Blogfest 2014 - come and see what's on!


Saturday 8th November: This year's programme is packed with fabulous speakers, gripping panel sessions, and expert advice - plus lots of goodies and extras and a swanky evening reception. So whether you're a gifted newbie, a seasoned hand, or a non-blogger wanting to take part in some cracking discussions and debates - book your ticket now!

Secondary school: the fun starts here

school crossing

If your child's starting secondary next September, you'll be well aware that open day season is upon us. Fear not: we've guides on how to make your choice, and how to weather the application process.

Video: Mumsnet Scottish Referendum Debate

Following their online debate, we filmed Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling answering a few more of your questions. Want to know who's following "the Beyonce diet"? Take a look.

Shirley Conran: 'maths is a feminist issue'

Guest post: Journalist and author Shirley Conran says she hears the phrase 'my partner does our money stuff' too often, and argues that encouraging girls to engage with maths is an essential way of empowering them.

Lib Dem support for Miscarriage Care Campaign

Miscarriage care logo

Update: Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health Minister, has said he will personally argue for the inclusion of our Miscarriage Care Campaign in the party's manifesto - so please keep the pressure up on Jeremy Hunt.

Super easy soups


Recipes: Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for more soups to add to your repertoire, these 10 easy soups fit the bill. They're tasty, nutritious and simple to knock up.

Mumsnet Reviews: baby car seats

Baby in car seat

Child Passenger Safety Week: See how Mumsnetters rate the various extended rear-facing baby car seats on the market - and add your own review.

Grab a Bumpfest ticket for 45


Expecting a baby, and befuddled by the reams of advice and info out there? You need Bumpfest - our one-day event dedicated to all things birth and baby-related. Book now using the code MUMSNETTER to nab a ticket for just £45.

How to get through university

teenage girl moving boxes

DC starting university? Impart some wisdom before they head off with Mumsnetters' top tips for surviving student life - and advice for parents on getting used to an empty nest.

"An epic novel to immerse oneself and luxuriate in"


Webchat: Bookclubbers have been gripped by August bookclub choice, The Signature of All Things over the summer and author Elizabeth Gilbert joins us for a chat on Thursday 18 September at 9pm.

Toddlers: good at swearing

All toddlers slip up when they're first getting their tongues around the whole talking business - but as Mumsnetters have learned, there's only a dropped letter between cute mispronunciation and downright obscenity...

Potty training

Toddler on potty

Everything you need to know: Tips on how to tell when your toddler's ready for potty-training, and how to go about the whole messy business - plus, getting your child to stay dry through the night.

Guest Campaign: Balance


This week, Balance is helping to raise awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as part of a national campaign to help parents understand the risks of FASD, and the ways to prevent it.

Find things to do near you

Family days out

What's on: Take a look through the calendar on your local site to find upcoming activities, classes and events in your area. You can also share recommendations with other families round your way on the Local Talk boards.

Pregnancy symptoms

morning sickness

Wondering whether to test? Take a look at the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy - from sore breasts to weeping over TV adverts - and if you're still not sure, mull it over on our Pregnancy Talk board.

Trying to conceive?


Thinking about having children? Chart your fertile dates with our ovulation calendar, try the tips on our advice pages, and talk to others in the same boat on our conception boards.

Family competitions: enter now

September's prizes include a family break to Holland, a £100 John Lewis voucher, three months of fruit and veg boxes and loads more.