Help me make flavoured vodka/gin. I'm a homemade virgin!

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theladylovescupcakes Wed 23-Nov-11 15:12:12

would like to make some flavoured alcohol for gifting. a
Any tried and tested recipes or tips? Thank you.

I've done some blackberry vodka this year but it probably wouldn't work for you as it needs time (like a couple of months) to brew and then you decant it into bottles.

You might try something that you can give with the flavouring still in (but with instructions to open from end of January or whatever). I think Lemon and chilli vodkas work like that but I haven't done them.

GetOffTheCat Wed 23-Nov-11 15:36:14

If you haven't been out sloe picking have a think about Blueberry gin/vodka. You can convince yourself it's a super drink!!! grin 2 packs blueberrys 200g sugar in a 1L Kilner jar & vanilla pod is optional. Keep in a cupboard and shake twice daily for first week, daily for second then when you remember to 8 weeks. Taste for sweetness & add more sugar of needed. Leave for further 4 weeks. Strain through muslin. The fruitakes a fab boozy pud with custard or ice cream gringrin Enjoy

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 15:38:14

You've left it quite late to start any with natural flavours TBH, but you can deffo make some childhood sweetie flavoured vodka if that's any good to you?

Skittles ones are popular, I've just finished making a parma violet one and a rhubarb and custard, and am adding more werther's original to my jar tonight.

Very easy to do!

LtEveDallas Wed 23-Nov-11 15:40:13

Have you got a dishwasher? (Seriously!)

GetOffTheCat Wed 23-Nov-11 15:41:10

Oops mailing from phone with 14wk DD slumped on me! Add fruit etc then top up with spirit. Blackberry whiskey is also nice. There are no quick ones for Christmas I'm afraid.

GetOffTheCat Wed 23-Nov-11 15:43:37

Oh yes shirleuknot I remember making liquorice vodka once smile cheers!

LtEveDallas Wed 23-Nov-11 15:44:36

If you have a dishwasher you can make flavoured vodka in one cycle...

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 15:44:57

Oh yes, LtEve has got a brilliant cheat using the dishwasher - haven't you?

<racks brains>

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 15:45:14

ha, cross posted!

MartyrStewart Wed 23-Nov-11 15:47:28

I did Christmas pudding brandy, and it only took 4 weeks - although it definitely gets better the longer you leave it.

My Toffee vodka and candy cane vodka only took a couple of weeks, Mint Aero and Milkybar are still settling 6 weeks on.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 15:50:32

<grabs Martyr Stewart>

So, tell me AGAIN about the mint aero one - have you filtered it yet? How does it taste, and ALSO tell me about the milky bar one please!


MartyrStewart Wed 23-Nov-11 15:54:41

I've not filtered either of them, I just melted the chocolate in the microwave and added it to the vodka.

Aero one needed a lot of shaking or it got green minty scum on the top - so I kept it by the kettle and gave it a go every time I put a brew on.

Milkybar seemed to mix a lot more quickly but it still tastes more of vodka than chocolate, although less so each week.

I got a lot of what looked like melted chocolate stuck to the inside lid of the kilner jar with both of them, so about two weeks in I scraped it off with a spatula and stirred it back in. Seems to have worked.

LtEveDallas Wed 23-Nov-11 15:55:22


Gotta go out soon and prob wont get back on so if you do have a d/w...

1 ltr bottle of Vodka - remove about 1/4.
Fill with chosen sweets (boiled sweets are best, if you use skittles or chews you will need to skim off 'scum' afterwards)
Give larger sweets a good bashing, when I did Rhubard and Custard I'd smashed them into almost powder.
If using chocolate use about a 500g bar

Put lid back on and twist some cling film around it (just in case)

Put bottle in the top of the dishwasher and run a 70 degree daily cycle.

Take out and let it cool naturally


(If you then put it in the freezer it wont go solid but will go v v thick like a liquer)

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 16:19:32

God I want to try mint aero flavoured vodka SO BLOODY MUCH.

MartyrStewart Wed 23-Nov-11 16:25:33

You are welcome to some - but I think you are a bit far from me grin

theladylovescupcakes Wed 23-Nov-11 16:47:13

Gosh lots of replies! Thank you! No dishwasher, I'm afraid. Shirley, Parma violets voddie sounds lovely! How much of each ingredient? Will have a look at the hairy bikers one after tea. Thanks all. Any more?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 16:56:21

It's EASY - I used 2 x packs of those GIANT parma violets to one of those small bottles of vodka - you will obviously be wanting to make much more volume for gifts, so let me think - you'll need about 8 packs of big parma violets for 1 litre of vodka More info here on my blog

I'm on week 4 now of the werthers but that's because i'm lazy I haven't added the extra sweets yet - I think any boiled sweets will dissolve well before xmas!

MartyrStewart Wed 23-Nov-11 17:36:03

Shirley - I used the chewy Werthers and they took only a couple of days to dissolve.

theladylovescupcakes Wed 23-Nov-11 18:36:02

Shirley, what a fab blog! Just had a wee look so far and I'm inspired. Off to shops tomorrow to buy me some vodka and sweets grin

AvadaKedavra Wed 23-Nov-11 18:49:23

Parma violet one goes very scummy. And it smells lovely but after one sip you'll have had enough and the smell of it will make you feel ill [voice of experience]

I have had great results with vanilla, red chilli, the syrup off preserved ginger and licorice.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 22:22:29

OOOh AK- is the vanilla vodka just a split pod added into a bottle of vodka?


I am the parma violet weirdo and I agree that it is a one shot drink - I'm making stuff for Xmas and planning on a liquor tour grin

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 22:25:16

Oh and thank you theladylovescupcakes - DO IT! You can add Cola Cubes or Pineapple cubes or...anything that rings that nostalgia bell for you (Refreshers might be fun, or Wham Bars)

Shirley, does the parma violet vodka remind you OF anything?


Have you seen these?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Nov-11 23:11:09

1) No CTR - should it? <whistles>
2) That link is SPECTACULAR! The comments! OMG - OHMIGODDNESS! ZOMG!

AvadaKedavra Wed 23-Nov-11 23:14:43

With vanilla pods and chillis I just pin prick them Shirley.

CTR - the overall verdict - before straining - of the Parma Violet one was that it looked "spermy" grin

BettyCash Tue 29-Nov-11 16:19:32

Om nom nom.

Does anyone have a lemon vodka recipe, or have I missed it?

ShirleyKnot Tue 29-Nov-11 16:30:06

Recipe here

Watch out that there is NO PITH at all or it will taste really horrible and bitter

<<childish thnurkle>>

ShirleyKnot Tue 29-Nov-11 17:23:57


DonkeyTeapot Tue 28-Feb-12 12:02:35

I have just found this thread and have added vodka and sweeties to my shopping list. Rhubarb and custard is fighting with Werthers Original for first in the queue though.

Ladyserendip3 Thu 30-Aug-12 15:27:31

Ooh, very inspiring ideas! I was just given some of this for a gift:
and it's grand, but I may try my hand at the mint Aero myself once this bottle is gone- shouldn't be too long!

Ladyserendip3 Thu 30-Aug-12 15:28:02

Ooh, very inspiring ideas! I was just given some of this for a gift:
and it's grand, but I may try my hand at the mint Aero myself once this bottle is gone- shouldn't be too long!

I have a dead easy recipe for limoncello - I always have a batch brewing.


ScottishBritishMNer Thu 30-Aug-12 23:37:05

I did Christmas pudding vodka for gifts last year which were popular gifts. I'm sure I have some left over in the freezer - I wonder how that will taste now!

trumpton Thu 30-Aug-12 23:56:15

Raspberry gin. I made it with frozen raspberries last year. Just a bottle of basic gin and 500 gms raspberries and 500 gram of golden granulated sugar. Mix and store and strain through kitchen roll.

I found the cheapest way to get bottles was to trawl the supermarkets for cheap sauce and throw the contents away.
I then used glitter glue to write on the bottles.

AndiMac Fri 31-Aug-12 00:10:38

You can make vanilla vodka by simply adding a split vanilla pod to a bottle of vodka. Or you can make vanilla extract by putting about half a split vanilla pod into a small bottle (vanilla extract bottle size) and filling it with vodka. Needs 6-8 weeks to infuse, but works a charm.

chibi Fri 31-Aug-12 00:15:30

apparently you get a big jam jar, put the fruit, tons of sugar and then the gin on a windowsill and then let it sit for like, forever. then strain it, and drink it. slowly.

precise quantities etc courtesy of my mother


Just made raspberry gin, the recipe I used was for 150g berrries, 150g caster sugar, top up 1ltr bottle with gin.

Apparently Lidl/Aldi gin is ok, I hope so because next is Sloe Gin and I usually make at least 6 bottles. Mine are from Ikea- 2.50 here, I get a few each time we go...

worley Sun 28-Jul-13 16:35:39

Been strawberry picking with ds2 this afternoon.. Have a huge amount left over and searching google for inspiration of what to use them for...strawberry vodka a possibility and somehow I come across good ole mums net!! Should have just searched here first!!
Do I need to add sugar to strawberry vodka do you think?

P.s I realise this is a zombie read but showed up in my search...

Laetissimus Thu 16-Oct-14 15:51:19

Apologies - would like to make skittles vodka for Christmas present so marking page
Couldn't find how to watch

mumonashoestring Thu 16-Oct-14 18:41:26

I did spiced orange brandy a couple of years ago, it was gorgeous - Lidl cheap brandy, a few cloves, a cinnamon stick, a star anise, and some orange peel taken off the orange very thinly, toasted for a couple of minutes and then dropped into the bottle while hot. It only took about 3 weeks to take on a really good flavour.

gamingmum Fri 17-Oct-14 11:18:41

Two good ones are

after dinner mint vodka - no recipe just add as many to a bottle as can fit and top up with lots of vodka then into the dishwasher.

Salted caramel vodka - Make up a batch of caramel - about 1/4 of the bottle size. Pout into bottle. Dont worry if it hardens once inside. Top off with vodka and put in dishwasher. This one can take a few days to full absorb all the caramel. Once absorbed add a dash of salt and you are done! This one tastes amazing if you add it to hot chocolate for the adult touch.

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