Changes to the national curriculum: what to expect


A new version of the national curriculum comes into effect this month, dictating what children in English state schools learn at each key stage. Find out what the changes mean for your child - and if they're starting primary or secondary school, make sure you're all prepared for the big day.

Pregnancy, 1970s style

What we used to expect: Was it really all smoking on maternity wards and Guinness on prescription? In a trip down memory lane, Mumsnetters and their mums talk about what it was like being pregnant in the 1970s.

"Never put a sock in the toaster"

Video: Mumsnetters round up the best house rules they forgot to make - for those moments when you find yourself clarifying that no, the cat does not wear lipstick, and no, there is no such thing as a 'standing up poo'.

Video games and misogyny - should we be worried?

Guest post: It has been revealed that players of the controversial video game Grand Theft Auto have re-written the code to enable them to 'rape' other players. Melissa Welliver writes on why we should pay particular attention to sexual violence in gaming. 

How to make perfect scones


All fired up by the Great British Bake Off? Get stuck in yourself with Mumsnetters' top tips for turning out sublime scones - every time.

Mumsnet Reviews: swim nappies

Swim nappies

Introducing your baby to the joys of swimming? We've a shiny new swim nappies category in our Reviews section - find out which ones Mumsnetters rate, and share your own recommendations.

Student finance advice

Baked potato and beans

DC off to university? Some practical advice about managing their money is one of the best things you can send them on their way with - and for everything else, we've a handy essentials packing list.

Find things to do near you

Family days out

What's on: Take a look through the calendar on your local site to find upcoming activities, classes and events in your area. You can also share recommendations with other families round your way on the Local Talk boards.

Potty training

Toddler on potty

Everything you need to know: Tips on how to tell when your toddler's ready for potty-training, and how to go about the whole messy business - plus, getting your child to stay dry through the night.

24 hours in Southampton

Local: From a walk around the old city walls to a night at the theatre or family trip to Peppa Pig World, explore bustling Southampton with our Local editor's tips on must-visit places and hidden gems for first time visitors and locals alike. 

Win a Champneys spa package

Champneys spa

Where's your favourite place in the UK to breastfeed? Share your top spot with other Mumsnetters on our breastfeeding map - and enter the competition to win a fabulous Champneys spa package.

100 free books up for grabs!

The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman is a raucous, intoxicating tale of courage, reinvention and fighting your way to the top. Hector Trogg's Perfect World is the story of a daydreaming schoolboy, packed with accident and adventure. We've got 50 copies of each to give away.

Guest Campaign: Avaaz


Covering up child abuse is not currently a crime in the UK. Avaaz is campaigning to change that, by supporting proposals for a new law which could make it mandatory for schools, hospitals and other instutitions to report suspicions of child abuse.

Pregnancy symptoms

morning sickness

Wondering whether to test? Take a look at the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy - from sore breasts to weeping over TV adverts - and if you're still not sure, mull it over on our Pregnancy Talk board.

Baby names: your one-stop shop


Baby name finder: Still racking your brains for the perfect moniker? Consult our baby name finder for information, inspiration, and a before-it's-too-late objective view.

Trying to conceive?


Thinking about having children? Chart your fertile dates with our ovulation calendar, try the tips on our advice pages, and talk to others in the same boat on our conception boards.

Family competitions: enter now

August's prizes include £1,000 to spend on whatever you like, a family break in Cornwall, five iPad Minis and loads more.