Countdowners 2014

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Farrowandbawlbauls Thu 26-Dec-13 18:31:56

Yes I know it's still Christmas 2013 for a few more days, but technically, the countdown started this morning.

So..Here we are again.

We will need:

Links to other threads about bargin hunting
Links to sales throughout the year
Links for decorations
Links for days out
Links for any good electrical sales
Links for budgeting
Links for really good gifts for men as they are generally the harest to buy for and grandparents/in laws.

There's no harm in starting a list now either for what you need to get next year, learning from this year and previous years.

The top of my list I must remember to write a card to SIL T&S, every single year they have sent a card and I've failed to send one in return for the 3rd year running now. Ditto Claire.

Must remember to buy crakers from M&S again, they were fantastic.

Smilesandpiles Sun 11-May-14 12:25:54

I forgot about Christmas in July.

I missed out on loads.

Smilesandpiles Sun 11-May-14 12:25:03

Ebay has loads of Frozen characters for baubles if anyone is interested. I'd get them now while most of the populations isn't thinking about decorations.

They've got some votive candle sets that are £30 ish + p&p for 30 votives (so if you pick up some clear votive glasses (IKEA might have) and a couple of votives , you're still under £5) and some left for you wink

Chesty look on QVC for Yankee candles, they have loads of special offers

Large jars retail at £20 each, sometime QVC are practically 3 for 2.
I do get some that have scents I'm hmm at but it might be someone elses taste (I don't like lavender, rose or pine but other people love them)

The Christmas ones will be out about Sept/Oct

Look on QVC 24/25 July, they've got Christmas in July (they often have a preview on their website )

ChestyNut Sat 10-May-14 22:31:23

Thanks for looking smiles grin

Have been looking at the yankee votive holders and a votive? Or would a cup be better?

Bought another present to put away today [frin]

Smilesandpiles Sat 10-May-14 21:20:12

Oh, it's 1 mug per account. Sorry.

Unless you fancy making multiple accounts or getting friends and family to help out.

Smilesandpiles Sat 10-May-14 21:15:44


I've found photo mugs in boots which you can get for a £1, but you have to act fast and go through this:

cheekycherryza Sat 10-May-14 08:18:05

practice makes perfect!

Smilesandpiles Fri 09-May-14 16:08:53


You have to practise - so you'll know it'll go right when you really need it too wink

Ooh I bought one of those Lakeland Limted silicone moulds for the little houses (can do baked gingerbread or chocolate)
I need to practice a

Smilesandpiles Fri 09-May-14 11:45:12

It's June. It's cold and it's raining and it feels more like October...AND....I LOVE IT!

I'm waiting until my exams are over and then it's full swing for preperations for Christmas.

DS has already decided on his Big present which I will buy in the next month or so. DD will be getting a tv for her bedroom that she can watch her dvd's on, I might buy her one with freeview on but I'll be turning the power off to her room if she takes the mick.

I've bought a few more little stocking fillers and nearly finished the stockings themselves.

After the exams I'll start on practicing for the cookie tree...a christmas tree made up of layers of shortbread. I'll also need to get another gingerbread house.

I want my bedroom done this year too before Christmas and my present to myself will be a brand new bed.


I'll have a look around for mugs for your team, or something that you can buy.

Ploppy16 Wed 07-May-14 22:38:41

Ooh lovely people already buying for Christmas! I've just got some bits and pieces to put away for the DC's, my wrapping paper and tags and the Christmas pj's. My MIL thinks I'm off my box grin
I've made some bracelets for the girl children in the family as part of their hampers but stuck for anything to do for the lads, both mid teens and rather fashion conscious. Might have to give home made a miss for them.

cheekycherryza Tue 06-May-14 21:25:49

I'm so glad someone started up a thread and also that I'm not the only weirdo thinking of Christmas this early!

I haven't been buying gifts yet, more getting ideas for gifts and planning what homemade gifts I'm making and updating my notes from last years Christmas.

I do know that I'm going to make baskets of homemade foodie things like blackberry vodka, christmas cake muffins with cute icing, homemade jam, chutney, shortbread etc.

DD gets so spoiled for Christmas that I land up putting some of her Christmas gifts away until later in the year when I bring them out to do a toy rotation. So this year I've decided to make a few things for her. My first idea is a table fort which will be great for cold/snowy or wet days and I want to make it to fit our fold down table so that it can be taken outside too.

I've also spotted some cute princess every day dresses that I just can't resist this set is really cute and I love the dresses DD is princess crazy so she'll love these.

Making these items might actually not be cheaper than buying gifts because fabric is blimming expensive but I think she'll love them nonetheless.

For DH I'm thinking of getting him a foraging course for his birthday and for Christmas I had thought perhaps a foraging cooking course perhaps with a few books on the subject.

Katieweasel Sun 04-May-14 19:53:44

It might sound a bit naff but I bought all my team those microwave soup mugs last year. We all bring soup in for lunch so I thought it would be a good idea. Got them all in different colours. I almost changed my mind as I thought maybe they were a bit naff but they all loved them. I can honestly say that I've never brought gifts that have been used so much. They literally get used every day.

ILoveChristmas01 Sun 04-May-14 07:08:32

Oooooops not sure what I've done there, but managed to post a picture of wine haha.... Oh well, cheers everyone!...

ILoveChristmas01 Sun 04-May-14 07:07:06


ChestyNut Sat 03-May-14 18:56:54


I'm desperatly trying to think of something for my team at christmas.
All ladies <ahem> and would like less than £5 each.

Quite fancied small jar yankee candles but can't find any less than £6 and it adds up as there's quite a few of them.

Any ideas?

I was discussing Hallowe'en with my DD today (driving on the M25, )

"You do know it's only May " she said.
I daren't mention Christmas to her grin . Judgey child.

ChestyNut Sat 03-May-14 15:44:22

<sweeps tumbleweed away>

ChestyNut Sat 29-Mar-14 19:07:06

I'd like a lovely garland for the mantelpiece. Couldn't find one last year.

Still debating changing tree colour this year grin

QueenofClean Tue 25-Mar-14 07:16:07

Lurking more at moment and keep checking in.

nickdrakeslovechild Sat 22-Mar-14 21:52:38

I couldn't find a bushy one anywhere so I got 4 and weaved them together IYSWIM? We can only put the christmas tree near the radiator so I also take a few branches out of the back of it and fill out the bannister with that too. We will have to do pictures when they are all up. at the end of november

Smilesandpiles Sat 22-Mar-14 21:41:03

There's nothing like a good garland on the stairs is there?

I've spent aaages looking for a nice thick bushy one.

nickdrakeslovechild Sat 22-Mar-14 21:39:36

Hi Smilesandpiles I'm still here, a bit more of a lurker but more active on the other Christmas threads. Finding lots of bargains at the moment and hiding them all away.
I made a garland for the stairs when we first moved into the house, I wanted this house as soon as I walked in and saw the amazing art deco staircase and stained glass window. It was made for a Christmas garland and I was instantly sold. The one newer addition to the garland are those battery powered little twinkly lights. I always wanted it lit up but haven't got a power supply without the cable running across the front door!

Smilesandpiles Sat 22-Mar-14 21:30:48

Today I was listening to Christmas songs again and it gave me the excuse to make a start on the garland for the stairs.

I've trimmed it to fit the length of the staircase and put on the felt poinsettas and one set of battery lights. I just need another set of lights and some cinnamon sticks to bundle up and that's that done.

I've fallen behind with the presents but I do have ds's birthday and a holiday to pay for yet. After that it won't be long for me to get back on track though.

I'm assuming you've all forgotten about this thread.

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