Politicians' best answers to the Mumsnet biscuit question

Politics: When politicians take part in Mumsnet webchats, they're careful not to repeat Gordon Brown's mistake of dodging the biscuit question. We've rounded up some of the best answers.

It's not you - it's ME

Childbirth: If your other half's having a baby, heed this advice. There are a few things every partner should know - such as that egos and ineptitude have NO place in the delivery room.

Come and chat to Jonathan Freedland

Webchat: Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Jonathan Freedland will be joining us on Thursday 6 August from 1-2pm to talk about his latest book, The 3rd Woman. Post your questions now.

Depression: "After a while even misery becomes stale"


In a blistering Blog of the Day, The Belle Jar describes the exhausting monotony of depression. "All of the things I do feel like nothing," she writes. "At least bad would be something. But nothing is nothing is nothing."

Driving in Europe: what you need to know

Travel: Continental car trip on the horizon? Here's everything you need to know - from speed camera detection laws (THEY'RE A THING) to what to pack for the picnic.

School's out for summer!

Rising sense of panic? YANBU. But fret not - turn those thumb-twiddling DC into mini Picassos with our crafts for kids (and adults too!) from Hobbycraft, and, if it's outdoor pursuits they're after instead, our Local editors have put together the best playschemes in your area. 

Get your ticket to Bumpfest now

Whether you're a first-timer or simply feeling a wee bit rusty since your last baby, our pregnancy event Bumpfest, on Saturday 26 September, brings you up to speed in just one day! Buy your ticket now for just £35, or £60 for two.

Holy grail? How to work from home

Careers: Looking for a job that'll allow you to earn money without having to be in an office? Mumsnetters share their tips on finding a job where you can work from home.

Jacqueline Wilson rewrites What Katy Did


This week on Gransnet: We've 50 copies to give away of Katy, Jacqueline Wilson's modern take on the classic What Katy Did. And for smaller ones, 50 copies of Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges and Al Murphy.

MNers' top travel highchairs

Reviews: Eating on the move with littluns can be a messy business - so a travel highchair can make all the difference to a family holiday. Read MNers' recommendations - and share your own by adding a review.

Get your hands on free books

The Kelly Sisters

Giveaway: Looking for a last minute holiday read? We're giving away 50 copies of The Kelly Sisters by bestselling author (and queen of the saga) Maureen Lee.

Pregnancy calendar: week-by-week from conception to birth


Week by week: From bundle of cells to bundle of joy, find out how your body and your baby are changing, in our calendar.

Baby names: Moon Unit or plain Jane?

boy baby names

Naming baby: Stumped for monickers? Fending off in-law suggestions to name your child after Great Aunt Hildegard? You need our patented Baby Name Finder...

Potty training? Take heart...

Mumsnetters have heaps of advice on helping your toddler make the transition from nappies to pants with minimal stress.

Getting pregnant: advice and tips


Chart your fertile dates with our ovulation calendar, try the tips on our advice pages, and talk to others in the same boat on our conception boards.

Helping Disabled Children Thrive


Specially adapted trikes for disabled children cost around £1,200, making then unaffordable for many families. Children Today funds trikes and other equipment to help improve the lives of disabled children.