Do you put gifts under the tree or hide them until Christmas day?

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HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 10-Dec-10 06:45:55


I have always hidden them and brought them down christmas eve after the boys are asleep.

With them being older, this year I've put them under the tree.

Am wondering if I am in for 14 days of moaning or if they get used to it.

Or if I should bung the lot in the loft! grin

belgo Fri 10-Dec-10 06:47:34

I find it impossible to look at a wrapped gift without wanting to open it so I would not inflict that on my children!

HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 10-Dec-10 06:52:09

yeah, I suppose it is a bit mean blush it just looks so pretty to have a massive pile of wrapped gifts arranged under the tree.

Makes up a bit for the tree being a frightful MESS of different coloured tinsel and 2 baubles for every branch. <sigh>

Kids don't do 'tasteful' grin

SilveryMoon Fri 10-Dec-10 06:56:59

I wrap up empty boxes and things to put under the tree. That way it still looks pretty and is not the end of the world if they do get opened.

nymphadora Fri 10-Dec-10 07:52:58

Presents from other people under the tree& from us. Santa ones get added later

RustyBear Fri 10-Dec-10 08:00:47

I put them under the tree as soon as I've got round to wrapping them.

So usually not till Christmas Eve....

SatinShoes Fri 10-Dec-10 08:11:36

under the tree

shivermetimbers Fri 10-Dec-10 08:36:15

We put them under the tree on christmas eve then have hours of 'can I open them? just one, please, go on, awwwwwwww,whyyyyy etc.

healthyElfy Fri 10-Dec-10 08:50:54

We keep ours hidden (scared of being burgled) but any that arrive by post or from friends in the run up to Christmas get put under the tree, so the small pile gradually grows and is mysterious for me as I dont know what is in the parcels (cant keep secrets).

DandyDan Fri 10-Dec-10 08:56:16

Same as healthyElfy. If the children see parcels arrive in the post, those go under the tree. Also presents given by school friends. But the rest stay hidden until the middle of Christmas Eve night.

nappyaddict Fri 10-Dec-10 09:10:23

Do presents given by family go under the tree or wait til Christmas Eve?

SnowMuchToBits Fri 10-Dec-10 09:15:17

I put ours under the tree a few days before Christmas (around 22nd or 23rd Dec) and add any more as they arrive. Then we have a few days to look at them and get excited! smile. Fortunately ds is quite patient, and never opens them before Christmas day.

healthyElfy Fri 10-Dec-10 09:28:37

>>>Do presents given by family go under the tree or wait til Christmas Eve?<<<

Depends how early we get them and how many there are, Granny delivered copious amounts of colour coded presents (note for those on the other thread; non military but colour coded and in piles) in September and they are hidden away, later we will visit Grandad who will give us two envelopes and four parcels which we will put under the tree so we can all um and ahh and speculate.

abgirl Fri 10-Dec-10 10:39:16

Always hide till Christmas Eve, but my DSs are quite small still - 3 and 5. Presents from family are very covertly swapped behind car boots while DSs are in the car. I like to see their faces when this massive pile of presents is suddenly there on Christmas morningsmile

MsFox Fri 10-Dec-10 10:44:23

Presents from everyone else under the tree (although they are just empty boxes because Santa hasn't sprinkled magic dust on them yet), presents from us brought down Christmas eve when the DC are tucked up asleep.

fruitful Fri 10-Dec-10 10:48:47

Hidden, at the moment. Youngest dc is 3 (tomorrow!) and I don't think he'd cope otherwise. Next year I might try putting them out a bit earlier.

Although they really like the excitement of coming downstairs on Christmas morning to see a big pile of presents under the tree.

And if the presents are there earlier, how do you water the tree?

going Fri 10-Dec-10 10:50:10

Hidden and bring them down when kids are asleep christmas eve. Kids would not be able to resist peeking especially 2 year old!

ShanahansRevenge Fri 10-Dec-10 10:51:10

We keep them all hidden apart from any things they may get from their friends or relatives...those go under the tree....I sort of hink th surprise is half gone if they've looked at, shook and poked at the gifts for a week before Christmas.

NorwegianMoon Fri 10-Dec-10 11:21:44

i couldnt cope with pressies under the tree id go mad even though they arent for me!

they go under the tree first thing in the morning on xmas day before the children are up

SnowMuchToBits Fri 10-Dec-10 11:54:11

I still manage to water my tree, but I buy quite a small one and stand it on a small table. Presents then go under the table.

SantasKnickersOnMyHead Fri 10-Dec-10 12:07:49

Christmas Eve here as dcs are young and I cannot be trusted to leave alone grin

HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Fri 10-Dec-10 14:36:36

And if the presents are there earlier, how do you water the tree?

ah well, I'm one of the common oiks grin plastic tree here.

I had a real one once. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Bloody pine needles. It took WEEKS to get them all up.

TabithaTwitchet Fri 10-Dec-10 14:43:40

Our presents will go under the tree as soon as we get the tree and decorate it - which will be probably around 21st/22nd Dec. Providing I have actually bought the presents by then, of course!

nappyaddict Fri 10-Dec-10 15:44:47

"Presents from everyone else under the tree (although they are just empty boxes because Santa hasn't sprinkled magic dust on them yet)"

Can't they feel that they aren't empty?!!

Presents that DS has been given directly go under the tree, any that people give me for him when he is not there are hidden til Xmas Eve.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Fri 10-Dec-10 17:58:15

Real tree here - put red oilcloth underneath as tree skirt which catches any spilled water. Presents go under the tree about a week before, and as they arrive. I don't put them too close to the watering area, though.

My DC are 7 and 4 and have had the presents under the tree early since the youngest was 2. Only once was one opened, but to be fair, it was a mistake.

Surely part of the fun and anticipation is the feeling, squeezing and totting up? Heck, I still do it with the children's presents as I have such an appalling memory I forget what I've bought them!

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