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Recommend a non candle-related way of making the house smell Christmassy

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ChippyMinton Sun 18-Nov-12 17:13:49

One of the diffuser things - twigs sticking out of a jar of fragrance.

Oooh, and you can buy Christmas smelling essential oils for putting drops onto the radiator or onto little sachets

I bought www.coxandcox.co.uk/scented-pine-cones. Hoping they are nice. I bought them in the sale though at half price.

Make this epomanders with oranges that you stick cloves into. As they dry out on the radiators they make the house smell lovely.

I have made some of those garlands with my after school clubs, and buy cinnamon sticks in bulk from ebay

The Asian cook shop sells bulk online. Get some cloves at the same time as they smell wonderfully Christmassy. smile


Bake gingerbread.

Bung a turkey in the oven every morning. wink

MmeLindor Sun 18-Nov-12 16:56:11

Bake a cake and warm some Mulled Wine (but perhaps not practical for every day) smile

A real tree makes the house smell very Christmassy.

Fruit tea with cinnamon/xmas flavour

Go for real scents rather than artificial and they won't make you sneeze, or give you a headache

Ooh I love that idea! Thank you! Am going to have a go at making one, if I can think of somewhere I can buy cinnamon sticks in bulk....

These are lovely.


please smile

Candles are no good as we have small DC around most of the time and even if they're up high I am paranoid about leaving them burning..

I bought some silver fir essential oil last year and put it on the lightbulbs. It smelt lovely, like new Christmas trees, but made me & DH sneeze constantly for some reason. So I want to try something else - any suggestions please?

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