Have a cracking Christmas: tips for a stress-free day

Christmas cracker

Don't panic! We've got all the tips and tricks you need to feed the family this Christmas without running around like a headless turkey. From preparations to last-minute corner-cutting - sit down to a festive feast you can all enjoy.

Crank up the Christmas tunes

Bust out the mince pies, pour the bubbly and slip on your dancing shoes. We've compiled our ultimate Christmas playlist - and it's a corker.

Festive treats and tipples

Dishwasher vodka

Whether your Christmas festivities are already well underway, or you need a few seasonal treats to get you in the mood, we've got top suggestions - from nibbles to gluggables.

Christmas as a single parent: 'the kids have adapted'

Guest post: Christmas can be a difficult for separated parents - here, Lottie Lomas shares how her family have acclimatised, and why she'll be keeping Christmas alive in her home, despite not having her children with her.

A new mum's Christmas Carol

Guest post: Having got the baby, and herself, to sleep, MN blogger Wry Mummy is rudely awoken by the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future - and they deliver a gentle reminder of what Christmas is really about.

The Mumsnet Poncetastic Christmas Quiz

mumsnet christmas quiz

Quiz: Tree kitsch and wrapping kraft? Or are you going trad with holly and homemade baubles? Find out just how pretentious your Christmas is on the MN Poncetastic scale, with our Christmas quiz.

Feeling poorly? Try these feelgood tips

sick child and mother

Winter colds: It's never nice to see little ones under the weather. Mumsnetters share some simple tips for comforting kids and making the whole family feel a bit better.

Boxing Day pasties: the best use for your leftovers

Video: Tired of cold turkey sandwiches in the days following Christmas? With help from Jack Monroe, turn your leftovers into these delicious Boxing Day pasties.

New Year's Eve celebrations near you

Local: Whether you want to see in the New Year as a family or have booked a babysitter for the evening, our Local editors have found the best parties and events to welcome 2015 in your area.

Giving Week 2014: your donations made a difference

Find out how the money raised by Mumsnetters throughout Giving Week earlier this year helped make a difference to five amazing causes, chosen by you.

The magic of light this Christmas


SolarAid: Imagine you had no electricity to light your home at night. No playtime or study time for your kids. No way to cook, to work, to live. Yet the magic of just one solar light can change everything.

Washing machines - which ones do MNers rate?

Washing machine

The sales are coming! For the best chance of picking up a bargain, do your research: read Mumsnetters' tips when buying household appliances like washing machines - and share your own by adding a review.

Book giveaway: The Bookstore

The Bookstore

We've got 100 copies of The Bookstore to give away this week. When Esme discovers she's pregnant whilst studying in Manhattan, she starts work at a small bookstore to make ends meet.

Competitions - brilliant family prizes

December's prizes include a cookery course worth up to £500, £100 worth of supermarket vouchers, a family ski holiday, a Christmas hamper, £500 of Love2Shop vouchers and loads more.

Baby names: your one-stop shop


Baby name finder: Still racking your brains for the perfect moniker? Consult our baby name finder for information, inspiration, and a before-it's-too-late objective view.

Potty training your toddler

Get advice on helping your toddler make the transition from nappies to pants, without too many accidents. From how to know when your child is ready to getting through nights - with minimal stress.

Getting pregnant - advice and tips


Chart your fertile dates with our ovulation calendar, try the tips on our advice pages, and talk to others in the same boat on our conception boards.