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Any Pinterest addicts want to share their Christmas related boards?

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WineGless Tue 09-Oct-12 17:51:32

I need my addiction feeding...,

Please PM me and will share my username

OpheliaBumps Thu 11-Oct-12 22:20:20

Oh I'm so jealous! We are off to visit the inlaws for the next 2 weeks so will be internetless, just as I've followed almost all of you on pinterest.

Looks like I'm going to have A lot of catching up to do when I get home grin

leo16 Fri 12-Oct-12 08:46:38

Love this, everyone has got such lovely pins. I'm https://pinterest.com/himmeher/christmas/ still in need of more Christmas inspiration.

BerryLellow Fri 12-Oct-12 09:19:49

Pinterest is annoying when it tells you that x amount of people are following your board, you don't get to see individual notifications so you can follow back! Am working my way through slowly...

I spend too much time on there, especially with the new app!

WineGless Fri 12-Oct-12 10:11:38

Berrylellow I know what you mean. Am going to have to update the spreadsheet wink

EmBOOsa Fri 12-Oct-12 10:54:53

Berry I'm seeing some of the users who are following me on the Recent Activity section of my Pinterest, not all unfortunately!

I have found some wonderful pins following all of you!

I am loving all the sharing and caring here! smile

Have gained a few followers will follow back when i find the new people, there isnt much on mine at the minute.. please dont laugh at my stocking photos, i had never sown before last week and they are a work in progress!

WineGless Fri 12-Oct-12 19:28:55

Waiting, that's a brilliant striking. I am pretty rubbish at hand sewing. I lose patience after a while!

Aw thanks do told me I had dropped a stitch before, nearly killed him haha

Mine here And delighted to have some new boards to follow!

WineGless Sat 13-Oct-12 20:44:04

Ancient one,am following you. Initials JH

I've been busy on Pinterest... smile

WineGless Sat 13-Oct-12 21:45:59

I know wink


WineGless Sat 13-Oct-12 22:23:43

Don't stop btw- I love your pins

DoubleMum Sat 13-Oct-12 22:40:21

I've repinned loads, thankyou all, love Pinterest! I'm Possession on there BTW (long story).

Thanks, WG, will pin on! smile

I wish we could reorder our pins within our boards. I know it is something they are considering.

EmBOOsa Sat 13-Oct-12 23:10:20

That would be a useful feature, would definitely suit my slightly anal organisation technique!

Yeah, definitely! Or be able to divide a board into sections. Or columns!

EmBOOsa Sat 13-Oct-12 23:17:11

Oh hell yes! Sub-boards would be brilliant, would save me having 60+ boards

Note to self: How the bollocks did you end up with 60+ boards?!?!

WineGless Sat 13-Oct-12 23:34:05

Ooh yes.

My OCD tendencies are itching. I need to alphabeticise all my pins and sub sections sounds briliiant

Mine is here

I'm going to start looking through some of your pins now smile

stinkymice Sat 13-Oct-12 23:44:10

Just joined and enjoying filling my first board smile

Finally bagsied the computer so I can post an actual link smile

I'm dharmabumpkin on Pinterest too

I have followed heaps of you, will go through the rest tonight! Love the idea of splitting board into sections: decorations, gifts, food etc. Might have to do that soon, my Christmas board is getting packed!

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