Live on Monday: Webchat with Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary

Webchat: The first of our (three!) politics webchats this week will be with Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education. He'll be answering your questions on everything from teachers’ qualifications and free schools to partnerships between state and private schools on Monday 27 April at 12 midday.

15-minute meals your kids will actually eat

Recipes: Kids home and starving hungry? Knock up a simple supper in mere minutes with super-speedy meals they'll love.

Foot in mouth syndrome

Life stuff: Toe-curling, snigger-worthy moments of excruciating awkwardness that, thankfully, have happened to other Mumsnetters. Enjoy.

11 things that amaze small children

Parenting: From standing on one leg to clever cakes - marvel at the astounding feats of skill and daring that Mumsnetters use to impress their kids.

Got a question about succeeding in business?

Q&A: Entrepreneur Michelle Mone OBE will be answering your questions and sharing tips on building a successful career - as well as joining us at next month's Workfest

"Without a diagnosis, it's harder to access services"

Undiagnosed Children's Day: In this guest post, Emma Murphy - whose son Hugh has an undiagnosed genetic condition - she shares the impact having no 'label' has had on his care, and why they'll keep searching for answers. 

5 ways to engage kids in politics

General election: They may be too little to vote come 7 May, but there's still lots you can do to include kids in election fever.

"Would your teenagers disconnect for a week?"

Guest post: Erin Cotter - founder of The Disconnect Project - on why she's persuading teenagers to give up their devices.

Are you sitting comfortably...?


Tall tales: Why tell a straight story when it can be enhanced by all manner of embellishments? Behold the 10 best stories as told by Mumsnetters' children. Ronnie Corbett eat your heart out.

Baby names: Moon Unit or plain Jane?

boy baby names

Naming baby: Stumped for monickers? Fending off in-law suggestions to name your child after Great Aunt Hildegard? You need our patented Baby Name Finder...

Free books up for grabs

Blood on Snow

Book giveaways: For audio book lovers we're giving away 50 copies of Blood on Snow, the tense new novel by Jo Nesbo. Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, we're also giving away 50 downloads of great summer read, More Than Enough

Weaning babies: how to do it

Baby self-feeding pasta

Your questions answered: Worried about when and how to move your baby on to solid food? We've distilled MN wisdom on the messy business of moving your baby on from a milk-only diet.

Win a Silver Cross Surf 2 travel system worth 700

Silver Cross Surf 2

Surf into spring with our April Review of the Month competition - write any nursery review this month and you'll be automatically entered into a draw to win a Silver Cross Surf 2 travel system. What are you waiting for?

Potty training? Take heart...

Mumsnetters have heaps of advice on helping your toddler make the transition from nappies to pants with minimal stress.

Go Folic


Every week in the UK, 14 couples learn that their unborn baby has Neural Tube Defect. Taking folic acid before conception reduces the risk. Help spread the word: 1st May, Folic Acid Awareness Day #preventioniskey

Getting pregnant: advice and tips


Chart your fertile dates with our ovulation calendar, try the tips on our advice pages, and talk to others in the same boat on our conception boards.