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so its only....

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RabidCarrot Wed 26-Dec-12 10:10:42

364 days till Christmas grin

dothraki Tue 05-Mar-13 20:16:47

Nuts - thanks - I've just avoiding the footie grin

It was light hearted so hope you didn't take it seriously.

You're forgiven as Xmas in March is definitely better than watching the footie!

Not wishing away the year Schro just being prepared.

Dib Dib Dib wink

I could probably be much better prepared but it takes the fun away from Xmas if you're thinking about it the rest of the year!

If I stayed in Australia where it's summer on Xmas I would probably think differently though. smile

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BiddyPop Thu 07-Mar-13 17:19:11

I had the sewing machine out this week (Harry Potter quidditch robe for WBD) but it reminded me how much I like sewing. So I may have that out again in the next few weeks to get a few things done for Christmas 2013 grin

Or at least, make the 2 extra stockings for grown-up significant others of siblings that are needed (assuming DMum can find the 9 I made previously for the siblings and pre-existing SO's hmmangry).

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LentilAsAnything Sun 10-Mar-13 09:47:55

Gosh, 290 days already!

thanks Happy Mother's Day to you too. thanks

Happy Mothers Day

We had a family dinner (courtesy of M&S, I love cooking at Easter and Christmas but today is my day)

DS was muttering "Child Cruelty" at being forced to sit down civilised to eat.

Planning the Good Friday/Easter Sunday/ Easter Monday Menu next .

It'll be like another Christmas Meal but without sprouts grin

Or crackers.

RabidCarrot Sun 10-Mar-13 15:12:07

Good Friday meal turkey
Easter Sunday meal salmon started, beef main and still working on pudding but will be making a cake someone linked a photo to on face book that is a chocolate cake with fondant pigs swimming on top of it and kitkats all round the side

Snazzynewyear Sun 10-Mar-13 19:51:06

70 I love those M&S offers. We had the same today! Pudding is still to come... I will have to get thinking about Easter.

thanks to all for Mother's Day

Picked up a leaflet from local stately home today with the dates of their Christmas decorating workshops. I am putting those in my diary. smile

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buzzgirly Mon 11-Mar-13 19:30:35

I'm planning Easter too, we are having everyone's favourite meal - Christmas dinner! Does anyone do Easter egg hunt or Easter tree?

starjules Mon 11-Mar-13 21:19:23

buzzgirly, ive been talking about having an easter tree and everyone thinks I am bonkers. So much so that I thought I had imagined them!! I cant find one anywhere, I want a white (or white sparkle) one to go on our table with my little easter wooden bunnies hanging on it.
Where do I get one???

I made an Easter Tree last year (first time I've done one). Branches from our pear tree, stripped of any leaves, painted white and put in a pot of putty.
Then decorated with egg decorations (Pound shop, The Range, Hobbycraft)

John Lewis sell them IIRC but they are £££ when you can do them easily (then you don't have to store them)

Easter Dinner is Christmas Dinner without sprouts for us.
I do a gift on the plate for the DC (one of those chicks that go "cheep cheep" when you hold them last year)

And Easter Egg Hunts- though I hide the tiny yellow chicks- eggs are too easy now. They have to find 5 per egg prize.

Then we do an Egg&Spoon race (blindfolded) then they have to put on trousers, jumpers, hats/scarves/gloves while holding the egg.
Then the reverse, taking them all off.

Very competitive grin

RabidCarrot Tue 12-Mar-13 05:57:08


Starts planning Easter tree

Way to go-
Trees aren't just for Christmas wink

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buzzgirly Wed 13-Mar-13 10:40:33

Star - I'm just going to make a tree, thought it would be a nice project to do with dd. it helps that we are also cutting down trees in the garden!

70s your ideas sound great fun. I love the idea of putting clothes on while holding egg, my dc are a bit small yet but will definitely do that in a few years.

starjules Wed 13-Mar-13 16:35:41

After going into town and seeing a couple of trees in john lewis and how much they were charging, I have decided to make my own too. Going to go into the woods and the garden. God knows what I will look like, but at least it will be free!

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