how much do you spend on your kids xmas presents all in

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lilly153 Mon 27-Sep-10 00:17:22

i usualy go totaly bonkers at xmas ive only got one so its mabee easier for me to do so
but how much do you usualy soend on yours?

lucysmam Mon 27-Sep-10 11:38:48

Probably about £50, sometimes including one BIG present, sometimes just bits and pieces we've bought through the year. It just depends how much we've bought. Maybe a little more though this year as dp is working now but it'll not be a huge amount more, probably only £20 - £30 more if at all.

We've ahd 3 really skint years & I always start early & buy in sales so I have a good head start when shops actually start stocking xmas stuff

bigchris Mon 27-Sep-10 11:42:00

About £50, we've got two children so it all adds up
tbh this year it might be less
they get lots from grandparents and I always think it's too much
dh likes to go a bit mad
if I was on my own it would be a lot less

GooseyLoosey Mon 27-Sep-10 11:43:23

Same here - about £50 each. Not sure though this year as ds only wants one thing and its very, very expensive.

rubyrubyruby Mon 27-Sep-10 11:44:43

About £200-£250 blush

winnybella Mon 27-Sep-10 11:47:50

Depends. DS is 8 so his gift will be more expensive than his sister's who will be 23 months by Christmas. I would think around 100 euros (around £90, I think) for some Lego and DS game for DS and around 30 for DD (puzzles, books, play doh etc).

rubyrubyruby Mon 27-Sep-10 11:49:28

...... actually - probably more than that.

shinyshoes Mon 27-Sep-10 11:50:16

Between Dp and 3 children around £800.00.

They appreciated NOTHING.

We are cutting it down to board games and encyclopaedias this year

1234ThumbWar Mon 27-Sep-10 11:50:54

Every year we aim for £50 each, but as they've got older we always go way over. It's probably more like £150 blush.

tegan Mon 27-Sep-10 11:51:16

Usually unlimited but this year £100 each

FoundWanting Mon 27-Sep-10 11:54:20

We have 3 DCs.

Stockings - £25 to £30 each

Christmas outfit (DH says clothes aren't proper presents) - £30 to £40 each

Main present - £50 - £60 each (could be more if they are after a particular thing, but this year they haven't mentioned anything yet)

Presents between siblings - £30 to £40 x3

Haven't started shopping yet and now I've got to go and lie down in a dark room somehere. Four hundred pounds shock

MollysChambers Mon 27-Sep-10 11:55:23

Up to about £100 on main present (less for youngest who will be just past 2) plus stocking fillers. I like to think it's never more than £150 each all in. We don't buy for many others though and I don't buy them anything other than clothing except birthdays and Christmas.

PinkyDink Mon 27-Sep-10 16:18:25

Depends what they want. Last year we got ds a DSI so was £125 + a few other bits so was about £160 total blush and dd got a dolls house so again, that was about £80 and then a few other bits so about £120 total.
This year ds is getting Lego for his main present which will be £45 and dd is getting a silver cross pram which is also £45 so with a few other bits both will have about £80 total spent on them.

PinkyDink Mon 27-Sep-10 16:19:19

Depends what they want. Last year we got ds a DSI so was £125 + a few other bits so was about £160 total blush and dd got a dolls house so again, that was about £80 and then a few other bits so about £120 total.
This year ds is getting Lego for his main present which will be £45 and dd is getting a silver cross pram which is also £45 so with a few other bits both will have about £80 total spent on them.

PinkyDink Mon 27-Sep-10 16:19:57

sorry dont know what happened there blush

PestoEatsPastiesandSurfboards Mon 27-Sep-10 16:20:45

As little as I think I can get away with wink

SE13Mummy Mon 27-Sep-10 20:51:44

About £35 on DD1, £15 on DD2 (and that's only because FC giving DD1's old toys would upset DD1 who is a firm believer).

We don't have a budget for Christmas per se but DD1's tastes are fairly simple so we/FC are able to give her presents she'll be thrilled with e.g. blutak, stickers, new tights and a Sylvanian Families car without it costing the earth.

Our DDs are also given gifts by 2 sets of grandparents, 4 families of cousins, their Godparents and a few others so don't need to be overindulged by us.

domesticsluttery Mon 27-Sep-10 20:56:08

It varies from year to year.

This year there isn't a lot that they want need so I am spending well under £100 on each of them. The only things that they have mentioned wanting so far are the usual Lego, board games, books etc, which aren't expensive.

I have spent about £150 today on presents for them and am probably just about done. I think the grand total will probably come in at about £70 - £75 each.

zapostrophe Mon 27-Sep-10 21:12:39

Message withdrawn

darcymum Mon 27-Sep-10 21:21:41

All we do usually are the stockings, so about £25 each (x3) will get them all new duvet covers and pass them off as presents as well. I think children get far too much stuff, plus mine are the only grandchildren on both sides and GPs get them loads. Last year we had an obscene pile of presents, I hope this Christmas isn't like that.

Maybee Mon 27-Sep-10 21:24:35

We try and keep to £50 or less for tots as they get loads from relatives as well but our 8yr old is getting increasingly materialistic so usually about £100-150 on him. However we buy things he needs like clothes socks stationary etc and stash them and he gets the lot at Christmas with his toys and so far he gets quite excited to get useful stuff in his stocking. Our house is bursting at the seams with clutter and boys toys so I really try and stick to stuff they need now and toys that can be stashed easily

Not an awful lot, I tend to wait till promotions are on at Early Learning Centre and Mothercare and then use my staff discount on top of that. Bargains galore.
Am dreading them getting to the age where they want things not sold in those shops!

The3Bears Tue 28-Sep-10 10:57:38

I only have one so I go mad already got loads just sorted them out actually and realised I have too much so might put some towards his 4th birthday in feb i've already spent over £300 and didnt want to this year but got stuff all year and you forget how much you have blush Oh well just going to take some out for his birthday

Just going to get him the wooden kitchen from ikea then I am done grin just dp to find for now and i have no idea what to get him

minervaitalica Tue 28-Sep-10 11:09:09

100 pounds this year to include one main present and stocking fillers (toothpaste, shower gel, slippers, that kind of thing, bubbles crayons crafty stuff etc).

She will be only two and a bit so last year we got her nothing blush ; this year she will get a bike/trike as the main present hence why 100 quid (on her birthday I only spent about 50). GPs will get her an outfit for the day.

It feels very extravagant to spend 100 quid on a two year old, but in my defence we have a strict no-toys policy unless it's birthday/Xmas. And we are still surrounded by toys.

Algebra18MinusPiEquals16 Tue 28-Sep-10 11:13:47

shinyshoes what do you mean they appreciated nothing?

I've got all my DCs' presents (DD 3, DS 1) already, and it came to about £70 - no big presents, lots of smaller things like games we can play together. my parents spent £50 on what we chose - kiddizoom camera and a car transporter.

not doing stockings for another few years.

prozacfairy Tue 28-Sep-10 15:56:18

Aiming to come in under £100. That includes what santa brings her.

Went bit mad last year and she got loads. So much so she seemed bored of opening presents after a while (was 2 at the time).

Keeping it simple this year: dressing up clothes, books, dvd or 2, few other bits.

DS will get train table and loads of brio stuff, hopefully ebay, looking at around £50. Then about £30 on clothes, but real bargain only to make it go further.
DD will have a doll, pram set, around £30, a kitchen around £20, Clothes around £30 - bargains again! another £30 on 'stuff' oh and a scooter £10

Then say £20 on craft and colouring things, Outfit each for the day, Christmas Eve Hamper usually comes in around £50 Put aside £100 for christmas activites to do with them/take them too.

Ive cut down so much this year, last year you couldnt see the floor for presents, blush this year will be far more reasonable i think.

DS 3, DD will be 2 btw

Shite, i forgot stockings, another £20 on those, darn it!

BigOfNoorks Tue 28-Sep-10 17:03:42

I spent £150 all in on ds, 4 and £50 on dd 1

MrsDoofenshmirtz Tue 28-Sep-10 17:52:34

30 each in total. Last year the thing my oldest dd loved was a pair of gloves. I think she has read Little Women too many times. They are always really really grateful for everything and delighted. Much of what i give them is second hand especially books. Everything that is in the stockings is needed and used for the following year. Eg knickers, socks, toothbrush. They don't have family members that give them much either.

Genuine question to those who dont spend very much, what are you going to say when your DC question how much their friends get, or their cousins? I am only asking because i dont know anyone in real life who doesnt spend a wage packet on their childrens christmas gifts, i spent about 200 each last year on just toys, each, and that wasnt much in comparison to others i know. So once the kids are school age and comparing with each other, how do you answer 'why has Santa bought X more than me?'

MrsDoofenshmirtz Tue 28-Sep-10 18:59:35

I tell them the truth some other people have more and some have less. I don't give them less than others because I think having more is wrong. We cannot give them more at the moment and they know why. They have never complained. They are school age and don't seem to do the comparing thing. I know a lot of children that do though. Its a personality thing perhaps ?

Algebra18MinusPiEquals16 Tue 28-Sep-10 19:28:06

this time BTW I have mainly stuck with games rather than normal 'toys' for my 3yo - she's got loads of cars, dolls etc, so I've focused on things we can play together - a couple of board games etc.

you see MrsD, i hope my children are like yours, but my Dsis for one is very materialistic, so the same is to be expected for her children, i cant avoid them but they will be comparing, i dont want mine to feel like santa didnt like them...maybe im over thinking this, just want it all to be majic, but my pants family may take some of the shine off sad

sarah293 Tue 28-Sep-10 19:58:45

Message withdrawn

FloraFinching Tue 28-Sep-10 20:04:34

£50 or so each, including stocking.
However, DH in particular has tonnes of relatives who buy for our DC. So we consciously try to keep things minimal given that they get so much from others.

TabithaTwitchet Tue 28-Sep-10 20:10:49

Last year we spent about 40 on DD, including her stocking. Her birthday is 2 days before Christmas and we spent about 30 on that too, so she got quite a lot of stuff in all. I wish her birthday wasn't so close to Christmas, but there you go. If her birthday was in the summer I'd probably spend more on her Christmas present.
This year have been v organised and already bought her birthday present (20 quid sale bargain ). Haven't thought about Christmas presents yet, but will aim to spend about 15 on stocking (pyjamas, book, bubble bath, stickers etc) and no more than 25 on her present(s) from DH and me. She will only be 3 so no comparing with peers yet

This year I will spend about £200 on my 4yr old, £100 on my 2yr old, £500 on my DP, and then another £200 for stockings for all 3 of them. We usually just get little bits, then book a holiday for early January as our 'family' pressie.

TheLimeFairy Tue 28-Sep-10 20:25:29

I will spend about £30 each but my DCs will only be 10 months, 2, 3 and 4. I worry that in a few years they will want more and compare what they get with their peers.

vespasian Tue 28-Sep-10 20:26:58

I spend about £30 I guess, I don't really think about it.

My dd never mentions what others get or complains, we also don't do birthday presents and again she never mentions that.

Hassled Tue 28-Sep-10 20:29:38

£100 each - including adult DCs. Then probably another £20 each for stockings.

My inlaws are insanely generous and will give another £100 each - tbh I never know what to spend it on (inlaws send me the cheque and tell me to go shopping for them) and usually lie, then put what I haven't spent in their bank accounts.

orienteerer Tue 28-Sep-10 20:31:06

Around £50, that includes Stocking stuff.

Algebra18MinusPiEquals16 Tue 28-Sep-10 20:42:19

no idea how much we're spending on DH's kids, but for my DSD we're getting a couple of bits that'll help at school, so it'll end up more expensive - a dictaphone and a Djembe drum (which arrived today and is awesome! envy)

It varies each year. Last year they had one main present to share then a few individual ones and a stocking each.

This year I've already got about £300 of stuff bought and there's lots more I'd like to buy plus stockings to do.

I spend what I have. No debts for presents. So some years there's less than others.

alemci Tue 28-Sep-10 21:15:15

i try to spend about £60 each. one daughter has a December birthday so it is an expensive time of year. i don't understand people overspending and getting into debt at christmas.

SE13Mummy Tue 28-Sep-10 21:44:17

BabyDubs, I have told DD1 (she'll be 6 next month) that FC only brings things he knows parents will be happy with (that's part of the magicwink) which is one of the reasons different children will receive different sorts of gifts. After all, it would be a shame if FC gave her a DS/TV for her bedroom if we wouldn't let her use them!

She understands that there are things we do/don't as a family and at the moment she's happy with that as she feels she gets a pretty good deal. I was declared, "the best mummy in the whole world" last week because I extended her bed and rearranged her bedroom. It was followed up by her announcement, "I have the best life ever!".

I'm sure I'll eat my words in time to come but, on the whole, I think that if the role models in a child's life send the message that time and effort mean more than expense and monetary value, then the child won't necessarily see it as 'unfair' if FC brings a friend more. She's unlikely to question why FC has brought her a Sylvanian Families car because she is desperate for one. At the moment I'm enjoying my DD's simple tastes... long may it last!

jester68 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:39:38

I have 2 daughter. At christmas my eldest will be nearly 5 years old and we will spend about between £100-150 on her.

Our youngest will be nearly 7 months old and we will probably spend between £50-70 on her.

Both may end up being less depending on what ooffers we get for what we want.

jester68 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:43:00

Oh, they also get presents of my mum, my 3 brothers, my aunty and uncle plus my mother in law, father in law, sister in law so we tend to just buy a few things. The parents in law usually give moeny so we tend to keep that for the sales and go out and buy clothes etc for them then

sookie1980 Wed 29-Sep-10 20:53:36

wow how do you spend so little.we have spent about £500 so far (including a laptop) for 2dds and are nowhere finished.i wish i could spend less but i would feel bad.

simpson Wed 29-Sep-10 21:47:48

About £50-60 each on DS (5) and DD (2) but I do buy stuff throughout the yr which I think might be a bargain ie DS's main pressie this yr is a leapfrog leapster (to see how well he would look after a DS) which I bought in July for £25 for tescos grin grin

CDMforever Thu 30-Sep-10 11:29:08

Usually about £80 on each of 3 DCs and approx £30 on stocking and about £100 on DH. Have managed to save a bit over the year this year so may have a few more pounds to spend. Also spend about £30 each on parents and inlaws then £15 each on cousins.
Simpson you are a jammy git! Want to get DS a leapster but think they are now £60!

Hullygully Thu 30-Sep-10 11:30:47

Around 2-3K, including stocking presents.

vespasian Thu 30-Sep-10 21:13:08

grin Hully,

shinyshoes Tue 05-Oct-10 14:43:16

Hully ! Are u serious ? What on earth do you buy.

WannabeNigella Tue 05-Oct-10 14:50:30

I would say around £500ish on our DS. He is the only one at the moment though.

That would include one 'big' present and other smaller ones.

MamaVoo Tue 05-Oct-10 14:56:39

It's only going to come to about £35 this year, plus maybe another £10 on things for his stocking. I don't go mad because he gets so much from grandparents, uncles and friends.

Also, his birthday is a month before Christmas so he already has new things from that. He does tend to get things bought for him through the year though so it isn't all concentrated in November/December.

janajos Tue 05-Oct-10 15:12:50

£100.00 each for main present. Then stockings!!

bigchris Tue 05-Oct-10 15:15:33

For a teen it's obviuosly going to be more than for a preschooler though
I spend 40 on a main prsent for a six and three yr old
but when they're 13 and 16 40 quid won't buy a laptopn or a mobile phone or a wii game sad

GeekOfTheWeek Tue 05-Oct-10 22:37:51

About 150 to 200 each.

Same for dh.

hogshead Tue 05-Oct-10 22:48:03

We are on a strict budget this year for all presents for all the family

DS (1) will probably have £20 on little presents and the £30 voucher I saved for a well known toy store chain for some megablocks or something.

Dh and I have agreed no more than £30 on each other and £20 for other close relatives. SIL and I have agreed to only buy for the boys (no more than £20)but both are under 2 so that probably makes it easier. Many of my friends have agreed not to buy lots of little presents for each other and going to do a secret santa so only need to buy one present for that.

We are all in the same boat with not an awful lot of spare cash. No point in spending money lavishly that none of us have got.

DS might do a side line in finger paintings though!

milly911 Tue 05-Oct-10 22:52:00

Depends each year on what the main item on the wish list is. This year yougest has asked for dsi at £125, this is more than I would normally like to spend but hey ho. I also shop in sales throughout the year in order that they get quite a few other smaller gifts (they don't get from many relatives). I fill stockings with little cheap but useful items, stuff they need like socks, toiletries pencils etc.

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