not really into Christmas yet.

RabidAnchovy Wed 16-May-12 06:57:33


RabidAnchovy Thu 17-May-12 07:07:52


We had an actual discussion over dinner about Christmas this year, I expressed that I didn't want to be at MIL's so we compromised with Boxing Day but we would like people over on Christmas day so we may invite them although I doubt FIL will come because he isn't overly nice sociable. hmm

I will also invite my sister and her brood although I again expect they'll opt not to come because they have their own extended families to sort.

I hate Christmas day with just the 5 of us though, I grew up with a 20 head count minimum round the table for Christmas dinner.

DP got all gooey about starting family traditions for the first time this year of our own! He is a big softy about these sort of things. smile

milk Thu 17-May-12 08:35:16

TitsalinaBumSquash- 5 people is nice in the sense that you can serve the fanciest food and the bill isn't too high smile We have 8 people around for Christmas dinner, although this year DC2 will be born so there will be 9 grin

Our Christmas traditions are all food related smile We start the meal with beef and barley soup, then go onto the traditional roast turkey, which is served with chestnut stuffing and apricot and ginger stuffing. Served with honey glazed roast potato and parsnips. We also have broccoli on the plate for greenery. Dessert is a simple sorbet and fruit... then about 3 hours later we eat rich cakes/Christmas pudding with clotted cream and alcohol grin

RabidAnchovy Fri 18-May-12 07:18:00


milk I'm sure if it ends up as just us it will be lovely, my worries stem back from a couple of Xmas days spent with ex and the 2 boys, it was just like every other day (him shouting, the kids made to be silent hmm)
I'm one of these that has an ideal picture in my head and then I try too hard to make it perfect when really 6 and 8 year old boys just want to play with their new toys and a 4-6 week old baby will just be wanting bf and sleep. grin

milk Fri 18-May-12 08:25:50

TitsalinaBumSquash- we have adults in one room and children in another, therefore the adults can drink in peace and the kids can play with their new presents smile

I'm not sure we'd get away without the constant cries for Lego assistance grin

I'm seriously tempted to start making little decorations already blush

milk Fri 18-May-12 09:16:46

TitsalinaBumSquash- what decorations do you make?

Anything and everything!

I scour the internet for projects.

In the past I have sewn little tree decorations out of scraps of fabric filled with christmassy smelling spices.
Both boys have a giant stocking I made, <possible overkill on the size>
They have a huge advent calender I made that needs repairing, it's 25 little stockings I made out of felt and decorated then stuck on a cork board that I had covered in Christmas fabric.
We have bunting, snow globes, gingerbread houses, wreathes. It's like a grotto in this place from December onwards blush

milk Fri 18-May-12 09:39:06

I'd love a Willy Wonka Christmas, so all the decorations are edible chocolates and sweets grin

You need to beg,steal,borrow,buy or make an Elf on the Shelf. There are loads of threads on EotS last Christmas. They are popular in the USA, but the Elf looks a bit scarey.
I made mine from a Dr Who Christopher Eccleston doll (red and green felt outfit sewed on and hat and pixie boots glued on) .He looked pretty fierce and beligerant, not a friendly elf grin.
You hide them in the house, track their hiding places and he disappears on the night of the 24th to Lapland.

My DCs will be 13 and 10 at Christmas, so our Traditions are changing but they still love the Christmas Eve Hamper and stockings (presents for a 13 yo DS are expensive and tiny so the under the tree pile looks skimpy ).
Stocking gifts-well wrapped up- give you valuable lie-in time when they wake early.
And we put a fibre optic tree in the bedroom (they share a room on Christmas Eve) on a timer. When it goes on, they know he's been.

YY to edible decorations. Candy canes, chocolate tree decorations and iced ginger biscuits (I put in tied cellophane bags).

Titsalina yes, start now !
I made a tree skirt (years ago) from a kit from QVC. Little teddy bears on a train with a million sequins and beads. I started in the August and sewed for an hour every day.Took forever but even now 8 years later it sits under the tree and I'm really smug when I see it.

RabidAnchovy Sat 19-May-12 10:18:11


milk Sat 19-May-12 18:53:49


buzzgirly Sun 20-May-12 08:36:48

It really cheers me up when I read this thread!! Whenever I mention Xmas in rl, people look at me like I'm mad.

I agree with 70, you have to get an Elf on the Shelf. We got ours last year, and it was great. On Xmas morning, DD was more interested in the elf than her presents! We also did the Xmas eve hamper for first time last year too, I put in new pjs, bubble bath, new toothbrush and a chocolate Santa. This year I think I'll put in DVD/colouring books too. These have all been stolen from mumsnet! We did the new ornament thing anyway, started when we got married.

I was looking at my mums Studio book yesterday and they had some really cheap personalised Santa sacks in them. I really wish I was more arty so I could make them myself? Also had some cheap trees too.

I love hearing about peoples Xmas traditions --spo I can steal them them--grin

buzzgirly Sun 20-May-12 08:41:59

Oh well, my first attempt at strike through was unsuccessful!

DressDownFriday Sun 20-May-12 08:52:03

I like spotting this thread in active convos.

I might ask dh where we are going to put the tree this year. We put it in the same place every year but it really winds him up when I mention it months in advance grin

RabidAnchovy Sun 20-May-12 09:44:25


Magneto Sun 20-May-12 20:26:42

I'm so glad I found this thread! I'm now officially planning Christmas!

Ds will be 2 this Christmas and I have been adding traditions to the list each year, I am determined that he will remember his childhood Christmas's as being fun family times! Or at least as times when mum forces him to do Christmas stuff!

Traditions we already do:

Writing and hand delivering Christmas cards to the neighbours - this is for me and ds to do, it is something I used to do with my nan each year (I would get a pound off every neighbour it was great! grin)

Visiting a Christmas market in early December, last year we went to Manchester and I loved it, definitely doing this every year now.

Christmas eve hamper with new pjs, slippers and a christmas book/dvd plus a new Christmas bauble for ds.This year I actually have a wicker hamper to do this with grin so super excited lol!

Snowman soup, I don't like hot chocolate but as we always visit MIL and her kids on Christmas eve I have turned this into a little present we do for them. Dh said it's the best hot chocolate he has ever tasted and they loved doing all the stirring etc, it went down a treat - literally!

Watching Mr Bean's Christmas episode with dh on Christmas eve - he made me watch it on our first christmas together and I thought it was stupid, but now it holds sentimental value to me and I have to watch it with him every year!

Traditions we are going to do:

Pine cone picking in the local cemetary - sounds morbid but it's something both dh and I did when we were little, in the same cemetary! Very strange thinking we might have met as little children so we are going to start this with ds this year. Dh's mum used to put the pine cones in the fire because they smell nice and mine used to spray paint them gold and silver and made wreaths and decorations from them.

Elf on a shelf, ds has started to "find" things in books etc so I think this will be great fun if we start this year.

Advent calendar - I'm going to find a reusable one this year and find little treats to put in it.

Christmas tree shopping - as ds and the cat both conspired to destroy my artificial tree last year it is going in the bin (or freecycle if anyone wants it) and we will be buying a real tree each year - or maybe one of those that you replant.

Leaving a refreshments for FC and the reindeer - can't let them go hungry can I? shock

Panto - I hate the bit between Christmas and new year so I think this would be something nice to look forward to. Probably not this year as I doubt ds will sit through it but maybe next year.

And I am on the look out for more traditions so ideas are welcome grin

We go to London before Christmas to see the lights and go to Hamleys (we never buy anything big though, having to drag it back home).
We take ours out for the day (WinterWonderland Hyde Park for example).
Last year they did an adventure activity day.

DH and DC go to a film while I do the Christmas Food Shop.
And we save £2 coins-last year £200. The rules were- DH and I got a present (DH put the money in his bank account, we bought our presents online. DC bought a decoration and got the rest of the money IIRC £40-£45 each to squander on bits and pieces)

Mine are too old for panto now (they will be 10.6 and 13 by Christmas) so DD and I go to a ballet and girls dinner.

DH and I take a day off work to go shopping at the end of November. Then we have a family shopping day in the week before Christmas.

RabidAnchovy Mon 21-May-12 06:58:14


We always go to the winter wonderland 70 grin

BiddyPop Mon 21-May-12 10:45:07

DH did a hmm at me on Sat when I raised Xmas and whether we would travel or stay put this year. (I wanted to know so I could start looking for a cottage for us to stay in seperately to family - we can retreat to peace at different stages between the 2 families).

I have loads of little traditions.
We don't do EotS yet (but that's YET!)
I do Xmas Eve hamper, and a Xmas story every night in December.
We have lots of Smas DVDs
DD loves collecting cones and decorates a good few of them (I steal lots for the fire).
DD and I have an afternoon "Xmas shopping" in town in late Dec - she doesn't need to buy much at that stage, it's more about wandering and enjoying, and having a nice "coffee stop" together.
DD makes cookies on Xmas Eve for Santa - if we have time and energy, they're from scratch, but if not, we just slice a log of dough from the freezer and bake those. And she HAS to leave milk with those, and carrots for the Reindeer.

She made "Reindeer Poop" for everyone in her class last year (I got bag toppers from a website - linked from Magical Holiday Home I think) as her birthday treat to them all (26th Dec). The previous year, I'd made a Santa or Snowman for everyone wrapped around a 2 finger kitkat - that was SOME labour of love!! They all loved them, I just was worn out by it with all the detailed fiddly bits.

DD also made a few "Snowman Soups" for cousins and freinds on the road, (again, I got topper from internet). The 2 of us made the Soups together, while she dragged her 2 friends on the road into making the Poops (we set up an assembly line operation in the kitchen!!).

We all spend some time in town together on Christmas Eve if we are staying at home - I have to go into work for a while so DH and DD wander together and then we all have lunch together and grab any last minute bits before going home and doing the last of the tidying, wrapping, peeling veg. And hopefully getting a walk in the afternoon too.

RabidAnchovy Tue 22-May-12 06:58:54


This week I WILL make the pickled onions for my sisters hamper. <the joys of preserves lasting FOR EVER> grin

RabidAnchovy Wed 23-May-12 07:00:56


Seven months to Christmas Eve Eve grin

Now, we need to make sure we have cold, crisp weather for December and some snow on Christmas Eve til Boxing Day. (Enough to be pretty but not enough to make travelling pain in the bum)

Magneto Wed 23-May-12 19:52:47

Yes! we need snow! I also need some pifco cinderella carriage lights so if anyone has any chuck them my way please grin

I really really love Christmas now I have ds. Actually I have a new found love for Easter, Halloween, Bonfire night... all of it. I can't wait to see the excitement on his face!

RabidAnchovy Thu 24-May-12 07:09:09


I asked my sister to Xmas dinner, along with my 99 yr old man and my sisters brood that brings us to 11 including new baby who can be born at the latest on the 1st Dec although if I go 2 weeks overdue I will kill someone grin

I need a bigger table grin

7 months to Christmas Eve grin

Titsalina why not get a trestle table to add onto your own table to increase space.
Lakeland have them (online only) and I saw them somewhere else -Possibly Aldi website. There will be loads round at the moment for Jubilee Parties.

I got an Ikea table with 2 fold down bits. It can seat 8-10, but I could add on another smaller table if need be. We only use it fully extended at Christmas or when we've got visitors.

(Do you mean 99yo nan rather than my 99yo man ) grin

milk Thu 24-May-12 20:38:52

I didn't question the 99 year old man statement as my DH acts like he is well over 100 :P

Magneto Fri 25-May-12 05:41:34


Magneto Fri 25-May-12 05:43:46

(sorry if I stole your post RabidAnchovy, but it is 7 months to Christmas Day today grinwink yaay!)

RabidAnchovy Fri 25-May-12 07:02:30


You have to make it bold grin, but no feel free x

Gosh yes I did mean Nan! blush I can assure you DP is 26 and although he may act ancient at times he isn't quite in his 90's yet! smile
I need a new table anyway tbh, we have a butterfly leaf one that can sit 6 comfortably but the chairs with it are horribly uncomfortable, the dining room is being decorated next anyway so we'll be giving current table to MIL and getting and extendable one, the dining room is tiny so I wouldn't want a huge one in their all the time.
I am planning to have the house as minimal as possible by the time baby comes which will give me way more space to fill it with Christmas stuff come December it's a wee bit cluttered atm!

buzzgirly Fri 25-May-12 10:00:08

Ooh 7 months to go!

We are moving next month so will be in our new house for Xmas. I have already invited people round for Xmas dinner! Everyone was a bit hmm, I made Xmas dinner once before but ended up a little pissed by early afternoon . I dropped the deep fat fryer all over floor (it wasn't hot thank god), and my mum and mil had to finish dinner. I was put to bed at some point blush That was preDC so this year I will stay away from the booze until dinner time!

We will have no more than 8, including DH, 2 dcs and I, we don't have a big table either. The dcs will be 4 and almost 1, so they can sit at their little table although I'm sure they'll be too high to eat anything!

Oh it's a lovely idea to give the DC their own table. You can decorate it just for them, get some crackers and poppers if they are old enough, or tie balloons to their chair if not.

(I used to give DS a plate of sanwhiches for lunch "From Action Man" to keep him ticking over. Only the cook has to stay off the ale in our house. Which is fine because I don't drink and DH doesn't cook grin )

You've earmarked your space in the new house for The Tree I'm presuming wink

RabidAnchovy Sat 26-May-12 09:38:23


We don't have space for a child only table either, our dining room is wee.sad

I look forward to Christmas even more with this hot weather - summer is NOT my friend, bring on cold days and long nights! smile

buzzgirly Sun 27-May-12 08:55:01

70 that is a good idea about decorating the dcs little table, it might keep dd at it for a few minutes longer! I haven't really thought about the tree but after our first viewing I said to DH that there would be loads of good hiding places for Jimmy the elf (elf on the shelf) in the new house! DH thinks I'm mad.

I found ds's Xmas present yesterday. Tesco have the little tykes cars reduced at the moment. DS will be one in January so should be big enough for it then. I had another strange look from DH about this. He thinks Xmas talk should be banished until November! Boring git!

RabidAnchovy Sun 27-May-12 09:39:11


WantAnOrange Sun 27-May-12 09:55:45

I always find myself on this thread on sunday mornings......

milk Sun 27-May-12 13:30:15

I need to find a way to convince DH to have my parents round for Christmas this year shock Any ideas?

milk in one of your earlier posts you said that you all go round to your granmothers for Christmas Day. Is this not going to be possible with new baby or you you want to 'do' Christmas in your house.

Are your parents the type who muck in and help or do they expect to be treated like guests?

My parents live 580 miles away and used to come down for Christmas (stayed a week or so). It's a squeeze fitting people in. But they would take DS out when he was a toddler or walk the pram wheels off when DD was a baby. (Sometimes it's nice to have the baby taken out for a walk and you get the older one to yourself)

And my dad will happily trot down for shopping.

If yours are the guest type ,you'll need to convince DH that it's Christmas and they are faaaaaaaaaamilly.

How far away do you all live. Is it near enough to be a one day feast or do they need to stay over?

They don't travel down for Christmas now because my Dad is worried about being 'snowed in'.
They are both retired. Their neighbours keep an eye on their house. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they had to stay longer confused grin hmm

RabidAnchovy Mon 28-May-12 07:05:30


I do love seeing this thread pop up... I'm another Christmas saddo enthusiast who has started mulling over ideas already!

This year I really want some decorated garlands to hang around the living room, will have to start looking to see if I can find some nice ones cheap because they not out of season!

RabidAnchovy Tue 29-May-12 07:23:35


RabidAnchovy Wed 30-May-12 07:16:53


D'you realise by Thursday you'll have been doing this thread for 100 days grin.

Keep it up (but remember to tell us Christmas Fanatic Mad People when you're on holiday, so the countdown keeps going)

RabidAnchovy Thu 31-May-12 07:15:59


Magneto Thu 31-May-12 16:40:40

I found some of my special Christmas lights on eBay but they're already at £33 with 3 days to go so it doesn't look like I'll be able to afford them sad very annoying as I'll bet whoever wins them is a collector or something but they have true sentimental value to me. Bastards. envy

Badvoc Thu 31-May-12 16:58:07

I just want to tell you all that I love you.

That is all.


Ds1 (age 8) is already planning our "victorian christmas" this year (he started asking about it in March tbh) and I have already got some ideas about decorations and making marzipan confectionary (marchpane) for PILs.

I draw the line at eating tripe though grin

RabidAnchovy Fri 01-Jun-12 06:59:35


Tripe? <<shudders>.

Surely your Victorian Christmas would feature a huge golden goose, golden skinned and stuffed with prunes and pork sausagemeat.

Look at Heston Blumenthal's traditional Christmas for divine inspiration.

But, Victorian gentry would have servants to get up at 2am to make the dinner. You're not having a Victorian Peasant Christmas are you? grin

Badvoc Fri 01-Jun-12 11:32:48

70 Well, according to the TV programme "Victorian Farm Christmas" (which ds1 loves) the main component of xmas dinner was brawn...i.e. brains, eyeballs etc served in aspic. Lovely. grin

Will check out Heston - although I will say to you now that I am not up to anything that requires bunging in liquid nitrogen grin

Am quite excited actually...lots of paper chains, holly wreath etc. Might even make out own wrapping paper this year! Although we wont dye ribbons liek the victorians did (they usd urine as a fixing agent...we now call all brightly coloured ribbon "wee ribbon"!)

Am on a budget this need to do things on the cheap nicely but inexpensively....any tips gratefully recieved!

I do a different wrapping theme every year blush

Year before last I wrapped everything in brown parcel paper and string (some of which had been dyed with beetroot), but I tied holly leaves into the bow, it looked quite Victorian and actually really nice all under the tree. smile

Nothing to add but a crown just because I can. wink

C'mon Rabid Queen of the Anchovies-

We're waiting.
Drums fingers impatiently on tabletop.....

RabidAnchovy Sat 02-Jun-12 10:15:17


RabidAnchovy Sun 03-Jun-12 08:24:14


It is my first born's birthday today grin

Awwww. Happy Birthday No. 1 Anchovy crown

Do you get your presents wrapped in Christmas paper??? wink

RabidAnchovy Sun 03-Jun-12 09:20:02

All his gifts were wrapped in the same birthday paper grin
Most of his gifts were money grin he is now richer them me grin

Magneto Sun 03-Jun-12 20:11:16

Happy birthday Anchovy's ds!

I WON THE LIGHTS! gringringringringringringrin

£49... not sure that's a bargain but I needed those lights!

RabidAnchovy Mon 04-Jun-12 08:40:47


buzzgirly Mon 04-Jun-12 09:23:45

Happy birthday rabid's ds.

That's great you got your lights magneto are they for your tree?

milk are your parents going to yours for dinner?

We've been clearing out the loft as we're moving. I'd forgotten how rubbish our Xmas tree is, DH got it from Asda for a tender. It may have to get lost in the move!!

Is anyone else in pinterest?

milk Mon 04-Jun-12 12:05:45

I'll explain:

I'm a Jew that celebrates Christmas grin I think I'll tell DH that my parents are just coming for lunch due to the bank holiday, then make Turkey grin He'll love the food so much he'll just go along with it grin (My DH is a humbug sad )

I saw the lights on Ebay magneto - where they the ones shaped like a carriage?
Very pretty.
And now you've got them you've got months to look for ways to cut back a bit on spending so you can justify the £49 grin

RabidAnchovy Tue 05-Jun-12 09:42:06


Magneto Tue 05-Jun-12 10:50:23

Yes they were the ones with the carriages. My grandad had those Christmas lights and I just remember thinking they were the most wonderfully magical things I'd ever seen when I was very small, I don't know where I'm going to put them yet -somewhere high and out of ds's reach is all I know so far grin

Magneto Tue 05-Jun-12 10:51:20

milk my dh is a humbug too. He doesn't hate Christmas he just doesn't care, I'm sure your dh will love the food!

grin milk my DH is meh too.
Just as well I'm completely obsessed organised with All Things Festive.

(My DC has Standards Y'know wink )

milk Tue 05-Jun-12 19:08:02

Magneto, 70isaLimitNotaTarget- I know my DH will be excited if I cook his favourite food :P I wish he was more into Christmas though sad

RabidAnchovy Wed 06-Jun-12 10:08:22


BiddyPop Wed 06-Jun-12 14:00:17

EEks, time is ticking away.....

OK we need to do a picture tomorrow to celebrate the two hundredth day to countdown.
I can't because I'll be at work, but I'm sure someone will rise to the Challenge grin

Magneto Wed 06-Jun-12 17:58:01

Is this a themed picture we're talking about?

grin Magneto

Themed picture. On Christmas thread you say?


I tried to do a tree with envy angry biscuit sad colours but couldn't get them to sit right. sad

Magneto Wed 06-Jun-12 19:49:46


RabidAnchovy Thu 07-Jun-12 09:06:38
BiddyPop Thu 07-Jun-12 09:36:01

/ \
/ ~ \
/ \
/ * * \
/* * * \

That's the best I can do with a hangover...I just hope it works grin

BiddyPop Thu 07-Jun-12 09:36:44

OK, that looked SOOOO much more like a real tree in the "writing a msg" box


Whoo its getting closer!
Right I brought my PIL's gift yesterday. A John Lewis voucher and a bottle of wine.

I'm made my 9 year old do a Lego wish-list on Amazon so I can start to buy his stuff.
I went into the works yesterday too. they had some really nice bits but DH gave me this facehmm so I left empty handed.

buzzgirly Thu 07-Jun-12 11:25:37

Woohoo! Only 200 days! Sure it will fly by wink

Loving the tree pictures, very festive.

Is everyone's DH bah humbug too then? Thought it was just mine, he only gets excited very late on Xmas eve?

BiddyPop Thu 07-Jun-12 12:29:23

DH is "Bah humbug" until December - but he actually quite likes the fuss that's made once he doesn't have to do it. And he doesn't like the tree up too early (that's ok with me too - I prefer to get a real tree so mid-Dec is fine). He goes hmm when I order "Santa train" tickets in July - but they sell out by early august. And he did enjoy it the year he went (he was away last year so my sis came instead).

He actually quite enjoys helping the man in red to shop - we find time in late autumn sometime for a child-free wander to look, and he will go off and get the large items himself pretty quickly afterwards. Some years he doesn't think much about presents - other years they are very thoughtful (seems to be about general stress levels - our lives are too full-on normally).

But he will cook, buy the tree (he's now banned from doing it without me after last year's disaster), offer constructive criticism on decorations. And he has evolved his own little tradition of decorating the weeping tree in our front garden himself - only 1 set of lights through it, but he likes to see that bit of outdoor festiveness.

Limejelly Thu 07-Jun-12 17:57:14

Today I bought two Christmas outfits for the new baby!

A jumper with a Reindeer on the front and a red dress smile

My DH is a bit meh but accepting of my completely overboard Christmasism organisation of all things festive.

I like to start early with the stocking gifts and do My Lists.
He gets dragged along on a child free Christmas shop and Family Christmas shop.

But even he would admit it's worth it in the end.

We don't do any decorations until after DS birthday (7th Dec) apart from the Advent Tree and Elf on the Shelf.

C'mon Rabid chop chop.

How many days left huuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh ???

RabidAnchovy Fri 08-Jun-12 13:05:16


BiddyPop Fri 08-Jun-12 14:20:33

I am going to try something different and see if I can make a tree today instead:

. *
. / \
. / ~ \
. / \
. / * \
. /* *\
. /~~~ \
. ¦¦

Hope that works!! [Santa]

BiddyPop Fri 08-Jun-12 14:21:24

Oh, I give up!!

RabidAnchovy Sat 09-Jun-12 10:17:01


...............................I I

buzzgirly Sat 09-Jun-12 12:35:21

The trees are looking good!

I think my DH might downplay as I get so ridiculously excited, he has to reign me in a bit! He did get really into the elf on the shelf last year.

buzzgirly Sat 09-Jun-12 12:39:48

limejelly where did you find the reindeer jumper?

RabidAnchovy Sun 10-Jun-12 10:37:06


milk Sun 10-Jun-12 18:38:43

Ladies: do you have a set Christmas dinner menu you have every year, or do you like to make new things?

We do pretty much the same menu (DH and I are vegetarian but DC eat chicken. We have a Quorn Roast and all the trimmings).

I do buy Christmas magazines but I shudder at the thought of changing my menu to anything modern and fangled. shock

The only changes this year is I won't make a Christmas Cake (only I are it.And that was just one slice)

We do Christmas Traditions - Christmas Eve is fish fingers for DC, vegetable grills for DH and I, chips,salad and trifle.

But I want to cook things I know, so I spend hours pottering around on Christmas morning (about 3 hours to cook a meal that is scoffed in 35 minutes last year) C'est la vie grin

MrsBovary Sun 10-Jun-12 22:32:17

Only 197 days!
I joined the Christmas craft thread only last week, actually smile But I'm 'late' with Christmas compared to some, would add, with tree and decorations not going up until the 23rd of Dec.

RabidAnchovy Mon 11-Jun-12 06:56:33



I got confirmation on my sister, her 3 children, her husband and my Nan, so there will be 11 of us all together, although one of those will only be weeks old so wont require a seat at the dinner table.
I still have no clue how I'm getting 10 people round the dinner table but we'll squeeze I'm sure.

I haven't brought any presents yet but I have lists of ideas I have had, otherwise I'll forget and come closer to the time I won't have a clue what to get anyone.

Dinner is usually the same,

Chicken for BIL
Roast Potatoes
Glazed Parsnips
Sprouts with chestnuts and bacon
Red cabbage (for my sister)
Broccoli and Carrots (steamed for DS2)
Wintertime stuffing
Citrus sausage stuffing
Pigs in blankets
Bread Sauce
Cranberry Sauce

A selection of desserts including a Pavlova for my Nan (the woman is in her late 90's and can eat a whole one!)
Something chocolatey for DP and a trifle for the kids.

We are always stuffed over Xmas, the last day of school the bowls of sweets come out and are dotted round the house.
We have tons of lights and decs everywhere, a real overboard celebration in the BumSquash household grin
DP joins in as much as anyone he has no choice although he is terrible at shopping and flaps around for weeks before dashing to the place I originally told him to go. <Kurt Gieger>

BiddyPop Mon 11-Jun-12 10:39:17

70's, that is a far better effort than mine. Lovely!!

Dinner, when we stay put and cater for ourselves, is relatively similar year on year. Turkey (we tried pheasant one year, went straight back to turkey), roast potatoes, sausage stuffing, brussels sprouts, proper gravy, 1 other veg (well, maybe a stir fry mix, and glazed carrots/parsnips - depends on what I have manged to grow that I REALLY want for Christmas, and whatever else we feel like).

It's usually only the 3 of us when we are cooking though (miles away from the rest). And neither Mum nor MIL really wants help in the kitchen when they are cooking - but then it's a full 3/4/5 courses and belts opened before main course is finished.

We don't tend to do starter as we have nibbles while opening presents.

We usually have pudding, but we don't tend to do any other desert.

We keep buying cheese, and forgetting to put it out (we eat it other days instead - we actually love cheese in our house). And I like, if I remember it, to have a french coffee with a few orangette chocs, later in the evening once DD is in bed.

buzzgirly Mon 11-Jun-12 21:11:05

titsalina it's going to be great fun round yours at Xmas! I think having all those people will be great.

I think I will just try to keep dinner quite traditional too. I really want to make a christmas cake, never done it before. Should I do I a few months in advance? Also do you make mincemeat in advance too? June is prob a bit early though!?

Magneto Mon 11-Jun-12 21:24:14

I can't do big family Christmases as if I had to spend any amount of time with both my family and dh's family at the same time I'd kill them all. So we visit dh's family on Christmas Eve and my family on Boxing day.

As for a Christmas menu - that's all up to dh as the cook of the house. He tends to do a great big version of his normal roast and as there has only been the two of us for five or so years there's no point doing a big feast, hopefully ds will actually be eating properly this year so there will be three! I never even had any Christmas decorations until ds was born grin IMO Christmas is all about the kids which is why I'm trying to make it special now.

My lights arrived and dh said they're really naff which is true but they're also filthy and require a new plug so I think he's just moody that it will be his job to fix them up <evil laugh>

I've got most of ds's presents already - picked up a car play mat/rug in Ikea last week to add to the pile. I mostly just need to sort out his stocking now.

RabidAnchovy Tue 12-Jun-12 07:02:44


RabidAnchovy Wed 13-Jun-12 09:27:47


RabidAnchovy Wed 13-Jun-12 09:28:37

194 people one hundred and ninety-four

milk Wed 13-Jun-12 16:54:33

Getting too excited are we RabidAnchovy :P

RabidAnchovy Thu 14-Jun-12 07:03:25

193 now it is 193

eastendywendy Thu 14-Jun-12 07:14:44

Ooh hello fellow Christmas lovers - can I join? I bought my first Christmas presents last week - a mini hexbug set for ds and a megablocks dora set for dd .

We will probably go to my parents for Christmas but we'll do the meal; chicken / quorn and all the trimmings. this is because we used to take turns going here or to pil until they totally blew us out one year to go to favourite sons instead

RabidAnchovy Thu 14-Jun-12 08:17:01

Welcome Wendy

RabidAnchovy Fri 15-Jun-12 07:10:28


RabidAnchovy Sat 16-Jun-12 09:37:38


buzzgirly Sat 16-Jun-12 10:24:40

191 days to go - I can practically hear those sleigh bells!

The weather here is so cold and miserable here, it could be November!

grin I was in HomeSense this morning and there was a lovely smell of cinnamon (like Philosophy "Cinnamon Buns" ) .
Christmas in a Bottle - felt quite festive for a second blush

Magneto Sat 16-Jun-12 16:42:58

Got my supply of Christmas cookie Yankee candle tea lights from eBay yesterday. Last year the candles I bought were too big for the Santa ornament they burn in. This year I am Prepared! grin

Christmas Cookie- they are gorgeous.
There's a Christmas Cupcake one that I got last year, Sparlking Cinnamon one is lovely too.

(I bought a mega bottle of Philosophy Vanilla Cookie shower gel and it was just like Christmas Cookie.)

RabidAnchovy Sun 17-Jun-12 08:34:20


RabidAnchovy Mon 18-Jun-12 07:17:22


Don't want to start a fight here Rabid but the other thread is saying today is 190 days.

Go and sort them out, I'll hold your coat...grin

RabidAnchovy Tue 19-Jun-12 07:06:08

188 they are wrong 70 grin

RabidAnchovy Tue 19-Jun-12 07:06:59


buzzgirly Tue 19-Jun-12 08:23:51

I knew that other thread had to be wrong grin

BiddyPop Tue 19-Jun-12 12:54:37

If they're only going to come into the game this late on, how can we be sure of their facts? grin

I have to start getting out into the summer sales and pick up a few things for this Christmas. I am so far behind with my thinking, let alone purchasing. And crafting ideas are, mostly, put away as dreams for next year. Unless I get a rush of blood to the head in the latter 3 weeks of July and get loads done then hmm as I am off - but DD needs minding and packing for hols needs doing and house needs clearing and sorting....which one will win?

That Christmas Countdown link - before it is maximised- said 88 days. The 1 from 188 was hidden.

DD got very excited, I had a moment of panic grin

RabidAnchovy Wed 20-Jun-12 09:39:00


BiddyPop Wed 20-Jun-12 10:04:30

DD logged on to the countdown app on DH's ipod last night, she "just wanted to check"!! grin And got all excited.

to be fair, she had just spent 20 mins going through the calendar for July and August to figure out what weeks she would be doing what over the summer break, followed by turning on the computer to check the details of the GAA camp she's going to 1 week - checked for Christmas coming soon - and then went to play the ice cream game on moshi monsters!! (She's 6 and knows her way around the tech at home better than I do) blush

RabidAnchovy Thu 21-Jun-12 07:07:03


Monday is the 25th June so we'll be exactly 6 months to go grin

RabidAnchovy Fri 22-Jun-12 07:01:09


RabidAnchovy Sat 23-Jun-12 07:59:45


6 months till Christmas Eve Eve grin

<<Panic starting to set in now>>

Christmas Eve Evegrin

6 months till xmas eve (nearly) and today I bought bargainacious red velvet curtains especially to put up for christmas Hurrah! Am I sad? <worries>

And a red lamp.

Oooh red velvet curtains- lush smile

Red lamp - hmmmmmmmm.
Either red light district or
Channelling evil spirits (according to medium Doris Stokes, evil spirits found red light was easier to access the living world)
Bet you wanted to know that grin

Ratbagcatbag Sat 23-Jun-12 18:44:25

Ooooooh, loving Christmas already - although my few presents that I already purchased have been given as emergency oh shit I forgot it's your birthday presents!!

RabidAnchovy Sun 24-Jun-12 09:12:24


And tommorrow will be six months till Christmas Day
and my baby DD 10th birthday.
How the heck did I blink and end up with a 10yo? grin

RabidAnchovy Mon 25-Jun-12 07:23:16


Happy Birthday baby 70

funkybuddah Mon 25-Jun-12 09:39:21

6 months today peoples! Yaaaay

So much to do!

buzzgirly Mon 25-Jun-12 11:15:13

Only 6 months to go! I had better dig out the Xmas music wink

Happy birthday to little70isa

BiddyPop Mon 25-Jun-12 12:50:42

Happy Rudy Day!! (Magical Holiday Home, as well as about 3 other Christmas Planning plans, designates every 25th of the Month as Rudolph Day, to do some planning for Christmas). Today is a special one as we are as close to next Christmas as we are far away from the last one!!

I am sitting here with my Christmas mug for my tea this morning. And looking at my list to try and think about some crafting next month.

Happy Birthday baby 70's!!

Did anyone do lapland UK last year? Was it any good? Should I start saving?

RabidAnchovy Tue 26-Jun-12 07:02:54


RabidAnchovy Wed 27-Jun-12 07:28:45


fuzzpig Wed 27-Jun-12 20:41:43

Fabulous thread!

I am desperate to be more organised this year although I doubt it'll happen as I am working FT and at some point DH will be having two operations. I'd really like to do more baking/crafts.

I hope nobody minds but I have a question that is a bit depressing. Xmas threads sometimes makes me sad because I read about people with massive families. We have no family really, my parents are also getting divorced so even more divided than before. No friends around either. We have a fantastic fun-filled '2nd Xmas' during the holidays with my teenaged DSCs who spend Xmas itself with their mum (I would never expect them to change that, it is what they want and their mum would be alone otherwise). On the day it is just me, DH, DD (5) and DS (will be 3). That's the best way compared to other options such as inviting my parents, but TBH it just ends up like any other day with extra toys and food. It is nice, but lonely, and I end up quietly resenting our crap childhoods/families. How do I change that and make it special? I always feel like we are letting the DCs down. Help! thanks

(sorry for the essay/hijack)

RabidAnchovy Wed 27-Jun-12 22:49:40

Fuzz as nice as t is to have a house full I think you can have a beautiful Christmas with just your husband and children

I have always had to have family round for Christmas and as much as I love then I would have loved to have just one Christmas just me DH and our two sons

fuzzpig Wed 27-Jun-12 22:51:56

Aww thanks. I know I can, I just don't know how! Which is why I want to steal all your ideas smile

Magneto Thu 28-Jun-12 07:16:12

Fuzzipig, Christmas in my house is me, dh and ds. I have had a rule since ds was born that Christmas day is for us only, Christmas eve we visit Dh's side of the family and boxing day we visit mine. They are under no circumstances allowed to come to our house because then opens a whole can of worms with one side not liking the other and jealousy and horribleness.

Christmas day is special because it's Christmas day! Presents, big dinner, Christmas films etc

RabidAnchovy Thu 28-Jun-12 07:23:37